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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.08.17 16:33:44
[00:00.28]Gossip Girls Here-Your One And Only Source 绯闻少女在此 我是向你们提供
[00:02.89]Into The Scandalous Lives Of Manhattan's Elite. 曼哈顿名流们丑闻生活的唯一资料来源
[00:05.36]I Got Three Cases Of Champagne For Serena Van Der Woodsen. 我有三箱香槟 是给Serena Van Der Woodsen的
[00:08.62]For Me? Who's It From? - 给我? - 谁送的?
[00:10.33]Porn And Handcuffs? This Is Low, Chuck, Even For You. A片和手铐? 这真低级 Chuck 即使对你来说
[00:13.19]What's This? Chuck Said It Came For You This Morning. Whoa. Is That Coke? - 这是什么? - Chuck说是今早给你送来的 是毒品吗
[00:16.72]How Do You Like A Brother Who Uses You As A Drug Mule? 这个让你送毒品的哥哥 你还喜欢吗
[00:18.98]I Can't Believe You Think Chuck Is Doing These Things. What's He Done Now? - 真不敢相信你觉得是Chuck做的 - 他又怎么了
[00:21.75]I'll Tell You What He's Done. If We're Gonna Exist Under The Same Roof, 我来告诉你他怎么了 如果我们要在同一屋檐下生存
[00:24.22]I Am Laying Down Some House Rules. No Need, Princess. Bart Already Kicked Me Out. - 那我就要定几条规矩 - 免了 小公主 Bart已经把我赶出来了
[00:28.08]I'm Moving Back To My Suite. I Love You, Nate Archibald. - 我这就搬回我的套房去 - 我爱你 Nate Archibald
[00:30.82]Always Have, Always Will. 一直爱 永远爱
[00:32.58]I Want Nothing Else To Do With You, Blair. It's Over. 我不想和你再有任何关系了 Blair 结束了
[00:34.88]Jenny, If You Walk Away From Me Now, I Will Ruin You. Jenny 如果你就这么走了 我会毁了你的
[00:38.02]How Are You Gonna Do That? My Mother's Valentino Was Stolen. - 你打算怎么做呢 - 我妈妈的Valentino礼服被偷了
[00:40.62]Oh, My God. That's My Mother's Dress. Do You Think That You Can Just Send Me Off To School - 天啊 这是我妈的衣服 - 爸爸 你以为把我送去上学
[00:44.08]With A Plaid Skirt And A Metrocard, 给我件格子裙 一张地铁卡
[00:46.08]And Everything Will Be Okay? I'm Really Sorry, Chuck. - 就万事大吉了吗 - 我很抱歉 Chuck
[00:48.88]I Know It Wasn't You Who Sent Me That Stuff. 我知道那些东西不是你送的了
[00:56.55]And Who Am I? 我是谁?
[00:58.02]That's A Secret I'll Never Tell. 这个秘密我永远不会讲
[01:01.48]You Know You Love Me. 你知道你是爱我的
[01:03.48]流言蜚女 第一季 第15集
[01:07.72]There Are Three Things We Do Alone- 有三件事 是我们要独自去做的
[01:10.12]We Are Born, We Die, 出生 死亡
[01:12.12]And If We're A High School Junior Headed For College, 如果我们正面临高中毕业升大学
[01:14.45]We Take The S.A.T. 那就还有S.A.T测验
[01:16.62]And While The Test Is Said To Measure Our Best Traits, 而当这个测验被视为衡量我们最佳水平的标尺
[01:19.62]Preparing For It 准备考试...
[01:21.28]Inevitably Brings Out The Worst- 自然就将最糟糕的一面表露无疑
[01:23.48]Humility Becomes Self-Doubt... 谦虚变成了自我怀疑...
[01:29.75]* Guess We're All In Trouble, Huh? *
[01:31.37]Striving Becomes Obsession. 努力追求变成了走火入魔
[01:33.72]* It's Tuesday On The Other Side Of Town *
[01:36.12]Some Are Driven To Self-Medication... 有人不得不试着自我救治...
[01:38.75]* Most Would Just Give Up For Dead *
[01:40.65]* So I Said, "Alfie, Don't Get So Upset" *
[01:43.32]* We All Get Scared Of Sticking Out Our Necks *
[01:46.35]* It's Expected
[01:48.17]While Others Cling To The Security 而有人则是通过团队合作
[01:50.05]Of Being Part Of A Group. 寻找一丝安全感的慰藉
[01:52.98]* Ooh, Ah
[01:54.18]* Ba, Ba, Ba
[01:55.92]* Ba, Ba, Sha-Doo, Be-Doo
[01:58.12]* Ba, Ba, Ba
[02:00.12]And Anyone Who's Used To Bending The Rules 所有那些曾经循规蹈矩的人
[02:02.69]Will Find Themselves Breaking Them. 如今也加入了破坏者的行列
[02:05.28]* Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba, Sha-Doo *
[02:08.98]* Come On, Come On * It's Time To Lose Control
[02:12.45]* Come On, Come On * Turn Off Your Radio
[02:15.75]* Come On, Come On * You're Gonna Feel All Right
[02:19.65]* Come On, Come On * Let's Do The Panic Tonight *
[02:24.48]Ugh! Dad, Don't Ever Do That Again. 爸爸 别再这样了
[02:26.80]Just Doing What I Was Told. Time's Up. 我是按吩咐去做的 时间到
[02:28.19]I Was Instructed That Whenever Time Was Up, 我被告知无论什么时候 只要到点
[02:30.22]I Should Share That Information. Yes, But The Manner In Which You Went About It-It Was Like - 就要马上通知 - 是的 可是你通知我所采用的方式 就像...
[02:33.17]You Were Deliberately Trying To Humiliate Me. How Bad? - 你是想要故意让我难堪 - 很糟么?
[02:35.94]Uh... Half. I Finished Exactly Half In The Allotted Time. 呃...一半吧 我在规定时间内完成了一半
[02:40.64]Well, You're A Smart Kid. I'm A Choker. I Choke. - 你真是个聪明的孩子 - 我很紧张 快吓死了
[02:42.80]Mm, Just In Your Head. T - Ball. First Grade. Remember This? - 你自己吓自己 - 棒球 一年级 记得不
[02:45.81]Bases Loaded, And I Struck Out. You Were 6. - 满垒 我被三振出局 - 你那时才6岁
[02:48.18]The Ball Was On A Tee, Not Moving. You'll Come Through. - 球在球垫上 根本没动 - 你会熬过去的
[02:50.45]You're Basing That On What, Exactly? 你何以得此结论?
[02:53.25]Blind Faith? 盲目信任
[02:55.25]Bye. Wait. - 拜 - 等下
[02:57.86]Dad, I'm Gonna Be Late. I'm Coming With You. - 爸爸 我要迟到了 - 我跟你一起走
[02:59.61]What? You're Walking Me To School? I Need The Exercise. - 什么? 你要送我去上学? - 我需要锻炼一下
[03:01.99]I Made One Mistake. It Doesn't Mean I Need 我不过是犯了个错误 并不代表我需要戴行动监视器
[03:03.48]A Human Ankle Monitor. You Used To Beg Me To Walk You To School. 以前你不是都求我送你上学的么
[03:05.99]You'd Cry If I Didn't Walk You To Class. That Wasn't Me. That Was Dan. - 我要是不送你到班上 你就哭鼻子呢 - 那不是我 是Dan
[03:08.92]It's True, But I Was 6, 的确 不过那时我才6岁
[03:09.98]And It An Emotional Time For Me. It Was Post-T-Ball. Jenny, What You Did Was Wrong - 那时是我的情绪起伏期 棒球后遗症 - Jenny 你所做的事情是错误的
[03:13.81]And Really Out Of Character. 而且很不像你
[03:15.05]Grounding You Is Not Just About Punishment. 禁足不只是为了惩罚你
[03:16.73]We Need To Spend Some Time Together, Reconnect. Yeah, I Want That, Too. - 也是因为我们需要多点时间彼此了解 - 没错 我也赞成
[03:20.50]Just... Not In Public And In Front Of My Friends. 只是...不要在大庭广众之下 当着我朋友的面
[03:25.12]All Right. Tonight. Dinner. 好吧 那今晚 晚饭时间
[03:27.23]Okay. And I Have Group Rehearsal. 好吧 不过我要排练
[03:29.17]I'm The Alto. And I'm Really Proud, - 我是领唱 - 我很骄傲
[03:31.86]But We Are Connecting This Evening Over Lasagna. 不过今晚我们要边吃卤汁面条边谈心
[03:33.86]Hey, Jen, You Wanna Wait Up For A Second? We Could Take The- 嘿 Jen 你能等一下吗 我们可以...
[03:37.28]Well, A-All Right, I'll See Ya At School. 那...那好吧 学校再见了
[03:44.30]2200. Fair. 2200 中等水平
[03:46.70]It's 90th Percentile. 已经90%了
[03:47.86]Which Means Nelly Yuki Probably Got 2300. 这就说明Nelly Yuki很可能拿到2300
[03:50.48]And You Don't Even Talk To Her. Why Do You Care How She Does? 你都不跟她讲话的 干吗在意她如何
[03:52.86]Nelly Yuki Has Her Sights Set On Yale, Too. Nelly Yuki也想上耶鲁的
[03:55.73]What Are The Odds 有多大几率
[03:56.36]Of Them Accepting Two Girls From Constance? 他们会收康斯坦斯的两名女生啊
[03:58.11]And Have You Seen Nelly Yuki's Extracurriculars? 你有看过Nelly Yuki的课外活动成绩吗
[04:00.53]I Need To Kick Her Well-Rounded Ass. 我必须得把她全面打败
[04:02.73]And They Say You've Lost Your Edge. Nelly Yuki Must Be Destroyed. - 他们还说你已经失去斗志了呢 - 一定要打败Nelly Yuki
[04:06.20]Why Do You Keep Saying Her Name? Because It's Nelly Yuki. - 你干吗老提她名字啊 - 因为她是Nelly Yuki
[04:09.36]Ew, Gross. Incoming-Chuck. You Ready? - 真恶心 Chuck来了 - 你走吗
[04:12.05]No, I Gotta Wait For Dan. He's Pretty Stressed. 不 我要等Dan 他快被压垮了
[04:14.05]He Doesn't Do Well With Tests, So... Performance Anxiety? - 他不擅长考试 所以... - 性功能障碍么
[04:16.81]Bye, Blair. 拜 Blair
[04:23.90]She Really Needs To Tone Down On The Social Niceties. 她对社交礼节的要求有点太过了吧
[04:26.17]It's Embarrassing. Eventually, The Two Of You - 真是尴尬 - 事实上 你们两个
[04:27.98]Are Gonna Have To Work Out Your Issues. What Issues? I'm Issue-Free. - 应该把问题好好解决一下 - 什么问题? 我没有问题
[04:32.03]And, Uh, Based On My Exhaustive Research, 并且呢 根据我的详尽研究
[04:34.43]So Are You. 你也如此
[04:37.00]Georgina? Georgina?
[04:37.76]According To My Very Reliable Sources, 根据我非常可信的线报
[04:39.76]Georgina Sparks Is Nowhere Near Our Fair Isle. Georgina Sparks在离我们很远的地方
[04:42.20]She's In Switzerland, Dating The Prince Of Belfort. 她在瑞士 跟贝尔福王子约会
[04:45.50]There's A Prince Of Belfort? Uh-Huh. 有这么个王子?
[04:47.50]And She's Dating Him? Oh, Thank God. - 她在跟他约会? - 感谢上帝
[04:50.10]Now You Can Enjoy The Gifts She Mailed You 现在你可以安心享受
[04:52.10]With Peace Of Mind... And Maybe Chuck In The Room. - 她送你的礼物了 - 还有在房间等你的Chuck
[04:55.16]Oh, Shoot. Except We're Siblings. 该死 我们可是姐弟
[04:57.70]Georgie Always Brought Out The Devil In You. Georgie 总是能引发出你魔鬼的一面
[05:00.03]Part Of Me Is A Little Disappointed She's Not Here. 我心里还真有点失望她人不在这儿
[05:02.40]Mm, I Wonder Which Part. It's Been A While Since I Saw The Old Serena. - 我很好奇有多少点 - 我已经和过去的Serena分别好久了
[05:05.05]Well, Thanks To Her, 多亏了她
[05:05.73]The New One Has To Break 2000 On Her S.A.T.S. 新的Serena S.A.T.考试突破了2000
[05:07.95]So If You Could Just Go Smarm Elsewhere... 所以麻烦你去拍别人马屁吧
[05:10.05]The Offer Still Stands. I Know A, Uh, Lovely Little Redhead 我的邀请依旧算数 我知道有位可爱的红发辣妹
[05:13.55]That's Just Dying To Be You For The Day. Oh, I'll Leave The Cheating To You, Chuck. - 正迫不及待地代替你(考试)呢 - 作弊的事你自己来就好了 Chuck
[05:16.97]I Plan On Taking The S.A.T.S Myself. 我要靠自己的实力来参加考试
[05:21.23]You Have No Idea How Lucky You Are. 你真不知道自己有多幸运
[05:23.26]Seriously, Jenny. 真的 Jenny
[05:23.94]I Would Do Anything To Be A Freshman Again. Junior Year Sucks. - 只要能重回一年级 让我做什么都行 - 三年级太讨厌了
[05:26.73]Nate Doesn't Call. I'm Not Ready For The S.A.T.S. Maybe I Should Join Kati On The Kibbutz In Israel, - Nate没给我电话 我也没准备好参加考试 - 或许我该和Kati一起去以色列的集体农场
[05:31.26]Quit Now. You Guys, It's Just A Test. - 现在就退学 - 拜托 不过是个考试而已
[05:33.76]Look, Cram Session Tonight. My Dad's Making Lasagna. 听着 今晚要临阵磨枪 我爸爸会做意大利面条
[05:36.26]My Brother's Got Tons Of Flash Cards, 我哥有大把的闪视卡片(专门用来做练习的卡片)
[05:38.26]And I'm Totally Available To Help. 而我也完全有空帮忙
[05:40.26]That Won't Be Necessary, Little J. 没那个必要 小J
[05:42.30]You Girls Are All Taken Care Of, 你们尽管放心好了
[05:43.87]Courtesy Of Blair Waldorf S.A.T. Prep And Spa. Blair Waldorf的诚挚邀请 S.A.T.考前准备以及温泉水疗
[05:46.93]Are You Serious? If You're Gonna Sweat The Test, It Better Not Clog Your Pores. - 你说真的? - 你要是想为了考试拼命 最好还是不要把毛孔都阻塞吧
[05:50.11]This Evening At My Penthouse, You'll Find Personal Tutors, 今晚在我的大屋 你们还会有私人辅导
[05:53.16]Hot Stone Massages, Mani-Pedis And An Amazing Acupuncturist 热石按摩 手脚美甲 还有一位非常出色的针灸医生
[05:55.90]Who Specializes In Mental Acuity. 专治精神紧张
[05:58.00]Guess That Beats My Dad's Lasagna. I'll Flickr Over Some Photos For You. - 看来我爸的意大利面明显输了 - 我会拍几张照片给你的
[06:01.16]Oh, It's Upperclassmen Only. I'm Sure You Understand. 只能高年级学生参加的 希望你能理解
[06:03.93]Totally. 当然
[06:10.06]Wait Up, B. 等等 B
[06:13.06]I'm So Glad I Didn't Book That Flight To Tel Aviv. 还好我没定机票去特拉维夫(以色列城市)
[06:15.49]Spotted In The Halls Of Constance-Little J. Realizing 在康斯坦斯的学校大厅 小J意识到
[06:18.73]That Age Really Does Come Before Beauty. 年纪果然胜于美貌
[06:23.07]S.A.T.S? S.A.T.测验?
[06:23.86]Yeah. Yeah, And, Uh, Soccer? 是啊 是 踢球?
[06:26.55]Why Not Give The Old Ball A Kick? 干吗不去踢几脚好球呢
[06:27.98]Season's Just Around The Corner... In October. 这比赛可眨眼就到了....就在十月
[06:30.36]No, No, You Know What? I Have To Stop Doing That. 不不 我不能再这样了
[06:32.17]I'll Just Focus On Myself And My-My Test And My Prep. 我要专心 专心考试 准备考试
[06:34.67]What Other People Do Or Don't Do Is About Them, Absolutely. 其他人做什么是他们的事 与我无关
[06:37.44]Not A Good Tester, Huh? 不擅长考试 是吧
[06:41.93]Oh, Chuck, I Had No Idea You Felt That Way About Me. Chuck 我不知道你对我有这种感觉
[06:44.93]Good To Know You're At Least Still Kind Of Funny. 很高兴知道你还有保留一丝幽默
[06:47.96]Hey, I'm So Sorry. 嘿 我很抱歉
[06:48.98]I've Been Completely Off The Radar The Past Few Days. 过去这几天我真的是太没心没肺了
[06:50.97]New Home, New Family. It's Okay. 新家庭 新家人 没什么的
[06:52.36]Yeah, It's, Um, Pretty Overwhelming. 是啊...让人喘不过气
[06:55.48]Yeah, I-I've Been A Little Overwhelmed Myself Lately. 是啊 我最近也是有点呼吸困难
[06:58.06]Well, You Wanna Hang Out... Study? 你想跟我一起... 学习吗?
[07:01.17]Mmm. Ooh. I Wanna Take Whatever S.A.T. Prep Course 恩 只要有你参加的S.A.T.考前准备课
[07:03.46]You're Signed Up For. 我统统不会错过
[07:04.81]Well, It's Not Too Late. 现在还不晚
[07:06.67]Okay. I'm In, Then. 好 那我来
[07:08.87]I'll See You. 回头见
[07:13.84]You Always Did Know How To Leave 'Em Wanting More. 你的确很懂得如何放长线钓大鱼
[07:19.36]Oh, My God, Georgina. 天啊 Georgina
[07:27.75]What Are You Doing Here? Well, I Told You I Was Coming. - 你怎么会在这儿 - 不是告诉你我要来了吗
[07:30.49]Didn't You Get My Gifts? Uh, You're Supposed To Be In Switzerland Dating A Prince. - 没收到我的礼物吗 - 你不是在瑞士和王子约会吗
[07:35.69]Luckily Daddy Didn't Need The G5. 还好老爸不需要G5
[07:37.75]Haven't You Missed Me? 你不想我吗
[07:39.95]How Could I Not? 怎么会
[07:41.61]Okay. You Don't Want To Throw Me A Homecoming Party. 好吧 你不想给我开欢迎派对
[07:43.68]I Get It, But Let's Have A Cocktail, 我理解 不过我们去喝一杯吧
[07:46.69]Catch Up. 续续旧
[07:49.69]S., You're Really Gonna Hurt My Feelings, S 你真的要让我伤心么
[07:53.00]And You Know How I Get When My Feelings Are Hurt. 你知道我受伤时会怎样的
[08:00.50]Great. I'll See You Tonight. 很好 晚上见
[08:02.12]It's So Weird Seeing You. It's Almost Like I Never Left. 见到你的感觉真奇怪 就好象我从没离开过
[08:10.51]Spotted In The Courtyard- 在院子里
[08:11.82]Serena Looking Like She's Seen A Ghost- Serena像撞鬼般失魂落魄
[08:14.20]The Ghost Of Parties Past. 而这只鬼来自过去的狂野生活
[08:23.08]Jenny, Why Did You Want To Meet Here? Well, I've Been Thinking- - Jenny 为什么要在这里见啊 - 我一直在想...
[08:26.37]What's The One Thing That No One In Our Group Has, 有什么东西是我们这群人都没有的
[08:28.43]I Mean, Not Even Blair? Compassion? - 连Blair都没有? - 同情心?
[08:31.95]No, A Boyfriend. You Know, If I'm Gonna Make It To Queen, 不 是男朋友 你知道 如果我要当皇后
[08:34.43]I Need A King. Queen Elizabeth Never Had A Boyfriend. - 那就需要有个国王 - 伊丽莎白女王从没交过男朋友啊
[08:36.93]But She Only Had The Spanish To Conquer, 可是她还有西班牙要征服呢
[08:38.50]And I Have Blair Waldorf. Let's Talk Qualifications. 而我的征服对象是Blair Waldorf 我们先说说基本要求
[08:41.03]He Has To Be Cute, But Not Full Of Himself. 一定要帅 但不能太自恋
[08:45.37]He Has To Be From The Right Kind Of Family... 一定得是出身正经人家
[08:47.83]Ugh, But Not Disgusting. 但不能那么恶心
[08:53.88]Come On. 快来
[09:00.17]I'm So Sorry. Are You Okay? 对不起 你没事吧
[09:01.93]Yeah, Uh, My Lunch Isn't, Though. 没事 不过我的午餐就不是了
[09:04.81]Oh, Linus. Linus
[09:06.68]Let Me Give You... My Last Dollar. 我来给你...我最后一块钱
[09:11.96]Oh, I Couldn't. 我不能要
[09:13.14]You Shouldn't Be Walking The Streets With No Money. 你不能身无分文的在街上走吧
[09:15.68]Let's Just Settle For An I.O.U. Then. 那我们就立张借据吧
[09:17.75]It's Just A Hot Dog. 不过是个热狗
[09:19.25]That Was Just My Excuse To Give This To You. 不过是我想把这个给你的借口
[09:22.84]Here's My Number. 我的电话号码
[09:25.13]Thank You. 谢谢
[09:27.57]I Mean, It's Fine. 我是说 没什么
[09:29.18]I Mean, I'm Really Not Even That Hungry. 其实我也没那么饿
[09:30.69]Well, If You Change Your Mind... 好吧 如果你改变主意了
[09:41.08]What Are You Doing? He's Gorgeous. 你干吗啊 他多帅啊
[09:43.85]He's A Dog Walker. 他是遛狗的
[09:44.89]I Need A King, Not A Jester. 我要的是国王 不是小丑
[09:47.94]Come On. Let's Go Lurk Outside Dalton. 来吧 我们去其他地方寻找猎物
[09:58.15]Hey. Vanessa. - 嘿 - Vanessa
[09:59.26]You're Nate, Right? You Play A Very Small But Crucial Role 你是Nate 对吧 你在我的视频中扮演了一个
[10:02.26]In My Video Project. Oh, That's Right. - 非常重要的小角色 - 噢 没错
[10:03.89]I Remember You Following Dan Around With Your Video Camera. Hey, Nate. - 我记得你拿着DV机跟着Dan到处转 - 嘿 Nate
[10:07.01]What Are You Doing Here? I Mean, I Know The Coffee's Good... 你怎么来了 我知道这里咖啡是不错
[10:09.87]Since I've Taken Every S.A.T. Prep And Review Class 因为我已经把这附近所有的SAT准备课程
[10:11.89]In The Five Boroughs, I Figured Why Not Pay It Forward? So-So You Don't Need These? - 都上过了 我就想何不助人为乐呢 - 那这些你都不要了?
[10:15.51]You Know, I've Actually Already Taken It. 我已经都上过了
[10:16.89]My Parents Don't Want Me Going To U.S.C., 我父母不想让我去念U.S.C.
[10:18.89]So I Had To Make Sure My Scores Were Good Enough 所以我要确保我的成绩足够优秀
[10:20.15]To Get In Without Their Help, Which, Thanks To These Books, 能让我靠自己的实力被录取 多亏了这些书啊
[10:22.84]They Were, So I'm Done. While We All Love Hearing About The Struggles Of The Idle Rich, - 的确如此 所以我不再需要了 - 我们都喜欢听富家少爷努力奋斗的故事
[10:27.62]Dan's Got A Fine Tutor Right Here. 不过Dan已经有位好老师了
[10:29.80]I Ace Every Practice Test I Take, 我所有测试的成绩都是A
[10:31.57]So We Don't Need Your Hand-Me-Downs. Um, You Know What? Th-This Is Actually Pretty Good. - 所以我们不需要你的二手货了 - 知道吗 这真的很及时
[10:35.45]This Looks Good. Thank You. Is There A Reason You Insist - 很不错谢谢你 - 你这样坚持装绝望
[10:37.20]On Looking So Desperate And Needy? She's Been Like That Since We Were Kids- - 装可怜 是有什么苦衷吗 - 她从小就这样
[10:40.76]Venomous Without Provocation. It's Better Than Being A Charity Case. - 没有恶意的毒舌 - 还是拿去做慈善吧
[10:43.09]She's Rude, Too. I See That. - 也很无礼 - 看的出
[10:45.27]Yeah. Well, I Gotta Get Going, 好吧 我该走了
[10:48.24]But I Hope These Are Useful. 不过希望这些能派上用场
[10:49.63]Oh, Yeah, Yeah, Very. Thank You. 当然当然 非常感谢
[10:55.45]What? 干吗
[10:56.46]They're-Hey, Every Little Bit Helps. 这些...嘿 一分钱也是钱啊
[11:16.33]Is This Really The Best Place For Us To Talk? 这里真的适合我们聊天吗
[11:18.45]You Of All People Know 你最清楚
[11:19.38]Nothing Gets Me Talking Like A Cosmo. 一副淑女样的我 可是什么都说不出来的
[11:27.40]A Lot Has Changed Since We Used To Hang Out, Georgie. 现在和我们以前不同了 Georgie
[11:29.95]I Know. I Get It. No, You Don't Get It, Or You Wouldn't Have Sent Me - 我知道 我明白 - 不 你不明白 否则你就不会送给我
[11:33.26]All Those So-Called Gifts In The First Place. 那些所谓的礼物了
[11:35.57]Oh, Come On, Sweetie. Those Were Funny. 别这样 亲爱的 闹着玩嘛
[11:37.89]Get Over Yourself. I Was Just Trying To Make You Laugh. 别这个样子 我只是想逗你开心
[11:40.33]How About This- How About For One Night, 这样如何 就今天一晚
[11:43.07]We Hang Out Like Old Times, But Unlike Old Times, 我们像以前那样玩 但不会和以前一样
[11:45.40]I Won't Get Out Of Control, Unless You Want Me To. 我是不会让自己失控的 除非你同意
[11:48.32]I Mean, I Can Totally Get Out- 我可是绝对能够完全...
[11:49.51]No, Okay. I-I Won't Get Out Of Control, 不会啦 好吧 我不会让自己失控的
[11:51.21]And I Totally Respect That. 我会注意的
[11:52.74]Please Stop Me Any Time You Feel Like Answering. 你要想答应我 请随时打断我
[11:55.10]Any... Time. Come On. 随时都可以 来吧
[12:02.76]One Drink, But Only One. 一杯 但就这一杯
[12:06.30]Cheers. 干杯
[12:14.35]Where Are All The Tutors? 辅导老师呢?
[12:15.71]And The Masseuses? And The Smoothies? - 还有按摩师 - 还有奶昔呢
[12:18.13]All That I Have Promised You Is Waiting. 我答应你们的一切都在候着呢
[12:19.89]And While It Gives Me Great Pleasure 这让我非常高兴
[12:21.49]To Think Of Us Crossing That S.A.T. Finish Line Together, 想到我们要一起迈过S.A.T考试的终点
[12:24.20]Before The Race Can Begin, 在比赛开始之前
[12:25.46]You Need To Be Made Aware Of One Little Thing. 有一件小事是你们需要注意的
[12:31.15]Nelly Yuki, Top In Our Class, Nelly Yuki 我们班的尖子
[12:33.76]Summer Schooled At The Sorbonne. 在杜尔邦大学上暑期课程
[12:34.70]Lots Of People Do Summer At Sorbonne, Including Me. 很多人都去的啊 包括我
[12:37.57]True. Penelope, You May Be A National Merit Scholar, 没错 Penelope 你也许是拿了优秀毕业生奖学金
[12:41.30]But Nelly Yuki Is A Merit Scholar... 但Nelly Yuki不只是优秀毕业生
[12:43.51]A Peabody Scholar 还拿了Peabody奖学金
[12:44.62]And An Intel Science Talent Search Finalist. 并且是因特尔科学奖的决赛选手
[12:46.95]Isabel, You're A Concert Pianist, Isabel 你是个钢琴家
[12:50.01]But Itzhak Perlman Himself Gave Nelly Her Very First Violin. 但Itzhak Perlman把他的第一把小提琴送给了Nelly (20世纪小提琴之王)
[12:53.57]Hazel... Hazel...
[12:56.22]You're Just Along For The Ride, 'Kay? 你没什么可竞争的 好吗
[12:58.21]But If Any Of Us Wants To Live Out Our College Dreams, 但如果我们想要实现自己的大学梦
[13:00.45]We Have To Find Nelly Yuki's Weakness 我们就必须找出Nelly Yuki的弱点
[13:02.38]And Exploit It. 善加利用
[13:03.51]So What's It Gonna Be- Aromatherapy Or Annihilation? 那会是怎样呢? 是要芳香疗法还是全军覆没?
[13:12.18]What's The Plan? 有什么计划?
[13:24.24]It Was, Like, The Worst Thing Ever, 那简直是最糟糕的一件事了
[13:25.26]And Then-And Then, Do You Remember? 之后...你记得吗
[13:26.38]Do You Remember When We Ran Out Of Money? 你记得我们没钱的时候吗
[13:28.04]And Then I Had To Flash The Bartender 我不得不对着酒保露体
[13:30.12]'Cause We Ran Out Of Money. Wait, Wait. Oh, My God. 因为我们身上没钱了 等下等下 天啊
[13:34.35]Remember When We Were Savannah And Svetlana? Oh, Savannah. - 记得我们是Savannah和Svetlana的时候吗? - Savannah
[13:37.77]Savannah! Savannah!
[13:39.10]I Totally Forgot About Savannah And Svetlana. Svetlana. 我完全把Savannah和Svetlana给忘了
[13:42.65]Wait, No, I Think We Were Tiffany And Angel That Night. 等下 不对 那晚我们是Tiffany和Angel
[13:46.33]Oh, You Could Talk Me Into Anything. 噢 你就是把我卖了我也会跟你走的
[13:48.95]Hey, Ladies, Can I, Uh, Get You Guys Another Round? 嘿 两位 我们能请你们再喝一轮吗
[13:51.46]Ooh. No, Thank You. 不了 谢谢
[13:54.83]My American Girlfriend, 我这位美国女朋友
[13:56.70]So Uptight. 太保守了
[13:58.13]They Think The Drink Lead To The Sex. 她们以为喝酒就会被骗上床
[14:01.07]No, No, No, I Wasn't Being Rude. 不不不 我不是故意冒犯
[14:02.89]I Just Didn't Want To Take Anything 我只是不想白白接受别人的好意
[14:04.57]If I Couldn't Offer Anything In Return. 而我却无以为报
[14:06.38]We'd Be Happy With Just One Dance. 跟我们跳支舞就足够了
[14:09.32]Aw. Aw. I'm Afraid I Have Two Left Feet. 抱歉我这人天生肢体不协调
[14:11.88]Aw, This Is What Is The Practice For. Come On, Lady. 这正是派上用场的地方 来吧 姑娘
[14:18.96]Who Is That? 是谁啊
[14:20.02]Um, No One. Uh, Thank You For Calling Back. 没谁 谢谢你回电话
[14:22.57]Ahh! Nadine The Beauty Queen. How Can I Help You? 我是女王Nadine 有什么事吗
[14:25.45]I Don't Have Time For This. 我没时间开玩笑
[14:26.57]Do You Want 1 Or 2 G's? 要1G还是2G
[14:28.68]Can You Just Give It- Some Dealer You Know? - 拜托你给我.. - 你认识的毒贩么?
[14:31.70]I Didn't Realize I Brought My Grandmother. 没想到我竟然跟外婆一起出来玩
[14:35.83]I Have To Go. 我该走了
[14:38.83]Hey, Come Here. 嘿 过来
[14:43.68]Whoo! 我太蠢了 真是太蠢了
[14:45.18]I'm So Stupid, So, So, So, So Stupid.
[14:48.68]You Don't Sound Stupid. You Sound Drunk. 听起来你可不蠢 倒是够醉的
[14:50.71]What Have You Been Into? 你惹上什么麻烦了啊
[14:52.71]Georgina. Georgina
[14:54.21]Good News Is, She Doesn't Want Anything Except To Party. 好消息是 她除了狂欢什么都不想要
[14:57.21]Bad News Is, I Partied. 坏消息是 我参加了
[14:59.71]Care To Paint A Picture? Does This Party Require Clothes? 介意描述一下吗? 这狂欢用穿衣服的么?
[15:02.88]I'm Supposed To Be At Dan's Studying. 我本来该和Dan一起学习的
[15:05.38]I Called To Tell Him I'd Be Late, 我跟他说我会迟到
[15:07.38]But Not This Late. I-I Just Have To Call Him And Say- 但没想到这么晚 我要打电话给他 告诉他...
[15:10.71]That Instead Of Studying With Him, 你之所以没和他一起学习
[15:12.71]You're Out With Your Old Pal Georgina. 是因为和老友Georgina出去了
[15:14.71]No. I Don't Want Him To Know She Exists. 不 我不想他知道有这么个人
[15:16.82]My Mom, Blair, Even You Can't Stand Her. 我妈妈 Blair 连你都受不了她
[15:18.95]Dan Of All People Cannot Know Georgie. Dan是最不能知道Georgie的人
[15:23.68]Can You Help Me? 你能帮我吗
[15:26.51]Say You Need Me. 说你需要我
[15:27.43]Chuck! Chuck!
[15:28.29]Hearing You Scream My Name Is More Than Enough. 听你吼我的名字就足够了
[15:31.08]I'll Take Care Of It And Pick You Up In Ten. 交给我吧 10点我去接你
[15:38.88]Hey, I've Been Wondering Where You Were. You Mean All Of Your Life? - 嘿 我一直在想你在哪儿呢 - 你这辈子都在想么?
[15:41.91]Uh, Don't Take This The Wrong Way, Serena, 别误会 Serena
[15:44.07]But You Sound Just Like This Jackass We Know. Serena Has Food Poisoning. - 不过你声音真的很像我们认识的一个混蛋 - Serena食物中毒了
[15:47.44]She's Too Sick To Come To Your Playdate. Put Her On The Phone. - 她病得很厉害 不能去跟你约会了 - 让她接电话
[15:51.95]The Bathroom Doesn't Get Reception. 卫生间里没信号
[15:54.72]Somehow I Don't Believe You. And I'd Like To Say I'm A Little Glad About That, - 我没办法相信你 - 不得不说 对此我很高兴
[15:58.57]But My Poor, Sick Sister Has Asked For My Assistance 但是我可怜的姐姐 请我帮忙
[16:01.44]In The Matter, So I'll Leave It At This- 所以我就把话带给你
[16:03.15]She's Not Coming. Don't Try Calling. 她去不了了 别费神打电话了
[16:05.38]Humphrey, Always A Pleasure. Humphrey 愿为你效劳
[16:23.63]I'm Gonna Have To Call You Back. Hey. 我会给你回电话的
[16:26.06]Beautiful Day You're Ruining, Isn't It? Do Me A Favor, Please, And Leave Serena Alone. - 美好的一天就这么被你毁了 不是吗 - 我拜托你 离Serena远点儿
[16:30.45]It Was Serena I Was Doing A Favor For. 是Serena要我帮忙的
[16:31.99]All I Know Is Before Spring Break, 我知道的就是在春假之前
[16:33.99]Everything Was Great. It Was Good. 一切都很顺利 很好
[16:35.51]Now Break's Over, She's Not Quite Herself, 现在春假结束了 她就像变了个人一样
[16:37.13]And I'm-I'm Trying To Think, What Has Changed In Her Life? 我不禁想知道 她的生活中改变了什么呢
[16:40.54]Oh, The Bass Family Moved Into It. 噢 Bass一家的介入
[16:43.21]Dan, Hi. Dan 嗨
[16:45.32]Hey. Hey, How You Feeling? 嘿 你好些了吗
[16:47.95]Good. My Migraine's Gone. 很好 已经不头疼了
[16:51.08]Migraine? I Thought You Had Food Poisoning. 头疼? 你不是食物中毒吗
[16:54.02]Yeah, That Came After. 是啊 之后是的
[16:56.83]What Exactly Happened Last Night? 昨晚到底怎么了
[16:57.85]I Already Told Him. 我已经告诉他了
[16:59.38]I'm Asking You. 我在问你
[17:02.58]Well, I Got Food Poisoning, And Then Chuck Helped Me Out. 我食物中毒了 之后Chuck帮了我
[17:05.51]Okay, Where Exactly Did You Eat 好 那你是吃了什么东西
[17:06.70]That You Got This Killer Food Poisoning Migraine? Can We Drop The Interrogation? - 让你得了这缠人的食物中毒偏头痛? - 可以停止审讯吗
[17:09.60]As Soon As You Tell Me Where My Girlfriend Is. I'm Right Here With You. - 只要你告诉我 我女朋友在哪儿 - 我就在你眼前啊
[17:17.65]Look, I- I Gotta Go To Class. 好了 我该去上课了
[17:20.13]I Can't- I Can't Do This. 我...我没办法
[17:25.80]This Is Exactly Why I Didn't Want Her To Come Back. 这就是为什么我不希望她回来
[17:27.65]She's Been Back A Day Already And Look What's Happening. 她才回来一天 瞧瞧已经发生了什么
[17:30.63]If It's Really That Bad, 如果真的有那么严重
[17:31.77]Why Don't You Just Tell Him About Her? 你干吗不跟他直说呢
[17:34.77]I Can't. I'll See You Later. 我没办法 回头再说
[17:40.64]Look, I'm Not Stupid. 瞧 我不是傻子
[17:41.98]I Know You're Not Really Interested 我知道你们对于我家
[17:43.19]In How My Family Owns Half Of Tribeca. Of Course We're Interested. - 如何拥有一半的Tribeca并不是真的感兴趣 - 我们当然感兴趣了
[17:45.78]You're The Newest Member Of Our Little Club. Which Is Only For The Smartest Girls Of The Junior Class. - 你是我们社团的最新成员 - 只接纳三年级最聪明的女孩子
[17:50.06]Our Junior Class Only Has 30 Girls. 我们班总共就30个女生
[17:51.67]We're Already An Elite Club. Can I Go Now? 我们已经是精英了 我可以走了吗
[17:51.81]We're Already An Elite Club. Can I Go Now?
[17:55.15]You What Would Be Hot? You, Us At G Spa. I Don't Drink. - 你说这样好不好 我们去做G Spa - 我不喝酒
[17:59.12]Saks Fifth? Hate Shopping. - 那去Saks Fifth? - 讨厌逛街
[18:00.42]Yogurt On The Steps? Lactose-Intolerant. Look, I Really Don't Want Any Friends. - 坐楼梯上吃酸奶? - 消化不了乳糖 我真的不需要朋友
[18:03.41]All I Want Is To Be Alone 我只想一个人待着
[18:04.60]And To Never Listen To Flo Rida Ever Again 再也不用听Flo Rida的歌
[18:08.19] What Happened? A Little Backstage Hit It And Quit It? 怎么了 在后台发生了一夜情吗
[18:10.53]What? No, My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me At A Flo Rida Concert. 什么? 才不是 我男朋友在Flo Rida 的演唱会上把我甩了
[18:13.84]One Minute We Were Waving Our Hands In The Air 前一分钟我们还随着音乐挥手
[18:15.54]Like We Just Didn't Care, And The Next... 好象根本没事发生 可接下来....
[18:27.91]Since The Dalton Guys Were A Bust, 既然道尔敦的男生都这么差劲
[18:30.04]How About Collegiate? 那找大学生怎样
[18:31.41]The Boys' Lacrosse Team Is Working Out Just Around... 男子曲棍球队就在附近训练
[18:34.86]Jenny, Look. Jenny 看啊
[18:36.82]What Did I Tell You About That Dog Walker? 我怎么跟你说的遛狗的人来着
[18:38.43]There Are No Kings On Craigslist. Craigslist网站上是不会有国王的
[18:43.36]But I Don't Think He's The Walker. 但我觉得遛狗的人不是他吧
[18:45.44]I Think He's The Owner. 他是主人罢了
[18:50.59]I Spy My King. 我找到了我的国王
[18:56.76]Hi. 嗨
[18:57.37]Hi. How Have You Been? 嗨
[19:07.05]* Hey, My First Flo Stopped A Gold Diggin' Woman * * Hey, My First Flo Stopped A Gold Diggin' Woman *
[19:09.55]* Money Cash Flow All Big-Faced Hundreds * * Money Cash Flow All Big-Faced Hundreds *
[19:11.55]* Stuntin' On The Pole, Got Them D-Boys Runnin' * * Stuntin' On The Pole, Got Them D-Boys Runnin' *
[19:14.08]* Shorty Got Both Broke, Can't See What's Coming * * Shorty Got Both Broke, Can't See What's Coming *
[19:16.58]* On My Elevator, Get It Up * * On My Elevator, Get It Up *
[19:18.31]Oh, God. Not That Song. 天啊 不要放那首歌
[19:21.22]Nelly Yuki, What's Wrong? It's Like It's Happening All Over Again. - Nelly Yuki 怎么了 - 感觉一切又在眼前发生了
[19:24.76]That Song Just Reminds Me Of My Boyfriend... 那首歌让我想起了我男朋友
[19:26.94]My Ex-Boyfriend, I Should Say. 前男友 应该说
[19:28.51]Oh, No. Did He Dump You? That's Horrible. 不是吧 他把你甩了? 真是过分
[19:33.13]W- W-What Was His Name? Brad? Bill? 他叫什么名字? Brad? Bill?
[19:35.99]Todd... Jansen. Todd... Jansen
[19:40.03]There's Nothing Like The Fresh, Sharp Pain Of A Breakup. 没什么比分手的痛苦更让人难受了
[19:43.64]Believe Me, I've Had My Fair Share Of Heartache, 相信我 我也尝到过心痛的滋味
[19:46.16]But This Is About You. 但现在是为了你
[19:47.23]Tonight You're Gonna Come Over To My House, 今晚你到我家来
[19:49.39]And Just Cry Till You Get It All Out Of Your System. I Can't. I Have To Be Focused Tomorrow. - 把所有一切不快都通通哭出来 - 不行 我要为了明天而集中精力
[19:52.77]You Can't Focus When Something's On Your Mind, 心里有事 你怎么能集中精力呢
[19:55.11]Now Can You? Come, Come, Come. Tell Me All About It. 怎么可以呢 来吧来吧 跟我说说
[20:09.50]I Guess I'll Just Take The Check, Please. Okay. 麻烦给我结帐吧 谢谢
[20:11.27]Hey, Hold That, Will Ya? 嘿 等一下 好吗
[20:13.14]Daylight Savings Moved To March. Maybe No One Told You. I Know I'm Late. - 夏令时改到三月了 看来没人告诉你吧 - 我知道我迟到了
[20:17.52]Coffee, Nate? 咖啡吗 Nate
[20:18.34]Yeah, Thanks, Cora. 谢谢 Cora
[20:21.49]You Two Know Each Other? I've Been Here Before. - 你们认识? - 我以前来过
[20:24.01]Are You Telling Me You Come All The Way To Brookn 你是要告诉我 你大老远跑到布鲁克林
[20:25.93]For Greek Food? Well, When I'm In Brooklyn, I Like To Come Here, Yes. - 就为了吃希腊食物? - 如果我人在布鲁克林 我就会过来这里的
[20:28.80]'Cause You're In Brooklyn All The Time. 而刚好你一直都在布鲁克林
[20:31.52]Well, My-My Father's In Rehab A Couple Blocks Away, 我爸在两条街外的那间勒戒所里
[20:34.38]And, Uh, Which, By The Way, Is Why I'm Late. I Was... 所以...这也是我迟到的原因 我...
[20:37.24]Visiting Hours... I'm Sorry. I Didn't Mean To- - 探视时间 - 抱歉 我不是故意...
[20:41.08]No. I Mean, It's Not Like It's Some Big Secret. 没什么 这也不是什么天大的秘密
[20:43.27]It Was On The Front Page Of Every Newspaper In The City. 曾经上过这里每份报纸的头条
[20:46.50]I Guess It Was, Yeah. 我想是吧
[20:47.86]Sometimes After I'm Done Seeing Him, 有时我见过他之后
[20:50.22]I'm Not Ready To Go Back And See My Mom Just Yet, 同时又没准备好见我妈妈
[20:52.51]So I Come Here And I Sit And Just, Uh... 我就到这儿坐下
[20:55.42]Think About How Hard It Is 考虑要站在哪一边
[20:57.27]To Know Whose Side You're Supposed To Be On, 对你来说是多难的事情
[20:58.90]Mom Versus Dad, Kid In The Middle? 父母站两边 孩子夹中间
[21:03.84]Confession... I Read One Of Your Practice Essays. 我坦白....我看了你的一篇练习文章
[21:08.92]You Left It In A Book That You Gave Dan, 你夹在送给Dan的那些书里
[21:12.24]And That's Why I Called You- To Apologize. 所以我才叫你过来 为了跟你道歉
[21:18.99]Why? 为什么
[21:20.90]Because... I Judged The Cover, 因为...我以貌取人
[21:24.30]But Now That I've Read The Book, 但现在我了解了其中的内容
[21:26.28]I Figured You Were Owed Some Apologetic Souvlaki, 我就想至少该请你吃个
[21:28.93]At The Very Least. 道歉汉堡 (Souvlaki 希腊汉堡)
[21:39.60]Hey, Georgie. It Was Good To See You Last Night. 嘿 Georgie 昨晚能见到你真好
[21:42.60]When Did You Say You Were Going Back To Belgium? 你说什么时候回比利时来着?
[21:44.37]Uh, Switzerland, Actually, 是瑞士
[21:45.74]And I'm Supposed To Leave Tomorrow, 应该是明天走
[21:47.35]But I'm Not Going Until I Get A Chance 但在我有机会补偿你之前
[21:48.72]To Make It Up To You First. Oh, Nothing To Make Up. I Had Fun. - 我是不会走的 - 不需要什么补偿 我玩得很开心
[21:51.72]No, You Didn't. I Mean, Until After You Left, 不 你没有 直到你走之后
[21:54.97]I Don't Think I Really Heard What You Were Saying. 我才知道我并没有听你的话
[21:57.00]I- I Didn't Get It. You've Really Changed. 我没明白 你真的变了
[22:01.52]Yeah, I Have. 是的 没错
[22:02.55]I Don't Mean To Sound Corny, 我不想显得我很老套
[22:03.76]But... It's A Real Inspiration To Me. 但...这对我真的很有启发
[22:07.65]Really? 是吗
[22:08.48]I Mean, Look, I've Always Thought 你瞧 我一直都认为
[22:09.75]That I Am Who I'm Going To Be For The Rest Of My Life, 我这辈子都会这样下去
[22:13.08]And Even Those Times When I Maybe Don't Like Myself, 即便是那些我讨厌自己的时刻
[22:17.51]Well... You Can't Decide To Be Somebody Else. 你无法决定让自己成为其他人
[22:22.26]No, You Can. Yeah, Listen, Let's Have Dinner. - 不 可以的 - 好了 我们一起吃晚饭吧
[22:25.69]I- I Mean, I Want To Hear About Your Life, 我想多听听你的事
[22:27.17]And If You Can Change, Maybe There's Hope For Me, Too. 如果你能改变 或许我还有救
[22:30.72]No, I-I Have To Study. I Have S.A.T.S In The Morning. 不行 我得学习 明天我要参加SAT考试
[22:33.03]It'll Just Be An Hour. We Can Time It. I Promise. 就一个小时 我们可以计时 我保证
[22:35.24]The Hardest Drug On The Table Will Be... Perrier. 桌子上最烈性的药物将是...矿泉水
[22:39.44]Spotted- Serena Van Der Woodsen Serena Van Der Woodsen
[22:41.62]Being Given A Real Life Multiple Choice Question- 遇到了现实中的多项选择题
[22:44.99]"A"- Go Home And Study, "A" 回家学习
[22:47.54]"B"- Get A Good Night's Sleep, "B" 好好睡一晚
[22:50.11]"C"- Call Your Boyfriend "C" 打电话给男友
[22:52.53]Or "D"... 或者"D"...
[22:56.77]An Hour. 就一个小时
[22:57.78]None Of The Above. 以上皆非
[22:59.68]Good. 很好
[23:00.50]Hope That Wasn't The Wrong Answer, S. 希望你没选错答案 S
[23:02.51]This Test Doesn't Grade On A Curve. 这道考题可不会按等级曲线评分的
[23:05.92]Card) All Right, "Capacious"- 好了 "Capacious"
[23:07.33]Looks Like "Spacious." What Does It Mean? Roomy. 看起来很像Spacious 什么意思呢 宽敞
[23:11.24]Oh, Yeah. 好极了
[23:13.34]"Captious." "Captious"
[23:14.87]Looks Like... 看起来像...
[23:17.00]That Looks Like "Capacious." 看起来像"Capacious"
[23:19.71]Oh. I Can't Concentrate. 我无法专心
[23:21.03]Sound Of Your Own Voice Distracting You? 嫌你自己的声音烦人了?
[23:22.51]No. It's, Uh, Serena, Actually. 不是 是因为Serena
[23:26.20]We Had An Argument. 我们吵架了
[23:27.33]I'm Home! 我回来了
[23:30.14]Look It. Trig Identities Are Memorized, 瞧啊 三角等式都记住了
[23:32.23]My Latin Is Resurrected, And My Lit Paper's Finished. 拉丁文都复习过了 文学报告也写完了
[23:34.90]Impressive. Mm-Hmm. 表现不错啊
[23:36.70]Huh. Seeing As You've Returned The Valentino, 既然你已经归还了Valentino
[23:38.92]And You've Logged Ten Hours Of Volunteer Work 也义务地帮Betty在店里工作了10小时
[23:40.91]With Betty At The Shop... - 我解禁了? - 我有东西给你
[23:41.96]I'm Not Grounded Anymore? I Have Something For You.
[23:48.38]No Way! 搞什么
[23:52.63]Oh! It's Not Exactly The Same As The One You Pawned, 这和你典当的那台不是一模一样
[23:55.29]But... 不过
[23:58.12]Thank You, Dad! 谢谢爸爸
[23:59.05]You Know, Jen, No One's Happier Than Me To See This. Jen 没人比我看到这场面更开心的了
[24:00.38]Do You Know How Much It Costs To Get A Zipper Repaired? 你知道修个拉链要多少钱吗
[24:02.29]Yeah, I Figured Since You'd Be Spending So Much Time At Home... Wait. What? - 是啊 我想既然你要常常待在家里 - 等下 什么?
[24:06.04]So I Guess You're Still Grounded. Dan. - 看来你仍未解禁 - Dan
[24:08.27]Dad, Wait. I Met This Really Nice Guy, 爸爸 听我说 我认识了一个很不错的男孩子
[24:09.95]And I'm Supposed To Meet Him In The Park For Lunch Tomorrow. Well, Grounded Or Not Grounded, - 明天午饭时间我要去公园里见他的 - 无论禁足与否
[24:13.01]You're Not Old Enough To Date. It's Not A Date. He's Just A Friend. - 你都不够年纪约会的 - 不是约会 只是个朋友
[24:16.17]Who Is This Guy? You Don't Know Him. He Goes To Unity. - 这人是谁啊 - 你不认识的 他上联合学院的
[24:19.07]Wait, Upper East Side Unity? Technically, That's Upper West Side, Dad. - 上东区的大学? - 应该是上西区 爸爸
[24:21.61]How Are You Helping? I Thought You Wanted To Take A Break From That Whole Crowd. - 你捣什么乱啊 - 我以为你想暂时离开那群人的
[24:23.88]What "Whole Crowd"? The One That Made You Feel Like Compromising Your Character - 什么人啊 - 那些让你觉得为了要和他们一起
[24:26.82]Was A Prerequisite To Hanging Out With Them. So It's Okay For Dan To Date Someone Rich, Though? - 不得不委屈自己的人 - 那Dan和有钱人约会就没问题 是吗
[24:30.41]Well, It's Not Without Its Complications. Believe Me. 我日子可不好过 相信我
[24:32.31]I Thought You Said It Wasn't A Date. 你不是说不算约会吗
[24:43.60]It Was Nice There For A Minute. It Was. - 本来刚刚还挺好的 - 是啊
[24:46.23]Hey, S. 嘿 S
[24:47.14]I'm Just Sipping A Gingko Biloba Blended 我正在喝银杏调酒
[24:49.04]And Wondering How Your Stomach Migraine Is. 想知道你胃里的偏头痛好了没有
[24:51.58]Call Me So I Don't Worry. 打给我好让我放心喔
[24:54.10]How You Doing, Nelly Yuki? 你怎么样啊 Nelly Yuki?
[24:56.82]My Upper Trapezius Seems To Hold A Lot Of Sadness. 我的上斜方肌似乎承受了很多悲伤
[25:03.06]Something Tells Me You'll Be Feeling Better Very Soon... 我有预感你很快就会感觉好起来的
[25:06.77]Any Minute. 很快
[25:08.18]No. I Think I Should Just Go Home And Study. 不了 我还是回家学习好了
[25:16.86]Uh, Mr. Jansen Is Here To See Miss Yuki. Jansen先生是来见Yuki小姐的
[25:19.92]Todd's Here? Todd来了?
[25:22.11]Do I Have Cushion Face? 我脸上有印子吗
[25:23.37]A Little. 一点点
[25:31.04]Hello, Todd. 你好啊 Todd
[25:32.61]Hi, Nelly. Blair Said It Was All Right If I Came. 嗨 Nelly Blair说我可以过来的
[25:35.73]For A Siberian Ginseng Pedi? 来做西伯利亚人参修甲吗
[25:37.63]No. 不是的
[25:41.92]I Really Feel Bad About How Things Ended, Nell. 我们之间的事我很遗憾 Nell
[25:44.74]So Do I. 我也是
[25:45.63]Can We Talk About It? In Private? Okay. - 我们谈谈好吗 私下里 - 好的
[25:52.57]Thank You, B. 谢谢 B
[25:59.61]Lucky For Us, 我们真走运
[26:00.44]Mental Acuity And Common Sense Rarely Come In The Same Package. 难得有人这么精力充沛 又这么有脑子
[26:05.41]Oxygen Facials, Anyone? 有人要做补氧护理吗
[26:07.74]Next Time Your Sister's Band Is In Town, 下次你姐姐的乐队再到这里
[26:09.58]I Want Front Row Seats. 要给我前排座位喔
[26:11.27]You Don't Strike Me As A Lesbian Punk Fan. 我没想到你会对女同志庞克乐队感兴趣
[26:14.82]You Know, I Am Almost Offended By How Much 知道吗 你对我的低估 真让我觉得
[26:16.67]You Underestimate Me, Ms. Abrams. 有点想发怒 Abrams小姐
[26:18.59]You Like Punk? Oh, I Didn't Hear You S - You Said "Punk"? - 你喜欢庞克音乐? - 我没听见你说庞克
[26:21.40]'Cause You Had Me At "Lesbian." 光是女同二字就把我打击到了
[26:23.48]Oh, Right. Didn't See That One Coming. 好吧 真的没想到
[26:26.98]Hey, Tell Me Something. Yes? - 嘿 我有事想问你 - 什么
[26:29.48]Why Do You Do S.A.T. Practice Tests 你干吗要做SAT的练习
[26:31.33]If You're Not Planning On Taking The Exam? 你都没准备参加考试
[26:34.93]To Help Dan Study. 为了帮Dan学习
[26:36.33]I'm A Filmmaker. Best Education For Me Is Making Films. 我是个导演 对我来说最好的学习就是拍片子
[26:40.54]I Can't Never Met Anyone 我从没遇到过有谁
[26:42.28]Who Thought College Was Optional. 认为大学不是必经之路的
[26:44.41]My Parents Are Artists. My Sister's A Musician. 我父母是搞艺术的 姐姐是音乐人
[26:47.31]Just Like Going To An Ivy Is Your Family's Way, 就像你们家人都上常春藤一样
[26:49.54]Not Going To College Is Mine. 我们家不用上大学
[26:51.92]Think Your Parents Want To Adopt A 17 Year Old? 你父母愿意收养个17岁的儿子吗
[26:54.49]Maybe? 有可能吗
[27:02.69]So... 那么...
[27:05.97]I Guess This Is Good Night, Then? 我想该说晚安了吧
[27:09.31]I Don't Live Here, You Know. 我不住这儿
[27:11.10]No, I Know. 是 我知道
[27:12.87]I'm Just Grabbing My Laptop. 我只是来拿电脑的
[27:18.96]Do You Want To Come Inside? 要一起进来吗
[27:26.49]God. It Does Feel Like That Doorstep Moment. 天啊 这真像电影里的桥段
[27:29.31]And What Moment Would That Be? 那会是怎样的桥段呢
[27:37.97]Yeah. That's The Moment. 是啊 就是这样
[27:53.55]Can I Get You Two A Cocktail? 二位要喝一杯吗
[27:57.06]Oh. I'm Fine With My Diet Coke. Thank You. 我喝健怡可乐就行了 谢谢
[28:01.84]Um, Yeah, Me, Too. Thanks. 我也是 谢谢
[28:05.20]So... Tell Me About Dan. 跟我说说Dan的事
[28:07.47]I Did. Oh, Come On. - 我说过了 - 拜托
[28:08.56]His Last Name And His Zip Code? Scintillating Details. 他的姓和邮政编码 还真是关键的细节
[28:11.74]Come On. He's Part Of Serena Second Edition. 来吧 我要知道他对新版的Serena起了什么作用
[28:14.85]* So Tell Me
[28:19.30]Well... 好吧
[28:21.57]I- I Like The Way I Feel When He Looks At Me. 我喜欢他看着我时的那种感觉
[28:24.74]How? 是怎样的
[28:27.52]Like... 就像...
[28:29.70]Like I Wanna Believe In Myself. 让我对自己有信心
[28:33.72]I- I Know. 我知道
[28:34.80]You Think It's A Clich? 你觉得很老土 是吧
[28:36.64]Uh, No. No, Sweetie. I- I-I Think It's... 不 没有 亲爱的 我觉得这...
[28:41.12]It's Incredible. 不可思议
[28:43.01]Yeah. 是啊
[28:44.21]Look... I Know I May Not Be 你瞧 我知道我或许不是
[28:47.16]Your Most Trusted Friend Right Now, 你现在最信赖的朋友
[28:48.68]But I Think I Know The Old You Pretty Well. 但我对过去的你十分了解
[28:52.42]Yeah, Better Than, Um, Anyone, Actually. 是啊 比任何人都清楚
[28:54.61]Well, From Where I Sit, It Would Take... 在我看来 这需要...
[28:58.20]A Lot To Bring That Person Back. 花很大工夫才能把那个人找回来
[29:04.25]Um... I'm Gonna Call Him, Actually. 我该给他打电话了
[29:07.41]He's Pretty Nervous About Tomorrow, 他特别紧张明天的考试
[29:08.91]So I Wanna Wish Him Luck. So I'll Be Back. 我要祝他好运 很快就回来
[29:13.51]* Whole Thing * Whole Thing
[29:15.51]* It's Time To Let It Explode * It's Time To Let It Explode
[29:19.85]* I'm Starting, Ooh * I'm Starting, Ooh
[29:39.75]That Was Quick. Yeah, He Didn't Pick Up. - 真是快啊 - 恩 他没接
[29:41.85]Oh, You Can Try Him Again Later. Yeah. 过一会儿你再打好了
[29:44.16]Okay, I'd Like To Propose A Toast. Okay. - 好 我要敬杯酒 - 好
[29:48.46]To The New You. 敬全新的你
[29:50.76]To The New Me. 敬全新的我
[29:52.40]Cheers. 干杯
[30:12.75]Ooh. You Don't Look So Good. 噢 你看起来不太好
[30:14.98]You Okay, S.? 你没事吧 S?
[30:16.94]No, I'm Not Okay. 不 我有事
[30:19.80]Wait, How Did We Get Here? What Are We Doing Here? 等等 我们怎么会在这儿 我们做了什么
[30:24.03]Oh, My God. I'm Supposed To Be At Hunter College. 天啊 我应该去Hunter大学的
[30:26.97]If Memory Serves, And It Usually Does, 如果没记错的话 而且通常也是如此
[30:29.81]They Don't Let You In If You're Late. Oh, My God. - 他们不会希望看到你迟到的 - 天啊
[30:32.62]I'm Thinking Eggs. 我想吃鸡蛋
[30:35.10]Do You Want... Florentine Or Benedict? 你是要佛罗伦斯蛋堡还是班纳迪蛋堡?
[30:38.75]Wait. I Was Drinking Soda, Georgie. 等下 我昨天是在喝苏打水啊 Georgie
[30:40.75]Yeah, Until You Switched To Patr驨. 是啊 直到你换成了调酒
[30:43.14]Look, Don't Worry. I Called Lily And Covered Your Ass. 别担心 我给Lily打电话帮你掩护了
[30:45.66]So... You're Welcome. 所以...不用谢
[30:47.73]No, You-You Knew I Had S.A.T.S This Morning. 不对 你知道我今早有SAT考试的
[30:50.31]Which Is Why I Brought You Here 所以我才带你来这儿
[30:51.51]Instead Of Letting You Go Home With One Of Your Many Suitors. 而不是让你和某个追求者一起回家
[30:53.89]You Know The Guy With The Ironic Mustache? 你知道那个长着很搞笑胡子的家伙吗
[30:55.82]You Two Took Over The Deejay Booth. Wait, A Mustache? What Are You Talking About? - 你们两个霸占了DJ台 - 等等 什么胡子 你在说什么啊
[31:00.01]I Guess You Haven't Changed As Much As You Thought. 我想你并没有改变多少
[31:15.41]Chuck? Chuck, Hey. I'm In Trouble. Chuck? Chuck 嘿 我有麻烦了
[31:18.46]Look, I Think I Can Still Make It, 我想我现在还来得及
[31:19.78]But Please Go To Hunter, 不过请你现在去Hunter
[31:21.56]Try To Keep The Doors Open Until I Get There. 在我到那儿之前 千万别让门关上
[31:27.24]Hey! 嘿!
[31:32.85]Last Night Was Strange, But Very Fun. 昨晚真是奇怪 不过很有趣
[31:35.86]???Like... Five Hours Ago? 我们说过再见好象才...不过5个小时?
[31:39.46]I'm Taking You Somewhere. I'm Going Somewhere-To Work. - 我要带你去个地方 - 我要去工作的地方
[31:41.62]Get Someone To Cover For You. I Can't Just Jump In The Car With You - 找人帮你顶班 - 我不能因为你人出现在这里
[31:44.34]Because You Decide To Show Up. Well, I'm Not Asking You To. - 就随便上你的车 - 我没要求你啊
[31:46.22]This Is A Onetime Offer, And There's A Clock Ticking. 这是一次性的邀请 时间不多了喔
[31:52.56]But... 可是...
[31:58.29]Fine. I Am Intrigued. 好吧 我很好奇
[32:10.42]You Wish Your Brother Good Luck Today? 祝你哥哥好运了吗
[32:12.92]Yeah. 恩
[32:18.81]May I Be Excused? 我可以失陪一下吗
[32:19.94]No, You May Not. 不行
[32:22.25]And We Are Not Gonna Walk Around This House All Day 我们不能整天在这个大房子里碰面
[32:23.84]And Not Talk To Each Other. 却一句话都不讲
[32:26.84]Fine. You Want Me To Speak? I'll Speak. 好吧 你要我说是吧 那我说
[32:30.45]You've Completely And Entirely Prejudged The Upper East Side. 你对于上东区的人完全是妄下定论
[32:33.05]Maybe You Shouldn't Speak. Dad, I Learned My Lesson On My Birthday. - 或许你还是不说的好 - 爸爸 生日那天的事我已经得到教训了
[32:35.55]Asher's Not Like Those Girls. He's Different. Asher和那些女孩子不同 他不一样
[32:37.47]I Mean, He's Nice And Polite And He Likes Animals. 他人很好 有礼貌 也喜欢动物
[32:42.66]Please Let Me Go Today? 今天就放过我吧
[32:45.69]So You Didn't Cancel? 你没取消约会吗?
[32:47.62]I Thought You'd Change Your Mind. 我以为你会改变主意的
[32:52.71]I Haven't. 我没有
[33:02.82]Nate, I Don't Know About This. Nate 我不知道
[33:06.94]I Can't. I Didn't Even Study. 不行 我都不学习的
[33:09.66]Yeah, And You Still Made Great Scores 是 但你做的练习测验仍然都拿到了高分
[33:10.88]On Your Practice Tests. 那是为了好玩
[33:12.12]That Was For Fun.
[33:14.39]Listen, There's Nothing Wrong With Keeping Your Options Open. 听我说 你有其他的选择并不是错事
[33:17.49]I Don't Think Your Parents Are Gonna Be Mad At You 我想你父母不会因为你选择自己的路
[33:19.18]For Choosing Your Own Path... 而对你生气
[33:20.35]Unless They're Related To My Parents. 除非他们和我爸妈是亲戚
[33:29.41]Okay. Right Now I'm Going Inside, 好吧 现在我要进去了
[33:32.07]And I'm Not Looking Back, Or I Might Change My Mind. 我是不会回头的 不然我就该打退堂鼓了
[33:44.05]...Do Really Well. What?
[33:46.71]Rough Night? 昨晚没睡好吗?
[33:48.28]Yeah, And Not In A Good Way. 是的 而且不是好事
[33:51.20]Todd Doesn't Wanna Get Back Together. No? - Todd不想和我复合 - 是吗?
[33:53.89]But He Said... 可他说...
[33:54.86]We Stayed Up All Night Having The Same Conversation 我们整晚都在说同一个话题
[33:56.85]About Why We Broke Up Over And Over Again. Unbelievable. I Can't Believe It. Crazy. - 一次次地讨论我们为什么分手 - 难以置信 真是疯了
[34:01.42]Dogboy. I'm So Sorry. Oh, My Gosh. That's Awful. 这混蛋 我很遗憾 太过分了
[34:03.69]I Got No Sleep, Spent The Whole Night Crying. 我一夜没睡 一直都在哭
[34:07.54]Okay. Well, Good Luck. 好了 好运喔
[34:14.13]Do You Really Think This Is Gonna Work? 你认为这真的有用吗
[34:15.98]Yes, But I Also Believe In Insurance. 是的 不过我这人还信保险呢
[34:20.22]From Her Calculator. 她计算器里的
[34:21.77]You Never Did Tell Us How You Got Todd To Play Along. 你还没说过怎么说服Todd的呢
[34:24.73]Isabel, What Are You Doing Later Tonight? Isabel 你今晚有什么安排吗
[34:26.92]Uh, Not Todd. Okay, Well, - 不要Todd - 好吧
[34:29.23]I Guess I'm Gonna Have To Come Up With Something Else. 看来我得想办法找其他人了
[34:34.47]Dan... Where's Serena? Dan...Serena在哪儿?
[34:36.57]Uh, I Don't Know, But I Bet Chuck Does. 我不知道 不过我肯定Chuck知道
[34:38.54]Ugh. Well, I'll Try To Save A Seat For Her. Yeah, I'll-I'll Keep Calling. - 好吧 我尽量给她留个位置 - 我会继续打给她的
[34:44.99]Hey, Serena, It's Me- A- A Very Worried Me 嘿 Serena 是我 非常担心你的我
[34:47.88]Concerned About A Very Missing You. 担心一个销声匿迹的你
[34:49.56]Hi. I'm Serena Van Der Woodsen. 嗨 我是Serena Van Der Woodsen
[34:59.68]How'd You Do? 你怎么样
[35:00.94]Uh, Not My Finest Hour. 不是我最好过的一个小时
[35:02.37]I Finished, But... I Kinda Had A Lot On My Mind. 题是做完了 不过...脑子里有太多事
[35:05.64]I'll Keep Calling. 我会一直打给她的
[35:06.95]Yeah. I Think I Know Where To Find Her. 是啊 我想我知道去哪里找她
[35:11.07]Hey, S. It's B. 嘿 S 我是B
[35:12.73]Now I'm Really Worried. 现在我真的很担心你
[35:15.42]I'm Gonna Go Home And Change, 我现在回家去换衣服
[35:16.77]And Then... 然后...
[35:25.28]Call Me. Bye. 打给我 拜
[35:54.72]Hey. 嘿
[35:58.66]What's Going On? 发生什么事了
[36:01.94]Um... Nothing. I'm Fine. 没什么 我没事
[36:03.84]No, You're Not, And You Need To Stop Saying That. 不 你有事 不许再这么说了
[36:06.01]Hey. Come Here. 嘿 过来
[36:08.52]Where Were You? 你去哪儿了
[36:10.05]She Was With Me. 她和我在一起
[36:13.40]What He Means Is, We Were Both At Home. 他意思是说 我们两个都在家
[36:15.63]Um, My Stomach Started Acting Up Again. Oh, Okay. A Food Poisoning Relapse? - 我的胃又开始疼了 - 噢 好 食物中毒再次发作?
[36:19.80]Look, If-If-If You Didn't Study Enough 你瞧 如果你没有好好准备
[36:21.57]And You're Freaked Out, I Can - I Told You. I Was Sick. - 你害怕考试 我完全可以... - 我告诉你了 我病了
[36:25.95]You Paid Someone Else To Take The S.A.T. For You, 你花钱让别人帮你考试
[36:28.35]And That's The Best You Can Do? What Are You Talking About? - 这就是你最好的办法了? - 你在说什么啊
[36:31.32]I'm Talking About The 5-Foot-Nothing Redhead 我在说一个5尺高的红头发女生
[36:33.49]Claiming To Be Serena Van Der Woodsen. 自称是Serena Van Der Woodsen
[36:34.97]I'm-I'm Pretty Sure That Wasn't You. Chuck, What Did You Do? I Told You To Keep The Doors Open. - 我很肯定那不是你 - Chuck 你做了什么啊 我告诉你不要让学校关门
[36:39.04]When I Got There, They Were Closed. Yeah, They Don't Keep The Doors Open. - 我到那时门已经关了 - 是啊 门不会一直开着的
[36:42.39]I Was Thinking On My Feet, Just Trying To Help. 我只能自己想办法 我是想帮你
[36:46.73]I'm Not Mad. Okay, I'm Just Worried. 我不生气 好吗 我只是很担心
[36:49.56]I've Been So Worried About You. 我一直都在担心你
[36:52.30]Please, Help Me Understand What's Going On Here. 拜托 让我明白这是怎么回事 好吗
[37:00.10]Can We Talk Tomorrow? 我们明天再谈 好吗
[37:02.10]I'll Call You. 我会打给你的
[37:05.06]I'm Sorry. 对不起
[37:15.26]I'm Sorry, Too. 我也很抱歉
[37:28.04]Chuck, You Went Too Far. Chuck 你太过分了
[37:29.27]And So Did You, Sis. 你也一样 姐姐
[37:30.30]Look, I Feel Foolish For Admitting It, 你瞧 我很不愿意承认
[37:34.34]But Obviously, I've Come Late To This Party. 但显然这个派对我来得太晚了
[37:36.30]English, Please. 请讲英语
[37:37.40]What's Georgina Got On You? Chuck... - Georgina到底抓着你什么把柄 - Chuck...
[37:40.34]Dan I Understand, But What's So Bad You Can't Even Tell Me? Dan我还能理解 但有什么至于坏到你都不能告诉我的?
[37:58.01]Oh, Hi, Sweetie. 嗨 亲爱的
[37:59.30]Let Me Just, Uh, Call Some Room Service- 我来...叫一下客房服务
[38:00.71]I Don't Want You To Ever Contact Me Again. 我不希望你再找我了
[38:04.19]Just Because Of A Few Nights Of Harmless Fun? 就因为几晚无害的狂欢?
[38:05.96]It Wasn't Fun Waking Up And Not Knowing Where I Was, 醒来时不知身在何处 那不叫开心
[38:09.52]It Wasn't Fun Missing The S.A.T.S, 错过SAT考试不叫开心
[38:12.01]And It Definitely Wasn't Fun Lying To Dan. 对Dan撒谎更加不叫开心
[38:15.64]And This Is All My Fault Because... 这全是我的错 因为...
[38:17.37]It's My Fault, 是我的错
[38:18.68]Because I Make Huge Mistakes When I'm With You. 因为我和你在一起时 就会犯下严重的错误
[38:22.15]So You Want To Distance Yourself From Your "Mistakes" 所以你想让自己远离那些错误的方法
[38:24.21]By Staying Away From Me? 就是远离我?
[38:25.97]You Were There, Too, Serena. 你也曾经历过的 Serena
[38:28.50]It Was Just As Much You, If Not More - This Is Not About Last Year. It's About Last Night. - 因为你就是这样一个人 - 这与去年无关 我在说昨晚
[38:32.73]Like You Were Just Some Innocent Bystander 说得好象你就是个无辜的旁观者
[38:34.36]Who Walked In On - I'm Not Talking About It, Georgina! Okay? - 进了圈套... - 我不会再说那件事的 Georgina! 好吗?
[38:41.19]And Neither Are You. 你也不要再提了
[38:43.79]If I Go Down, 如果要下地狱
[38:45.00]You Go Down With Me. 我一定会拉上你
[38:48.10]In The Meantime, 在这之前
[38:49.42]Stay Out Of My Life. 离我远远的
[38:52.84]I Don't Need Anybody In My Life Who Doesn't Want To Be There. 我不需要那种不欢迎我的人
[38:55.36]Then We're Agreed. 那我们讲好了
[39:23.14]You Must Be The Unity Boy. 你一定是那个联合学院男生吧
[39:24.73]Uh, Hopefully, There's Not Another One On His Way. 希望不会有其他男生也在往这儿来
[39:27.43]Name's Asher, And I Do Go To Unity. 我叫Asher 的确是在上联合学院
[39:31.32]Hi. 嗨
[39:34.97]Asher? Asher?
[39:39.37]What Are You Doing Here? 你怎么来了?
[39:40.82]I Was Just Gonna Ask The Same Thing. 我也正要问这个问题
[39:42.65]Uh, Since You Couldn't Come To The Hot Dogs, 因为你没能来吃热狗
[39:44.45]I'm Bringing Them To You. 所以我就买来给你了
[39:47.11]Sorry To S-Surprise You, Sir. 很抱歉意外打扰你 先生
[39:50.30]That's So Sweet, Especially Since 真是体贴 特别是因为
[39:51.96]My Unreasonable Father Has Grounded Me For Life. 我那个不讲理的老爸要让我禁足一辈子
[39:54.40]I'm Standing Right Here. 我人可在这儿呢
[39:55.52]I Wish More Of My Friends' Parents 我希望我朋友的家长能够
[39:57.79]Cared Enough To Ground Them When They Messed Up. 在他们犯错时 足以关心到想要对他们禁足的地步
[39:59.99]Looks Like Our Queen Wannabe Found Her Perfect King. 看来我们这位未来皇后找到了她的完美国王
[40:04.31]Well, Since You're Here... 既然你来了
[40:06.60]With A Year's Supply Of Hot Dogs, 还带着一年份的热狗
[40:09.91]Maybe You'd Like To Come In. 或许你愿意进来坐坐吧
[40:11.65]We Hear He's A Unity Man. 我们听说他是联合学院的学生
[40:13.73]Guess Big Brother's Been Teaching Little Sis 看来老哥有教会妹妹
[40:16.04]How To Snag The Ones With A Trust Fund. 该如何栓住那些有信托基金的家伙
[40:18.43]Hi. 嗨
[40:25.37]Hey, Buddy, There You Go. 嘿 伙计 给你
[40:27.57]Aw! Georgie, Hey! Georgie 嘿
[40:30.22]Bad Boy. 真不乖
[40:31.84]Sorry He Disturbed You. 抱歉打扰你了
[40:33.58]Uh, It's Fine. I Love Dogs. 没什么 我喜欢狗
[40:35.03]Really? Do You Have Any? No. Uh, We Used To Have A Cat, - 是吗? 你有养狗吗 - 没有 以前养过猫
[40:38.19]But, You Know... Sister... Allergies. 但是...妹妹过敏
[40:40.36]Now The Cat-Iggy-Lives In Florida With My Grandma. 现在那只猫在我佛罗里达的外婆家
[40:44.05]I... He Doesn't Write. He Never Calls. 他从来不写信 也不打电话
[40:47.31]I'm Sorry To Hear That. 真是遗憾
[40:48.55]It's Just A Cat. 不过是只猫而已
[40:52.42]Um. I'm Sarah, By The Way. 我是Sarah
[40:54.44]I'm Dan. Nice To Meet You, Sarah. 我是Dan 很高兴见到你 Sarah

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