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2022年11月28日 VOA慢速英语:电影中的贝宁“女王”,现实生活





Benin's 'Woman King' in Movies, Real Life

The Woman King is an African story told in the form of a Hollywood historical movie.
The movie has won praise for its acting, directing, and for dealing with the idea of female political power. In the movie, women, led by General Nanisca, fight a war that men cannot.
The film takes place in the 1800s in the Kingdom of Dahomey. Today the same area is known as Abomey. The story about female warriors and General Nanisca has echoed over a long period of time in Abomey and in the rest of the country of Benin.
这部电影发生在 1800 年代的达荷美王国。今天,同一地区被称为阿波美。女战士与纳尼斯卡将军的故事在阿波美乃至贝宁全国久久回荡。
Nan Zognidi is the present-day queen mother of Abomey.
She said she teaches young people the same values that the female warriors did: Girls are equal to boys. Girls are as able and competent as boys.
"They have the same abilities and the same competencies as boys," she said.
Zognidi's position of queen mother is fully ceremonial. It helps bring foreign visitors to the area. But before she became queen mother, Zognidi was a women's rights activist.
Now, she runs a program to teach girls trades that support financial independence. She teaches the history and culture of Benin. She also teaches leadership to young people.
One of these young people is 13-year-old Pkadomi Sylvestre. She said the queen mother taught her how to work on political activities for women's empowerment.
其中一位年轻人是 13 岁的 Pkadomi Sylvestre。她说,太后教她如何从事政治活动以增强妇女权能。
In the city of Cotonou, a statue of one of Abomey's female warriors was first shown earlier this year.
The United Nations has said Africa needs more of the examples set by the female warriors of Abomey. That statement comes from U.N. Women, an arm of the United Nations dedicated to female empowerment.
"Women who are involved in politics are not usually positively seen by society," said area U.N. adviser Soulef Guessoum. She noted that, in Africa, women make up 25 percent of the elected assembly. That number is less than the 30 percent target set by the U.N. in 1995. And it is below the 50 percent that many consider the final goal.
“参与政治的妇女通常不会被社会正面看待,”地区联合国顾问 Soulef Guessoum 说。 She noted that, in Africa, women make up 25 percent of the elected assembly.这个数字低于联合国在 1995 年设定的 30% 的目标,也低于许多人认为的最终目标 50%。
Marion Ogeto is a human rights lawyer who works with Equality Now, a non-profit group that advocates female empowerment. She said the female warriors of Abomey are inspiring.
Marion Ogeto 是一名人权律师,她与倡导女性赋权的非营利组织 Equality Now 合作。她说阿波美的女战士鼓舞人心。
"This community was way ahead of its time by advocating for an army that is all and only women," said Ogeto.
She added the story "shows you that they have a woman leader, a woman king, and then she's in a position where she's able to sit at the same table as the king as well as all the others and tell the king, 'This is not how we handle the situation…'"
The queen mother, Zognidi, thinks the most important lesson Abomey's warriors teach is that "everything that men can do, women can do today. We can't say that women are weak, it is wrong."
太后佐格尼迪 (Zognidi) 认为,阿波美的战士们给我们上的最重要的一课是“男人能做的一切,今天的女人也能做。我们不能说女人软弱,这是错误的。”
Women, she said, are as strong as men.

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