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  The headhunting process Ex 4: Sample answer: (234words)

  Dear Mr Jacobs

  I am writing to apply to the position of SalesAdviser for the North East Region which wasadvertised in Herald International yesterday.

  Although I am currently working in the MarketingDepartment of a large multinational, I wouldappreciate to work for a rapidly expanding youngcompany such as yours.

  As you can see from my enclosed CV, I obtainedan honours degree in Sales and Marketing from Nottingham University in 1994. I thoroughlyenjoyed the six months I spent in working in Boots plc as pert of the course. During this time Igained invaluable insights into the nature of sales. After leaving university I initially spent timeworking for a small local firm before finding my current job and I feel that I am more suited tothe dynamics and varied demands of a smaller firm.

  Not only has my experience familiarised me with the challenges faced by the industry todaybut, having been brought up in the north east, I know the region, its problems and itsundoubted potential. As a result, I feel that I would be able to relate to your customers onboth a professional and a personal level.

  I am available for interview from 15 September and would be pleased to discuss my CV inmore detail then,

  I look forward to hearing from you.

  Yours sincerely

  A motivation survey

  Ex 3: Sample answer: (116words)


  A number of employees clearly suffer from a lackof motivation as a result of dissatisfaction in one ormore areas of their work. The key findings areoutlined below:

  Staff feel undervalued by the company, both ona financial and a personal level. It is generally felt thatthe companyˇs competitors offer higher levels ofremuneration. The perception that the managersare unappreciative of staff efforts is particularly noticeable in the Sales Department.

  Certain employees feel under-challenged. The company is clearly not exploiting its humanresources.

  There appears to be a breakdown of communication in the Production Department. Theconfusion and resultant ill-feeling towards managers has the potential to disrupt theproduction cycles.


  We strongly recommend the following measures:

  An evaluation of job profiles throughout the company to assess whether skills could beutilised more efficiently

  A review of the current salary structure involving the comparison with similarorganisations

  It is also essential to investigate and take action regarding the communication in theProduction and Sales Department.

  Report 工作部门工作总结

  This report aims at outlining which aspects of our department function most effectively, which ones need improvement and how to achieve an efficient improvement.

  First of all, it needs to be stressed out that the majority of the team generally shows a real team spirit, is willing to do his best to prioritize some smooth interactions with customers and is not reluctant to work outside the normal working hours.

  On top of that, every member of the team has been carefully selected for his/her excellent qualifications in terms of negotiating skills and communications abilities.

  As a result, it came out of the recent survey, conducted with most of our customers, that our department has an excellent image outside the company.

  Unfortunately, however, some aspects appear to be less brilliant. As part of our sales force, people spend most of their time on the phone and cannot fit any training course within their schedule. As there is no clear strategy to encourage the employees to attend training courses, they may feel guilty to decide to use part of their working time to get a better knowledge on a computer software for instance.

  This being, said, I strongly recommend to define a clear strategy encouraging people to register, at least, to two training courses, each year.

  This would help them to understand that, whatever their initial qualifications may be, it may bring benefit to both them and the company to improve them.

  A survey on performance of our department which is Customer Service, was carried out amount employees and customers. A few findings are developed in this following report.

  First of all, to start with positive points, it was reported that management fosters team spirit, and it is well followed by employees. Moreover, excellent feedbacks from our customers were received, they were all fully satisfied with services provided to them. In addition, sales results exceeded plan this year, which refect our effectiveness.

  Secondly, unfortunately, there is still weaknesses which could be improved. For instance, the questionnaire sent to employees outlines the lack of motivation within our team, people don’t work with gusto. Likewise, they all complain about a lack of communication between Technical Service and Sales Department, which can affect our customers. Our competitors may take advantage of it.

  Finally, I am confident that we can achieve improvement. Regarding the lack of motivation I would recommend our Human Resources department to review their salary statements, indeed, Employees fell a bit of gap between their salary and the ongoing rate, thus pay people what they worth. Moreover, praise people and publically recognize their individual performance and leader should define clearly each employee objectives.

  In terms of communication, I suggest that our management leader start setting up regular meeting including sales and technical people and foster open dialogue.

  proposal 网站改造建议


  The proposal aims to set out various ways and possibilities available in order to improve our website.

  A SWOT Analysis

  As a result of a SWOT analysis, the following points summarise our main findings.


  · We were the first major company in one sector to set up a website

  · We benefit from a very high rate of brand recognition and therefore internet users remember or find our site easily through search engines.


  · Our of date: Despite being the innovators when launching our website, the information provided online is, in many cases, out of date (prices, phone numbers)

  · Not user friendly. The structure of our paper is very rigid, potential customers cannot, do not have freedom of movement.

  · No online purchase facility available.

  B Suggestions and Recommendations

  It was felt that in order to remain ahead of our competitors we should carry out some of the following improvements.

  · A more user friendly website allowing the user to have more freedom. Then, surveys have shown that such facility increase sales.

  · Regular update of the information and services available.

  Such update will encourage our clients to consult our paper regularly and to keep them inform on any specific sale.

  · Online purchase facility.

  It was felt that this facility is now a must-have for every big company.

  Such facility will also enable us to collect precious data which imported into our database will be a good marketing tool.

  By doing so we should be able to keep our clients informed when we have sales on their favourite purchase.

  · Online Newsletter

  Again, the use of our database could improve significantly our customer communication – such newsletter could be produced on q quaterly basis.

  · FAQ A frequent Ask Questions should be instaured

  C Benefits of such improvements

  Most benefits have been explained above however, we recommend strongly to carry out such improvements as soon as possible.

  This might be possible either by training our in-house marketing team on website production and management or either by contracting a web designer specialist. We would like to highlight the fact that although e-mail marketing is a very powerfull tool, we must keep up to date with any legislation regarding data protection.


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