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BBC News with Nick Kelly

After a day of speculation about an imminent ceasefire, sporadic violence has continued on the Gaza Strip into the night. Earlier several Palestinian sources said a truce between Hamas and Israel would be announced tonight, but Israel said it hasn't finalized a deal and some Palestinian and Egyptian officials indicated that while an agreement was close it wasn't yet fully agreed. Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev has told the BBC that until a diplomatic solution is achieved its military operation in Gaza will continue. At least 20 Palestinians are reported to have been killed today in Gaza as Israeli rocket strikes intensified. Jon Donnison is in Gaza.

Despite the growing clamour of voices saying a ceasefire is imminent. The noise in Gaza today continues to be that of war. There have been scores more Israeli air strikes and the death toll is rising fast among those killed today, two brothers, aged two and four, as well as their parents, also two journalists from a Hamas-linked television channel. And Hamas continues to fire rockets. This one, it says, was aimed again at Jerusalem. It fell short, nobody was hurt.

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has meanwhile arrived in Israel for talks on the way forward.

Rebels in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo have seized the regional capital Goma. Fighters from the M23 rebel group entered the city with little resistance from the Congolese army or United Nations peacekeepers. Gabriel Gatehouse is in Goma.

For nearly two decades, the Democratic Republic of Congo has been in a state of almost permanent conflict. The United Nations' mission here is the largest peacekeeping force anywhere in the world, and yet, Goma fell today to just few hundred men. The UN and the Congolese government have accused Rwanda of supporting the rebels. Rwanda denies the accusation. But this mineral-rich part of eastern Congo now once again threatens to pull neighbouring countries into a wider African war.

Efforts to allow women to become bishops in the church of England have been defeated. The proposal failed by a few votes to get the required two thirds' backing among lay members of the general synod that church's governing body. Bishops and clergy backed the plan by a clear margin. Supporters have called the vote disastrous and damaging. The Reverend Rose Hudson Wilkin says she's disappointed by the result.

I believe passionately that women should be in leadership within the House of Bishops, and so I think it is a sadness today for the church. When I came out and felt the rain, I thought showers of blessing, but actually no, tears from God, tears at the decision we've just made.

Opponents say there is no scriptural backing for women bishops although many other Protestant churches already consecrate them.

World News from the BBC

The United Nations says there has a dramatic fall in the rates of HIV infections in many countries, where more people are receiving treatment than ever before. The UNAIDS program called it as a historic slowing down of the epidemic. The most marked changes have been in the worst affected African countries. In Malawi and Botswana, infection rates fall by more than 70%.

Four men have been charged in California with plotting to kill Africans and destroy overseas US targets. One of four is a former member of the United States air force. David Willis reports.

The FBI says a former US air force man serving in Afghanistan help to introduce the other three men to the doctrine of a former al-Qaeda leader. Sohiel Omar Kabir, a US citizen who was born in Afghanistan is alleged to offered accommodation and meetings with terrorists in Skype conversations with the others. One of whom was born in Mexico, another in the Philippines, and the third is a US citizen. Together the FIB says the group was planning to to engage in what it calls a violent Jihad which was included bombing military bases and government facilities in both Yemen and Afghanistan.

A strike called by two of Argentinas biggest unions has paralysed much of Buenos Aires and other cities. Most trains and subway lines were close, flights were cancelled, and the streets in Buenos Aires remained empty as roadblocks were set up to access routes to the capital.

And a Greek man has been arrested on suspicion of stealing nine million personal data files in a mass breach of private information. Police said the 45-year-old was found have taken data files containing Greek tax numbers, vehicle license plate numbers and home addresses. Some of the files may have been duplicated. The police now trying to work out how the data found after they raided the man's home, came to be in his procession and whether he intended to sell it.

BBC News


Nick Kelly为你播报BBC新闻。

整个一天人们对即将来临的停火猜疑纷纷,结果到了晚上加沙地带又发生了零星暴力事件。早些时候,来自巴勒斯坦的消息称今晚将宣布哈马斯和以色列的休 战决定,但以色列称尚未达成协议,一些巴勒斯坦人和埃及官员称尽管即将达成协议,但尚未最终得到认可。以色列政府发言人马克·雷格夫告诉BBC,除非采取 外交手段,否则加沙的军事行动还会继续。据悉,今天以色列的火箭弹袭击加剧,至少20名巴勒斯坦人丧生。Jon Donnison在加沙报道。

尽管即将停火的流言四起,但今天加沙传来的声音表明战争仍在继续。以色列发起多次空袭,死亡人数还在上升,今天的死者中有两名兄弟,一个两岁,一个 四岁,他们的父母以及来自与哈马斯有关联的电视台的两名记者也丧生了。哈马斯继续发射火箭弹,称这次袭击是针对耶路撒冷的,但炮弹未击中目标,无人受伤。

刚果民主共和国东部的叛军占领了地区首府戈马。M23叛军组织的武装分子轻易就进入了该市,刚果军队和联合国维和人员未作多大反击。Gabriel Gatehouse在戈马报道。






加利福尼亚州四名男子被指控阴谋杀害非洲人并破坏海外的美国设施。其中一人曾是美国海军军人。David Willis报道。

联邦调查局称一名曾在阿富汗服役的美国前海军军人帮助另外三人接受基地组织前领导人的教义。Sohiel Omar Kabir是出生在阿富汗的美国人,他被指控与另外三人向恐怖分子提供住宿并通过Skype与之举行会议。其中一人出生在墨西哥,另外一人出生在菲律宾, 第三位是美国公民。联邦调查局称这四人策划了名为暴力圣战的活动,包括轰炸在也门和阿富汗的军队基地和政府设施。

阿根廷两个最大工会举行的罢工使布宜诺斯艾利斯等市陷入瘫痪。大多数列车和地铁关闭,航班被迫取消,通往首都 的道路上设置了路障,布宜诺斯艾利斯的街道上空无一人。

一名希腊男子因盗取900万份个人数据资料以违反隐私罪被捕。警方称发现这名45岁的男子获得了包括希腊税号、机动车牌号和家庭住址的资料文件。一 些文件可能已被复印,警察突袭了此人的房屋后发现这些资料的,警方目前正调查此人是如何获得这些资料的,以及他是否准备将资料出售。


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