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GRE写作优质词汇汇总分享 描述和逻辑关系词汇一览





  交织 intertwine;interweave

  好奇心 the eager desire to know;curiosity

  尊敬 respect;esteem;think highly of

  顽固的 headstrong;obstinate;stubborn

  暗淡的 gloomy;dark;dim

  巨大的 huge;gigantic;colossal;vast;enormous;tremendous

  探索 explore;fathom

  执行 carry out;execute;do

  现代 modern times;modern age;contemporary age

  偏见 prejudice;bias;partiality;predilection

  混乱 chaos;commotion;confusion;disturbance;tumult


  无缺点的 flawless;airtight

  警觉的 alert;watchful;on guard;wary of

  忍受 bear;put up with;endure;stand

  突然醒悟 it dawned on me that

  仔细思考之后 after long deliberation;after careful thought


  一般而言 in general;generally speaking;by and large

  满于现状 be happy with what you are

  预测未来 project into the future

  另一个观点是… another way of looking at the matter is…

  不宜取笑… it is not decent to make fun of…

  评估社会文化因素 assess (evaluate) sociocultural factors

  那并非说… that does not mean that…

  那有这回事 there is no such thing as

  一个有待克服的困难是… a major hurdle for us to overcome is…

  由…造成 caused by;attributable to;due to;resulting from

  由…组成 is made up of…;is comprised of;consist

  必须从两方面考虑此问题 this problem needs to be considered on two dimensions:

  限制 limit;restrict;refrain;restrain;keep within limits;confine;keep in check

  一般人认为… conventional wisdom suggests that…

  这方法有陷阱 the method had pitfalls:

  说服 convince;persuade;cause to believe

  具体的 specific;concrete;tangible

  刻意的 intentional;on purpose;intended

  费时间去了 解…take time to acquaint oneself with…

  …是此问题的核心 …is at the root of the issue

  无法估计 is beyond calculation;incalculable

  无资格的 disqualified


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