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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.08.17 16:31:31
[00:00.00]gossip girl here-- 流言蜚女驾到
[00:01.24]your one and only source into the scandalous lives of manhattan's elite. 这是你们窥探曼哈顿上流生活 的唯一渠道
[00:05.06]you'll never believe what's on "gossip girl." 你不会相信"流言蜚女"上的新闻
[00:06.42]someone saw serena getting off a train at grand central. 有人看到Serena在纽约中央车站下车
[00:08.90]I thought everything was good between us. 我以为我们之间有不少美好回忆
[00:10.27]It was, before I found out you had sex with my boyfriend. 曾经是 在我发现你和我男朋友上床之前
[00:12.80]I didn't come back for you. 我不是为你而回来的
[00:13.94]Look, blair's my best friend,and you're her boyfriend, and she loves you. 瞧 Blair是我最好的朋友 你是她的男朋友 她爱你
[00:17.52]You'd really go out with somu guy yodon't know? 你真要和一个不认识的人出去吗?
[00:18.88]Well, he can't be worse than the guys i do know. 是啊 起码比我认识的人强多了
[00:20.59] 派对是为你开的 你该多认识人 融入其中
[00:24.52] Nate 真让我吃惊啊 我还以为你是个洁身自好的人呢
[00:27.33] 这不是我的
[00:27.88] 正因此 我发现了这个
[00:29.78] 这不是我的 也不是你父亲的
[00:32.10] Nate 你有什么要辩解的吗?
[00:33.41] 你说过你爱我
[00:34.86]Loved...you 曾经爱你
[00:36.85] 很抱歉我吻了你 但我这样做
[00:38.86] 是想让他体会到 我失去你时的感受
[00:41.01] 只喜欢你一个人
[00:43.16] 那太好了 我也只喜欢你
[00:47.35] 午夜脱下面具 我还是需要戴上面具离开这里
[00:49.01] 要换换面具不
[00:51.21]Sure 当然
[00:52.55] Sereana 我知道我们都很在乎Blair 但为她着想 才该告诉她真相
[00:56.52] 我还是没忘记你
[01:00.16]- Nate? - Serena?!
[01:02.08] 嘿 你看见Nate没
[01:17.01]Gossip Girl  Season01 Episode07 流言蜚女 第一季 第07集
[01:35.89] 富贵闲人们 听说了吗? 复古脱衣舞再度狂暴起来
[01:39.68] 有时些许狂暴正是你所需
[02:00.84] 而Chuck最乐于留驻于潮流的前端 (谐意: 留恋优美的曲线)
[02:06.88] 那妞是谁
[02:08.67] 不知道
[02:10.85] 但我们先不要妄下定论
[02:14.10]2 days earlier 2天前
[02:17.05] 你想让爸投资这家脱衣舞酒吧 真够"中城"的
[02:20.50] 嘿 复古艳舞俱乐部
[02:21.84]Where people can be transported to another time, 一个可以让人们穿越时光的 正经地方
[02:25.11]where they can feel free to let loose. 也是个能让人释放自己的地方
[02:26.68]No judgment. Pure escape. 没人品头论足 纯粹的逃离俗世
[02:29.42]What happens at victrola stays at victrola. 在Victrola发生的事情 将停留在Victrola
[02:32.60]Well,it does have franchise potential. 潜力无限啊
[02:35.21]Chuck bass,I do believe all your years of underage boozing and womanizing have finally paid off. Chuck Bass 看来你这么多年来的 寻欢作乐终于得成了正果
[02:41.63]Truly,I am proud. 真替你骄傲啊
[02:43.75]And you are my toughest critic. 而你将给我最严厉的评价
[02:45.23]Well,second toughest. 不过请口下留情
[02:46.92]So do you think your father will go for it? 你爸会赞成吗?
[02:49.43]It is exactly the kind of innovative thinking upon which the bass empire was built. 创新思维正是Bass帝国基石
[02:53.78]It is the perfect thing. I've been waiting for this. 总之再合适不过了 正是我所期待的
[02:55.85]We are so late. Are you coming? 我们要迟到了 你来不?
[02:57.70]Gotta pitch it to bart. 我得跟我老爸Bart毛遂自荐
[03:01.45]Victory party here tomorrow. 明天在这儿开庆功宴
[03:03.92]I wouldn't miss it. 我不会错过的
[03:04.87]I'll send a car. 我派车去接你
[03:05.99]Don't be nervous. 别太紧张
[03:06.94]He's gonna love it. 他会喜欢你的点子的
[03:11.99]they all seem very discreet. 这些地方看起来非常低调
[03:13.62]It's up to you,but you will choose a facility, 由你决定 可你要选一个康复中心
[03:15.51]and you will get the help that you need, 寻求你所需的帮助
[03:17.17]after our dinner with the waldorfs tomorrow night,of course, 当然是在明晚同Waldorfs家 共进晚餐之后
[03:20.41]unless you'd like to ruin the celebration honoring your father's new business union with eleanor. 除非你想毁了庆祝你爸爸同Eleanor 成功合作的晚宴
[03:24.20]Anne,it's all right. Anne 没事的
[03:25.40]Let me talk to him. 让我跟他谈谈
[03:34.75]how could you not tell her the drugs were yours? 干嘛不告诉她毒品是你的?
[03:35.99]You're not gonna end up in one of these places. 你不会去什么康复中心啦
[03:39.27]Let me talk to ****** 让我跟她谈谈 你知道你妈反应过度
[03:42.06]yeah,'cause it's mom who's the problem,right? 难道是妈的问题吗?
[03:43.41]Look,work's been kicking my ass lately. 最近工作搞的我焦头烂额
[03:46.26]The old man doesn't wear the hours as well as he used to. 我体力不如从前
[03:55.42]This young viper at the office,frank meltzer, 公司里有个小毒贩子 Frank Meltzer
[03:57.62]saw me fading one night,so he offered me a pick-me-up. 一天夜里他看我很累 就塞给了我一粒兴奋药
[04:00.56]It was stupid. I didn't even like it. 太愚蠢了 我都不喜欢那玩意
[04:03.05]Hey,I'll flush the bag right now,all right? 嘿 我现在就把它冲进马桶 行不?
[04:07.40]Dad,I just want you to be-- 爸 我只是想--
[04:08.25]look,let's not put a damper on the upcoming festivities. 别给即将到来的庆祝扫兴
[04:13.25]I've landed the waldorf account, 我终于涉足Waldorf家的财富
[04:15.74]and my son has landed the waldorf. 而我儿子也要跨入Waldorf家了
[04:20.32]So that's it? 难道就这样?
[04:22.15]Hey,I'm not cutting the conversation short. 我可不想草草了事应付你
[04:25.96]Drinks after school at the club? 放学了去俱乐部喝一杯
[04:28.04]Nonalcoholic,of course. 当然 不带酒精
[04:33.14]No,you don't understand,vanessa. 不 你不明白 Vanessa
[04:34.40]Okay,the store lent it to me for the ball, 那家店把它租给我舞会上用
[04:35.90]and if I don't find it,blair is gonna kill me. 如果我找不到 Blair会杀了我的
[04:38.81]It's under her name,and she doesn't even know I went. 记在她的帐下 她都不知道我去了舞会
[04:43.37]no,alison,I sent that two weeks ago. 不 Alison 两个星期前我就寄过去了
[04:45.04]Dad,have you seen a bracelet? 爸 看到个手链没?
[04:46.21]You know,round,silverish,sparkly? 圆的 银闪闪的
[04:47.96]Yeah,I think I saw that next to that ambiguous vague thing by the nondescript place. 见过 就在某个地方的某个玩意旁边
[04:52.29]He hasn't seen it. 他没见过
[04:54.51]No,alison,I-wh--I haven't told them anything yet. 不 Alison 我对他们什么都没说
[04:57.73]Well,what should i be telling them when I don't even know what'S... 我该跟他们说什么呢 我都不知道...
[05:02.61]who you talking to? 你在跟谁说话
[05:04.32]Your mother. 你妈
[05:05.59]Tell her I say hi. 代我问声好
[05:07.93]Jenny says hellowho are you talking to? Jenny向你问好 你在跟谁说话?
[05:14.02]where's the other humphrey? Humphrey家的那一位呢?
[05:18.56]- Brick not comfortable. - All right,I'll take one for the team. - 靠着砖真不舒服 - 好的 换换
[05:23.30]Yeah,this is definitely not very comfortable. 确实不怎么舒服
[05:25.56]I know. You'd think all the money that we spent on this private school, 你不觉得我们交给学校那么多学费
[05:28.03]they could at least give us a comfortable spot to make out. 怎么也该给我们准备个 舒服的亲热地方
[05:30.47]Or a better chemistry teacher. 或是一个更好的化学老师
[05:32.08]Mr.Peiser is a little weird. Peiser先生有点古怪
[05:34.30]Wait,you're thinking about mr.Peiser right now? 等等 你现在居然还想着Peiser先生
[05:36.52]We are at school. 我们在学校呢
[05:41.56]hey,serena. Why don't you get a room? 嘿 Serena 你俩干脆开间房得了?
[05:44.13]Oh,that's the plight of the manhattan teenager. 这就是曼哈顿青少年的苦楚
[05:45.85]No cars. 没车
[05:49.64]You know,we could find a place more private. 我们可以找个更私密的地方
[05:52.50]Our parents aren't always home. 我们的父母并不是成天都在家
[05:54.60]That's true. 对
[05:55.41]They must eventually leave. 他们最后总会出去的
[05:58.12]The problem is waiting for eventually. 问题是我们得等到他们离开
[06:03.43]What's the rush? 急啥
[06:04.42]Really,it's not like this sucks. 其实也没那么糟
[06:05.55]Minus the brick and the paparazzi. 只要没这些破砖和狗仔队
[06:09.35]Spotted-- serena and not-so-lonely boy Serena和不再寂寞的芳心男孩
[06:12.13]clearly past courtship in the courtyard. 正在庭院里享受浓情蜜意
[06:15.83]Bye. 拜
[06:22.21]you know,we should talk about this,though, 我们该谈谈这事
[06:24.32]- about us,about eventually. - Definitely. - 关于我们 关于最后... - 那是当然
[06:27.95]Yes. Yes. 是 是
[06:29.91]Or we could just get it over with in a broom closet. 或许我们干脆去打扫工具房 一"爽"为快好了
[06:33.55]in a broom closet? That is-- that is rich,serena. 打扫工具房? 这可... 真够"豪华" Serena
[06:37.16]Mr.Peiser's waiting. Peiser先生等着呢
[06:41.19]But can brooklyn keep up with the uptown express? 可布鲁克林小子能跟的上 上城特快吗?
[06:50.25]Serena,right? Serena 是吧
[06:51.74]Uh,that'S... funny. 太搞笑了
[06:54.64]- Mm,not really.No. - No. - 可不 - 不搞笑
[06:59.30]Uh,what are you doing in the girls' hall? 你怎么在女生楼里?
[07:01.14]I was actually looking for you. 其实我在找你
[07:02.93]You know,I really didn't mean anything I said about having feelings for serena. 我说我对Serena还有感情的时候 完全不是那个意思
[07:05.82]Maybe you didn'T. 或许你没有
[07:07.94]I just-- I mean,I don't even care,but other people might. 我只是 我并不在乎 可其他人会
[07:13.06]Yeah,I know. 我知道
[07:14.22]Yeah,including my brother. 是啊 包括我哥
[07:19.32]You brought me chocolates? 送我巧克力?
[07:21.46]Well,I know you care about being friends with blair, 我知道你很想跟Blair做朋友
[07:24.56]and your brother-- 而你哥
[07:26.74]he's with serena,and I'm with blair, 他跟Sereana一起 我和Blair一起
[07:28.91]and I just really need you to help me out here. 我真需要你带我摆脱困境
[07:32.23]You promise? 可以保证不?
[07:33.67]Promise what? 保证什么?
[07:36.55]Uh,promise to help me come up with a more creative apology than these. 保证帮我想出一个 比送巧克力更有创意的道歉方式
[07:40.96]I'm sorry for taking you for granted lately,okay? 最近将你做的一切都当作理所当然 我很抱歉
[07:42.98]That is so sweet! 太窝心了
[07:45.86]But I prefer the gold collection,but thank you. 不过我更喜欢金装系列的 可还是谢谢你
[07:54.18]Hey,cinderella. 嘿 灰姑娘
[08:01.03]I think you dropped this at the ball. 你在舞会上落下了这个
[08:08.00]I hate secrets more than anything. 我最讨厌秘密了
[08:10.26]You know that. 你可是知道的
[08:11.76]Friends don't lie,and we're friends,right? 朋友互不欺骗 而我们是朋友 是吧?
[08:15.64]Right. 是
[08:20.11]Jenny humphrey's rise to the penthouse has been short and sweet, Jenny Humphrey攀入顶楼豪华圈 的过程短暂 却风光无限
[08:23.26]but if she crosses blair waldorf,it's straight back to the basement. 不过如果她得罪了Blair Waldorf 她会被直接打入底层
[08:26.82]Looks like this little lamb needs to stay silent or else. 看来这只小羔羊得缄口不言... 或是另谋他方...
[08:37.18]When can I go public with you? 什么时候可以和你公开关系?
[08:38.69]My kids have to know first. 我孩子得最先知道
[08:41.19]Well,your secret's safe with me. 我会保守你的秘密
[08:45.98]father. 爸
[08:47.43]Chuck Chuck.
[08:49.17]Um,well... 恩...
[08:50.74]bart,um,I think your points earlier were excellent... Bart 你刚才提出的想法很不错...
[08:54.72]And,um,I plan to bring them up at the next parent/teacher meeting. 我想在下次家长教师会时提出来
[09:00.81]Um,thank you,lily. 谢了 Lily
[09:16.23]not much future as an actress. 做个女演员没啥前途
[09:18.48]You don't say anything to serena. 你什么都别告诉Serena
[09:20.36]You don't say anything to anyone. 也不要告诉任何人
[09:22.62]Lily would like this to play out in a certain way. 公开这件事 Lily自有打算
[09:25.66]So you're serious about her? 所以 你对她是认真的?
[09:30.82]What's with the business formal? 怎么一副正经打扮?
[09:32.57]Are you being arraigned for something? 是不是又因为什么事给人指控?
[09:36.72]I have an investment idea I think is utterly unique to your company. 我有个投资的好点子 对你公司绝无仅有
[09:41.53]Something avant-garde,yet nostalgic. 前卫却不失怀旧
[09:44.21]It is the perfect way for you to loosen the top button of bass,inc. 正是你带领Bass集团作出突破的好机会
[09:49.26]Like you've been wanting,sir. 正如你一直等待的 先生
[09:52.90]I am so pleased. 我欣喜若狂啊
[09:56.14]You are? 是么?
[09:57.13]Are you kidding me? 你在开玩笑吗
[09:58.65]Do you how long I've been waiting for you to be interested in something other than partying? 你终于对寻欢作乐之外的事感兴趣 你知道这一刻我等了多久了吗?
[10:06.53]you should come see the place. 你该看看这地方
[10:07.66]It sells itself. 绝对物有所值
[10:12.61]I have some meetings,but,uh,how's after-- 我还要开会 过会如何
[10:15.56]a-after's--after's great. 过会 没问题
[10:18.62]After's good. 过会 没问题
[10:20.39]So... 那...
[10:21.78]I heard on "gossip girl" that you were having sex with dan out here... 听"流言蜚女"上说 你和Dan在这儿就亲热上了
[10:25.72]in streaming video. 在视频里
[10:27.74]God,kati and is filmed us? 天那 Kati和Is把我们给拍下来了
[10:29.61]Oh,it's all very "high school musical" scandalous. 拍得跟"高中音乐剧"(电影)一样俗
[10:32.42]and no,they haven't streamed it yet,but... 他们还没上传上去 不过...
[10:37.76]I heard it was... 我听说...
[10:39.55]aggressive. 很火暴
[10:40.63]I must say,dan has been surprisingly good at everything we've done. 我必需得说 对于我们做过的所有事情 Dan都应付的游刃有余
[10:43.70]Which is... everything? 也就是说 你们啥都做过了?
[10:45.48]No! 才没!
[10:46.81]but feel free to ask any personal questions. 但你想问任何私人问题的话 请便
[10:49.17]But you've talked about it,right? 但你谈过 是麽?
[10:50.51]No,mom,we haven'T. 不 老妈子 我们还没呢
[10:52.53]May I remind you that this is your first real boyfriend,S. 我要提醒你 这是你真正意义上的第一个男朋友 S
[10:55.67]And in relationships,you talk about stuff. 在情侣间 谈论事情是很正常的
[10:57.61]I know,but I don't know, 我知道
[10:59.36]sometimes talking about it or planning it can ruin a good thing,you know? 但有时谈论或是打算谈论都会 破坏气氛 你明白不?
[11:04.79]I would know. 我能想象到
[11:07.66]Well,as long as you're not worried. 只要你不着急
[11:09.96]Well,I'm not,but I don't know,he might be. 我不着急 但我不知道他会不会着急
[11:13.63]Is it possible for a guy to want to slow things down? 要是一个男的想慢慢来 可能麽?
[11:16.15]Only the guys we like. 只有我们的喜欢的男人才会
[11:19.74]but... 但是
[11:20.88]with you,I can't imagine why. 跟你在一起 我想不出有甚么理由要慢慢来
[11:33.16]how was I? 我表现如何?
[11:34.61]I don't know. 不知道
[11:35.70]Let's ask the judges. 让我们问下裁判
[11:39.08]I was gonna give you a 3,but since you're a virgin, 我本来打算给你3分 但考虑到你是处男
[11:40.95]I gave you an extra point. 我多给你一分
[11:42.55]Hey,i chose to wait. 嘿 我自己决定守住贞操的
[11:44.63]Sex is meaningful,like art,and you don't rush art. 因为性跟艺术一样 是意味深远的 不能操之过急
[11:48.50]Who's art? Art(艺术)是谁?
[11:50.09]Did you sleep with him? 你跟他睡过麽?
[11:52.59]did you sleep with him? 你有没有跟他睡过?
[11:54.42]Did you or did you not sleep with him? 你到底有没有跟他上过床?
[11:56.49]Yes,alison,i did encourage you to do your paintings, 是的 Alison 我确实鼓励你去绘画
[11:58.58]not the next door neighbor. 却没鼓励你去睡隔壁邻居
[12:02.41]Hello? Hello? 喂? 喂?
[12:09.69]ah,dan,I-I didn't realize you were home. Dan 我不知道你在家
[12:11.21]I'm sorry you had to hear that. 抱歉让你听到
[12:12.56]Well,I did. 我是听到了
[12:13.25]Something about,uh,uh,mom and a neighbor? 是关于我妈和邻居的事?
[12:15.42]Yeah,it'S... complicated. 是 这事有点复杂
[12:18.45]Mom's having an affair. It's easy when you just say it. 妈在搞外遇 你这么说会容易些
[12:20.77]Not to your son. 对自己的儿子可不会这么说
[12:22.07]Well,she hasn't exactly been rushing back to us. 她并没有回到我们身边
[12:23.62]It's good to know why. 很高兴知道到底是怎么回事了
[12:26.73]I'm home. 我回来了
[12:28.59]What's going on,dad? 爸爸 出甚么事了?
[12:29.83]Uh,nothing. 没事
[12:30.54]Just gotta get some groceries. 我要去趟杂货店
[12:36.62]Dan? Dan? 抱歉 Jen 我还有很多作业要做
[12:37.29]Uh,sorry,jen. I got a lot of homework,so...
[12:44.18]*********away. 嘿 老爸 我离你办公室还有10条街
[12:45.95]what? 甚么?
[12:47.15]Oh,sorry,nate. 抱歉 Nate
[12:48.67]I have to take a rain check on our drink. 看来要下次才能跟你喝一杯了
[12:52.01]Why? 为什么?
[12:52.95]Client in crisis. 客户危机
[12:53.88]Can't get out of the office,but I'll be home as soon as I can. 现在我走不开 我会尽快赶回家的
[12:57.75]Well,dad,our talk was kind of important. 好的 爸爸 我有要紧的事要说
[12:59.23]It's business,nate. You understand,right? Nate 我在工作 你能理解的吧?
[13:01.59]We'll talk later. 我们晚点再说
[13:06.81]looks like parents can be deceiving on both sides of the bridge. 貌似父母可以左瞒右骗
[13:25.95]You are... 你实在是
[13:27.80]really talented. 太有才了
[13:33.62]Dad. 老爸
[13:39.79]I didn't think you'd make it. 我以为你会来
[13:41.04]And you want me to pour hundreds of thousands of dollars 你想我用几十万美金
[13:43.94]into an excuse for you to be around booze and women? 花钱找借口给你花天酒地?
[13:46.29]No. No,I... 不 不 我...
[13:48.53]did you read the proposal? It shows a much bigger picture. 有看过我的建议书麽? 能给你一个更宏观的概念
[13:50.76]I came down here because I saw the effort you made. 我之所以到这儿来是 因为我看到你的努力
[13:54.18]You want to impress me with your commitment to something? 你想我对你刮目相看
[13:56.36]Try getting a few a's in school or maybe a part-time job. 那就学校多考点A或者找份兼职来干
[14:13.73]Let's go get some lunch. 去吃午饭吧
[14:17.24]looks like the pot calling the kettle black has young bass boiling over, 看上去"说人不如人"的老爸 让小Bass火冒三丈
[14:21.44]and if we know chuck,he's not one to let things lie. 而Chuck是个眼里揉不下砂子的主
[14:25.23]Someone pour that man a drink. 快给他杯酒 "消消"火 (暗示 一旦有机会 他就会反击)
[14:27.88]You need to look elegant for the archibald dinner tomorrow night,so what do you think? 明晚跟Archibald家晚餐 你要穿得优雅点 你觉得这件怎么样?
[14:31.91]Yes,it would be very nice,if I was sailing up on the mayflower. 看上去不错 如果我要坐"五月花号"出海的话
[14:36.97]Anne archibald was wearing her amazing Anne Archibald前晚戴着那只
[14:41.76]cornelius vanderbilt diamond ring the other night. 炫目的Cornelius Vanderbilt钻石戒指
[14:44.20]She was going on and on about how it would end up on your finger... 她一遍又一遍的说 戒指最后是如何有一天会
[14:50.04]someday. 戴到你的手上
[14:51.38]Wait. 等等
[14:51.97]Nate spoke to his mother about our future? Nate有跟他妈谈过我们的未来?
[14:55.41]He actually asked for the family ring? 他有向他妈去要祖传戒指?
[15:25.10]looks like cold,hard cash can get you the cold,hard truth. 看来真金白银 能换来残酷的真相
[15:28.68]Didn't anyone tell you,N. N 没人跟你说过吗?
[15:30.77]Be careful what you fish for. 当心你应付不了自己寻觅出的真相
[15:40.09]I can't believe we actually got the apartment to ourselves. 真不敢相信这屋子里就我们两
[15:42.85]You got downtown pretty fast. 你到下城区还挺快的
[15:43.90]Well,with an opportunity like this,one needs to take advantage. 哈 这样的机会可得好好把握
[15:55.88]how long do you think till your dad and sister will be back? 你觉得你爸跟你妹多久会回来?
[15:57.54]Uh,anywhere from an hour to 20 minutes? 嗯 大概在1小时到20分钟吧
[16:01.65]Well,20 minutes is plenty. 20分钟已经够了
[16:10.58]It's kind of bright in here,don't you think? 你不觉得太亮了点麽?
[16:13.32]Uh,maybe get some blinds or A... a clapper. 要不要关百页窗或者... 来个声控降落窗什么的?
[16:17.25]Mm,how about next time? 下次吧
[16:25.41]hey,dan. Hungry? 嘿 Dan 饿了麽?
[16:27.52]hello. 你好
[16:28.88]- Hi. - Hi. - 嗨 - 嗨
[16:30.86]Vanessa,right? Vanessa 是吧?
[16:31.97]Good to see you. 见到你很高兴
[16:33.33]Good to see you. 很高兴见到你
[16:34.36]And good to see you seeing us seeing you. 我也很高兴能看到你... 撞见我们... 而突然出现
[16:39.25]excuse me. 稍等
[16:42.84]You really need to start using that door. 你应当开始从大门进
[16:44.58]Which you're showing me to. 你正在教我该怎么走
[16:45.69]Well,practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧
[16:47.27]Leaving,out the door. 那我就从门走了
[16:49.20]And we appreciate it. 感激不尽
[17:03.78]Sorry. 抱歉
[17:07.98]So do you think we should talk about it? 你觉得该谈谈麽?
[17:11.39]You mean about-- about vanessa? 你是指 Vanessa?
[17:13.64]No,you know what? She's like family. 知道麽 她就像一家人
[17:14.93]It feels comfortable,and so therefore, 感觉很随意 所以
[17:16.66]she often shows up without calling. 她常常不请自到
[17:18.62]No,I-I mean about what almost,maybe, 不 我是说那个
[17:22.65]might have just happened. 我们刚刚差点要做的事
[17:24.16]Oh,you mean if vanessa hadn't entered,and we... 哦 你是说要是Vanessa刚刚没闯进来 我们...
[17:28.55]or we could not talk about it. 或者我们干脆别谈了...
[17:33.89]dan,we're home. Dan 我们回来了
[17:37.26]We got breakfast. 买了早餐
[17:39.29]Hungry? 你饿麽?
[17:43.00]Spotted-- bass drunk off his ass at the palace bar, 在皇宫酒店的酒吧里 Chuck喝的烂醉
[17:47.22]drinking away his woes and investment capital. 为了他打了水漂的投资和苦恼 而借酒消愁
[17:50.47]Nathaniel,your position in my esteem has been replaced by your voice mail. Nathaniel 你在我心目中的地位 已经被你的语音信箱取代了
[17:55.97]So... 那么
[17:57.12]bart didn't go for vicola, Bart没支持Victrola
[17:59.16]but truth is I bought the house out already for tonight, 事实上是我今晚把场子给包了
[18:02.61]and it's not a par-tay without my people or any people. 少了我的人或其他人那都不叫派...对
[18:09.02]I'll see you there. 晚上见
[18:21.66]long night? 彻夜没睡?
[18:23.09]Alfonso made me an omelet. Alfonso给我做了煎蛋饼
[18:25.06]I may have washed it down with a bellini or two. 我大概就着一两杯Bellini鸡尾酒吃下去的
[18:28.85]You father didn't go for your business proposal. 你父亲不支持你的商业提案
[18:35.03]Come on. 过来
[18:37.13]Let me help you. 我来扶你
[18:38.14]He was born poor. 他出生贫寒
[18:40.28]- I was born loaded. - Yeah. - 我却生来身家丰厚 - 是啊
[18:42.06]But if the only way to impress him is if I started with nothing, 只有我白手起家才能让他侧目
[18:46.93]then why doesn't he just take it all away? 那他干吗不把这一切都拿走?
[18:52.45]because he loves you. 因为他爱你
[18:54.67]No good parent likes to see his child go without. 没有哪个好父母会情愿看到 自己的孩子白手起家
[18:58.17]I had the idea. 我有个想法
[18:59.54]I did the work. 也为此争取了
[19:03.13]He tells me I can't be committed, 他跟我说我没有责任感
[19:04.52]and he's the one screwing 25 year olds... 而他却跟该对你负责的时候
[19:07.61]when he's supposedly committed to you. 跟25岁的姑娘鬼混
[19:09.57]We're newly committed,as recent as last week. 我们上周才决定确立关系
[19:14.40]I wonder why he was pawing some asian chick in his limo yesterday. 我捉摸着 他为什么昨天 拉着一个亚洲妞上了房车
[19:21.83]How could I be surprised,really? 我真是一点也不觉得意外
[19:26.35]excuse me. 我先走了
[19:32.16]I'm on my way. 我马上到
[19:39.62]uh,I'm late for my blowout at arden'S. 我赶着要去Arden家的宴会
[19:41.00]Mom,please. 妈妈 听我说
[19:43.32]The drugs were dad'S. 那些毒品是我爸的
[19:45.88]I mean,I guess he thought it'd be easier on everyone 我是说 我想他大概觉得 如果让我做替罪羊
[19:47.61]if I took the hit,but they were his. 可能大家都能接受得到 但那些毒品是他的
[19:51.74]I don't understand. 我不明白
[19:52.70]No,he promised me he'd flush the coke,then I caught him buying more. 他答应我他会把那些白粉给冲掉 但我发现他又买了
[19:56.53]The lengths that you will go to to get out of trouble,nate. Nate 为了给自己脱罪 你居然敢说出这样的话!
[19:58.48]Mom,he has a problem. 妈妈 他现在有麻烦了
[20:00.87]I need your help,please. 求你了 我需要你帮忙
[20:05.16]You look down at the floor every time someone tries to tell you the truth. 每次有人要告诉你真相 你都盯着地板看
[20:08.95]Just look at me. Mom. 妈妈 你看着我
[20:13.09]I saw dad buying drugs yesterday. 昨天我亲眼看到我爸在买白粉
[20:16.69]He's been under a lot of pressure, 他压力一直很大
[20:20.19]- and if you hadn't been so difficult lately... - what? - 要是你最近没这么麻烦的话 - 甚么?
[20:23.06]Your latest rebellions have been very hard on your father,nate. Nate 你最近的叛逆让你父亲难以应付
[20:26.27]All this business with dartmouth,your issues with blair. 不肯上Dartmouth大学 你和Blair的矛盾?
[20:29.55]Mom,dad needs your help. 妈妈 爸爸需要你的帮助
[20:30.93]Not another word of this. 那就别再提这件事了
[20:33.18]We have a celebratory dinner to get to. 我们还要参加庆祝晚宴呢
[20:36.03]Please wear a tie. 记得打领带
[20:49.49]see... 你看
[20:51.88]you curl your fingers into a fist, 你把手握成拳头
[20:53.66]and with simple thrust of force,you knock on the door. 只要很简单用力往前 就可以敲门了
[20:58.30]Hey,I didn't use the fire escape. 嘿 这次我没从消防通道进来
[21:00.89]Baby steps. 一回生二回熟
[21:02.47]And what are you doing watching porn? 你看A片干吗?
[21:07.25]It's not porn. It's art cinema. 不是A片 是艺术电影
[21:09.42]Oh,from what I saw earlier,you don't need to be doing research. 哦 就我早上所见 你可不需要做任何研究
[21:12.76]I can't talk about this with you. 我不跟你谈这个
[21:14.61]I'm curious,though,about the change in your attitude, 关于你态度的转变我很好奇
[21:18.30]because may I remind you,that in your pale,romantic, 我要提醒你 在你苍白 浪漫 而又充满内心痛苦的日子里
[21:21.77]tortured days,you'd wax on,and I quote,that, 你绝对会跟人讨论这些事 我来引用一下你常说的
[21:24.55]"sex is meaningful,like art,and you don't rush art." "性像艺术 意味深远 你对艺术不该操之过急"
[21:29.04]That was in,uh,25. 那是2005年的事
[21:31.04]I was more idealistic then. 我那时更理想主义些
[21:32.96]I was much younger,and there wasn't an actual girl who wanted to have sex with me. 那时候太小 没哪个女孩愿意和我发生关系
[21:38.79]You're... 你
[21:40.39]going to lose your virginity. 很快将告别处男生涯
[21:43.07]- Ooh,can you... - my friend dan. - 喔 你能不能 - 我朋友 Dan
[21:45.63]Please not turn my sex life into a country song? 能不能别把我的性生活变成乡村歌曲?
[21:49.47]It's okay. 没事
[21:50.14]I'm sure serena knows what to do, 我肯定Serana知道该做甚么
[21:52.26]what with her vast experiences with boarding school professors, 反正她跟住宿高中的教授们
[21:56.19]pamplonian bullfighters,best friends' boyfriends... 庞普洛纳的斗牛士 最好朋友的男朋友 都有那么多经验
[21:59.79]that's enough now. You can go.Please. 够了 你可以走了
[22:08.27]But if it were me with you... 但要是 我是你女朋友
[22:12.80]I'd want you to hide cedric, 我会希望你把萨德里克的海报 给收起来(篮球明星)
[22:15.96]maybe get some candles and replace the football sheets. 点些蜡烛 把足球床单给换了
[22:21.68]But... 但是
[22:23.26]- take it or leave it. - Thanks. - 接受与否就看你了 - 谢谢
[22:31.89]Thanks for helping me out with the bracelet. 谢谢你帮我还了手链
[22:33.79]I didn't know a broken clasp could cost that much. 我不知道坏了个扣 要那么多钱
[22:35.63]Oh,it was my pleasure. 乐意帮忙
[22:36.77]Oh,wait. No,it wasn'T. 等下 我并不怎么乐意
[22:39.46]Game recognizes game,little J. 了解这个游戏的人 才能不知不觉间快人一步
[22:41.85]But you have to show more respect. 但你起码要尊重别人
[22:43.51]This is the last time I've helped you. 我这是最后一次帮你的忙了
[22:44.74]Next time you cross me,I won't be as forgiving. 下次你再背住我自己乱来 我可不会就这么算了
[22:48.03]Don't worry. There won't be a next time. 你放心 这事不会再发生了
[22:50.02]Good,'cause I wanna tell you something, 很好 因为我有件事要告诉你
[22:52.65]something nobody knows,not even serena. 谁也不知道 连Serena也不知道
[22:55.25]You can keep a secret,right? 你能保守秘密的吧?
[22:56.98]Of course. 当然
[22:58.24]Nate is planning on giving me his family diamond. Nate打算把他的祖传钻戒给我
[23:02.16]It's the most incredible ring you've ever seen. 你从没见过那么漂亮的戒指
[23:06.74]Uh,ring as in engagement ring? 是订婚戒指麽?
[23:10.72]I remember the first time I ever saw him. 我还记得我第一次见到他时的情景
[23:13.55]Maybe we were just little kids,but I knew-- 也许我们还只是小孩子 但我知道
[23:17.28]he's the one I wanna marry. 他就是我要嫁的那个人
[23:20.57]Now it seems like he feels the same way,too. 现在看来他也有同样的感觉
[23:26.03]Why are you not happy for me? 你怎么不替我开心?
[23:28.27]I'm sorry. 对不起
[23:30.21]It's--it's just been a really weird week. 只是 这一周太奇怪了
[23:33.47]Um,there's this stuff with my parents and my family,so maybe I should just go. 我父母 我家里的事 也许我还是走吧
[23:38.36]No,maybe you should look at me in the eye and tell me what you're hiding. 不 也许你该看着我的眼睛 告诉我你在隐瞒些甚么
[23:42.80]Are you jealous? 你嫉妒?
[23:43.92]- Of you and nate? - Do you like him? - 嫉妒你和Nate? - 你喜欢他?
[23:45.70]What? No. 甚么? 不
[23:46.80]Do you think because you talked to him once in the hall that you might have a shot? 你觉得你跟他在走廊里谈过一次话 你就有机会了?
[23:50.84]Blair,it's nothing like that. Blair 不是那样的
[23:53.43]Then tell me,what is it like? 那就告诉我到底怎么回事
[23:55.54]I don't want to hurt you. 我不想伤害你
[23:57.03]How could you hurt me? 你怎么会伤害到我呢?
[24:00.43]Yesterday wasn't the first time I talked to nate. 昨天我不是第一次和Nate讲话
[24:03.04]At the ball,he told me he wasn't over serena. 在舞会上 他跟我说他忘不了Serena
[24:06.67]Why would he tell you that? 他怎么会跟你说这些?
[24:08.11]'Cause I was wearing her mask,and he thought I was her. 因为我戴着她的面罩 他以为我是她
[24:18.45]He kissed me. 他吻了我
[24:20.65]That's enough. 够了
[24:21.83]Blair,I-I didn't want you to find out. Blair 我不想你自己发现这件事
[24:24.48]You're dismissed,jenny... Jenny 你可以走了
[24:26.59]for good. 不要再回来
[25:07.43]You look beautiful tonight. 今晚你看上去真美
[25:10.41]Anything on your mind? 有心事?
[25:14.00]No. 不
[25:16.60]Is there anything you wanna say? 有甚么想对我说的?
[25:19.46]No. 没有
[25:35.01]the leg wrap-- that's interesting. 腿缠着他 有趣
[25:37.33]Sexy,right? 很性感 不是麽?
[25:38.23]And it increases stability. 还可以用来固定身体
[25:40.10]Sure. Yeah,I can see that. 当然 我看得出来
[25:46.58]the hair grab-- does that really work? 抓住头发 这管用麽?
[25:49.16]Oh,yeah. Every time. 喔 是的 每次都管用
[25:53.49]Okay,so leg wrap to hair grab. 好的 从盘腿到抓头发
[25:59.18]Do... hold on a second. 我...停一下
[26:00.76]Do--do I have to keep my shirt open and billowing like that? 我--我需要象那样敞开衬衫吗?
[26:02.62]Well,it never hurts. 喔 反正没坏处
[26:05.64]Nice. 很好
[26:10.94]I'm--I'm doomed. 我真是-- 没希望了
[26:15.26]"sensuous massage." "性感按摩"
[26:17.19]Something we suld talk about? 有什么我们该谈谈的吗?
[26:18.27]Oh,uh,no. 喔 呃 没有
[26:19.47]You know,I have a lot of-- a lot of tension, 你知道 我觉得 -- 压力很大
[26:21.92]stress in between my,um,shoulder blades. 在我的 呃 2个肩胛之间感到很紧绷
[26:27.08]so... 所以...
[26:28.13]I'm headed to the gallery to,uh,test run a 24-hour projection installation. 我现在要去画廊 呃 测试一下24小时的投影展示
[26:32.60]Vanessa and jenny are over there. Do you want to come? Vanessa和Jenny也在那儿 你想一起去吗?
[26:36.73]Um,24 hours is a very long time to be working straight. 呃 连续工作24小时的话 我可吃不消
[26:40.09]So I think I might just chill here. 所以我想我还是呆在这里吧
[26:43.92]Alone? 一个人?
[26:45.45]On a saturday night? 在周六的晚上?
[26:49.73]With your new girlfriend? 和你的新女友一起?
[26:52.35]Son... 儿子...
[26:53.22]dad,we've had the talk already. 老爸 我们已经谈过这个话题了?
[26:54.98]Do you need a refresher? 你需要再听一遍吗?
[26:56.21]Etched in my brain. Thanks. 已经深深的刻在我的脑子里了 多谢
[27:00.92]Well,just be safe. 呃 记得要安全
[27:02.91]Don't do anything you're not ready to do--or she's not. 不要作任何你还没有准备好 -- 或是她还没准备好的事情
[27:09.31]Oh,and,uh,lose the football sheets... 喔 还有 呃 换掉你的这个足球床单...
[27:13.07]and cedric. 还有萨德里克的海报
[27:16.60]Well,you look pretty good for a dead messenger. 喔 对于一个传递噩耗的人来说 你算是辣的了
[27:20.42]I thought I was doing the right thing. 我认为我作了正确的事情
[27:22.39]You did. 是的
[27:23.58]Now blair knows the truth,and she and nate can talk about it. 现在Blair知道了真相 然后她和Nate会谈谈这个问题
[27:27.13]Honest communication is what every good relationship is based on, 坦诚相待是每一段美好关系的基础
[27:30.49]at least,that's what I hear. 至少我也是这样听说的
[27:32.19]I just--I think how I'd feel,you know, 我只是--我想我知道那种感受 你知道吗
[27:33.96]if I loved someone,and they betrayed me. 如果我爱上某人 而他们背叛了我
[27:36.16]How would you ever get things back to the way they were? 怎么还可能回到原来的时候?
[27:38.44]Wait,are we still talking about blair and nate here? 等等 我们还是在讨论Blair和Nate的事情吗?
[27:40.56]Yeah,of course. 是的 当然
[27:41.70]What else can we be talking about? 我们还有别的人可以谈论吗?
[27:43.06]I don't know. Your parents? 我不知道 你的父母?
[27:44.50]Look,maybe you don't go back,maybe you go forward. 听着 也许你不该让他们回望过去 你该让他们望向未来
[27:47.45]Get two people in a room willing to be balls-out honest? 让两个人面对面的把话挑明?
[27:49.82]It might get ugly,but eventually, 也许会搞到不堪入目 但是总之
[27:51.51]the dust has to settle, 冲突终究会缓和下来的
[27:53.51]and then you can see if there's hope. 然后你才会知道是否还有希望
[27:59.30]We've celebrated the partnership, 我们已经为合作关系而庆祝
[28:00.38]but I don't think we've given eleanor her just due. 但是我想我们给Eleanor的赞誉 还远远不够
[28:02.90]This lady is fantastic. 这位女士太优秀了
[28:05.17]Oh,well,uh,thank you,howard. 喔 哇哦 呃 谢谢 Howard
[28:07.88]More cheese? 再来点奶酪?
[28:08.90]Have you tried the humboldt fog? It's quite good. 你尝过Humboldt Fog了吗? 味道好极了
[28:11.09]Eleanor's right. Enough business talk. Eleanor说的对 不要再谈生意了
[28:13.09]Right. 没错
[28:13.63]Let's focus on our families' other joint venture-- 让我们把焦点转向我们两家的 另一个"合作产物"--
[28:15.82]the union of our children. 下一代的结合
[28:17.32]I have to say,every time I look at anne's finger 我必须要说 每次我看着Anne的手指
[28:19.51]- and see blair's future engagement ring... - yes. - 看到的就是Blair未来的订婚戒指... - 是的
[28:22.00]I can hardly contain my joy. 我几乎无法按奈我的喜悦
[28:23.56]Blair,why don't you try it on? Blair 为何不来试戴一下呢?
[28:25.02]No,thank you. 不用了 谢谢
[28:26.08]It's all right. 不用了
[28:26.78]- yes,I would like to see it. - Anne,give it to blair. - 是啊 我也很想看看 - Anne 把戒指给Blair
[28:28.84]dad,she doesn't want to try on the ring. 爸爸 她不想试戴那个戒指
[28:30.10]Howie,why don't we just let it alone? Howie 我们为什么不能随他们去呢?
[28:31.41]just give it to the girl,anne. 把戒指给她 Anne
[28:35.13]Eleanor,do we have another bottle? Eleanor 我们还有酒吗?
[28:36.85]If there was ever an occasion for the toast,this is it. 如果要说有值得敬酒的时刻 绝对就是现在
[28:39.22]They're gonna make such a beautiful couple. 他们是多么天造地设的一对啊
[28:41.41]Now come on. 来吧
[28:42.16]Slide that thing on. 戴上它
[28:46.35]that's what I'm talking about,huh? 这就是我所说的 不是吗?
[28:47.96]Oh,it's very pretty. 喔 太美了
[28:48.82]- It looks magnificent to me. - Thank you - 它看上去简直完美无瑕 - 谢谢
[28:51.13]- Everybody,yeah?Yeah? - it's perfect on her. - 你们说是不是 呃? 呃? - 这个戒指太配她了
[28:52.39]Oh,now how about that toast? Come on. 喔 现在是不是该举杯庆祝了? 来吧
[28:53.75]Everybody,bottoms up. 大家一起来 干咯!
[28:55.42]Dad,why don't we go smoke the cigars we got,huh? 爸爸 我们何不出去抽根雪茄呢 好吗?
[28:58.51]Good idea. Excuse us. 好主意 失陪一下
[28:59.50]Certainly. 没问题
[29:22.63]- this seat taken? - Father. - 这儿有人坐吗? - 父亲
[29:26.06]The light of day doesn't do this place any justice. 白天的日光没照出这里的 真正一面
[29:28.37]I told him he had to check it out when the joint was in full swing. 我跟他说过 等场子热闹起来后 再来看看
[29:31.04]Chuck,this is pauletta cho. Chuck 这位是Pauletta Cho
[29:32.55]Chuck bass. Pleasure. 我叫Chuck Bass 很高兴认识你
[29:34.50]All mine. 我的荣幸
[29:35.33]Pauletta interviewed me for that recent piece in "the observer," Pauletta为"观察者"最近的那篇报道 而采访过我
[29:38.45]roped me into a lunch yesterday to pitch me on the idea of helping her with a career change. 昨天请我吃午餐的时候 毛遂自荐 让我帮她事业转型
[29:42.65]What can I say? 我能说什么呢?
[29:43.49]I'm tired of reporting on titans. 我已经厌烦了报道大亨
[29:45.43]I wanna be one myself. 我想自己也成为一名大亨
[29:47.05]Right. Well,uh,who better to help than my father? 喔 呃 还有谁比我父亲更适合帮你呢?
[29:50.68]As a test,I gave her your proposal that I was given to take a look at. 作为测试 我把你给我的计划书给她看了
[29:54.02]The math was fine, 计划书里的统计做的还可以
[29:55.22]but what interested me was the wish fulfillment quality to the report. 但是让我更感兴趣的是报告中透露出来的 那种强烈的自我实现的渴望
[29:59.84]So perhaps,some,uh, 所以 也许 呃
[30:03.34]d-school thinking and fatherly bias clouded my judgment. 老派的思维方式和父亲的偏见 影响了我的判断
[30:07.29]What do you say? 你觉得呢?
[30:12.92]I love the idea of being a patron of burgeoning talent. 我很乐意作一个后起之秀的资助人
[30:15.97]Shall we take a full tour? 我们到处转转吧?
[30:17.28]Yeah. 好的
[30:19.02]You know,I've been trying to get ahold of lily, 呃 我一直在找Lily
[30:20.97]but,uh,I don't seem able to. 但是 呃 我好像找不到她
[30:25.05]Uh,dad. 呃 爸爸
[30:29.37]there's something I have to tell you. 有些事我必须告诉你
[30:33.90]- dad,you have a problem. - I don't have a problem. - 老爸 你有问题 - 我没有问题
[30:35.52]You're tweaked and embarrassing. 你紧张而胡言乱语 让我们很尴尬
[30:36.92]- You're trying to tell me you don't have a problem? - Don't be so dramatic. - 你还想说你没有问题? - 不要那么夸张
[30:39.43]No,you reminded me every day how important this business deal is to you. 不 你每天都提醒我 这笔生意对您有多重要
[30:42.95]I mean,you've been selling me out trying to make it happen, 我是说 你为了让这次合作成功 一路强迫我
[30:45.65]pushing me towards dartmouth,towards blair. 逼我去上Dartmouth大学 逼我跟Blair交往
[30:48.18]You don't understand. 你不会明白的
[30:49.18]Dad,you're totally sabotaging all of it tonight. 老爸 你今晚会毁了这一切的
[30:51.00]Hey,who the hell are you to tell me? 嘿 你以为你是谁 敢跟我说这些?
[30:52.87]I'm the adult. You're the kid. 是大人 你是孩子
[30:55.00]I know. 我知道
[30:57.88]I'm going back inside. 我要进去了
[30:59.93]Dad,don'T. 老爸 不要
[31:01.27]Nate,let go of me. Nate 放开我
[31:15.59]- what's going on here? - Nothing.He's my son. - 怎么了? - 没什么 他是我儿子
[31:18.13]Is everything all right? 有什么事情吗?
[31:19.31]I said everything's fine. 我说了没事
[31:20.40]I'm not asking you. 我不是在问你
[31:21.86]Sorry,dad. You need help. 对不起 老爸 你需要帮助
[31:26.94]Check his pockets while you're at it. 搜身的时候 检查一下他的口袋
[31:30.54]All right,sir,just relax. 好了 先生 请放松
[31:38.83]My father went home sick. 就说我父亲身体不舒服先回家了
[31:40.39]Spotted on 5th avenue-- a father and son showdown. 第五大道 父子俩摊牌了
[31:44.17]Too bad not all the witnesses can be bought off. 可惜不是所有的目击者都能被买通的
[31:48.57]she's not taking my calls. 她不接我的电话
[31:51.35]I can't believe you did this. 真不敢相信你竟然做了这样的事
[31:52.43]I made a mistake. 我犯了个错误
[31:53.45]This isn't high school,chuck. 这不是在中学 Chuck
[31:54.56]I'm sure she'll take you back once you explain. 我相信等你解释清楚了 她就会回到你身边的
[31:56.05]I'm not so certain about that. 我可没那么确信
[31:58.73]If she doesn't,I'm not sure that's my fault. 如果那样她都不会回心转意的话 那这就不是我的过错了
[32:01.24]There's a reason she was so quick to believe me. 她那么容易就相信我的话 肯定有原因的
[32:04.25]There's a fire-eater in the ladies lounge. 女洗手间里有一个吞火表演者
[32:09.44]you two should set a meeting,see if this place can really be something. 你们两个应该开个会 讨论一下是否可以把这个地方搞出点名堂来
[32:14.12]I'm gonna try and find lily and fix this. 我要去找Lily 解释清楚
[32:24.02]What are you doing? 你在干吗?
[32:25.96]I'm going to victrola. 我要去Victrola
[32:27.13]I promised chuck. It's important to him. 我答应过Chuck的 这对他来说很重要
[32:28.88]I saw your father get arrested. 我看到你父亲被带走了
[32:31.09]Why didn't you come to me? 为什么你不能找我来倾诉呢?
[32:32.58]I would've listened. 我愿意作你的听众
[32:34.35]I've tried,blair. 我试过了 Blair
[32:36.25]But every time I try,something's got your attention-- 但是每次我想找你的时候 你总是在忙别的事情--
[32:38.51]a dinner party,you know,a masked ball. 晚宴 呃 化妆舞会
[32:41.07]Yeah,let's talk about that masked ball. 是啊 让我们来谈谈那次化妆舞会
[32:44.10]Let's talk about how while I was waiting for you to find me so that 让我们来谈谈 当我一心一意盼着你来找到我
[32:46.32]we could finally be together, 我们可以重修旧好的时候
[32:47.98]you were confessing your feelings and kissing serena. 你却在对Serena诉说衷肠 吻她
[32:51.87]I thought I was doing everything right. 我以为我一直以来做的一切都是对的
[32:54.80]It's not your fault. 这不是你的问题
[32:56.88]Do you love me? 你爱我吗?
[33:16.15]you should deal with your father. 你应该好好照顾你父亲
[33:19.85]He needs you. 他需要你
[33:21.99]You know what? 你知道吗?
[33:24.49]I don'T. 我不再需要你了
[33:37.68]okay,I'm ready. 好了 我准备好了
[33:44.13]May I? 我可以牵你的手吗?
[33:50.69]I know it may not compare to,uh, 我知道这无法和...
[33:52.75]a suite at the ritz in paris or a chalet in aspen, 巴黎的丽兹酒店套房或是 阿斯彭的山中别墅相比
[33:56.36]and it might be a fire hazard,but... 而且也有火灾的危险 但是...
[33:59.15]it's perfect. 太完美了
[34:14.21]Where's nate? Nate呢?
[34:15.87]- I think we just broke up. - What? - 我想我们刚刚分手了 - 什么?
[34:17.84]I don't want to talk about it. 我不想谈这个
[34:19.33]I just want to escape. 我只想远离这一切
[34:20.91]That's what this place is for,right? 这个地方不就是用来躲避俗世的吗?
[34:37.38]I know you don't want to talk about what happened,but-- 我知道你不想说刚才发生的事情 但是--
[34:39.35]relief. 解脱感
[34:41.94]I feel relief. 我有种解脱的感觉
[34:46.82]you know,I got moves. 要知道 我也能扭两下子
[34:48.49]Really? 是吗?
[34:50.50]Then why don't you get up there? 那干吗不上台去?
[34:52.12]no,I'm just saying,I have moves. 不 我只是说我会扭两下
[34:54.36]Come on,you're ten times hotter than any of those girls. 去吧 你比那些女孩都要辣十倍
[34:56.16]I know what you're doing,bass. 我知道你想干吗 Bass
[35:01.21]you really don't think I'd go up there. 你该不会认为我不敢上去吧?
[35:03.18]I know you won't do it. 我知道你不会上去的
[35:08.66]guard my drink. 看好我的酒
[35:54.37]who's that girl? 那个女孩是谁?
[35:55.87]I have no idea. 我不知道
[35:58.76]You go,baby vamp. 好样的 小吸血鬼
[36:30.23]as you might have guessed,upper east siders, 你可能会猜到 在上流社会里
[36:32.63]prohibition never stood a chance against exhibition. "禁令"永远不可能禁锢得了"展放"
[36:36.43]It's human nature to be free. 这是渴望自由的人性所致
[36:38.59]And no matter how long you try to be good,you can't keep a bad girl down. 无论你多么想作个好女孩 你永远不可能按奈得了心中的坏
[36:47.90]Well,this is a new strain of obsessive-compulsive. 哇哦 这是强迫症的一种新症状?
[36:51.40]The,uh,art piece projects up to the ceiling. 呃 画作要投射到天花板上
[36:54.31]Oh,still doing anything to get a girl on her back,huh? 喔 为了反驳女人的唠叨 你还真是不顾一切 呃?
[36:58.79]What are you doing here,lil? 你来这干吗 Lil?
[37:01.78]let me ask you that question another way. 让我换种方式问你
[37:03.95]Did you break up with bart again? 你和Bart又闹翻了?
[37:06.14]Well,what did I do to deserve such a thorny welcome? 喔 我作了什么让你这样讽刺我?
[37:08.94]I'm sorry. I'm really not in the mood to play games. 对不起 我真的没有心情和你玩游戏
[37:10.87]I don't know what's happening with my wife or my marriage, 我不知道我妻子和我的婚姻 出了什么问题
[37:13.19]and you showing up here randomly 而你又随意的出现在这里
[37:15.05]and often doesn't make figuring that out any easier. 让我更加摸不着头脑
[37:19.74]I'm sorry I bothered you,really. 很抱歉打扰了你 真的很抱歉
[37:22.24]Lil,wait. Lil 等等
[37:24.03]You know,if you wanna stay and see the, 你知道 如果你想留下来
[37:25.72]uh,installation,I could really use the company. 看着我投影展示 我很乐意有人陪伴
[37:29.40]Oh,I don't want to be in your way. 喔 我不想碍你的事
[37:32.20]Van Der Woodsen Since when,van der woodsen? 你什么时候耽误过我的事?
[37:57.94]I've been meaning to get that fixed. 我一直想把那个修好
[38:02.59]I'm really happy to be here with you right now. 我真的很高兴能和你 象现在这样在一起
[38:13.09]wait. 等等
[38:15.87]What? What,did I do something wrong? 怎么了? 我做错什么了吗?
[38:17.72]- No. - I knew the hair thing was too much. - 没有 - 我就知道抓头发那招用过头了
[38:19.76]No. 不是的
[38:21.94]No,it's just,um... 不是这个 只是 呃...
[38:23.44]um,"um" is never good. 呃 "呃"就肯定没好事
[38:26.65]What? I... I'm scared. 什么? 我...我有点害怕
[38:29.43]of me? 怕我?
[38:30.41]No. 不是
[38:32.22]Well,yes,but... 呃 是的 但是...
[38:35.28]no,it's just-- I've never,um... 不是 只是--我从来没有 呃...
[38:37.73]you've--you've never-- you're not... 你--你从来没有--你不是...
[38:40.38]- no. - All right. - 不是 - 喔
[38:41.71]No,I-I wish. 我不是第一次 虽然我-我希望是
[38:46.63]It's just,nobody's ever looked at me the way you just did. 只是从来没有人象你 刚才那样看着我
[38:51.73]In fact,I don't think they looked at me at all. 事实上 我觉得他们从来没真正的 注视过我
[38:54.33]You think I'm crazy,don't you? 你觉得我疯了 是吗?
[38:58.44]no. No,I don'T. 不 不 我没有
[39:01.33]Are you mad? 你不高兴了吗?
[39:05.04]come here. 过来
[39:17.67]Thank you. 谢谢
[39:19.16]Mom,hey. 妈妈 嘿
[39:21.10]What's going on? 怎么了?
[39:22.31]What do you think? 你认为呢?
[39:25.10]I'm headed down to the police station. 我要去警察局
[39:26.91]The lawyers will meet me there along with someone from the district attorney's office. 律师会在那等我 还有地方检察院的人
[39:31.88]Wait,what? 等等 什么?
[39:33.83]Why can't we just pay his bail? 我们为什么不能把他保释出来?
[39:35.40]His bail is set at a miion dollars. 他的保释金要一百万
[39:37.43]What are you talking about? It wasn't even that much coke. 你在说什么? 他身上的白粉根本就没那么多
[39:39.93]It seems your father is facing some other charges. 看来你父亲还要面临其他指控
[39:43.72]For what? 什么指控?
[39:46.76]Embezzlement and fraud. 挪用公款和诈骗
[39:50.70]I guess they've been building their case for a while. 我想他们已经暗中调查了一段时间了
[39:55.27]Well,are you coming? 呃 你一起来吗?
[40:20.33]mom... 妈妈...
[40:22.89]it's time for you to come home. 你该回家了
[40:42.47] 谢谢你送我回家
[40:44.41] 你在台上的样子真是太迷人了
[41:00.05]You sure? 你确定?

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