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  1. It is true that——.

  2. However,——.

  3.I think——.

  4.—— can be listed as follow.

  5. First of all, ——

  6. Secondly ——

  7.For example——


  9. A case in point is ——.

  10.It goes without saying that——

  11.There is no doubt that ——

  12.In conclusion ——








  8. 论证理由三。

  9. 举例说明理由三。

  10. 提出执行该观点时应注意的事项。

  11. 得出结论。

  12. 总结全文。

  It Pays to Be Honest

  It is true that most of us value honesty highly. However, nowadays we often confront confidence crisis such as cheating, overcharging, fake commodities, etc. I think that we should be honest because being honest is not only the whole society. The reasons can be listed as follows.

  Firstly, only honest people can be truly respected by the others and can make more friends over a long period of time. Secondly, honesty, which is the traditional virtue of the Chinese people, can make our life easier and more harmonious. For example, consumers will not be afraid of being overcharged if dealers are honest, and on the contrary dealers can win more customers. Thirdly, honesty can make our society. A case in point is that Singapore which is a society of trustworthiness and integrity has a comparatively low criminal rate.

  It goes without saying that being honesty is of benefit to both the same and the individual. There is no doubt that we should foster the spirit of honesty. In conclusion, laying stress on honesty will become the public morals in our society.


  1. Some people believe that——.

  2. The truth is deep and profound.

  3. As we know,——.

  4. In addition,——.

  5. There are numerous examples ——

  6. A case in point is——

  7.There is close to suggest——

  8.For another example——


  10.All mentioned above tell us——

  11.But one thing we have to notice is that ——

  12.In a word, ——







  7.总结例一。8. 举例二具体论证。

  9. 举例三具体论证。

  10. 总结上下,重申论点。

  11. 指出该论点应注意什么。

  12. 总结全文。

  It Pays to Be Honest

  Some people believe that many dishonesties, such as cheating, overcharging, fake commodities, etc. ruin our normal life, and they maintain that being honest is not only beneficial to others but also to oneself. The truth is deep and profound. As we know, if one is honest, other people will deeply respect him or her, and are willing to make friends with him or her. In addition, being honest can make people’s life easier and more harmonious.

  There are numerous examples supporting the argument. A case in point is that Singapore which is a society of trustworthiness and integrity has a comparatively low criminal rate. This is close to suggest that honesty can make our society more stable, and all people can live a peaceful life there. For another example, buyers usually like to make a deal with the dealers they trust. Moreover, the dealer, such as Tongrentang Herbal Medicine Shop which runs business honestly is more likely survive the fierce market competition.

  All mentioned above tell us that it is high time that we took action to fight against dishonesty. But one thing we have to notice is that sometimes we need white lies to comfort the patients who have suffered serious illness. In short, we should let the dishonesty have no place to stay in our society.


  1. 建议信模板



  1. I am delighted to learn that——.

  2. It——.

  3. In my opinion,——.

  4. On the one hand,——.

  5. On the other hand, ——

  6. As to the——, I suggest——.

  7.If ——

  8.It is unnecessary for you to——

  9. In addition,——.

  10.I am sure——

  11.Please inform me ——

  12.I am looking forward to ——

  Sincerely yours,













  11. 对建议内容所做出的承诺。

  12. 表达个人的愿望。

  A Letter to a Schoolmate

  June 7th, 2001

  Dear Wang,

  I am delighted to learn that you will visit me for a week during this national days. It has been several years since we departed last time, and I am looking forward to your visit. In my opinion, Nanjing is your best choice for this holiday. On the one hand, there are many places of interest and historical sites in Najing. On the other hand, Nanjing is a cultural center with various artistic and musical performances.

  As to the famous sites, I suggest that you should visit the Confucius Temple and Dr. Sun Yetsens Mausoleum. If you are interested in parks, the XXX park will be your best choice. It is not necessary for you to bring anything except your sweaters since it is a little chill in the evening. In addition, as there will be many people at the railway station, you should not leave your belongings unattended! I am sure you will enjoy your visit in Nanjing.

  Please inform me once you have made your decision. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

  Sincerely Yours,

  Zhang Ying.

  2004年6月真题 A Letter to the Editor of a Newspaper

  June 19, 2004

  Dear Editor,

  My name is Liu. I am a senior from Beijing Normal University and I bought an Long man Dictionary of Contemporary English in a bookstore nearby our campus yesterday. I venture to write you a letter about the service that I “enjoyed” at the bookstore in order to appeal to the service industries to improve their service.

  The focus of the complaint is the quality of the dictionary and the bad attitude of the salesgirl. For one thing, there are two pages in poor print in the dictionary, which I found later because the plastic cover can’t be opened before the money is paid. For another, the salesgirl was very impolite, saying that they wouldn’t replace it unless I bought another one since I had opened the pack. Honestly speaking, many service industries are trying their best to satisfy the customers. But there are still some others apart from this bookstore, such as supermarkets, restaurants and so on, which don’t regard customers as Gods. Besides, many of them give priority to making profit regardless of faithfulness.

  All in all, there is still much room for improvement. I do hope your paper will do something to call on the service industries to provide full catering service. Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

   Best wishes




  1. My name is——.

  2. I am——.

  3. I venture to write you a letter about——.

  4. The focus of the complaint is——.

  5. For one thing, —— 6. For another,——

  7. Honestly speaking,—— 8.But——

  9. Besides,——.

  10. All in all, there is still much room for improvement.

  11.I do hope——

  12.Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

  Sincerely yours,













  11. 表达本人的愿望。

  12. 信件结尾的常用语。

  A Letter to the University President about the Canteen Service on Campus

  Jan. 6th, 2002

  Dear Mr. President,

  My name is Li Ming. I am a junior student of the civil engineering school in this university. I I venture to write you a letter about the canteen service on campus, which has given rise to many complaints among students.

  The focus of the complaint is the poor quality of the food. For one thing, the rice is very hard, the steamed breads are usually sold cold and vegetables are often overcooked. For another, the prices of the foods are surprisingly high. Honestly speaking, the dining environment has been improved since last year. But there are still not enough space and seats for us to have our meals there. Besides, the attitude of the canteen staffs is not hospitable at all.

  All in all, there is still much room for improvement. I do hope we will not suffer another year. Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

   Sincerely yours.





  1. I am applying for the position of ——advertised in—.

  2. I major in ——.

  3. My training in ——definitely meet your qualifications.

  4. My complete resume is attached——.

  5. I will graduate on ——from—

  6. In additionto the required courses of this program, I have——.

  7. I also have some experience in ——

  8. I believe that my training and experience——.

  9. You will find me to be——.

  10. I hope that you will consider me for your position.

  11.May I have a personal interview at your convenience?

  12.I can be reach by telephone between——and——.

  Sincerely yours,













  11. 争取面谈机会。

  12. 告知联系方式。



  (1)I am writing to apply for the post of…..advertised in…..(申请刊登在…上的….工作)

  (2)In reply to your advertisement in…, I beg to apply for the post of…in your company.

  (3) Immediately I saw your advertisement in the paper for…, I left it was just the kind of post for which I have the qualifications and for which I have been looking for some time.(看到贵公司在报上的招聘…的广告,我马上感到这正是我这段时间所要寻找的工作,并且我正适合)

  (4) The kind of work in which your company is engaged particularly interests me.

  (5) I feel I have the necessary qualifications and experience needed for the position of…advertised in the paper.

  (6) I shall bring with me the full details of my testimonials as you request.

  (7) I should be pleased to attend for an interview at your convenience, when I could give you further details concerning myself.

  (8) It seems to me that this experience, together with my education, has given me ideal preparation to assume the role of… in a firm such as yours.


  (1) It is with the greatest pleasure that I write to cordially invite you to attend the meeting.

  (2) It gives me the greatest pleasure to invite you to visit this exhibition.

  (3) It is very kind of you to ask us to dinner this coming Saturday evening. But, to our deep regret, we cannot accept it.


  (1) I am writing to complain about….

  (2) I think it’s high time you realized…(我认为是你认识到……的时候了).

  (3) I must warn you that unless you do something about the situation I will be forced to take legal avtion.

  (4) To be frank, I am not prepared to put up with the situation any more.


  (1) I warmly appreciate your hospitality.

  (2) I don’t know how to thank you for your kindness to me.

  (3) I am writing to thank you, on behalf of my wife and on my own behalf, for the lovely time we had at your party last night.


  (1) I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation to support his application.

  (2) I am very delighted to have been asked to write this letter of recommendation for…

  (3) Aside from the aspect of…,he gives me the impression that….

  (4) To my knowledge, he is a versatile young man.

  (5) During his work, he had complete a lot of important research projects, and accumulated rich experience and skills in the following fields.



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