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  一些 a range of ;a variety of ;a series of ;an array of

  无数 innumerable ;countless

  许多 plenty of ;many ;much ;a great deal of ;a lot of ;ample

  非常多(大)的 tremendous

  依序列举 list in sequence


  根据 according to;on the basis of;on the ground of (that);in the light of;in line with;in accordance with

  逃避问题 evade the question

  增大 enlarge;extend;aggrandize

  澄清 clarify;make clear

  赔偿 compensate for;give…as compensation for

  实现 carry out;implement;realize;make…come true

  假定 suppose;assume;postulate;hypothesize

  极端的 radical;extreme

  极端的措施 drastic measures

  剩下的 the rest;the remainder;what is left

  换言之 in other words;put another way

  结果 result;aftermath;consequence

  优点 advantage;strength;strong point;merit;benefit

  简言之 put simply;in short;in brief;in a nutshell

  举例而言 for instance;for example;to illustrate;let us cite 特别是 an illustration;to cite a concrete case

  特别是 especially;more than others;particularly;in particular

  既然…now that…;seeing that…

  迹象 inkling;hint;clue;a slight suggestion

  缺点 disadvantage;demerit;shortcoming;drawback;weakness

  除去 do away with;eliminate;remove;get rid of

  缺少 for lack of;for a deficiency of

  毕竟 after all;all in all

  范围 scope;field;realm

  潜力 potential;

  行为 conduct;behavior;doings

  隔绝 isolate;insulate

  分辨出 identify;recognize

  不易懂的 elusive;hard to understand

  展开 unfold

  回馈 feedback

  主导的人物 a dominant figure;a controlling man;the most influential person

  观点 viewpoint;point of view;perspective;standpoint

  正在进行中 is underway

  只是一种姿态 is merely a gesture

  立场 position;stand;stance

  意向 inclination;leaning;intention

  特权 privilege;a special right

  来自 stem from;come from

  一件事的不同说法 alternative statements of fact


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