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高中英语语法填空:名词性从句 强化练习





名词性从句 强化练习

Exercise 1

Directions: Read the following sentences, fill in the blanks with the words that are correct in structure and proper in meaning.

1. In his victory speech, Obama extended his thanks to _______ had supported him during the presidency campaign.

2. The latest achievement of Steve Jobs is _______ Apple released its 3G iPhone last summer and the device proved to be an immediate hit with consumers.

3. _______ you've picked up, you must give it back to whoever it belongs to.

4. Some people disagree with the idea _______ the digital textbook will improve education quality while the traditional textbook is out of date.

5. Perhaps the best sign of _______ computer and internet use pushes up demand for paper comes from the high-tech industry itself.

6. _______ the child cannot forgive is the parents' refusal to admit these charges if the child knows them to be true.

7. _______ really matters in sports is not the winning, but the taking part.

8. — I serve him three meals a day and almost everything for him, but he still fails me.

— I'm sorry to say that's _______ you are wrong. To give him whatever he wants will only spoil him.

9. What she couldn't understand was _______ fewer and fewer students showed interest in her lesson.

10. After John stayed in Shanghai for a couple of days, he got the impression _______ the city was very fascinating.

11. The job will be offered to _______ is capable of performing it well.

12. Yesterday evening the board had a discussion regarding _______ they should set up more scholarships to meet the increasing demands.

13. But when I got _______ the town ought to have been, all I found was a gas station.

14. Despite a lot of research, scientists can not figure out _______ quite a number of insects, birds and animals are dying out.

15. The companies are working together to create _______ they hope will be the best means of transport in the 21st century.

16. A warm thought suddenly came to me _______ I might use the pocket money to buy flowers for my mother's birthday.

17. It is suggested by many experts and welcomed by kids in school _______ students should be given more free time.

18. No one knows _______ prevented the fire from spreading.

19. In Copenhagen climate summit, countries were trying to create _______ they hoped would be the best way to save the planet although arguments existed.

20. _______ those boys called the grey-headed gentleman really made the old man frustrated.

21. The guide warned the tourists not to get off the bus because he was fearful _______ some wild animals might hurt them.

22. The first time I saw the lovely little girl, I held her in my arms tenderly and asked _______ her name was and where she was from.

23. _______ golf was first played in Scotland in the 15th century is generally agreed.

24. Think about _______ you really care about, and try your best to accomplish your goals.

25. _______ I expect is for you to think independently and introduce new ideas.

26. After looking through the art books here, I found Andrew's paintings to be the closest to _______ I thought good paintings should look.

27. Liu Xiang's performance at the Shanghai Golden Grand Prix has told his fans a fact _______ he has been back on winning track.

28. Many people in the city wonder _______ the city officials have the information they need to solve the problem.

29. The fact that a planet exists outside our solar system encourages hope _______ other solar systems exist, and in them, perhaps, a planet that does support life.

30. In the end, the self-important man had to admit that he had no idea of _______ impact this incident would have on the life in the ocean.

31. Barrack Obama's recent visit to the Asian nations clearly sent a message to the world _______ Asia is important in America's global partnership.

32. Besides knowledge, a good character is _______ every child should try to get during his or her growth.

33. People all over the world hold the belief _______ the economy will soon recover and life will improve.

34. _______ really matters at a debate is not what you say but the way you say it.

35. Young adults generally make their own choices about _______ career to pursue.

36. He appeared to understand, but _______ he absorbed every detail I cannot say.

37. A free gift will be given to _______ completes the questionnaire before the activity begins.

38. The poor young man is ready to accept _______ help he can get.

39. _______ close parents are to their children has a strong influence on the character of the children.

40. The three heroes, together with some of their brave schoolmates, jumped into the river to save the drowning boys despite the fact _______ none of the 19-year-olds could swim.

41. _______ made her friends angry most was that she lied to them, as she had never done that before.

42. The students are all interested in _______ Ms. Snider managed to complete two popular novels in one and a half years.

43. His suggestion put forward at the conference _______ the UN launch an educational program to teach people how to solve conflicts peacefully will be taken into consideration.

44. A major issue was put forward by some representatives at the conference _______ the teachers in the remote areas were underpaid.

45. He was disappointed _______ he had learned from books quite differed from his actual life.

46. One advantage of eating a balanced breakfast is _______ it can keep you energetic throughout the day.

47. Many scientists believe that now we can study the behavior of a three-year-old child to see _______ they will grow up to be criminals.

48. — Is there any possibility _______ you could pick me up at my office at 7: 00 tomorrow evening?

— No problem.

49. Many people firmly believed _______ a healthy lifestyle can improve the quality of life.

50. The question came up at the meeting _______ we had enough money for our research.

51. After ten years of living in a remote village, she is a completely different person from _______ she used to be.

52. Evidence has been piled up _______ drinking water after getting up in the morning contributes to one's health.

53. Many experts believe that teachers' development is _______ the key to better education lies.

54. _______ has an interest in the lecture can go for a ticket from the office next to the gate of the lecture room, where the lecture will be given.

55. It happened once, however, some seventy years ago, _______ the gold cup was stolen a few days before the race!

56. Sorry I'm late, but you cannot imagine _______ great trouble I took to find your house.

57. _______ makes the people who find value in hardships different is that they are able to combine what happened with the story of their own life.

58. I want to be very careful to talk only about _______ we've formally tested.

59. There is no doubt _______ we will host the 2010 World Expo successfully.

60. _______ many French newspapers are eager to report is not their president's political achievements but his private life.

61. The building burnt down in a big fire. _______ remained was the base on which it stood.

62. There is a popular belief among parents _______ schools pay no more attention to handwriting.

63. Under the pressure of inflation, many families, nowadays in China, cry helplessly over _______ is left of their homes.

64. The inclusion of acupuncture marks the acknowledgement _______ acupuncture was created by China, not other countries like South Korea, Japan, etc.

65. The chairman interviewed everyone involved in the accident to ascertain the truth behind _______ actually happened.

66. Stage fright is a common example of _______ educators call a “lack of confidence” among students.

67. After a long and tiring flight, Mr. Ritz was frustrated at the news _______ his luggage had been sent to Hong Kong by mistake.

68. _______ the trapped miners needed urgently was a continuous supply of fresh air and water.

69. Contrary to the opinion of the members, the president should appoint _______ he thinks can do the job most adequately.

70. There is growing concern _______ food supplies will not be enough to feed the increasing world population.

71. The lady was beautiful and _______ impressed me most was her education background that she used to do scientific research at Stanford University.

72. As a matter of fact, much of _______ we read on the Internet every day is groundless or nonsense.

73. In yesterday's speech, it wasn't made clear _______ the earthquake can't be predicted accurately.

74. Research shows when people are shut up together, they're in _______ is called a stress situation.

75. When I try to understand _______ it is that prevents so many Americans from being as happy as one might expect, it seems to me that there are two causes.

76. _______ fashion differs from country to country may reflect the cultural differences from one aspect.

77. Physics is the present-day equivalent of _______ used to be called natural philosophy, from which most of present-day science arose.

78. Researchers claim to have found the first proof _______ getting a regular eight hours a night really does make you appear healthier and more attractive.

79. A Belgian French-language daily has issued _______ is thought to be Europe's first 3D newspaper—complete with cardboard viewing glasses.

80. All the specialists are trying their best to reduce the people's fear _______ “super influenza” will affect the world seriously and kill more and more people in a short time.

81. _______ is most important to me is that a volunteer job for the World Expo Park can offer me a chance to help others.

82. Everyone found _______ strange it was for Mr. Wang to arrive so early, he was always the last to get to.

83. The problem _______ the quality of the products is up to requirement has not been settled.

84. They refused to admit Paul to the performance because of _______ he was wearing.

85. Some people hold different views on the new rule _______ animal performance should not be carried out in zoos.

86. It isn't clear _______ wins in the battle for market share between Tencent and Qihoo 360, but the users are always the losers.

87. I was grateful to the repairman for helping me get back _______ was accidentally deleted by myself.

88. We will discuss _______ information is, or can be, organized in the course of Journalism.

89. _______ makes the working class differ from peasants is longer periods of employment and more fixed incomes.

90. Dear Mom, I wonder if you ever knew how much I appreciated _______ you gave me even though I often simply said, “Thanks Mom.”

91. Do you know that Australia was as a matter of fact _______ used to be a land for prisoners?

92. “It seems as if there've been a lot of strong earthquakes this year. And no, it's not a signal _______ the planet is coming apart at the seams (缝隙).” Scientists say.

93. His parents don't care _______ he manages his pocket money, but one thing is for sure: the money spent must be worthwhile.

94. We should take the students' request into account _______ the school canteen provide more food to their taste.

95. His ability has never been in doubt—the question is _______ or not he is prepared to work hard.

96. More and more Chinese people follow the practice _______ they will travel to various scenic spots to enjoy the scenery in their leisure time.

97. The performance of the famous actor Ge You was _______ made high box office for the film Let the Bullets Fly.

98. The explosion in Sweden forced the country to face the fact _______ terrorism does exist in the small country.

99. After three years of preparation, Shanghai has presented the world _______ many say is the greatest World Expo.

100. _______ does something good will be praised by the teacher.

Exercise 2

Directions: Read the following sentences, fill in the blanks with the words that are correct in structure and proper in meaning.

1. Despite the rule _______ mobile phones are forbidden in class, my deskmate can't help playing phone games occasionally.

2. Of the slogans of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, one _______ is frequently mentioned is: the 99 percent oppose the 1 percent.

3. Undoubtedly speaking, Jobs' digital products are of great benefit to _______ applies them at work.

4. You can't tell what we are discussing here to _______ you think may be related to the case.

5. I don't see much chance _______ the girl injured in the train accident will recover completely so as to walk all on her own.

6. _______ there is life on another planet, most scientists believe, is almost impossible.

7. — Mum, why do you keep staring at me? Have I done anything wrong?

— You look stupid! The way you are dressed is _______ annoys me most.

8. If things are left _______ they are, the problems will never be settled, I'm afraid.

9. The most important thing we must consider before carrying out the plan is _______ it is possible for us to carry it on.

10. Is it the fact _______ he hasn't turned in his research report?

11. _______ is known to us all is that the 30th Olympic Games will take place in 2012 in London.

12. Another cultural reason why doing journalism is tough here is _______ people don't want to stick their necks out.

13. _______ gets home first is to cook supper for our big family.

14. _______ the coming Olympic Park's architects have in mind is to build the largest urban park in Europe in 150 years.

15. The figures are further evidence _______ children are more likely to become near-sighted.

16. The fact that fun is not equal to happiness may be the opposite of _______ many people actually understand.

17. The government worked out a project _______ the children in mountainous areas can be offered free lunch.

18. _______ is believed to be the most excellent in all aspects will win a scholarship.

19. It is predicted _______ the recovery of the Japanese economy might be shadowed by the nuclear accident there.

20. As for some skills, once having commanded them, you will never forget them, and this is _______ we call internalization.

21. It remains a mystery _______ the world is going to end on Dec. 21st, 2012, which seems to be the end of the Mayan calendar.

22. The regulation is welcomed by the public _______ advertisements are banned in the middle of television dramas.

23. In order to drag Greece out of the current economic hardships, the newly-elected premier is ready to overcome _______ might face the country.

24. Frankly speaking, in many countries _______ is called “equality” does not really mean equal rights for all people.

25. These reference books donated by a non-profitable organization are available for _______ wants to have it.

26. What they are arguing over the meeting is _______ they should invest so much money in that time-consuming project, as they worry about the losing money.

27. Employers often give jobs to _______ they believe has work experience and a strong sense of duty.

28. If you often feel tired out and can't focus your attention, that is _______ you have to stop working and to have a rest.

29. I kept getting mysterious phone calls _______ the caller would hang up as soon as I answered.

30. Someone else defines who they are and _______ they stand for as public figures.

31. It should be obvious to everyone _______ we need to make some changes.

32. The term “culture” really means _______ you believe to be normal. This includes anything from the food you eat to the expectations you have in life.

33. Evidence _______ basic research skills are on the decline demonstrates that the Internet has a negative side.

34. More teens begin to realize the basic principle _______ there is more to a person than physical beauty.

35. The place at which the bridge is supposed to be built should be _______ the cross-river traffic is the heaviest.

36. It will be the first concern of the government to set a limit on the birthrate, _______ the consequences may be.

37. When we left, the news came_______the protests against the Egyptian president had broken out.

38. The long-held belief _______ certain foods increase intelligence has turned out to be a disappointment.

39. Consumers are getting more sensible and buy only _______ they need in spite of all the advertisements they see.

40. The manager will put _______ he thinks has a strong sense of duty in the leadership position.

41. Now it's been possible for us to be taken into “space”, _______ we can experience weightlessness for a short time.

42. It has come to be realized _______ particular matters in the air expose us to life's real danger.

43. “Giving is _______ fuels us,” says Mycoskie. “Giving is our future. it's the centre of our business, and it's time we celebrate it.”

44. Chinese medical experts have warned _______ antibiotics have been “heavily overused” at hospitals, which might cause serious side-effects.

45. You can't make great progress in the language learning _______ has something to do with your vocabulary.

46. Many skilled workers were organized to clear away _______ remained of the World Expo site.

47. How we express our ideas sometimes means more than _______ we mean to say.

48. They wonder _______ wants to be a telecom engineer should study subjects such as history, literature, philosophy, etc.

49. The manager seems never to be satisfied with _______ the company has achieved.

50. When it comes to mental health, the fact is sometimes neglected _______ more and more teachers are under great pressure.

51. It even leaves the scientists in wonder _______ they should call the newly-born creature, which looks half-human and half-animal.

52. Many experts stick to the view _______ teacher development is the key to the education quality.

53. _______ seems to be no possibility that the student majoring in liberal-arts can win the first prize in the100-meter race.

54. It is not always easy for the public to see _______ use a new invention can be of to human life.

55. Evidence came up _______ specific speech sounds were recognized by infants as young as two months old.

56. It's not important whether you win or not. What really matters is _______ you play the game.

57. My grandparents have developed a habit of taking a walk after dinner every day except_______ it rains.

58. Traditional and modern medicines are different in _______ the former looks at the whole body as a network.

59. Deep in the Atlantic Ocean, explorers have found _______ may be the most valuable sunken treasure in history.

60. _______ I can't understand is why the illegal cooking oil, mostly made from discarded kitchen waste, is difficult to detect and identify efficiently.

61. Recently, the Chinese government gave some examples of _______ Dalai Lama's visiting foreign countries had affected China.

62. It has been proved _______ eating vegetables in childhood helps to protect you against serious illness in later life.

63. The question to be discussed is _______ we can make our efforts rewarded.

64. _______ a different life today is from what it was fifty years ago!

65. _______ countries having great difficulties in economy right now need most of all is financial aid rather than lecturing.

66. Best-selling author and race car driver Han Han offered a 20 million RMB reward to _______ could prove his works were ghostwritten (代笔).

67. When you are older, you are better equipped mentally to cope with _______ happens.

68. People generally think fairness and justice are at the centre of _______ they are striving for.

69. You didn't study for your test, so your teacher has a point about _______ you failed!

70. Director Ang Lee told the New York Film Festival audience following the screening _______ Life of Pi was extremely hard to make.

71. His writing is so confusing that it's difficult to make out _______ it is he is trying to express.

72. A high definition digital camera on this cell phone can show you vividly _______ is around the person you are talking to.

73. The government has promised to do _______ helps to solve the problem of unemployment.

74. The limits of a person's intelligence are fixed at birth, but _______ he reaches these limits depends on his environment.

75. _______ the city's public school system should be open to the children of migrant workers has become the focus of discussion.

76. It worries the couple a lot _______ their only son is behaving worse and worse these days.

77. It doesn't matter _______ you choose to go to the UK or the USA—both countries have a good fame for their higher education.

78. The tragedy calls for gun control measures _______ 26 people were killed in the school shooting in Newtown.

79. Nowadays, you'll notice a phenomenon _______ a lot of people are wearing jeans to concerts.

80. Of course, the fact _______ misguided forms of dieting result in so many problems does not mean that no dieting is safe.

81. Mary's success lies in the fact _______ she is co-operative and eager to learn from others.

82. Mo Yan, this year's Nobel Prize winner in Literature, believes reading is _______ first triggered his imagination and gave him a way with words.

83. Although he has become wealthy, Mr. Wood remains _______ he used to be, modest and friendly.

84. The boy hopes to become friend of _______ shares his interests and happiness.

85. _______ the speaker referred to in his speech yesterday was unfamiliar to the general audience.

86. Word makes people heart-broken _______ a baby in a stolen car was cruelly killed by a bad guy.

87. At the scene of the accident, people should leave things _______ they are until the police arrive.

88. With his design completed in advance, Harper took his seat heavily, feeling pleased _______ he was a man of action.

89. _______ parents say and do usually has a life-long effect on their children.

90. President Barack Obama told ABC news _______ he was aware of the development of the recent investigation.

91. The school authority had a discussion regarding _______ they should set up more scholarships to meet the increasing demands.

92. There is strong evidence _______ the absence of regulations increases the probability that some websites steal and sell their users' personal information.

93. The young parents were worried about the possibility _______ their boy dislikes going to the new kindergarten.

94. The person who takes no chances generally has to take _______ is left when others are through choosing.

95. A business plan should be a strategic outline of _______ you are going to do, why and how you are going to do it.

96. The teacher left word with our monitor _______ she would explain the problem again next time.

97. The saying is familiar to everyone in Shanghai _______ there is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it.

98. Some young people just take it for granted _______ they depend on their parents to find a job.

99. Around 2000 years ago, many merchants travelled along _______ became known as the Silk Road.

100. Many teachers maintain that preschooling is the best way to prepare children for study, but there is no real agreement, however, about _______ this preparation can be achieved.




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