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《考研英语阅读理解100篇 基础版》第7章 医药类 Unit 94






I had two routine checkups last week,and both the eye doctor and the dentist asked me to update my health history for their records.Their requests made sense.Health-care providers should know what problems their patients have had and what medications they’re taking to be on the lookout for potential trouble or complications. 
On each history,however,the section labeled FAMILY HEALTH HISTORY gave me pause.Few diseases are purely genetic,but plenty have genetic components.If my father suffered from elevated LDL,or bad cholesterol,my doctor should know that,because I’m probably at higher risk.If my mother had breast cancer,my sister (if I had one)would want her physician to be especially vigilant. 
While I know something about the history of my parents’ health—my father had prostate cancer at a relatively young age and suffered from macular degeneration and Parkinson's disease,and my mother died of lung cancer—there's plenty I don’t know. What were my parents’ cholesterol numbers and blood pressures? I assume I would have known if either suffered from diabetes,but I can’t swear to that.And when it comes to my grandparents,whose genes I also have,I’m even more in the dark. 
That makes me fairly typical.According to Dr.Richard Carmona,the U.S.Surgeon General,only about a third of Americans have even tried to put together a family-health history.That's why he has launched the Family History Initiative and declared Thanksgiving National Family History Day.Sitting around the turkey talking about cancer and heart disease may seem like a grim thing to do when you’re supposed to be giving thanks for everything that's going right.But since many families will be gathering for the holiday anyway,it's a perfect time to create a medical family tree. 
And the Surgeon General is making it easy: if you go to hhs.gov/familyhistory,you can use the Frequently Asked Questions link to find out which diseases tend to run in families,which ones you should be most and least worried about,and what to do if,like me,your parents and grandparents have passed away.You can also download a free piece of software called My Family Health Portrait,which helps you organize the information.The program prints that out in an easy-to-read form you can give to your doctors. 
The website insists the software is“fun,” but that may be going a bit far.In any case,it's available only for Windows machines,so Mac users and people without computers have to use a printed version of the tree.It's worth it,though,since it could help save your life or the life of your children someday. 
注(2):本文习题命题模仿对象为2005年真题Text 1。 
1.In the opening paragraph,the author introduces his topic by ______. 
A) posing a contrast 
B) justifying an assumption 
C) explaining a phenomenon 
D) making a comparison 
2.The statement“I assume I would have known if either suffered from diabetes”(Line 4,Paragraph 3)implies that ______. 
A) only one of them suffered from diabetes 
B) neither of them suffered from diabetes 
C) both of them suffered from diabetes 
D) it's uncertain whether they suffered from diabetes or not 
3.Family health report is very important because ______. 
A) you can be careful about some diseases and keep fit 
B) you are connected with your parents and your grandparents 
C) many diseases are genetic and should be noticed 
D) you should be considerate and care about your parents 
4.Dr.Richard Carmona suggests that ______. 
A) you should present your doctor with a medical history 
B) you should print out your family's medical history 
C) you should gather your family's medical history 
D) you should give thanks for everything that is going right 
5.What can we infer from the last paragraph? 
A) The software is fun enough. 
B) Family medical tree shouldn’t be neglected. 
C) The software is not available anywhere. 
D) It is worthwhile to draw a family tree. 

这位公共卫生部部长简化了操作程序:登录网站hhs.gov/familyhistory,使用Frequently Asked Questions(常见问题)这一链接来寻找以下信息:哪些疾病容易在家族里传播;哪些疾病最应该担心,哪些最不用担心;像我这样,如果父母和祖父母都已去世了,该怎么办。同时,用户还能免费下载一个叫做“我的家族健康描述”这样的软件。它能够帮助整理信息,并以简单易读的形式把这些信息打印出来,以便提供给你的医生。 

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