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2014年李克强中外记者会经典语录翻译汇总 中英对照






Fight every corrupt phenomenon, punish every corrupt official.


We are waiting eagerly for news from the missing flight, even the slightest news.


China will not give up its efforts in searching for a missing Malaysia Airlines flight with 154Chinese aboard, as long as there is a glimmer of hope.


We’ve never let up any effort in ensuring aviation safety. Human life is the most important.


Keep the front gate open and block the side doors.


The thing we need to fear is not the difficulty, but the lack of preparedness.


The Party and government are firm in fighting corruption with zero tolerance. China is acountry under rule of law. No matter who he is, and how senior his position is, if he violatesParty discipline and the law of the country, he will be punished to the full extent, becauseeverybody is equal before the law.


Corruption is a natural enemy of the people’s government. We must put the exercise of powerand the use of public money under institutional checks.


We will carry out comprehensive audit in those areas which are of high concern to the public,such as the revenues on the transfer of land use rights and transfer of mining rights. We willtake institutional steps to ensure ... corruption will have nowhere to hide.


As long as 60 years ago, China joined some of its neighbours and put forward the principle of“peaceful coexistence.” When neighbors interact with each other, it is only natural thatsometimes they will run into problems of some kind or another. As long as they respect eachother, properly manage differences and pursue mutual benefits, there will be harmonioussound instead of jarring noises.


We showed guts and wisdom, held our ground, and innovated. We ensured bottom lines forgrowth and employment, and upper limits for inflation…. Under the Party and Xi Jinping’sleadership, we faced down the pressure and met our targets.


When confronted with mounting difficulties, one needs guts; and to tackle a difficult situation,one needs to have wisdom.


“Only a sharpened axe can cut through firewood.” We need to face up to the difficulties andchallenges and make the most of the favorable conditions. This holds the secret of oursuccess. China’s economy, managing through a downturn last year, has tremendous potentialand resilience, and the country has the ability and conditions to keep its economic operationwithin a proper range.


We are not preoccupied with GDP growth. The growth that we want is one that brings realbenefits to the people, helps raise the quality and efficiency of economic development, andcontributes to energy conservation and environment protection.


Last year, the Chinese central government took streamlining administration and delegatingpower to lower-level governments as the top priority on the reform agenda. For the pastyear, the central government has abolished or delegated to lower-level governments 416 itemspreviously subject to the review and approval of the State Council, or China’s cabinet.


This has sent out a very strong signal that we need to loosen strait-jacket over businessesand truly enable the market to play its role.


The market economy is one based on the rule of law. We need to ensure that market energiescan do anything that is not prohibited by the law, and government departments must not doanything unless it is mandated by the law.


This shows that streamlining administration and delegating power is a powerful tool inenergizing the market and stimulating social creativity.


The principle of equality will be observed in both power delegation and tightened oversight.


How can an arrow shot be turned back? We’re most determined to see the reform through.


Wise people seek common ground and the foolish focus on differences.

The wise people will seek common interests, while the unwise ones will focus on theirdifferences.


Out of 40 executive meetings of the State Council held in 2013, 30 have been related toreform. Our focus is to increase the vitality of the market and the creativity of society and toallow the people to benefit.


In order to bring greater benefits to our people, we will carry our reform through withouthesitation.


This is indeed deeply distressing for the government.


The people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are one family. Last year, the media on bothsides chose the Chinese character for “progress” for 2013. This is the development trend.


The government’s goal is to make sure everybody has housing. We will take diverse measuresaccording to the situations in different cities.


One needs to be persistent in one’s pursuit of the objective.


Even one small action is more important than a thousand words.


Focus more on common ground in pursuit of long-term benefits.


By declaring war on pollution, such as smog, we don’t mean declaring war against nature. Wewill upgrade our growth model.

We are going to declare a war against our own inefficient and unsustainable model of growthand way of life.


We have three major tasks: 1) meet basic needs, 2) provide a safety net, and 3) increasesocial equality.

We need to meet people’s basic living needs, we need to provide last resort for people to fallback on in case of special difficulty, and we need to promote social fairness.


All government employees must always put such special needs of our people on the top of theirminds.

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