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Chapter 36. Sports ;第36章 运动
1.Did you enter the tournament? ;你报名参加比赛了吗?
2.I drew you as my partner in the contest. ;我抽到和你同一组比赛。
3.Don't forget the ping-pong match tonight. ;不要忘了今晚的乒乓球 赛。
4.He's a lean,mean, fighting machine. 5.Good smash! ;他是一架锐不可当的战斗 机器。 好一记杀球!
6.He just hit a home run. ;他刚刚击出了一支全垒打
7.Wanna warm up first, or shall we just start? ;要先做一下暖身运动, 还是直接开始?
8.Why don't you work on your dribble? ;你何不去练习一下你的 运球呢?
9.Save your breath. ;不要白费力气。
10.I think we'd better just play touch. 11.Let's not take seriously. ;我想我们点到为止就 好了。 不要真枪实刀地干起来。
12.Golf playing is a symbol of status and prestige. ;高尔夫球是地位与威望 的象征。
13.I'm nuts about this game. 14.I don't follow sports. ;这个游戏我玩疯了。 我不关心各项运动。
15.Remember,no hitting below the belt. ;记住,不许攻击对方的 小腹。
16.After three fouls, he was put on the bench. ;累积三次违规后, 他被判出场。
17.Let's go play catch 18.He ran it out. 19.Game over. ;我们去玩接球。 他跑完全场得了一分。 比赛结束。
20.I'm going for some skinny-dipping. ;我要去裸泳。
Chapter 37. Scores ;第37章 得分
1.I got one point again. 2.He scored. ;我又得了一分。 他得分了。
3.What's the score now? ;现在的比数是多少?
4.I don't know what the score is.I've lost count. ;我不知道分数是多少, 我忘了计算。
5.They're trailing six to twelve. 6.It's a standoff. 7.Game! ;他们以六比十二落后。 这是个僵局。 时间到!
Chapter 38. Aggressive Sportsmanship ;第38章 积极的运动精神
1.We'll slaughter you. 2.Let's give them hell ;我们会打得你们 落花流水。 给他们苦头吃!
3.If they want to be tough,let's play hardball. ;如果他们耍狠,我们也跟 他们来硬的。
4.Okay,guys.Let's give them a run for their money. ;好,咱们大伙儿来跟他们 打场硬仗。
5.You have to keep one step ahead of the these guys. 6.Let's wipe them out. ;你非得先发制人不可。 咱们去干掉他们。
Chapter 39. Unexpected Defeats ;第39章 意外失败
1.He's gaining on you. 2.He's a strong contender. 3.He's no lightweight. ;他快赶上你了。 他是个强力的竞选者。 他并非等闲之辈。
4.I thought I had him beat and then he turned the tables on me. ;我本以为我已打败了他, 没想到他反败为胜。
5.Now it's a whole new ball game. ;这又是一场全新的战况。
Chapter 40. Victory ;第40章 胜利
1.He's pulling away from the pack. 2.We really kicked their butts. ;他逐渐脱颖而出。 我们痛快地整了他们一顿
3.We demolished them. 4.We killed them. 5.He's invincible in tennis. ;我们干掉了他们。 我们宰了他们。 他打起网球来所向无敌。
6.We're got them demoralized. 7.We've got them confused. ;我们已瓦解了他们的斗志 我们弄糊涂了他们。
8.I have met the enemy and brought him to his knees. ;我已遭遇到敌手,并使 他俯首称臣。
9.She's favored heavily to win that match. ;许多人都看好她会赢 那场比赛。
10.He won first place in the speech contest. 11.My game! ;他在演讲比赛里获得 第一名。 我赢了。
12.Checkmate! 13.It's a victory for a just cause. ;将军! 这是为正义所打的一场 胜仗。
14.One man's loss is another's gain. 15.To the victor go the spoils. ;某人之失,适值为另一人 之得。 战利品归胜利者所得。
Chapter 41. Defeats ;第41章 受挫
1.He left me in the dust. ;他使我无法望其项背。
2.A:How was the game? B:We got creamed. B:We got skunked. ;球赛打的如何? 我们输惨了。 我们被整惨了。
3.Don't make a sour face just because you lost. 4.You're a sore loser. ;不要因为输了而愁眉苦脸 你是个输不起的人。
5.He's a bad loser. 6.They are such poor sports. 7.Relish this moment. ;他是一输就乱发脾气的人 他们的运动精神太差了。 珍惜这胜利的时刻吧。
8.You are a good sport ;你的运动风度良好。
Chapter 42. Consolation To Losers ;第42章 安慰输家
1.It's disgusting when you lose all the time. ;老输不赢不是滋味。
2.Don't feel bad.You can't win them all. 3.Win some lost some. ;不要难过,岂有老赢不输 的道理呢? 生活中免不了有的有失。
4.It's not as bad as you think. ;还没像你想的那么糟。
Chapter 43. The Importance Of Winning ;第43章 赢之重要
1.I know how much you want to win. 2.Winning is everthing ;我知道你求胜心切。 “赢”字之重要更 甚于一切。
3.Fair play is more important than winning. ;公平比赛比打赢更重要。
Chapter 44. Unfair Games ;第44章 比赛不公
1.It was no contest. 2.He eased up and let me win the match. ;这算不得是比赛。 他故意不使出全力而让我 赢得了比赛。
3.A one-sided game is no fun at all. 4.It doesn't count this time. ;一面倒的球赛没看头。 这次不算。
5.They threw the game. ;有人付钱故意要他们吃 败仗。
6.That game is fixed. 7.I want a rematch. ;那场比赛的输赢 事先已讲定。 我要求重新比赛。
Chapter 45. Being Ambitious ;第45章 野心勃勃
1.She always loves to tackle a man's job. 2.He's a real go-getter. ;她老是喜欢和男人 一较高下。 他雄心万丈。
3.She's driven to succeed. ;她是不成功誓不甘休的人
4.When he sees an opening,he goes for it. ;他是钻营之辈,一有机会 立刻攀缘附会。
A:He's an ambitious man. ;他是野心勃勃的人。
B:That goes without saying.He's in politics. ;那还用得着说吗?他是 搞政治的人嘛!
5.I'm not going to let you chip away at my career. ;我不会让你一分一分地 毁了我的事业。
6.I'll get it,beg, borrow or steal. 7.Nobody gets in my way. ;为了到手,我不择手段。 谁也不许挡我的路。
8.He's Machiavellian. 9.He doesn't care whom he steps on in order to get there. ;他是谋求权势的人。 为达目的,他不在乎把 谁踩在脚下。
10.You don't have to stoop to such low tactics. 11.He's power hungry. ;你犯不着使用卑鄙的伎俩 来达到目的。 他渴求权利。他渴慕权势
12.I underestimated his ambitions. 13.Diamond cuts diamond! ;我低估了他的野心。 强中自有强中手!
Chapter 46. Overdoing ;第46章 过分
1.You've gone too far. 2.I overreacted. 3.Too much of a good thing is a bad thing ;你做得太过火了。 我反应过度。 太多的善事就成了坏事。
4.Do everything in moderation. ;凡事都要适可而止。
Chapter 47. Refusing To Give UP ;第47章 不服输
1.I refuse to admit defeat. 2.It's not over until the fat lady sings. ;我绝不认输。 鹿死谁手,犹未可知。
3.I never concede a point. 4.Stand your ground. ;我从来不肯做半点退让。 要坚定你的立场。 (要站稳你的脚跟)
5.He won't cave in to public protest. ;他不会向群众的抗议 屈服。
Chapter 48. Surrender ;第48章 臣服
1.The heck with it! 2.It won't matter. 3.Your crying won't help. ;去他的蛋! 这帮不了忙。 你哭也无济于事。
4.It won't help. 5.I give up! 6.He isn't putting up a fight. ;这帮不了忙。 我放弃了! 他没打算抵抗。
7.You quit too easily. 8.I'm running out of gas. 9.All right,you win. ;你太轻易放弃。 我已没气力了。 好吧,我认栽了。
10.They are retreating. ;他们正在撤退中。
Chapter 49. Faliure ;第49章 失败
1.Nothing went right! 2.We're not even close to our target. 3.He's a has-been. ;什么事都不对劲! 我们预定的目标还远的很 他是个过气人物。
4.The whole thing's gone sour. 5.Let's face it. We blew it. ;整个计划都泡汤了。 面对现实吧,我们已把 事情搞砸了。
6.It was over before it began. 7.It's curtains for him. ;这是未战先败。 他完了。(他的事业, 投资或生命危在旦夕)
8.You have failed miserably. 9.The experiment crashed and burned. ;你败得很惨。 这项实验一败涂地。
10.He's done for. 11.Back to the drawing board. ;他已一蹶不振。 我们再从头做起吧。
Chapter 50. Failing With Dignity ;第50章 虽败犹荣
1.It almost worked. 2.They made a valiant effort even though they lost. ;差点就办成。 虽然他们输了,却已显出 英雄本色。
3.Our efforts weren't all in vain. 4.They fought a good fight. ;我们的努力并没白费。 他们打了漂亮的一仗。
5.It's better to fail and move on than to fail forever. ;跌倒了再爬起来,也远比 一直倒在那儿强。
6.I failed,but nobody can say I lost. ;我没办成,但谁也不敢说 我输了。
Chapter 51. Business ;第51章 商业
1.It's not easy starting a business form scratch. ;从一无所有开始创业 并非易事。
2.Mind the store.I'll be back in a little while. ;你看一下店,我马上回来
3.We're in the car repair business. 4.This business is my life and my love. ;我们做修车的生意。 这一事业是我的饭碗, 也是我的嗜好。
5.I can't lose my business.It's my livelihood. ;我不能失去我的事业, 这是我所赖以为生的。
6.I'm running a big operation. ;我正在做一笔大买卖。
7.It's a shaky business.I wouldn't put money into it. ;这是不稳当的事业,我 不会投资。
8.If you're looking for a fast buck, don't get into this business. ;如果你想发横财,我不会 投资。
9.In order to improve business,it's a must to cater to the client. ;为了促进生意,迎合客户 自属必要。
10.Don't you forget. The customer is always right. ;你可别忘了, 顾客永远是对的。
11.It's a matter of supply and demand. 12.How well is that new product faring? ;这是个供需问题。 那件新产品卖得如何?
13.This company is a well-oiled machine. 14.This would interest any customer. ;这是一家高效率运作 的公司。 这会使顾客感到有兴趣。
15.To cut costs,they farmed out the manufacturing. ;为了降低成本,他们 转包生产。
Chapter 52. Ownership ;第52章 所有权
1.This art gallery is our joint venture. ;这家艺廊是我们俩合资 开办的。
2.He and I own the gas station in common. ;他和我对等拥有那座 加油站.
3.He's got the lion's share. 4.He's only a silent partner. ;他是这儿的大股东。 他是出钱不管事的合伙人
5.This store has changed hands recently. ;这家铺子最近转手了。
6.He's the proprietor of a grocery store. ;他是一家杂货铺的店东。
7.That grocery store is a simple Mom and Pop operation. ;那家杂货店是家庭式的 简单经营。
Chapter 53. Distributions ;第53章 分配
1.Cut us in. 2.If you want to play, you gotta pay. ;让我们分一杯羹。 想玩乐就得付钱。
3.Don't fight.There's plenty for everyone. 4.There's enough to go around. ;不要争,数量足够分配给 每一个人。 有充分的数量供给众人。
5.Wait!You'll get your fair share. 6.Some for you and some for me. ;不要急,你会得到公平的 一份。 一些给你,一些给我。
7.Share and share alike. ;大家平均分享。
8.A:How about we split 50/50? B:That sounds fair. ;咱们平均分摊帐单好吗? 那很公道。
Chapter 54. Business ;第54章 生意买卖
1.I want to make you a proposition. 2.What are your terms? ;我想跟你做个买卖。 你要什么条件?
3.He propositioned me at the club. 4.Let's get this business going. ;他在俱乐部里想勾引我 咱们把这桩生意做成吧。
5.What's their ballpark figure? ;他们大致上要的数目是 多少?
6.He balked at our offer. ;他一口回绝了我们提出 的条件(价钱)。
7.Everything is negotiable. 8.We're talking about serious money here. ;每一件事都有商讨的余地 我们在谈一笔大买卖。
9.This is not a cash and carry business. 10.We're here on business. ;这不像付钱取货那么容易 我们是来谈正事的。
11.You are a business- savvy woman. ;你是商场女将。
12.Steer away from any fly-by-night opertion. ;不要跟那些可能趁夜色 逃之夭夭的人做生意。
13.There's no question about this deal. ;这笔买卖算是敲定了。
14.The proposal was hammered out in private. ;这个买卖在私底下成交了
15.I knew you'd clinch it. ;我知道你做得成这笔买卖
16.Whoever bids the lowest will get the contract. 17.Let's shake on it. ;谁出最低价就得标。 咱们就此握手言定吧。
18.I only make a few bucks off his deal. ;这宗买卖我只赚 蝇头小利。
19.He's starting to give me his business. ;他开始来光顾我们的 生意了。
Chapter 55. Negotiations ;第55章 商议
1.Both sides agree compromises are possible. ;双方有可能同意让步。
2.We must be flexible to get anywhere. 3.I'll act as the go-between. ;我们必须通情达理才能 无往不利。 我来当仲裁人。
4.You do all the talking. 5.The negotiations reached a statment. ;由你去交涉好了。 谈判已陷入胶着状态。
6.These terms are absolutely nonnegotiable. ;这些条件都无法通融。
7.He's using it as a bargaining chip. 8.The pen is mightier than the sword. ;他用它来当讨价还价 的筹码。 笔杆比刀剑更犀利。
9.He's using it as leverage. 10.Let's meet the halfway. ;他利用它以求事半功倍。 我们折衷一下吧。
Chapter 56. Advantageous ;第56章 占有先机
1.He has an inside track on the stock market. ;他在股票市场有内线管道
2.A:I have the upper hand. A:The ball's in my court. ;我占上风。 我胜券在握。
B:Not anymore, you don't. ;你不再占上风了。
3.You have all the cards. 4.We have them over a barrel. ;你赢定了。 我们已把他们弄得 服服帖贴。
5.We've got them by the throat. ;这下子我们掌握住他们的 要害了。
Chapter 57. Contracts 第57章 合同 ;
1.There's no written agreement. 2.Let's put it down in black and white. ;这件事并无书面协议。 口说无凭,咱们还是立个 契约才有实据。
3.The contract appears fair on its face. ;乍看之下,这份契约还算 公平.
4.The watertight contract gives us no leeway. ;这个严密的契约,使我们 毫无回转的余地。
5.Your argument is totally lopsided. ;你的论点完全是一面之词
6.Don't worry.There are no strings attached. ;不用担心,我们没在暗中 耍花招。
7.There's a minor glitch in the contract. ;这契约里有个小毛病。
8.We agreed to accept the contract,but we are still working out the details. ;我们同意订合同,但细节 仍在推敲中。
9.It's not carved in stone.You can change this procedure. 10.Let's shake on it. ;这并非无可通融,你可以 把这程序改变一下。 咱们就此握手言定。
11.This bill needs some fine-tuning before it can be passed into law. ;这件提案要再仔细琢磨, 才能被定为法律。
12.We wrapped up the deal. 13.The lease is good for a year. ;我们做成了买卖。 这份租约有效期为一年。
14.He made a deal with the devil. ;他在与虎谋皮。
15.I declare this contract null and void. ;我声明本契约无效作废。
Chapter 58. Makinig Promise ;第58章 答应
1.Do I have your word? 2.A:Promise? B:Promise! 3.She made me promise. ;你说话算数吗? 你答应吗?我答应! 她逼我答应她。
4.I want your personal assurance. 5.A promise is a promise. ;我要你做个担保。 说话要算话。
Chapter 59. Carrying Out Promises ;第59章 履行承诺
1.Saying is one thing. Doing is another. ;说是一回事, 做又是一回事。
Chapter 60. Refusing To Make Promise ;第60章 拒绝答允
1.I can't promise you success. 2.I can't promise you the moon. ;我不能保证你必定成功。 我不能答应你我 办不到的事。
Chapter 61. Granting Promises ;第61章 允诺所求
1.I wouldn't dream of it! 2.I give my word of honor. ;这种事想都不用想, 我绝不做! 我以人格担保。
3.I'm a man of my word. 4.Believe me. ;我言出必行。 相信我好了。
5.I'm not a talker. I'm a doer. 6.I'm a man of action. 7.I'm bound to him. ;我不尚空谈,只务实际。 我身体力行。 我必须遵守对他的承诺。
8.Once I make a promise, ;一旦我答应,
I would go through fire and brimstone to fulfill my commitment. ;哪怕赴汤蹈火也得履行。
9.A man's word is as important as a woman's honor. 10.I've done my part. ;男人之信用,一如女人 贞操之重要。 我已尽了我的责任。
Chapter 62. Breach Of Promise ;第62章 食言
1.A:Are you some kind of deal breaker? B:So what if I am? ;你是那种毁约的人吗? 是又怎样?
2.How can you go back on your word?! 3.Your word isn't worth shit. ;你怎能出尔反尔? 你的承诺狗屎不如。
4.You promised me,but you lied. ;你答应过,但你骗了我。
5.You mean well,but you don't follow through. ;你心有余而力不足。
6.He made her false promises of marriage 7.He's just full of hot air. ;他假意答应说要娶她。 他只会说大话。
Chapter 63. Business Successes ;第63章 事业成功
1.This year is slow, but I think business will branch out rapidly next year. ;今年生意清淡,但我想 明年会蓬勃发展。
2.We're out of the woods. 3.A:How's business? B:Couldn't be better ;我们已脱险。 生意如何? 再好不过了。
4.Our business is picking up. 5.Business is booming. ;我们的生意已逐渐好转。 事业正蓬勃发展中。
6.The prospects look bright. 7.The outcome for the future looks good. ;前景显得光明。 前景看好。
8.People are flocking to the store. ;人群蜂拥到店里。
9.Business is so good, our products are selling like hot cakes. ;生意绝佳,好像在卖现做 的糕饼,一出炉就被抢光
10.Our company is just cruising along. 11.The money just keeps rolling in. ;本公司之业务扶摇直上。 大批钱财滚滚而来。
12.Business is so good we're laughing all the way to the bank. ;生意好得让我们笑逐颜开
13.This business is a gold mine. ;这种生意好像掘到金矿。
14.This business is better than printing your own money. ;做这种生意赚的钱, 快过你自己印钞票。
15.We get a full house every day. 16.We're making money hand over fist. ;我们每天都客满。 我们正大把地赚进钞票。
Chapter 64. Sharp Business Competiton ;第64章 商场血拼
1.Business is war. 2.He tried to put me out of business. ;商场即战场. 他想整垮我的事业。
3.Are you trying to squeeze me out? 4.There's no mercy in the asphalt jungle. ;你想排挤我吗? 都市里无怜悯可言。
5.It's a dog-eat-dog world out there. ;外头是弱肉强食的世界。
6.The law of the jungle is to kill or be killed. ;丛林的法则,不是杀人 就是被杀。
7.Survival of the fittest. 8.It's a jungle out there. ;适者生存。 外头的世界充满杀机。
9.You take care of business or you're out of business. ;如果你不照顾生意,就会 关门大吉。
10.Friends are friends but business is business. ;朋友归朋友, 买卖归买卖。
11.In this business, being nice doesn't put bread on the table. ;在这一行里,太善良就 无法存活。
Chapter 65. Invasion Of Territory ;第65章 侵犯地盘
1.This is my turf. ;这是我的地盘。
Chapter 66. Business Failures ;第66章 事业失败
1.One year is worse than the next. 2.My grocery store is operating in the red ;景况一年比一年差。 我的杂货店赔累不堪。
3.The advertising isn't working.People still don't come in. ;花钱作广告不管用, 客人仍不上门。
4.Business is as slow as a snail's pace. 5.Nobody has business. ;生意进展缓慢得像蜗牛 爬行。 谁都没生意做。
6.We're operating from hand to mouth. ;我们的收入仅够糊口。
7.The state-owned stores are faltering badly. ;国营商店的营业情况, 逐渐在走下坡。
8.Sales are up and down. 9.Profit is falling. ;生意时好时坏。 利润愈来愈少了。
10.We made zip last year. 11.Profits are plunging. ;我们去年没利润可言。 获利暴跌。
12.Companies are floundering. 13.That store is on its last legs. ;许多公司商号挣扎图存。 那家铺子即将倒闭。
14.He ran the company into the ground. 15.Macy's filed for Chapter 11. ;他把这家公司经营垮了。 梅西百货公司向联邦政府 申请破产保护。
16.I'm getting out of this crummy business. ;我不想再经营这种烂生意
Chapter 67. Commercials:Ads ;第67章 广告
1.In order to drum up more business,he ran some ads. ;为了招徕更多生意,他 刊登了一些广告。
2.Sometimes,it pays to advertise. 3.It's strictly an advertising gimmick. ;有时花钱刊广告很划算。 这纯粹是一种广告噱头。
4.The clever advertising got business going in a hurry. ;巧妙的广告使生意兴隆。
5.I think their marketing is first-rate. ;我觉得他们的推销法 是第一流的。
6.The cold fact is that sex sells. 7.Good wine needs no boast. ;一个无可否认的事实是, “性感”会吸引顾客购物 好酒用不着吹嘘。
8.It's word of mouth that counts. ;靠一传十,十传百的口碑 才有用。
Chapter 68. Types Of Sales ;第68章 各式廉售
1.Everything is for sale. 2.It's a clearance sale. ;这里所有的东西都出售。 这是清仓大贱卖。
3.Our loss is your gain. ;我们的损失,就是你们的 收获。
Chapter 69. Sales Pitch ;第69章 推销用语
1.We carry all the name brand appliances.You name it.We've got it. ;我们贩卖各种名牌电器。 你要什么我们有什么。
2.I have a whole truckload of watermelons. ;我这里载有一卡车的西瓜
3.I've got thousands of items here. 4.We'll never be undersold. ;我这儿的货色多得很。 我们的价钱绝对不比别人 高。
5.It's the super duper model. 6.This is brand new. It just came in. ;这是最好的款式。 这是全新的、刚到的货。
7.This feature is its stongest selling point. ;这项功能是它最强的卖点
8.Act now and we'll also throw in this set of knives absolutely free. ;如果你现在买,我们会 免费另送你一套这种刀子
9.You can enjoy this stuff for many years to come. ;这样东西你可以乐得使用 上好几年。
10.Buy the best. Forget the rest. ;要买就买最好,其余的可 弃之如敝履。
11.Stick to the brand names.Don't get fooled by the garden variety. ;坚持购用名牌,不要被 杂牌货给骗了。
12.You own yourself this superior merchandise. ;你欠你自己一份人情,去 使用这种好货色。
13.It has a hundred uses.No home should be without one. ;这种东西的用途很广,是 居家必备物。
14.This is something you can't afford to be without. ;这是你非有不可的东西。
15.It's a wonder drug. It works for everyboby. ;这是万灵药,对谁都有效
16.It'll give you real class. 17.No home should be without this book. ;这会使你显出高贵的气质 这本书家户必备。
18.You can't get it any cheaper. 19.Hurry.This offer won't last forever. ;你买不到比这个更便宜的 赶快,这种减价不常有
20.You can't pass up such a good deal. ;你不该错过捡便宜货 的大好机会。
21.The quantity is limited,so first come,first served. 22.It's now or never. ;数量有限,捷足者先登。 不趁现在,以后再也没 机会买。
23.It's priced to move 24.It's like a steal. ;这是低价速求脱手。 这像是不花钱偷来的那么 便宜。
25.You can't let it slip by you. 26.It's all yours for only ten bucks. ;你不能让它溜走。 这些总共算你十块钱。
27.Buy one,get one free. ;买一送一。
28.We only live once. We deserve something nicer. ;我们都只活一次,理当 多享受高级品。
29.I've got something you might go for. ;我有些也许你看了会 喜欢的东西。
30.Have I got a deal for you! 31.Are you in the market for a car? ;你瞧我给你带来了什么 好买卖?! 你想买部车子吗?
32.I'll give you a square deal on this car. ;这部车子我会以合理的 价格卖给你。
33.It's a bargain, I assure you. 34.There's no hidden charges. ;我保证你这是好价钱。 我们这儿不胡乱敲竹杠。
35.They advertised a sale,but it was all a scam. ;他们登了一个大减价的 广告,却是骗人的噱头。
Chapter 70. Shopping ;第70章 购物
1.Even in a storm, there is hustle and bustle at a marketplace. ;即便是暴风雨天,市场里 还是人潮汹涌。
2.Ready to go bargain hunting? 3.She's buying Lord knows what! ;你准备好去捡便宜货了吗 她又不晓得买什么去了!
4.She's out feeding the economy again! 5.I did a lot of window shopping. ;她又出去散财救济不景气 的商店了。 我逛了许多橱窗。
6.A:Had enough? (Seen enough?) B:Just about. ;你看够了没有? 差不多了。
7.I'd like to try this pair of shoes on. 8.I don't have any money at hand. ;我想试穿一下这双鞋子。 我现在手头没钱。
9.Talk about comparison shoppers! She's the worst. ;要论精打细算,她是个 中翘楚。
10.Buy wholesale and cut out the middle man. ;直接向批发商进货,而 省掉中间人(再赚一手)
11.I've had my eye on that necklace for a long time. ;我看中那条项链已很久了
12.I love it.I'll save up. ;我喜欢它,我要存足 足够的钱去买。
Chapter 71. Buyer's Suspicion ;第71章 购物疑虑
1.(Let the)Buyer beware! 2.Sure sounds like a sales pitch. ;买东西的人要当心哪! 这活像推销员的口气。
3.It sounds awfully good. 4.What's the catch? ;这太动听了。 个中玄机何在?
Chapter 72. Taking Care Of Customers ;第72章 招呼客人
1.Have you been helped yet? 2.Looking for anything in particular? ;有谁招呼过你了吗? 想买一点什么特别的 东西吗?
3.Excuse me. Do you work here? 4.Be right with you. ;抱歉,请问你是这儿的 雇员吗? 我马上过来招呼你。
5.First come,first served. 6.Who was here first? ;先来的先接受招待。 哪位先来?
7.A:Serve her first. I'll wait. B:Bless you,Son. ;先招呼她,我等一下 没关系。 小伙子,愿神祝福你。
8.Sorry,we don't carry that. 9.Do you mind if it's used? ;抱歉,我们没卖那个。 如果是旧货,你介意吗?
10.Excellent choice. 11.Anything else? ;你挑选的眼光真好! 还需要些别的吗?
Chapter 73. Making Price Inquiry ;第73章 询价
1.What's the going rate for a new house? ;现在一栋新房子的行情 是多少?
2.What's the market rate for a car like that? ;那种车子现在市场上的 价格是多少?
3.I wonder how much a haircut costs around here? ;不晓得这儿理一次头发 要多少钱?
4.A:How much per pound is this? B:$2.89 plus tax. ;这个一磅多少钱? 二块八毛九加税。
5.A:What's your rate for a single room? B:$200 plus tax per night and up. ;你们单人房的租金怎么算 每晚自美金200元加税 起算。
6.What's the cover charge in that night club? ;那家夜总会的最低消费额 多少?
7.A:What's the fare? B:$3.50,sir. ;车费多少? 三块半,先生。
8.The price of the meal doesn't include gratuities. ;这个餐费并没包括小费。

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