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  pragmatic: 实用主义的, concerned with practical matters

  1) practical as opposed to idealistic

  2) oriented toward the practical

  3) matter-of-fact; practical

  4) concerned with practical matters

  Since they were saving money to buy a new home, the pragmatic married couple decided not to go on an expensive vacation.

  A pragmatic solution to the car's continual repairs would be to purchase a new car.

  STARRY-EYED : pragmatic 过分乐观的:实际的

  pragmatic <> outmode

  pragmatism: a practical approach to problem solving

  1. While daydreaming gamblers think they can get rich by frequenting casinos, pragmatic gamblers realize that the odds are heavily stacked against them.

  2. Although skeptics say financial problems will probably prevent our establishing a base on the Moon, supporters of the project remain enthusiastic, saying that human curiosity should overcome such pragmatic constraints.

  3. Our pragmatic mother preferred to receive useful gifts for her birthday.

  Synonyms: businesslike, efficient, utilitarian, rational, realistic "

  adj. 实用主义的,务实的: a practical approach to problems and affairs !

  【例】 Pragmatic men of power have had no time or inclination to deal withsocial morality.(K. B. Clark) 务 实 的

  当权者不会有时间或者意向去处理社会道德的问题。——K. B. 克拉克‖a pragmatic man, not given to grand, visionary schemes 一个不迷恋花哨空想的计划,而更注重实际的人

  【近】 down-to-earth, earthy, hardheaded, matter-of-fact, practical

  【反】 fanciful, idealistic, impractical, unrealistic, utopian, visionary 幻想的,不务实的

  【派】 pragmatism n. 实用主义,务实主义


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