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六级阅读的培养在于泛读,四六级阅读的提高在于精读。四六级提分阶段,时间紧任务重,更要有目的的进行四六级重点句子的攻破。下面是小编整理的关于英语四六级阅读难点关键句200句(五)的资料,希望对你有所帮助! 81. Both novelists use a storytelling method that emphasizes ironic disjunctions between different perspectives on the same events as well as ironic tensions that inhere in the relationship between surface drama and concealed authorical intention, a method I call an evidentiary narrative technique.

    82. When black poets are discussed separately as a group, for instance, the extent to which their work reflects the development of poetry in general should not be forgotten, or a distortion of literacy history may result.

    83. These differences include the bolder and more forthright speech of the later generation and its technical inventiveness.

    84. But black poets were not battling over old or new rather, one accomplished Black poet was ready to welcome another, whatever his or her style, for what mattered was racial pride.

    85. Tolstoy reversed all preconceptions and in every reversal he overthrew the “ system”, the “ machine”, the externally ordained belief, the conventional behaviour in favor of unsystematic, impulsive life, of inward motivation and the solutions of independent thought.

    86. It was better covered by television and press than any event here since President Kennedy’s inauguration (就职) , and , since indifferent is almost as GREat a problem to the Negro as hostility, this was a plus.

    87. But do not the challenge and the excitement of the critical problem as such lie in that ambivalence of attitude which allows us to recognize the intelligence and even the splendor of Meredith’s work, while, at the same time, we experience a lack of sympathy, a failure of any enthusiasm of response?

    88. In this respect she resembled one of her favourite contemporaries, Mary Brunton, who would rather have “ glided through the world unknown” than been suspected of literary airs—to be shunned, as literary women are, by the more pretending of their own sex, and abhorred, as literary women are, by the more pretending of the other!

    89. From those sounds which we hear on small or on coarse occasions, we do not easily receive strong impressions, or delightful images; and words to which we are nearly strangers, whenever they occur, draw that attention on themselves which they should transmit to things.

    90. To proceed thus is to set up a fivefold hypothesis that enables you to gather from the innumerable items cast up by the sea of experience upon the shores of your observation only the limited number of relevant data—relevant, that is, to one or more of the five factors of your hypothesis.

    91. As an author, I am naturally concerned that a surprisingly large percentage of the population of the United States is functionally illiterate; if they can’t read or cannot understand what they read, they won’t buy books, or this magazine.

    92. They do not know those parts of the doctrine which explain and justify the remainder ; the considerations which show that a fact which seemingly conflicts with another is reconcilable with it, or that, of two apparently strong reasons, one and not the other ought to be preferred.

    93. Quite apart from the logistic problems, there existed a well-established tradition in Britain which refused to repatriate against their will people who found themselves in British hands and the nature of whose reception by their own government was, to say the least, dubious.

    94. An obsession with the exact privileges of a colonial legislature and the precise extent of Britain’s imperial power, the specifics of a state constitution and the absolute necessity of a federal one, all expressed this urge for a careful articulation as proof that the right relationship with external powers did indeed prevail.

    95. One encyclopaedia tells us that intelligence is related to the ability to learn, to the speed with which things are learned, to how well and how long ideas are remembered, to the ability to understand those ideas and use them in problem-solving, and to creativity.

    96. The event marked the end of an extended effort by William Barton Rogers, M.I.T. ‘s founder and first president, to create a new kind of educational institution relevant to the times and to the contrary’s need, where young men and women would be educated in the application as well as the acquisition of knowledge.

    97. Each departmental program consists, in part, of a grouping of subjects in the department’s areas of professional interest and, in part, of additional opportunities for students of their choice.

    98. Alternatively, a student may use elective time to prepare for advanced study in some professional field, such as medicine or law, for graduate study in some area in which M. I. T. gives no undergraduate deGREe, such as meteorology or psychology, or for advanced study in an interdisciplinary field, such as astrophysics, communication science, or energy.

    99. While the undergraduate curriculum for an open Bachelor of Science deGREe, as listed by a department, may have its own unique features, each program must be laid out in consultation with a departmental representative to assure that it is meaningful in structure and challenging in content.

    100. Where previously it had concentrated on the big infrastructure projects such as dams, roads and bridges, it began to switch to projects which directly improved the basic services of a country.









    88、在这方面,她很像所喜欢的同时代人中的一位Mary Brunton一样被回避着,和许多女性作家更多的来掩饰其性别憎恶,和其它方面,Mary是宁愿在无名的世界中悄然而去,也不愿被怀疑是在卖弄文艺。








    96、这事件标志着由William Barfon Rogers的长期的努力的结束。William是MIT的一创立者兼第一任主席,他努力要开创一种新型和时代、国家需要相关的教育机构,在那里青年人可以获得知识性和实用性的教育。







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