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【双语】例行记者会/Regular Press Conference(2018-01-19)







Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's

Regular Press Conference on January 19, 2018

1  问:昨天,波兰警方抓捕了48名台湾嫌犯和2名波兰嫌犯,因该团伙涉嫌电信诈骗中国公民230万美元。中方是否会要求引渡这些台湾嫌犯?

Q: Yesterday, the police of Poland arrested 48 Taiwanese and 2 Polish suspects in telecom fraud, allegedly swindling 2.3 million US dollars from Chinese citizens. Will China ask the Polish side to hand over the Taiwanese suspects?


A: We have noted relevant reports. This is still an ongoing investigation. China attaches high importance to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of its citizens and stands ready to coordinate with other countries to jointly fight against cross-border crimes including fraud.

2  问:据报道,伊朗的一位部长近日就“桑吉”轮事故致函中国大使,你能否证实并进一步介绍有关后续工作的最新情况?

Q: It is reported that an Iranian minister wrote a letter regarding the Sanchi incident to the Chinese ambassador to Iran. Can you confirm it and tell us more about the follow-up work?


A: As I've been saying these days, China and relevant Iranian departments are in smooth and effective communication on this incident. Senior officials from the Iranian government and its parliament, its ambassador to China and its consul-general in Shanghai have all expressed their approval to China's search and rescue efforts on separate occasions.


Like you said, yesterday, Iran's Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Ali Rabiei in a signed letter of thanks to the Chinese ambassador to Iran said that China has made great efforts to rescue the crew aboard Sanchi and put out the fire on the tanker. He said that as representative of the Iranian president and president of the Iranian investigation committee of the incident, and in the name of the Iranian government and people, he extends sincerest gratitude to the Chinese government and people, especially to the Chinese personnel who have risked their life to make every effort to rescue the tanker under the threat of toxic gas and explosion. The support and humanitarian assistance offered by the Chinese government and people will always be remembered by the Iranian people.


As for the relevant details and the latest development, China's competent department is holding a press briefing right now. I suggest you tune in for more information.

3  问:据《华尔街日报》报道,有六艘“中国船只”被发现违反安理会涉朝制裁。外交部此前称中方严格执行安理会相关决议,这是否意味着外交部否认这些船只是中国的?

Q: Wall Street Journal reports that six "Chinese ships" had been spotted violating UN sanctions against the DPRK. The Chinese Foreign Ministry commented that it strictly upholds sanctions. Does that mean that the Ministry denies that the ships are Chinese?


A: I am not aware of the specific situation mentioned in the media reports, but China has nothing to hide in terms of implementing the UN Security Council resolutions. We have said many times that as a permanent member of the Security Council, China always strictly implements resolutions adopted by the Security Council.


That said, any measure taken by the Security Council shall be based on solid evidence and facts, on the basis of which China will continue with its participation in the relevant work of the Security Council and its affiliated agencies.

4  问:昨天,在印度新德里举行的一个会议上,美国、印度、日本的与会代表称对中国在印太地区和其他国际海域越来越强硬感到不安。美军太平洋司令部司令哈里斯把中国称为“破坏性力量”及“信任赤字”国家。一名日本自卫队高级军官也称中国正试图单边改变东海现状。你对此有何评论?

Q: At a forum in New Delhi, the US, India, and Japan said they were concerned over the growing assertiveness of China in the Indo-Pacific region as well as in other international waters. While US Pacific Command Chief Admiral Harry Harris called China "disruptive Force" and the owner of trust deficit. A senior officer of the Japanese SDF said China was unilaterally trying to change the status quo in the East China Sea. What is China's comment?


A: We have seen relevant reports. It is nothing but some comments made by some individuals from three countries. Besides, it is not the first time that some of them made these remarks.


China is always committed to the path of peaceful development. That is what we've been saying, and that is also what we've been doing. As regards international order, we believe in a new type of international relations featuring mutual respect, equality and justice, and win-win cooperation.


I believe, the logic runs like if China endeavors to build a type of international relations like that, and if one truly loves peace and champions common develop, there should be no reason to feel anxious about. If someone is feeling agitated and thinks it is a destructive force, we are curious to know what on earth are they afraid of being destroyed?


As China develops, it will play an increasingly positive role in the international community and offer more constructive public goods to the international community, things like the Belt and Road Initiative under the principle of shared benefits through consultation and contribution. Everyone should view that in an objective light. It is better to pay attention to how the majority of the international community respond and comment. Undeniably, some people in some countries do find it difficult to let go of their anxiety towards China.


I have also noted that this US military officer mentioned three ASEAN countries in his remarks, claiming that they were also concerned about China's development. Well, we've never heard from these three countries talking about such concerns. I think it is not a very good habit to speak so readily for other countries.


As for the remarks made by the Japanese officer, I want to say that China is resolute in safeguarding its territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the East China Sea. The two sides are in communication and contacts in this regard. Japan must stop saying one thing, like wanting to improve China-Japan ties, while doing the opposite. We hope that Japan could match its words with concrete actions.

5  问:媒体披露的最新卫星图像显示,中国正在距洞朗对峙发生地很近的地方修建庞大的军事设施。印度外交部发表声明重申该设施并不在对峙地区。但这在印度政党中引发了担忧。印度外交部还称“此前对峙地点的现状并未发生改变”。中方对有关报道有何评论?

Q: New satellite images carried by the media show that China is building an enormous military complex close to the stand-off area of Dong Lang. The Indian Foreign Ministry reiterated that it has not happened at the stand-off area. But this also caused concerns among the Indian political parties. In its response, the Indian Foreign Ministry said the status quo at the stand-off site has not been altered. How do you respond to this particular report?


A: I also just noticed the relevant reports. I am not aware of the specific situation and I wonder who provided the satellite images.


I believe you are well aware of our position on the Dong Lang issue. The Dong Lang area is China's territory and has always been under China's effective jurisdiction. There is no dispute about that. China has been carrying out infrastructure building activities in the area such as road building to improve the living and working conditions of local soldiers and residents, which is absolutely legitimate and lawful as we are exercising our sovereign rights in our own territory. China will never throw comments on India's construction activities in its own territory. So, we believe that other countries shall not make inappropriate remarks on China's sovereign acts in its own territory.

6  问:考虑到这个报道表达了对洞朗地区再次发生对峙的担忧。去年的对峙事件应该已经得到了解决,你认为会再次发生类似事件吗?

Q: Considering that this particular report has raised concerns of chances of a second stand-off. Last year's stand-off issue is supposed to have been resolved, do you see any chance of it recurring again?


A: Regarding that stand-off incident in Dong Lang which was caused by the illegal trespassing of the Indian border troops, the senior official of the Indian military also acknowledged that it was the Indian troops that made the illegal crossing, as I said two days ago. This incident put China-India relations under grave tests. We hope that the Indian side could learn its lesson and avoid a recurrence. Leaders of the two sides reached important consensus on further improving and developing China-India relations under the new circumstance at the Xiamen BRICS Summit last September. We hope that the relevant party in India could earnestly follow the important consensus reached by the two leaders, work in the same direction, and jointly maintain peace and stability of the border area and the improvement and development of China-India relations.

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