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高中英语语法填空:状语从句 强化练习





状语从句 强化练习

Exercise 1

Directions: Read the following sentences, fill in the blanks with the words that are correct in structure and proper in meaning.

1. — How long has this bookshop been in business?

— _______ 1982.

2. Mother was worried because little Alice was ill, especially _______ Father was away in France.

3. If we work with a strong will, we can overcome any difficulty, _______ great it is.

4. After the war, a new school building was put up _______ there had once been a theatre.

5. — I am going to the post office.

— _______ you're there, can you get me some stamps?

6. You should make it a rule to leave things _______ you can find them again.

7. Someone called me up in the middle of the night, but they hung up _______ I could answer the phone.

8. The WTO cannot live up to its name _______ it does not include a country that is home to one fifth of mankind.

9. The men will have to wait all day _______ the doctor works faster.

10. A good storyteller must be able to hold his listeners' curiosity _______ he reaches the end of the story.

11. — Was his father very strict with him when he was at school?

— Yes. He has never praised him _______ he became one of the top students in his grade.

12. He made a mistake, but then he corrected the situation _______ it got worse.

13. Scientists say it may be five or six years _______ it is possible to test this medicine on human patients.

14. You should try to get a good night's sleep _______ much work you have to do.

15. It was evening _______ we reached the little town of Winchester.

16. _______ modeling business is by no means easy to get into, the good model will always be in demand.

17. We were swimming in the lake _______ suddenly the storm started.

18. We were told that we should follow the main road _______ we reached the central railway station.

19. _______ you call me to say you're not coming, I'll see you at the theatre.

20. You can eat food free in my restaurant _______ you like.

21. _______ I accept that he is not perfect, I do actually like the person.

22. Several weeks had gone by _______ I realized the painting, was missing.

23. It is almost five years _______ we saw each other last time.

24. Simon thought his computer was broken _______ his little brother pointed out that he had forgotten to turn it on.

25. It wasn't until nearly a month later _______ I received the manager's reply.

26. Unlike watching TV, reading is a highly active process _______ it requires attention as well as memory and imagination.

27. The old tower must be saved, _______ the cost.

28. You must keep on working in the evening _______ you are sure you can finish the task in time.

29. That was really a splendid evening. It' s years _______ I enjoyed myself so much.

30. — Did Jack come back early last night?

— Yes. It was not yet eight o'clock _______ he arrived home.

31. _______ you've tried it, you can't imagine how pleasant it is.

32. — How long do you think it will be _______ China sends a manned spaceship to the moon?

— Perhaps two or three years.

33. Jenny was very sad over the loss of the photos she had shot at Canada, _______ this was a memory she especially treasured.

34. “You can't have this football back _______ you promise not to kick it at my cat again,” the old man said firmly.

35. I had just stepped out of the bathroom and was busily drying myself with a towel _______ I heard the steps.

36. _______ environmental damage is done, it takes many years for the ecosystem to recover.

37. He was about halfway through his meal _______ a familiar voice came to his ears.

38. _______ he has limited technical knowledge, the old worker has a lot of experience.

39. We're just trying to teach a point _______ both sides will sit down together and talk.

40. How can you expect to learn anything _______ you never listen?

41. His plan was such a good one _______ we all agreed to accept it.

42. My parents were quarrelling about me _______ I could not quite tell why.

43. — Mom, what did your doctor say?

— He advised me to live _______ the air is fresher.

44. — Why didn't you tell him about the meeting?

— He rushed out of the room _______ I could say a word.

45. The cost of living in Glasgow is among the lowest in Britain, _______ the quality of life is probably one of the highest.

46. If you are traveling _______ the customs are really foreign to your own, please do as the Romans do.

47. In time of serious accidents, _______ we know some basic things about first aid, we can save lives.

48. _______ most of the earth's surface is covered by water, fresh water is very rare and precious.

49. I won't call you, _______ something unexpected happens.

50. _______ he had not hurt his leg, John would have won the race.

51. _______ I really don't like art, I find his work impressive.

52. The field research will take Joan and Paul about five months; it will be a long time _______ we meet them again.

53. The village has developed a lot _______ we learned farming two years ago.

54. You will be successful in the interview_______ you have confidence.

55. Most birds find it safe to sleep in the trees, but _______ they have eggs or young chicks, they don't use a nest.

56. He was told that it would be at least three more months _______ he could recover and return to work.

57. It is difficult for us to learn a lesson in life _______ we've actually had that lesson.

58. We had to wait half an hour _______ we had already booked a table.

59. The weather was _______ cold that I didn't like to leave my room.

60. A small car is big enough for a family of three _______ you need more space for baggage.

61. — Did you return Fred's call?

— I didn't need to _______ I'll see him tomorrow.

62. I'm sorry you've been waiting so long, but it'll still be some time _______ Brian gets back.

63. _______this is only a small town, it's crowded with tourists who come here all year round.

64. — Are you ready for Spain?

— Yes, I want the girls to experience that _______ they are young.

65. _______ well prepared you are, you still need a lot of luck in mountain climbing.

66. We'll have a picnic in the park this Sunday _______ it rains or it's very cold.

67. All people, _______ they are old or young, rich or poor, have been trying their best to help those in need since the disaster.

68. _______ hungry I am, I never seem to be able to finish off this loaf of bread.

69. I used to love that film _______ I was a child, but I don't feel it that way any more.

70. You'd better not leave the medicine _______ kids can get at it.

71. Don't promise anything _______ you are one hundred percent sure.

72. _______ the Internet is of great help, I don't think it's a good idea to spend too much time on it.

73. I haven't seen Ann for _______ long that I've forgotten what she looks like.

74. There were some chairs left over _______ everyone had sat down.

75. Nancy enjoyed herself so much _______ she visited her friends in Sydney last year.

76. The school rules state that no child shall be allowed out of the school during the day, _______ accompanied by an adult.

77. Because of the heavy traffic, it was already time for lunch break _______ she got to her office.

78. John thinks it won't be long _______ he is ready for his new job.

79. Today, we will begin _______ we stopped yesterday so that no point will be left out.

80. She had just finished her homework _______ her mother asked her to practice playing the piano yesterday.

81. All the dishes in this menu, _______ otherwise stated, will serve two to three people.

82. Because of the financial crisis, days are gone _______ local 5-star hotels charged 6,000 yuan for one night.

83. _______ unemployment and crime are high, it can be assumed that the latter is due to the former.

84. It was a nice meal, _______ a little expensive.

85. _______ volleyball is her main focus, she's also great at basketball.

86. If a lot of people say a film is not good, I won't bother to see it, or I'll wait _______ it comes out on DVD.

87. Please call my secretary to arrange a meeting this afternoon, or _______ it is convenient to you.

88. One Friday, we were packing to leave for a weekend away _______ my daughter heard cries for help.

89. It was April 29, 2001 _______ Prince William and Kate Middleton walked into the palace hall of the wedding ceremony.

90. Frank insisted that he was not asleep _______ I had great difficulty in waking him up.

91. As it reported, it is 100 years _______ Qinghua University was founded.

92. He had no sooner finished his speech _______ the students started cheering.

93. _______ regular exercise is very important, it's never a good idea to exercise too close to bedtime.

94. _______ all of them are strong candidates, only one will be chosen for the post.

95. To show our respect, we usually have to take our gloves off _______ we are to shake hands with.

96. I had hardly got to the office _______ my wife phone me to go back home at once.

97. — Coach, can I continue with the training?

— Sorry, you can't _______ you haven't recovered from the knee injury.

98. I don't believe we've met before, _______ I must say you do look familiar.

99. It is hard for Greek government to get over the present difficulties _______ it gets more financial support from the European Union.

100. Our teacher often tells us: “_______ there is a will, there's a way.”

Exercise 2

Directions: Read the following sentences, fill in the blanks with the words that are correct in structure and proper in meaning.

1. _______ convincing an argument is, it needs support of evidence.

2. It is quite a time since Yao Ming got injured, and many fans hope it won't be long _______ he returns to the court.

3. — Shall we attend the concert this evening?

— Great idea, _______ we can do some shopping first.

4. _______ lie detector tests are not allowed as evidence in the courts, it is nevertheless a useful investigative tool.

5. She was moving out of her old apartment _______ she suddenly realized that the key to the new apartment wasn't on her.

6. Doing your homework is a sure way to improve your test scores, and this is especially true _______ it comes to the classroom tests.

7. Mother made a promise that _______ I passed the college entrance examination she would buy me a mobile phone.

8. _______ you are aware of the trick used in advertisements, I don't think you are eager to buy.

9. Traveling without ordering rooms in advance can eat up precious vacation time _______ luck is smiling to you.

10. _______ much is known about what occurs during sleep, the precise function of sleep and its different stages remains largely in the realm of assumption.

11. On a rainy day I was driving north through Vermont _______ I noticed a young man holding up a sign reading “Boston”.

12. _______ you think graffiti (涂鸦) is mindless vandalism (破坏行为) against property or a living art form, its popularity suggests that it is here to stay.

13. _______ there are two different results, scientists now generally agree that some kinds of dinosaurs lived in big groups.

14. Dad told me, “Nothing is impossible _______ you want it badly enough and go after it hard enough.”

15. Considering that she did her work _______ her manager had instructed, it was not proper to criticize her.

16. The Brazilian government promised to hold the 2014 World Cup successfully _______ difficulty may appear.

17. _______ the day went on, the weather got worse in some provinces.

18. He made a mistake, but then he corrected the situation _______ it got worse.

19. My uncle hesitated for a long time _______ he decided to buy a flat, as he was not quite sure whether the price of the house would go up or not.

20. She was trapped in a heavy traffic jam, so it was already time for lunch break _______ she got to her office.

21. Losing weight is no easy task. A lot of people who lost weight gain it back over time and end up back _______ they started.

22. If you are travelling _______ the custom and culture are really foreign to your own, please do as the Romans do.

23. Many people believe we are heading for environment disasters _______ we basically change the way we live.

24. The old lady likes to spend time indoors, _______ she can comfortably watch television or read newspaper.

25. A newly designed skyscrapers are being set up _______ the World Trade Center used to stand.

26. — What was the party like?

— Wonderful. It's years _______ I enjoyed myself so much.

27. Don't set yourself up for failure. Your chances of achieving your goals are much better _______ they're realistic.

28. _______ not all school subjects can be applied directly to your job in the future, they may have indirect value.

29. Someone called me up in the middle of the night, but they hung up _______ I could answer the phone.

30. You should take control of your life _______ it is planning coursework or picking a major.

31. _______ there had been evidence of bowling-like games in ancient Egypt, history clearly points out that bowling began in Germany during the dark ages.

32. _______ the product or service does not live up to public expectation, the customer will be very dissatisfied and possibly ask for his or her money back.

33. _______ many American families have a larger income now than ever before, people are finding it difficult to make ends meet anyway.

34. The story brought the hours back to me _______ I was taken good care of in that faraway village.

35. Clearly there is much to be desired _______ it comes to the quality of teachers and their teaching methods.

36. The young couple are trying to save as much money as possible so _______ they can afford the flat by the end of this year.

37. Mankind must have in mind that it will be years, even centuries, _______ the environment recovers from the damage he makes to it.

38. _______ cell phones bring convenience to us in our daily life, they have also caused many social problems.

39. It was evening _______ we reached the little town of Winchester.

40. _______ the cliffs rose out of the ground, there were often narrow tracks winding upwards.

41. _______ environmental damage is done, it takes many years for the ecosystem to recover.

42. I kept getting mysterious phone calls _______ the caller would hang up as soon as I answered.

43. Steve Jobs had been fighting against cancer for eight years _______ he died on October 5.

44. Handwritten documents are more valuable to researchers, historians say, _______ their reliability can be confirmed.

45. Man must keep in mind that it will be years _______ the earth recovers from the damage he makes to it.

46. The chairman announced the end of the meeting _______ I could get in a word.

47. He had to be called two or three times _______ he would switch off the computer to his dinner.

48. Della was shocked not to find her car _______ she had parked it the night before and phoned the police immediately.

49. _______ these activities might seem childish and cause laughter rather than respect, in reality they require enormous amount of strength and fitness as well as determination.

50. You had better conduct the experiment _______ your professor have instructed you; otherwise you may fail to complete it.

51. It remains a mystery _______ the world is going to end on Dec. 21st, 2012,which seems to be the end of the Mayan calendar.

52. The elderly patients still prefer the traditional way, _______ online booking system is supposed to be convenient and fast.

53. Many glaucoma (青光眼) patients are unaware of symptoms _______ a great deal of useful sight has been permanently destroyed.

54. According to the NBA regulation, the new season won't start _______ an agreement is reached between players' Union and team bosses.

55. _______ born in Toronto, Canada, the author is most famous for the stories about New York City.

56. It was thirty years _______ he was invested as an outstanding alumnus to celebrate the 128th anniversary of the university.

57. _______ you write on a subject, you join in an ongoing, trans-historical conversation with others who have written about your topic.

58. _______ fashion modeling seems like a good profession, I would prefer to be a dentist.

59. Pollution will remain a global problem for a long time _______ much has been done to solve it.

60. Facing a beggar, I may feel this poor person needs help, and the need will not be met _______ I put my hand in my pocket now.

61. _______ you've tried it, you can't imagine how tasty the fish I cooked is.

62. Charlotte assured Tony that they could easily find the restaurant _______ she was familiar with the area.

63. You are sure to be successful in the job market _______ you make yourself better known to the interviewer.

64. It is recommended that the exploration team take with them an extra set of equipment _______ unexpected emergency occurs.

65. Most probably it will be another 7 hours _______ you can have next meal, so each of you must have your stomach full.

66. The school rules state that no child shall be allowed out of the school dating the day, _______ accompanied by an adult.

67. “Ungeliable” is so new an English word coined on the Internet _______ is forbidden to appear in official media or documents at present.

68. Man must keep in mind that it will be years _______ the earth recovers from the damage he makes to it.

69. _______ difficulties we may come across in carrying out this plan, we'll work together to overcome them.

70. It is five years _______ she began to take up raising flowers, and she's got a lot of experience in how to keep them more attractive.

71. If you want to do the experiment again, you'd better be more careful _______ you made a mistake.

72. _______ there is water nearby, make a special effort to breed fish.

73. _______ the doctors tried every means, the 2-year-old girl who survived in the Indiana Hurricane finally gave up and joined her parents in heaven.

74. _______ you are in a speech contest or you are giving a talk in class, a little preparation will make your presentation organized and dynamic.

75. _______ you start with one small positive thing during your day, you'll begin to move into a more positive situation.

76. The word “positive energy” is becoming more than common in newspaper and magazines _______ you could notice.

77. Tell your doctor with a detailed medical history _______ he can give you the accurate treatment.

78. School killing cases in the U.S. will continue _______ severer laws are passed over the control of guns.

79. _______ it is hoped that college students should be equipped with the ability to take a good set of notes, this is not always the case.

80. _______ difficult explorations are, humans have never stopped moving forward.

81. In extreme weather, a worn tyre can break easily _______ it's mended, as is often the case.

82. — How long do you think it will be _______ the bus arrives here?

— No more than five minutes.

83. There's little privacy _______ you have to share a room with a family member.

84. Shannon will continue to bother you with phone calls _______ you help her.

85. Tears of joy and happiness came to my eyes _______ we won the first prize in the sports meeting.

86. The young man knew following others never made a unique writer, _______ he did imitate his idols in his very early works.

87. _______ performing business is by no means easy to get into, still many people are eager to enter this profession.

88. She came up with several ideas about the house decoration _______ a fantastic one popped into her mind.

89. Everything was placed exactly _______ he wanted it for cooking the big meal.

90. Born in a wealthy family, the boy took everything in his life for granted _______ for the first time he saw how poor farmers struggled to survive the hard life.

91. — How long do you think it is _______ she became a student teacher?

— Half a year at least.

92. The 7-year-old boy received an operation on Tuesday successfully _______ he has many other health problems.

93. — Do you have the time? I've got something to tell you.

— Ok, _______ you make your story short.

94. The polar bear will face the fate of extinction _______ the ice keeps melting at an alarming speed.

95. In fact, a small car is big enough for a family of three, _______ you need more space for luggage.

96. _______ the direct personality of Americans is widely appreciated, it sometimes surprises foreigners.

97. _______ global warming is natural or not, saving energy is crucial for the future.

98. You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, _______ you are to them.

99. _______ there is nothing wrong with fast food, our health is more important than our desire to finish eating as quickly as possible.

100. Beijing and Shanghai have released their plans to gradually allow students to take college entrance exams _______ their parents work as migrant workers.


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