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高中英语语法填空:代词 巩固练习





代词 巩固练习

Directions: Read the following sentences, use one word that best fits each blank.

1. Adult women do not remember being so obsessed with the color, yet _______ is pervasive in our young girls' lives.

2. This incident stuck in my mind because _______ confirmed my growing belief that children are changing.

3. I had not realized how profoundly marketing trends dictated _______ perception of what is natural to kids.

4. If you know exactly what _______ want, the best route to a job is to get specialized training.

5. David Birch claims he does not hire _______ with an MBA or an engineering degree.

6. But consider this very different use of the term, a newspaper reports that the Supreme Court has delivered _______ opinion in a controversial case.

7. We are free to act on our opinions only as long as, in doing so, we do not harm _______.

8. Loues, a water carrier who won the marathon race, after race, a rich Athenian offered him _______ he wanted.

9. Many countries pay _______ athletes to train year-round and Olympic athletes are eager to sell their names to companies that make everything from ski equipment to fast food.

10. Even the games _______ have become a huge business.

11. To many people, sports today is _______ but a fast route to wealth.

12. If you can give your boss _______ he or she needs (a new client or a sizable contract, for example) just before merit pay decisions are being made, you are more likely to get the raise you want.

13. In a 2001 study of 158 hospital nurses, those who faced considerable work demands but coped with the challenge were more likely to say they were in good health than _______ who felt they stress that you can manage also boost immune function.

14. If you want to teach your children how to say sorry, you must be good at saying it _______.

15. Sticking to the low end of government estimates, the National Resources Defense Council says there may be no more than 3.2 billion barrels of economically recoverable oil in the coastal plain of ANWR, a drop in the bucket that would do virtually _______ to ease America's energy problems.

16. I have also witnessed a player reacting to his opponent's international and illegal blocking by deliberately hitting _______ with the ball as hard as he could during the course of play.

17. _______ found that products sold in Germany and the United Kingdom made the most environmental claims on average.

18. Many products had specially-designed labels to make them seem environmentally friendly, but in fact many of these symbol mean _______.

19. The following are some of the things that _______ who would qualify for membership in the sportsmanship fraternity (圈内人) will do.

20. If you wish to release a fish that is hooked in such a way that _______ will be impossible to be close to the hook as convenient.

21. Be sure of the identity of your target before _______ shoot.

22. Professionals seek career experience outside of _______ home countries for a variety of reasons.

23. They may wish to expose their children to _______ culture, and the opportunity to learn a second language.

24. When applying for a job, _______ usually has to submit a resume or curriculum vitae (CV).

25. Educating girls quite possibly yields a higher rate of return than any _______ investment available in the developing world.

26. Parents in low-income countries fail to invest in their daughters because they do not expect _______ to make an economic contribution to the family.

27. Girls grow up only to marry into _______ else's family and bear children.

28. Determined criminals are trying to find _______ ways to steal cars, often by getting bold of the owner's keys.

29. Many older parents find _______ balancing their limited financial resources, declining energy and failing health against the growing demands of an active child.

30. Many late-life parents say _______ children came at just the right time.

31. After marrying late and undergoing years of fertility (受孕) treatment, Marilyn Nolen and _______ husband, Randy, had twins.

32. When reviewing the site's privacy policy, you'll be able to delete your resume just as easily as _______ posted it.

33. It allows job seekers the same visibility as _______ in the standard posting category without any of their contact information being displayed.

34. The book Writing Without Teachers introduced me to _______ distinction and one practice that has helped my writing processes tremendously.

35. As the words begin to flow, the ideas will come from the shadows and let themselves be captured on _______ notepad or your screen.

36. Recently, _______ asked me how may of the 45 students in my class were women.

37. Most travel from one developed nation to _______, but the flow from developing to developed countries is growing rapidly.

38. Today foreign students earn 30 percent of the doctoral degrees awarded in the United States and 38 percent of _______ in the United Kingdom.

39. Universities are also encouraging students to spend some of _______ undergraduate years in another country.

40. Yale and Harvard have led the way, offering every undergraduate at least one international study or internship opportunity and providing the financial resources to make_______ possible.

41. Globalization is also reshaping the way research is done. One new trend involves sourcing portions of a research program to _______ country.

42. Being a parent is not always easy, and being the parent of a child with special needs often carries with _______ extra stress.

43. She wants to enter one of her stories into a writing contest, a competition _______ won last year.

44. I know what _______ is like to work hard on a story only to receive a rejection slip from the publisher.

45. Someday a stranger will read your e-mail without your permission or scan the Website you've visited, or perhaps_______ will casually glance through your credit card purchases.

46. Psychologists tell us boundaries are healthy, that it's important for you to reveal _______ to friends, family and lovers in stages, at appropriate times.

47. The digital bread crumbs (碎屑) you leave everywhere make _______ easy for strangers to reconstruct who you are, where you are and what you like.

48. We see our children as an extension of _______, so if you're saying that my child is behaving inappropriately, then that's somehow a criticism of me.

49. On average, every unhappy customer will complain to at least four _______ and will no longer visit the specific store.

50. As a manager, Tiffany is responsible for interviewing applicants for some of the positions with _______ company.

51. He was an Asian-American raised in a household where respect for _______ in authority was shown by averting(避开) your eyes.

52. As the world becomes smaller and our workplaces more diverse, it is becoming essential to expand our under-standing of _______.

53. Learned from the class that instead of imposing my gender biases into the situation, I needed to present the full range of duties, responsibilities and expectations to all candidates and allow _______ to make an informed decision.

54. Every year in the first week of my English class, some students inform _______ that writing is too hard.

55. Good grades and high tests scores still matter a lot to many colleges as _______ award financial aid.

56. David Laird, president of the Minnesota Private College Council, says many of _______ schools would like to reduce their merit aid.

57. Throughout this long, tense election, everyone has focused on the presidential candidates and how _______ will change America.

58. I was starting to feel like _______ whole world was falling apart — kind of slipping into a depression.

59. People who struggle with excessive Internet use maybe depressed or have _______ mood disorders.

60. When she discusses Internet habits with her patients, _______ often report that being online offers a “sense of belonging”.

61. Since then, Toebe said, she has kept her promise to _______ to cut back on her Internet use.

62. If you tell your dim friend that he has the potential of an Einstein, you're just underlining _______ faults.

63. When the essayists were later praised for their sympathy, they felt even worse about what _______ had written.

64. Those with low self-esteem didn't feel better after the forced self-affirmation. In fact, _______ moods turned significantly darker than those of members of the control group.

65. Most of us spend _______ lives seeking the natural world.

66. It is one thing to enjoy listening to good music,but it is quite _______ to perform skillfully yourself.

67. Toys of the children today hardly bear any resemblance to _______ of ours when we were little kids.

68. — He seemed quite satisfied with the price we offered.

— Yes. Money is _______ to him. He cares more about the quality.

69. I hate _______ when the weather in Changsha becomes freezing cold because there is no heater inside.

70. Many women today hold that its their husbands' responsibility to earn money and _______ to spend it.

71. Building a new school is one thing, while keeping it running smoothly is quite _______.

72. The children were catching butterflies in the garden. Some caught a lot, and others caught _______ at all.

73. I spent my boyhood climbing trees on Streatham Common, South London. These days, children are robbed of _______ ancient freedoms.

74. _______ whose accommodation had more natural views showed an improvement of 19%; those who had the same improvement in material surroundings but no nice view improved just 4%.

75. The life of old people is measurably better when _______ have access to nature.

76. Human beings are a species of mammals (哺乳动物). For seven million years _______ lived on the planet as part of nature.

77. _______ need the wild world. It is essential to our well-being, our health.

78. So someone leaving university who already has the skills needed to work in an industrial lab has far more potential in the job market than someone who has spent all _______ time on a narrow research project.

79. Without other living things around _______ we are less than human.

80. People were just happy to have a decent quantity of food in _______ kitchens.

81. Before star chefs such as Oliver began making cooking fashionable, _______ was hard to find a restaurant in London.

82. In recent years the capital's culinary(烹饪的) scene has developed to the point that it is now confident of its ability to please the tastes of _______ international visitor.

83. Some restaurants are modifying the recipes(菜谱) of British dishes to breathe new life into the classics, while _______ are using better quality ingredients but remaining true to British traditional and tastes.

84. He British don't have a history of exporting their foodstuffs, which makes _______ difficult for restaurants in Hong Kong to source authentic ingredients.

85. Boys' schools are the perfect place to teach young men to express _______ emotions.

86. Junk food is everywhere. We're eating way too much of it. Most of _______ know what we're doing and yet we do it anyway.

87. Since I started working part time at a grocery store, I have learned that a customer is more than someone who buys _______.

88. Many professors require that _______ students use only the latest versions in the classroom.

89. I want to find _______ with whom I can discuss such things.

90. The doctors and nurses are doing their best to fight SARS. They think more of others than _______.

91. There were two girls at the door. _______ of them were smiling.

92. My father is very busy with his work. He has _______ time to do the housework.

93. There are some apples on the table. You can take _______ of them.

94. As I know, he knows _______ about this old town, so you don't have to ask him.

95. Our culture has caused most Americans to assume not only that _______ language is universal but that the gestures we use are understood by everyone.

96. Women should fight the high heel industry by refusing to use or purchase _______ in order to save the world from unnecessary physical and psychological suffering.

97. For centuries, explorers have risked _______ lives venturing into the unknown for reasons that were to varying degrees economic and nationalistic.

98. Psychologists say, many employees and employers have trouble with the concept of politics in the office. _______ people, they say, have an idealistic vision of work and what it takes to succeed.

99. He realized right away that there was _______ wrong.

100. They also use their own words and develop _______ own speaking styles.


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