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1. 博鳌亚洲论坛

Boao Forum for Asia


President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2018 on Tuesday.


博鳌亚洲论坛2018年年会于4月8日至11日在海南博鳌举行。本次年会以"开放创新的亚洲,繁荣发展的世界(An Open and Innovative Asia for a World of Greater Prosperity)"为主题。在主旨演讲(keynote speech)中,习近平主席宣布,中国决定在扩大开放方面采取一系列新的重大举措(a number of landmark measures to boost opening-up)。

第一,大幅度放宽市场准入(significantly broaden market access)。今年,我们将推出几项有标志意义的举措。在服务业特别是金融业方面,去年年底宣布的放宽银行、证券、保险行业外资股比限制的重大措施要确保落地(ensure these measures are materialized),同时要加快保险行业开放进程,放宽外资金融机构设立限制,扩大外资金融机构在华业务范围,拓宽中外金融市场合作领域(ease restrictions on the establishment of foreign financial institutions in China and expand their business scope, and open up more areas of cooperation between Chinese and foreign financial markets)。在制造业方面,目前已基本开放,保留限制的主要是汽车、船舶、飞机等少数行业,现在这些行业已经具备开放基础,下一步要尽快放宽外资股比限制特别是汽车行业外资限制(going forward, we will reduce as soon as possible limits on foreign investment in these industries, automobiles in particular)。

第二,创造更有吸引力的投资环境(create a more favorable investment environment)。投资环境就像空气,空气清新才能吸引更多外资(investment environment is like air, only fresh air can attract more investment from the outside)。过去,中国吸引外资主要靠优惠政策(rely mainly on providing favorable policies for foreign investors in the past),现在要更多靠改善投资环境(improve the investment environment)。我们将加强同国际经贸规则对接(enhance alignment with international economic and trading rules),增强透明度(increase transparency),强化产权保护(strengthen property right protection),坚持依法办事(uphold the rule of law),鼓励竞争、反对垄断(encourage competition and oppose monopoly)。今年3月,我们组建了国家市场监督管理总局,还有一些其他新的机构,对现有政府机构作出大幅度调整(a major readjustment of government institutions),坚决破除制约使市场在资源配置中起决定性作用、更好发挥政府作用的体制机制弊端(remove the systematic and institutional obstacles that prevent the market from playing a decisive role in resources allocation, and enable the government to better play its role)。今年上半年,我们将完成修订外商投资负面清单工作(complete the revision of the negative list on foreign investment),全面落实准入前国民待遇(national treatment)加负面清单管理制度。

第三,加强知识产权保护(strengthen protection of intellectual property rights)。这是完善产权保护制度最重要的内容,也是提高中国经济竞争力最大的激励(the biggest boost to enhancing the competitiveness of the Chinese economy)。对此,外资企业有要求,中国企业更有要求。今年,我们将重新组建国家知识产权局,完善加大执法力度(step up law enforcement),把违法成本显著提上去(significantly raise the cost for offenders),把法律威慑作用充分发挥出来(fully unlock the deterrent effect of relevant laws)。我们鼓励中外企业开展正常技术交流合作(normal technological exchanges and cooperation),保护在华外资企业合法知识产权。同时,我们希望外国政府加强对中国知识产权的保护。

第四,主动扩大进口(expand imports)。中国不以追求贸易顺差(trade surplus)为目标,真诚希望扩大进口,促进经常项目收支平衡。今年,我们将相当幅度降低汽车进口关税(lower the import tariffs for vehicles),同时降低部分其他产品进口关税,努力增加人民群众需求比较集中的特色优势产品进口(import more products that are competitive and needed by the Chinese people),加快加入世界贸易组织《政府采购协定》进程。我们希望发达国家对正常合理的高技术产品贸易停止人为设限,放宽对华高技术产品出口管制(stop imposing restrictions on normal and reasonable trade of high-tech products and relax export controls on such trade with China)。今年11月,我们将在上海举办首届中国国际进口博览会。这不是一般性的会展,而是我们主动开放市场的重大政策宣示和行动(a major policy initiative and commitment taken of our own accord to open up the Chinese market)。欢迎各国朋友来华参加。


博鳌方案 Boao proposals

岛屿经济 island economy

市场准入 market access

中国特色自由贸易港 free trade ports with Chinese characteristics

和平与发展 peace and development

人类命运共同体 community with a shared future for mankind

2. 海上阅兵

navy review


President Xi Jinping reviewed the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy in the South China Sea Thursday morning, saying that the need to build a strong navy "has never been more urgent than today." Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, called for efforts to build a first-class navy.


此次阅兵是新中国历史上规模最大的海上阅兵(the largest navy review in the People's Republic of China since its founding in 1949),有48艘战舰(warships)、76架战机(combat aircrafts)以及10000余名官兵(more than 10,000 Navy personnel)参与。

受阅舰艇按作战编组组成战略打击(strategic strike)、水下攻击(submerged attack)、远海作战(open-sea operations)、航母打击(aircraft carrier strike)、两栖登陆(amphibious landing)、近海防御(offshore waters defense)、综合保障(comprehensive support)等7个作战群;受阅飞机组成舰载直升机(ship-borne helicopter)、预警指挥(warning and command)、对海突击(air-to-ship strike)、远距支援掩护(long distance escort)、制空作战(air-to-air strike)等10个空中梯队。

这次海上阅兵,辽宁舰航母编队(a naval formation consisting of aircraft carrier Liaoning)精彩亮相,一大批新型潜艇、水面舰艇、作战飞机集中展示,党的十八大后列装舰艇占受阅舰艇一半以上。



It has always been China's aspiration to have a strong navy, which serves as a key guarantee to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


He asked naval officers and soldiers to fully implement the Party's absolute leadership over the armed forces, be firm in ideals and convictions, and uphold the glorious traditions, while pushing for technological innovation, developing new types of battle forces, and building a modern maritime combat system.


Xi asked naval officers and soldiers to remain on high alert, answer the calls of the Party and the people at all times, resolutely defend the national interests, and strive to contribute more to upholding the peace and stability of the region and the world.


驱逐舰 destroyer

核潜艇 nuclear submarine

航母战斗群 aircraft carrier strike/battle group

导弹巡洋舰 missile cruiser

海上空军基地 seagoing airbase

3. 抗癌药

anti-cancer medicines, cancer drugs


Starting May 1, China will levy no tariffs on imports of anti-cancer medicines, the State Council said on Thursday.


国务院总理李克强12日主持召开国务院常务会议,确定发展"互联网+医疗健康"措施(develop the Internet plus Medical and Healthcare strategy),缓解看病就医难题、提升人民健康水平(improve people's health);决定对进口抗癌药实施零关税并鼓励创新药进口(encourage the import of more innovative drugs),顺应民生期盼使患者更多受益。

会议指出,从5月1日起,将包括抗癌药在内的所有普通药品(all common drugs including cancer drugs)、具有抗癌作用的生物碱类药品(cancer alkaloid-based drugs)及有实际进口的中成药(imported traditional Chinese medicine)进口关税降至零,使我国实际进口的全部抗癌药实现零关税。较大幅度降低抗癌药生产、进口环节增值税税负(value added tax in the production and import of drugs will drop by a large margin)。

会议同时指出,将研究综合措施,采取政府集中采购(centralized government procurement)、将进口创新药特别是急需的抗癌药(much-needed cancer drugs)及时纳入医保报销目录(be incorporated into the catalogue of medical insurance reimbursement)等方式,并研究利用跨境电商渠道(means of cross-border e-commerce),多措并举消除流通环节各种不合理加价,让群众切实感受到急需抗癌药的价格有明显降低。会议指出,加快创新药进口上市(the import of innovative drugs will be accelerated and they will come into the market at an earlier date)。将临床试验(clinical trials)申请由批准制改为到期默认制,对进口化学药改为凭企业检验结果通关,不再逐批强制检验。


恶性肿瘤 malignant tumor

发病率 incidence rate

重大疾病 critical illness

基本医保体系 basic healthcare insurance system

医事服务费 medical service fees

药品加成 medicine markups

4. 养老保险费率

pension insurance premium rate


Exorbitant pension insurance premium rate and substitution rate can result in a high social economic cost.


9日,人社部副部长游钧在国务院政策例行吹风会上表示,我国将继续阶段性降低企业养老保险费率(reduce the pension insurance premium rate paid by enterprises),但这不会影响到社保基金的正常运行(normal operation of social security fund)以及养老金待遇的水平和正常的调整。

据游钧介绍,快三年多的时间,我们先后降低或者阶段性降低了社会保险费率4次,总体的社保费率(overall social insurance premium rate)从41%降到37.25%。"这次降费主要是延续2016年以来企业养老费率降低的政策,从20%降到19%。将原来的2018年4月30日到期,延迟一年到2019年4月30日。"预计按照继续延长养老保险降低费率的政策,政策执行期内可以为企业减负540亿元(reduce the burden on enterprises by 54 billion yuan)。对此,中国国际经济交流中心经济研究部副研究员刘向东表示,降低企业养老保险费率是实施供给侧结构性改革(supply-side structural reform)的重要举措,对中国实现高质量发展(high-quality development)至关重要。


商业保险 commercial insurance

养老保险 endowment insurance

社会保障体系 social security system

社会安全网 a net for social security

5. 积分落户

point-based household registration


Non-Beijingers will be able to apply for registration as permanent urban residents of China's capital under the city's new point-based household registration system.


北京市人力社保局11日表示,从4月16日起,启动积分落户申报工作(points-based application system for household registration),以满足长期在京稳定生活的非京籍人口的需求(demand of nonnative Beijing residents to stabilize their living situations in the capital)。据介绍,北京市积分落户申报的核心工作可以用"498"这三个数字来概括,即4项资格条件,9个积分指标和8个经办步骤。

4项资格条件是指:申请人必须同时满足持有《北京市居住证》(have held a temporary Beijing residence permit);不超过法定退休年龄(under the legal retirement age);在京连续缴纳社会保险7年及以上(have made social insurance payments for at least seven consecutive years);无刑事犯罪记录(have no criminal record)。这4项资格条件缺一不可,否则就不能进行申报。

9个积分指标包括:合法稳定就业(legal and stable employment)指标、合法稳定住所(legal and stable residence)指标、教育背景(educational background)指标、职住区域(area of employment and residence)指标、创新创业指标、纳税指标、年龄指标、荣誉表彰(awards and honors)指标、守法记录(legal record)指标。

8个经办步骤则指申请人需要经过8个环节才能完成申报工作,从系统注册、关联单位、积分填报(points registration)、确认提交,到数据核查(fact check)、查看初核结果(result of preliminary review)、复查(fact review)及现场审核(field check)、发布及公示(publish the check results)等。

北京市市政府称,申报期限结束后(after the time limit),该系统将会关闭,将对申请者的文件进行审核(audit applicants' files)。北京市政府11日称,将在9月5日后公布今年的落户规模(announce this year's quota for new hukou holders)。


人口管理 population management

户口所在地 household registration (hukou) location

户口迁移政策 household registration transfer policy

户籍制度改革 reform of household registration system

黑户 people who lack a hukou, unregistered citizens


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