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新概念英语第三册(美音版)A lost ship





Lesson 32
A lost ship

Listen to the tape then answer the question below.
Did the crew of the Elkor find what they were looking for? Why?
The salvage operation had been a complete failure. The small ship, Elkor, which had been searching the Barents Sea for weeks, was on its way home. A radio message from the mainland had been received by the ship's captain instructing him to give up the search. The captain knew that another attempt would be made later, for the sunken ship he was trying to find had been carrying a precious cargo of gold bullion.
Despite the message, the captain of the Elkor decided to try once more. The sea bed was scoured with powerful nets and there was tremendous excitement on board went a chest was raised from the bottom. Though the crew were at first under the impression that the lost ship had been found, the contents of the chest proved them wrong. What they had in fact found was a ship which had been sunk many years before.
The chest contained the personal belongings of a seaman, Alan Fielding. There were books, clothing and photographs, together with letters which the seaman had once received from his wife. The captain of the Elkor ordered his men to salvage as much as possible from the wreck. Nothing of value was found, but the numerous items which were brought to the surface proved to be of great interest. From a heavy gun that was raised, the captain realized that the ship must have been a cruiser. In another chest, which contained the belongings of a ship's officer, there was an unfinished letter which had been written on March 14th, 1943. The captain learnt from the letter that the name of the lost ship was the Karen. The most valuable find of all was the ship's log book, parts of which it was still possible to read. From this the captain was able to piece together all the information that had come to light. The Karen had been sailing in a convoy to Russia when she was torpedoed by an enemy submarine. This was later confirmed by naval official at the Ministry of Defiance after the Elkor had returned home. All the items that were found were sent to the War Museum.
New words and expressions 生词和短语
v. 救助,营救;打捞
n. 巴伦支(海)
adj. 沉没的
n. 货物
n. 金条;银条
v. 彻底搜索
n. 大箱子
n. (复数)所装的东西
n. (复数)所有物
n. 物件
n. 巡洋舰
n. 找到的物品
log book
v. 拼成整体
n. 护航
v. 用鱼雷攻击
n. 潜水艇
adj. 海军的
n. (政府的)部

打 捞工作彻底失败了。小船“埃尔科”号在巴伦支海搜寻了几个星期之后,正在返航途中。返航前,该船船长收到了大陆发来的电报,指示他们放弃这次搜寻。船长 知道日后还会再作尝试,因为他试图寻找的沉船上载有一批珍贵的金条。 尽管船长接了电报,他还是决定再试一试。他们用结实的网把海床搜索了一遍。当一只箱子从海底被打捞上来时,甲板上人们激动不已。船员们开始认为沉船找着 了,但海底沉箱内的物品证明他们弄错了。事实上,他们发现的是另一艘沉没多年的船。 木箱内装有水手艾伦.菲尔丁的私人财物,其中有书箱、衣服、照片以及水手收到的妻子的来信。“埃尔科”号船长命令船员们尽量从沉船中打捞物品,但没发现什 么值钱的东西,不过打捞出来的众多的物品还是引起了大家极大的兴趣。从捞起的一门大炮来看,船长认为那艘船一定是艘巡洋舰。另一只海底沉箱中装的是船上一 位军官的财物,其中有一封写于1943年3月14日的信,但没有写完。从这封信中船长了解到沉船船名是“卡伦”号。打捞到的东西中最有价值的是船上的航海 日志,其中有一部分仍然清晰可读。据此,船长可以将所有的那些已经搞清的材料拼凑起来。“卡伦”号当年在为其他船只护航驶往俄国的途中突然遭到敌方潜水艇 鱼雷的袭击。这一说法在“埃尔科”号返航后得到的国防部一位海军官员的证实。那次打捞到的所有物品均被送往军事博物馆。

■salvage v. 救助,营救;打捞
salvage goods from the fire
salvage the patient
salvage your time 节省时间
salvage archaelogy 抢救性考古
salvage boat 救助船
salvage money 救助费,打捞费

■Barents n. 巴伦支(海)
■sunken adj. 沉没的
■cargo n. 货物
cargo: the goods carried by ship; plane or vehicle
Eg.: The ship has a cargo of 1,000 tons
cargo vessel
goods: the goods carried by plane or train 也可以做形容词,只能表示铁路运输,常指商店里的的商品。
Eg.: Trains are used to carry goods and passengers.
A goods train

■bullion n. 金条;银条
■scour v. 彻底搜索
go through
The house has been searched / scoured for the hidden bullion.

scour / search / hunt (都可与for 搭配,表示目的)
search 指寻找丢失的东西或被认为是存在的东西,比look for更正式
hunt 指漫无边际的寻找急需要的东西
scour 表示彻底地搜查一个特定范围并暗示花费更大的力气
Eg.: I have been searching everywhere, but I can’t find the key.
We spent a week hunting for the puma.

背熟:The salvage operation had been a complete failure.
My examination is a complete failure. 这次考试完全失败了。
Their experiment had been a complete failure.

背熟:A radio message from the mainland had been received by the ship's captain 包含ucting him to give up the search.
The shop’s captain received a radio message from the mainland 包含ucting him to give up the search.
包含uct sb. to do sth. 命令某人做某事
The editor sent a fax to the journalist 包含ucting him to get statistics.
make another attemptdespite ==in spite of
try once more代替了make another attempt

There is tremendous excitement 书面语
People on board felt excited. (口语)
There was tremendous excitement before the game.
under the impression that == thinking that
I am under the impression that he is the manager of the store.
He is under the impression that you’ll help him.

sunken / sunk
The ship had sunk
a sunken ship
personal belongings 个人所属物品
together with 还有

salvage as much as possible / salvage as much as they could

of value ==valuable
very much interesting == of great interest
of great importance / of great significance / of no consequence / of no importance / of no interest
numerous ==countless

There were the belongings of ship officer in the chest.
learn from 从......得知
parts of the log book it was still possible to read.
It was still possible to read parts of the log book.

come to light = become known = emerge 被公开,被发现(不及物动词短语,要用主动语态)
Eg: The secret came to light after his death.
bring sth to light/ review 把……公布于众
Eg: The two brothers reviewed/ brought the secret to light

in a convoy 护航
under a convoy 被护航
confirmed == made sure


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词汇速记新概念英语词汇随身听速记手册3 第31-33课







1 Why had the salvage operation been a complete failure?
a. They had failed to locate the ship they had been sent to look for.
b. They had not succeeded in finding the Barents Sea.
c. They hadfound the wrong ship.
d. The captain had not understood his 包含uctions.

2 In ordering as much as possible to be salvaged from the wreck, the captain _____ .
a. expected to find some of the gold bullion
b. hoped, among other things, to establish the identity of the ship
c. thought he would find out that the ship had been a cruiser
d. was looking for more information concerning the dead seaman

3 The log book was the most important find because it _____ .
a. helped to explain how the warship had come to be sunk in the Barents Sea
b. contained a written account of how the Karen had been torpedoed
c. provided vital information as to the ship’s whereablaots
d. gave the Ministry of Defence information it had known nothing about

4 The captain knew that _____ the only attempt.(l.5)
a. it was not b. his had not been c. his would not be d. it had not been

5 It was a ship which had been sunk many years before _____ in fact found. (l.11)
a. what they had b. that they had c. had been d. which was

6 They did not find _____ . (l.14)
a. nothing of value b. a valuable thing c. any value d. anything valuable

7 ---- parts of which _____ . (l.19)
a. it could still be read b. it could still read c. could still be read d. could still read

8 After the Elkor had returned home, a naval official _____ . (ll.21-22)
a. had this later confirmed at the Ministry of Defence
b. confirmed this at the Ministry of Defence
c. at the Ministry of Defence confirmed this
d. later at the Ministry of Defence confirmed this

9 The ship’s captain had received 包含uctions to give up the search _____ a radio message from the mainland. (ll.3-4)
a. on b. by c. with d. in
in the letter / in the radio message / in the fax

10 There were books, clothing and photographs, _____ letters … (ll.12-13)
a. including b. along with c. added to d. beside

11---- an unfinished letter which was _____ March 14th, 1943. (l.17)
a. inscribed b. marked c. dated d. posted on
inscribe 刻画
mark 做标记

12 ---- all the information that had _____ . (l.20)
a. emerged b. alighted c. arisen d. surfaced
arisen (原形是arise ) 出现
surface 露出水面
alight on 偶然发现
My eyes alighted on the book.

【Key to Multiple choice questions】
1. A 2. B 3. A 4. C 5. B 6. D 7. C 8. C 9. D 10. B 11. C 12. A



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