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《考研英语阅读理解100篇 基础版》第2章 社会文化类 Unit 30






At the end of last week,Bodega Aurrerá,a Mexican subsidiary of the world's biggest retailer,Wal-Mart,opened a new store in the village of San Juan Teotihuacán,just north of Mexico City.Normally,such an event would cause little stir.Wal-Mart is already Mexico's biggest retailer too.And its shops seem to go down very well with its millions of bargain-hungry customers.① But this particular opening was,in fact,the culmination of months of protests,legal actions,hunger strikes and hyperbole by those determined to stop it. 
The reason is the location.Just 2.5km(1.6 miles)away is the ancient city of Teotihuacán,probably Mexico's most famous archaeological site.Amongst other attractions,it boasts the third-largest(by volume)pyramid in the world.② For many Mexicans,the ancient site,abandoned by its mysterious inhabitants centuries before the Spanish conquerors arrived,remains the ultimate symbol of Mexican identity and nationhood. Thousands troop up to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun to celebrate the summer solstice. 
To them,the idea of having a Wal-Mart next door is abhorrent.In the words of Homero Aridjis,a writer and one of the leading opponents,“it is like driving the stake of globalisation into the heart of old Mexico.” The controversy is only the latest in a string of protesters’ attempts to save Mexican culture from what they see as a creeping menace.They won a famous victory by blocking a McDonalds restaurant from opening in the main square of the pretty southern colonial town of Oaxaca. 
But this time they were on much thinner ground.For a start,Wal-Mart went through all the appropriate regulatory hoops,even getting permission from the Paris-based International Council on Monuments and Sites,which judged that the store would cause no harm to the nearby ruins.A small stone platform was indeed found during construction of the new car park,but was preserved. 
Just as importantly,the claim that the new store spoils the famous view from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun is clearly bogus,as anyone who cares to get to the top can testify.The problem is not so much that you can see the Wal-Mart,but one of trying to distinguish it from the 30-odd other ugly,squat buildings that litter the surrounding countryside—to say nothing of the car parks,the electricity pylons and the large power station.Sadly,unrestricted building long ago ruined this particular view,as well as many others in Mexico. 
To the diehards,the issue counts more than the view.But neither mattered much to the hundreds of locals who queued up for the opening,delighted to be freed of the small and expensive local shops.Despite a legal case pending against Wal-Mart and local officials,brought by an irate local left-wing politician,this is one battle that the American retailer has probably won. 
注(2):本文习题命题模仿对象为2001年真题Text 4(由于此部分真题只有4个题目,所以本文第4题模仿对象为2003年真题Text 1的第4题)。 
1.Why did the opening of Wal-Mart cause stir? 
A) Wal-Mart would have severe competition with the local stores. 
B) War-Mart would provide customers with a larger choice and more benefits. 
C) It was said to have ruined the scene of the ancient site. 
D) There shouldn’t be a store near the ancient site. 
2.From Paragraph 2 we can infer that ______. 
A) the ancient city means a lot to the Mexicans 
B) a store will be too noisy for the ancient city 
C) the ancient city is very mysterious 
D) the pyramid is a good place for holding a big ceremony 
3.According to Wal-Mart,it has a good reason to build a store there because ______. 
A) it proves no harm to the nearby ruins 
B) the scene of the ancient sites has been damaged 
C) customers want to buy some cheap products 
D) it has been widely accepted by the customers there 
4.It can be learned from Paragraph 5 that ______. 
A) the famous view is not as good as it used to be 
B) the city lacks planning in building 
C) the ancient site is littered with ugly buildings 
D) Wal-Mart shouldn’t be fully responsible for the ruined view 
5.Toward the fate of Wal-Mart,the writer's attitude can be said to be ______. 
A) objective 
B) optimistic 
C) pessimistic 
D) biased 

上周末,世界最大的零售商沃尔玛设在墨西哥的子公司Bodega Aurrerá在墨西哥城北部的圣胡安特奥帝瓦坎(San Juan Teotihuacán)村开了一家新店。通常情况下,这样的事情是不会引起什么反对的。沃尔玛已经是墨西哥最大的零售商了。新开的商店应该备受那些想买廉价货的上百万顾客的欢迎。这次开张实际上是那些决心阻止它成立的人数月以来进行抗议、动用法律手段、绝食抗议和其他一些偏激行为无效而落得的最终结果。 

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