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《考研英语阅读理解100篇 基础版》第3章 信息技术类 Unit 37






Ten years ago this week a black box was demonstrated at a broadcasters’ convention in Las Vegas.TiVo's digital video recorder(DVR)was expensive: the cheapest model cost $499.But it was hailed as revolutionary.It was much more flexible and easier to programme than a videocassette recorder.It allowed people to record and play back at the same time,so they could start watching a programme 20 minutes after it had started and fast-forward through all the advertisements.Experts forecast a severe,perhaps fatal,blow to advertising-supported television.Yet DVRs turn out to have done little damage.Indeed,DVRs may even have protected television and made it more conservative. 
As prices fell and cable and satellite firms began to bundle DVRs with other services,their popularity soared.According to Nielsen,a media-research outfit,29% of American homes now have one.The boxes are in a higher proportion of the households advertisers most care about.Jack Wakshlag of Turner Broadcasting,a cable company,calculates that DVR-owning households earn about $20,000 more than average.Yet those households do not use them nearly as much as one might expect.Families with DVRs seem to spend 15-20% of their viewing time watching pre-recorded shows,and skip only about half of all advertisements.This means only about 5% of television is time-shifted and less than 3% of all advertisements are skipped.Mitigating that loss,people with DVRs watch more television. 
Just because technology enables people to do something does not mean they will,particularly when it comes to a medium as indolence-inducing as television.And people have become lazier.Early adopters of DVRs used them a lot—not surprisingly,since they paid so much for them.Later adopters use them much less(about two-thirds less,according to a recent study).David Poltrack,head of research and planning at CBS,another broadcast network,reckons the networks have already felt most of the DVR's effects. 
Advertisers and television networks have pushed back even against this puny threat.They have developed relatively static advertisements that get a message across even at high speed.They put snippets of programming in the middle of ad breaks.One trick,described by Todd Juenger of TiVo as“closer to a silver bullet”,is to run advertisements that resemble programmes—in some cases featuring stars from the show people are trying to watch. 
Far from being revolutionary,in some ways DVR has made television more stable.With the exception of live events it is broadly true that the most popular programmes are recorded the most.Mr Wakshlag describes it as“a hit-saving machine”.Broadcast television receives a bigger boost from DVR playback than cable television.The device has made it harder to introduce a new television programme,particularly at 10pm when people are likely to be playing back shows they recorded at 8pm or 9pm. 
One reason television executives have calmed down about DVRs is that they have something else to worry about.Hulu and other video-streaming websites,which are becoming more popular,give a great deal of control to consumers and are thought to pose a threat to advertising-supported television.Does that sound familiar? 
注(2):本文习题命题模仿对象:第1、4、5题分别模仿2002年真题Text 4第1题和Text 3第4、5题,第2题模仿2001年真题Text 2第2题,第3题模仿2004年真题Text 1第3题。 
1.From the second paragraph we learn that ______. 
A) the development of DVR is just like what was predicted 
B) the households owning DVRs are relatively rich 
C) DVR is frequently used by the households that advertisers most care about 
D) owners of DVR use it to skip most of all advertisements 
2.David Poltrack's comment in paragraph three probably means that ______. 
A) DVR's influence on television is relatively small 
B) people do not always make use of advantages brought by technology 
C) technology sometimes make people become lazier 
D) the networks survive thanks to the indolence of later DVR adopters 
3.The phrase“silver bullet”(Line 4,Paragraph 4)most probably means ______. 
A) a bullet made of silver 
B) a method with much financial input 
C) an economical approach 
D) an extremely effective solution 
4.In the last sentence of the article,the author implies that ______. 
A) the result of fear about video-steaming website may turn out to be similar as that of DVR 
B) video-streaming websites are posing a serious threat to television as DVR did 
C) video-steaming websites give consumers much controlling power just as DVR did 
D) television executive worry about video-steaming websites as they did about DVR 
5.The author's viewpoint towards the prospect of television industry seems to be ______. 
A) critical 
B) positive 
C) biased 
D) objective 


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