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[00:03.50]The game -- 外科医生的工作 --

[00:05.49]they say a person either has what it takes to play or they don't. 人家说你可能乐于其中与或者不.

[00:09.85]My mother was one of the greats. 我妈妈是其中很优秀的一个.

[00:13.52]Me, on the other hand -- 我, 在另一方面 --

[00:15.29]I'm kind of screwed. 我有几分沉醉.

[00:36.80]This is, uh... 这是, 嗯哈...

[00:39.30]Humiliating on so many levels. 这让人感觉很丢脸.

[00:41.54]You have to go. 你最好离开.

[00:42.94]Why don't you just come back down here, and we'll pick up where we left off? 你何不过来坐下, 这样我们可以发现我们哪里忽略了。

[00:45.59]No, seriously. You have to go. I'm late, 不, 真的.你最好走吧. 我晚了,

[00:47.81]which isn't what you want to be on your first day of work, so... 这可是你第一天上班不想发生的, 所以...

[00:50.61]So, uh, you actually live here. 所以, 恩, 你真住在这里.

[00:53.36]No. 不是.

[00:55.16]Yes, kind of. 是, 差不多.

[01:00.31]It's nice -- a little dusty -- 这很好 -- 只是有点杂乱 --

[01:02.55]odd, but it's nice. odd, 但真的不错.

[01:05.40]So, how do you kind of live here? 那么, 你怎么说差不多住在这里?

[01:07.18]I moved two weeks ago from boston. It was my mother's house. I'm selling it. 我两周前从波士顿搬到这. 这过去是我妈妈的房子. 我正要卖了它.

[01:10.87]Oh, I'm sorry. 哦, 很遗憾.

[01:12.54]For what? 为什么遗憾?

[01:13.69]You said "was." 你说 "曾经."

[01:14.94]Oh, my mother's not dead. She's -- 哦, 我妈妈没有死. 她 --

[01:17.58]You know what? We don't have to do the thing. 你要知道? 这个事情我们做不了什么。

[01:19.56]Oh, we can do anything you want. 哦, 我们可以做任何你想做的事.

[01:21.93]No, the thing -- exchange the details, pretend we care. 不, 这个事 -- 交流细节, 装作我们很关心.

[01:25.13]I'm gonna go upstairs and take a shower, okay? 我要去楼上并冲个淋浴, 好吧?

[01:27.47]And when I get back down here, you won't be here, so, um... 并且当我再回到这里,希望你已经不在这里, 那么, 嗯...

[01:31.87]goodbye, um... 再见, 嗯...

[01:37.36]Derek. 德里克.

[01:38.37]Derek. Right. Meredith. 德里克. 好的. 梅瑞狄思.

[01:40.52]Meredith. 梅瑞狄思.

[01:41.21]Yeah. Mm-hmm. 是的. Mm-hmm.

[01:43.61]- Nice meeting you. - Bye, Derek. - 很高兴见到你. - 再见, 德里克.

[02:05.62]Each of you comes here today hopeful, 你们每一个人充满希望的来到这里,

[02:07.95]wanting in on the game. 等待进入到工作中.

[02:09.88]A month ago, you were in med school, being taught by doctors. 一个月以前,你们还在医科学校被老师教导。

[02:14.48]Today... 今日...

[02:16.26]you are the doctors. 你们就是医生.

[02:20.39]The 7 years you spend here as a surgical resident will be the best and worst of your life. 作为一个外科住院医生,你要在这里花上7年。那将是你一生中最好或最坏的时光.

[02:24.86]You will be pushed to the breaking point. 你们将会被推倒极限.

[02:27.58]Look around you. 看看你的周围.

[02:28.91]Say hello to your competition. 向你的竞争者打个招呼.

[02:31.38]Eight of you will switch to an easier specialty. 你们中的八个人将成为一个专科医生.

[02:34.13]Five of you will crack under the pressure. 你们中的五个人将在压力下崩溃.

[02:36.05]Two of you will be asked to leave. 你们中的两个人将会要求离开.

[02:38.24]This is your starting line. 这就是你们的起跑线.

[02:40.11]This is your arena. 这就是你们的舞台.

[02:42.30]How well you play... 你们能如何是从...

[02:45.38]that's up to you. 那就看你们得了.

[02:48.01]Like I said... 就像我所说的...

[02:50.55]I'm screwed. 我已经沉醉于其中.

[03:02.30]Okay, Martin, Robinson, Bond, Hawkins. 好的, 马丁, 罗宾逊, 邦德, 霍金斯.

[03:10.32]Only 6 women out of 20. 20个人中只有6个女的.

[03:12.05]Yeah. I hear one of them's a model. 是的.我听说他们中的一个是模特.

[03:14.45]Seriously, that's gonna help with the respect thing? 真的, 那真是件对人很有益的事

[03:18.00]- You're Cristina, right? - Patton, Monroe... - 你是克里斯蒂娜, 对吗? - 派顿, 门罗...

[03:22.15]Which resident are you assigned to? I got bailey. 你被分配给哪个住院医生? 我归贝利.

[03:24.15]The nazi? Me too. 那个“纳粹”? 我也一样.

[03:25.77]You got the nazi? So did I. 你归那个”纳粹”? 我也是.

[03:27.75]At least we'll be tortured together, right? 至少我们将在一起锤炼,对吗?

[03:30.13]I'm George O'malley. 我是 George O'malley.

[03:32.43]Uh, we met at the mixer. You had on a black dress with a slit up the side, strappy sandals... 恩, 我们在酒会上见过. 你穿着一件一边有开口的黑色裙子和一双系带凉鞋...

[03:41.71]Now you think I'm gay. No, I'm not gay. 你认为我是同性恋. 不, 我不是.

[03:44.30]It's -- it's just that you were -- you were very unforgettable. 那----那只是你--你太令人难忘了.

[03:49.73]O'malley, Yang, Grey, Stevens. O'malley, 杨, 格瑞, 史蒂文斯.

[03:53.42]And I'm totally forgettable. 而我太不起眼.

[03:56.20]- Bailey? - End of the hall. - 贝利? - 在走廊尽头的那个.

[03:59.40]That's the nazi? 那就是那个纳粹?

[04:01.38]I thought the nazi would be a guy. 我当“纳粹”会是个男的.

[04:02.99]I thought the nazi would be a nazi. 我想这个“纳粹”真的会成为一个纳粹.

[04:06.27]Maybe it's professional jealousy. 或许这是职业上的妒嫉.

[04:08.00]Maybe she's brilliant, and they call her a nazi because they're jealous. 或许她很有才能,他们叫她纳粹只因为他们妒嫉.

[04:11.27]Maybe she's nice. 或许她很和蔼.

[04:12.29]Let me guess -- you're the model. 让我们猜猜 -- 你是那个模特.

[04:14.95]Hi, I'm Isobel Stevens, but everyone calls me "Izzie." 嗨, 我是伊泽贝尔,史蒂文斯, 但所有人都叫我 "Izzie."

[04:19.69]I have five rules. Memorize them. 我有五条规矩. 记住他们.

[04:21.95]Rule number one -- don't bother sucking up. I already hate you. That's not gonna change. 第一条规矩 -- 别打溜须. 我已经讨厌你们. 那是不可改变的.

[04:25.80]Trauma protocol, phone list, pagers -- nurses will page you. 外伤协议, 电话名单, 寻呼机 --护士会呼叫你.

[04:30.27]You will answer every page at a run -- a run -- that's rule number two. 你必须接到呼叫后就跑动 -- 跑着 -- 这是第二条.

[04:34.73]Your first shift starts now and lasts 48 hours. 现在你是第一个轮班开始,持续的48小时.

[04:38.41]You're interns, grunts, nobodies, bottom of the surgical food chain. 你们是实习医生, 反映迟钝,没有经验,是外科工作人员中的底层人员.

[04:42.82]You run labs, write orders, work every second night until you drop, and don't complain. 你们要跑着去实验室, 填写病历, 在夜间要时刻工作着状态除非你下班, 并且不要抱怨.

[04:47.10]On-call rooms -- attendings hog them. 在待命室 -- 主治医生会招唤你们.

[04:50.02]Sleep when you can where you can, which brings me to rule number three. 在你可以的时间和地点睡觉, 这是我带来的第三条规矩.

[04:52.76]If I'm sleeping, don't wake me unless your patient is actually dying. 如果我睡着了, 别叫醒我除非你的病人真的要死了.

[04:56.91]Rule number four -- the dying patient better not be dead when I get there. 第四条规矩 -- 当我到那里,要死的病人比死了的好.

[04:59.70]Not only will you have killed someone, you would have woke me for no good reason. We clear? 不但你将杀了某个人,而且你也将以一个不好的理由吵醒我. 都清楚了吗?

[05:03.93]Yes? 没有?

[05:04.94]You said five rules. That was only four. 你说是五条规矩. 现在只有四条.

[05:08.62]Rule number five -- when I move, you move. 第五条规矩 -- 我开始行动时,你们也一样.

[05:12.70]Get out of my way! 请让开!

[05:29.23]What do we got? 她是什么情况?

[05:30.09]Katie Bryce, 15-year-old female, new onset seizures, intermittent for the past week. 凯蒂 布莱斯, 15岁 女性, 痉挛发作, 在上周间歇性发作过.

[05:35.02]I.V. lost en route, started grand mal seizing as we descended. 在途中停止I.V., 当我们接受她时开始发作重度癫痫.

[05:38.82]All right, get her on her side. 好的, 让她侧过身来.

[05:40.91]Izzie, 10 milligrams diazepam I.M. Izzie, 10毫克 安定

[05:43.96]No, no. The white lead is on the right. 不, 不. 用碱式碳酸铅才对.

[05:46.42]Righty, whity -- smoke over fire. 对的, 发白的 -- 像火焰上的烟雾.

[05:48.61]A large-bore I.V. Don't let the blood hemolyze. Let's go! 令人麻烦的 I.V. 别让血压降低. 开始吧!

[05:57.36]What do we have? A wet fish on dry land. 我们做些什么? 我们不能傻站在这里.

[05:59.08]Absolutely, Dr. Burke. 是的, 伯克医生.

[06:02.00]Dr. Bailey, let's shotgun her. 贝利医生, 让我们拯救她吧.

[06:04.34]That means every test in the book -- C.T., CBC, chem-7, tox screen. 按照程序进行化验检查 -- C.T., 全血球计数, 生化7项, 毒素检查

[06:08.50]Cristina, you're on labs. George, patient work-ups. 克里斯蒂娜, 你去实验室. 乔治, 看护病人.

[06:11.65]Meredith, get katie for a C.T. 梅瑞狄斯, 给凯蒂作 C.T检查.

[06:13.71]She's your responsibility now. 她现在是你的病人.

[06:15.95]Wait. What about me? 等等. 我做些什么?

[06:18.90]Honey, you get to do rectal exams. 亲爱的, 你去给病人做个直肠检查.

[06:37.22]What are you doing here? 你在这里干什么?

[06:38.97]Katie Bryce's labs came out clear. There's nothing in the results that explain her seizures. 凯蒂 布莱斯的X光片出来了. 这个没有任何结果能解释她会抽搐.

[06:43.04]- I just thought you wanna know. - Okay. - 我想这是你应该知道的. - 好的.

[06:45.04]I heard every year, the attending on call picks the best intern 我听说每年主治医生都会挑一个最好的实习医生

[06:49.08]and lets them perform a procedure during the first shift. 并让他们在第一次当班中去完成一个实例手术.

[06:54.73]I'm just saying it's what I heard. 我只是说这是我听到的.

[06:56.72]Go away... now. 走开... 现在.

[07:00.18]Yeah, sounds good. 好, 听起来不错.

[07:01.57]He'll be fine? 他会好吗?

[07:02.51]You'll be fine. 你将会好的.

[07:03.45]If you don't count the fact that my bacon days are over, sure. 如果你不能治好我那我就不能再吃熏肉了,真的.

[07:06.54]So, bypass surgery tomorrow with Dr. Burke -- I hear he's good. 那么, 明天的手术是伯克医生 -- 我听说他不错.

[07:09.56]And, after that, you can have all the bacon-flavored soy product you can eat. 并且, 手术后, 你就可以享用各种风味的熏肉产品了.

[07:13.50]Mmm. Kill me now. 噢 现在就杀了我算了.

[07:15.07]I wish I could, but I'm a healer. 我希望我可以, 但我是医生.

[07:20.99]You're lost. 你迷路了.

[07:23.15]I'm not lost. 我没迷路.

[07:24.67]How are you feeling? 你感觉如何?

[07:25.79]How do you think I'm feeling? 你认为我感觉如何?

[07:27.46]I'm missing my pageant. 我错过了我的表演.

[07:28.93]You're missing your pageant? 你错过了你的表演?

[07:30.25]The spokane teen miss. 错过了斯波坎小姐大赛

[07:31.95]I was in the top 10 after the first 2 rounds. 在经过前两轮后我在前十名.

[07:34.66]This is my year. 这是我的年代.

[07:35.98]I could have won. 我能赢.

[07:37.70]Hello. 你好.

[07:39.46]You're so lost. What are you, like, new? 你真的迷路了. 你在干什么, 就像,新来的?

[07:43.84]Okay, so I'm just gonna insert my fingers into your rectum. 好, 那么我要把我的食指插入你的直肠.

[07:55.70]No. 不.

[07:59.68]Out. 让开.

[08:01.26]Out. 让开.

[08:04.03]Bet you missed a lot when you first started out. 我打赌当你开始做时你已经错过了很多.

[08:09.60]I twisted my ankle in talent rehearsal. 在预演时我让我的脚可以弯曲.

[08:11.59]I do rhythmic gymnastics, which is, like, really cool. 我做韵律操, 那是, 就像, 真的很酷.

[08:14.69]Nobody else does it. 没人能那样做.

[08:16.07]And I tripped over my ribbon. And I didn't get stuck with someone this clueless, 并且我被自己的丝带绊倒. 而且我没有让别人发现这个失误,

[08:20.62]and that was, like, a nurse. 而且那个, 像, 一个护士.

[08:23.21]You and I are gonna have so much fun together. 你和我在一起会很开心.

[08:33.59]This shift is a marathon, not a sprint. Eat. 这种轮班就像马拉松,不像短跑. 真的.

[08:35.94]I can't. 我受不了了.

[08:36.82]You should eat something. 一应该吃些东西.

[08:38.16]You try eating after performing 17 rectal exams. The nazi hates me. 你怎能在做了17个直肠检验后去吃东西. “纳粹”讨厌我.

[08:42.20]The nazi's a resident. I have attendings hating me. “纳粹”是主治医师.已经有主治医师讨厌我了.

[08:45.27]You know Meredith is inbred? 你认为梅瑞狄斯很有天赋吗?

[08:46.76]Like it's uncommon around here to be a doctors' parents -- 就像她有作医生的父母指导 --

[08:49.25]No, royally inbred -- her mother is Ellis Grey. 是的, 非常有天赋 -- 她妈妈是 埃丽斯 戈瑞.

[08:51.44]Shut up. The Ellis Grey? 住口. 那个埃丽斯 戈瑞?

[08:52.89]Who's Ellis Grey? 谁是埃丽斯 戈瑞?

[08:54.70]The Grey Method. Where'd you go to med school -- Mexico? 戈瑞治疗法. 你在哪上的医学院 --墨西哥吗?

[08:57.29]She was one of the first big chick surgeons. 她是伟大的外科医生之一.

[09:00.05]She's a living legend. Yeah, she won the harper avery twice. 她很有创造力. 是的, 她赢过两次海伯尔 艾佛里奖 .

[09:02.95]So I didn't know one thing. 我什么都不知道.

[09:04.53]Talk about parental pressure. 谈谈父母的压力.

[09:05.94]God, I would kill to have Ellis Grey as a mother. 天啊, 真希望埃丽斯 戈瑞能是我妈妈.

[09:08.15]I'd kill to be Ellis Grey. 我真想成为埃丽斯 戈瑞.

[09:09.98]All I need is one good case. 我们所有人都想有一个好的案例.

[09:13.00]Katie Bryce is a pain in the ass. 凯蒂 布莱斯的臀部有疼痛感.

[09:15.50]If I hadn't taken the hippocratic oath, I'd kevorkian her with my bare hands. 如果我不是外科医生,我真想用我赤裸的双手掐丝她.

[09:20.80]What? 什么?

[09:22.55]Good afternoon, interns. 下午好,实习生们.

[09:25.90]It's posted, but I thought I'd share the good news personally. 消息传得真快,但我想我自己已经分享了好消息.

[09:29.52]As you know, the honor of performing the first surgery 就像你们所知道的, 为了那个表演的很多承诺

[09:32.84]is reserved for the intern that shows the most promise. 保留对实习医生第一次实例手术的敬意.

[09:36.32]As I'm running the O.R. today, I get to make that choice. 当我今天正在手术时工作. 我将做出选择.

[09:41.85]George O'malley. George O'malley.

[09:43.26]Me? 我?

[09:44.15]You'll scrub in for an appendectomy this afternoon. 你将在今天下午做一个阑尾切除手术中的清洗工作.

[09:46.42]Congratulations. 祝贺你.

[09:47.79]Enjoy it. 好好做吧.

[09:55.33]Did he say me? 他是在对我说吗?

[09:56.91]I've seen his file. George O'malley barely made the cut to get in this program. 我已经看了他的档案. George O'malley只在自己的课程中作过切除训练.

[10:00.81]He's not your guy. 他不是你的组员.

[10:02.06]He's my guy, all right. 他是我的, 好吧.

[10:03.20]Every year, you pick your guy, and every year, your guy suffers more than any other intern. 每年,你选你的组员, 并且每年, 你的组员都经受比别的实习生多的痛苦.

[10:07.31]Terrorize one, and the rest fall in line. 这是一个威胁吗, 你要打破和平相处的界限.

[10:09.48]I get it, I respect it, but George O'malley's a puppy. 我明白, 我尊敬这个, 但 George O'malley's只是个自负的小青年.

[10:13.51]- Katie Bryce -- 3604? - It's right there. - 凯蒂 布莱斯 -- 3604吗? - 就在这.

[10:15.38]Thank you. 谢谢.

[10:16.36]Katie, honey, mom and dad are here. 凯蒂, 亲爱的, 爸爸妈妈来了.

[10:18.90]They gave her a sedative for the C.T. scan, so she's a little groggy. 为了做C.T.检查他们给她注射了些镇静剂, 所以她不是很清醒.

[10:22.36]Will she be all right? 她会好吗?

[10:23.79]Our doctor at home said that she might need an operation. Is that true? 我们的家庭医生说她可能需要做一个手术.是真的吗?

[10:28.02]What kind of operation? 是什么样的手术?

[10:29.25]She's, um -- well... 她, 恩 -- 嗯...

[10:32.46]You know what? I'm not the doctor. 你知道吗? 我不是医生.

[10:34.72]I'm a doctor, but I'm not Katie's doctor, so I'll go get him for you. 我是医生, 但不是凯蒂的的主治医生, 所以我把她叫过来.

[10:43.82]What? 什么?

[10:44.60]Katie's parents have questions. Do you talk to them, or do I ask Burke? 凯蒂的父母有些问题. 你能和他们谈谈, 或者叫伯克来?

[10:48.00]No, Burke's off the case. Katie belongs to the new attending now, Dr. Shepherd. He's over there. 奥, 伯克已经不负责这个病人了. 凯蒂现在归新的主治医生管,谢弗德医生. 他就在这.

[11:10.90]Dr. Shepherd. 谢弗德医生.

[11:12.45]Dr. Shepherd? 谢弗德医生?

[11:14.27]This morning, it was Derek. 今天早上, 你是德里克.

[11:16.13]Now it's Dr. Shepherd. 现在是谢弗德医生.

[11:17.86]Dr. Shepherd, we should pretend it never happened. 谢弗德医生, 我们最好装作一切没发生过.

[11:19.99]What never happened -- you sleeping with me last night, or you throwing me out this morning? 什么也没发生 -- 你昨天晚上还在和我睡觉, 或者你今天早上把我轰出来?

[11:23.95]Because both are fond memories I'd like to hold onto. 只因为我喜欢留住这些美好的回忆.

[11:26.25]No, there will be no memories. 不, 那里没有回忆.

[11:28.85]I'm not the girl in the bar anymore, and you're not the guy. 我不再是酒吧里的那个女孩, 你也不再是那个男孩.

[11:31.72]This can't exist. 这个不能存在.

[11:33.09]You get that, right? 你要明白, 好吗?

[11:34.72]You took advantage of me, and now you want to forget about it. 你对我很好,而你现在想忘了这个.

[11:36.99]I was drunk, vulnerable, and good-looking, and you took advantage. 我喝醉了, 容易受攻击, 并且很漂亮, 而且对我也很好.

[11:39.66]Okay, I was the one who was drunk, and you are not that good-looking. 好的, 我的喝醉是其中之一, 并且你不是那么帅.

[11:42.95]Maybe not today. 或许不该是今天.

[11:44.17]Last night, I was very good-looking. I had my red shirt on. You took advantage. 昨夜, 我很帅. 我穿着我的红衬衣. 你很喜欢.

[11:47.97]- I did not take advantage. - Want to take advantage again -- say, friday night? - 我不喜欢. - 想再次约会 -- 我的意思是, 周五晚上?

[11:53.11]No. 不.

[11:55.20]You're an attending, and I'm your intern. 你是主治医师, 并且我是实习医生.

[11:58.47]Stop looking at me like that. 不要像那样看着我.

[12:00.52]Like what? 像什么?

[12:01.27]Like you've seen me naked. 像你在看我的裸体.

[12:03.99]Dr. Shepherd, this is inappropriate. 谢弗德医生, 这样很不合适.

[12:08.33]Has that ever occurred to you? 你还不明白?

[12:14.90]Open, identify, ligate, remove, irrigate, close. 打开, 确认, 结扎, 移出, 冲洗,缝合.

[12:18.02]Open, identify, ligate, remove, irrigate, close. 打开, 确认, 结扎, 移出, 冲洗,缝合.

[12:21.00]He's gonna faint. He's a fainter. 他快晕倒了. 他快晕倒了.

[12:22.48]No, code brown, right in his pants. 不, 褐色信号, 快尿裤子了.

[12:24.49]He's all about the flop sweat. He's gonna sweat himself unsterile. 他已经大汗淋漓. 他的汗水可没有消毒.

[12:27.11]10 bucks says he messes up the mcburney. 我出十元打赌他会搞砸手术.

[12:28.83]$15 says he cries. 我出15元打赌他会哭泣.

[12:29.66]I'll put $20 on a total meltdown. 我将出20元打赌他彻底垮台.

[12:31.16]$50 says he pulls the whole thing off. 我出50元打赌他会完成得很好

[12:35.44]That's one of us down there, the first one of us. 他可是我们中的一员,是我们当中第一个做实例手术的人.

[12:39.38]Where's your loyalty? 你们的团结意识到哪里去了?

[12:43.23]- $75 says he can't even I.D. the appendix. - I'll take that action. - 我出75元打赌他甚至连阑尾都找不着. - 我会仔细观察的.

[12:46.49]Okay, O'malley, let's see what you can do. 好吧, O'malley, 让我们看看你要怎么做.

[12:50.14]Here it comes. 开始了.

[12:55.35]Scalpel. 解剖刀.

[12:56.41]Scalpel. 解剖刀.

[13:02.00]That burke is trouble. 伯克有麻烦了.

[13:08.82]More pressure. 用点力.

[13:10.03]The human flesh is a tough shell. Dig in. 人的皮肤会坚硬的像贝壳. 再深点.

[13:16.41]Pickups. 镊子.

[13:17.64]Pickups. 镊子.

[13:21.43]Clamp. 夹子.

[13:22.78]Clamp. 夹子.

[13:33.20]I'm there. 我找到了.

[13:34.09]Damn, he got the peritoneum open. I'm out. 妈的, 他已经把腹膜打开了. 我输了.

[13:36.17]I told you -- he's gonna pull it off. 我说过 -- 他能行.

[13:46.99]Scalpel. 解剖刀.

[13:48.10]Scalpel. 解剖刀.

[13:52.41]Appendix is out. 阑尾出来了.

[13:55.31]Not bad. 不赖阿.

[13:56.80]Thank you. 谢谢.

[13:57.88]Now all you have to do is invert the stump into the cecum 现在你要把剩下的残余颠倒过来放到直肠里

[14:02.80]and simultaneously pull up on the purse strings, 并且同时把它拔起用线打个结,

[14:06.77]but be careful not to... 但是要小心,不要...

[14:09.75]break them. 把它们碰破了.

[14:11.91]You ripped the cecum. 直肠已经麻醉了.

[14:14.11]You've got a bleeder. 你要给他止止血.

[14:15.00]You're filling with stool. What do you do now? 粪便溢出来了. 你现在要做什么?

[14:17.04]Uh... 嗯...

[14:19.40]Think. You start the suction, and you start digging for those purse strings before she bleeds to death. 想想. 你可以使用吸污器,在他因失血过多而死以前你要为那个打结的阑尾残余部分开始收拾.

[14:24.94]Give him a clamp. 给他把夹子.

[14:26.18]B.P.'s dropping. 血压下降了.

[14:27.65]He's choking. 他开始紧张了.

[14:28.78]Come on, George. 来吧, 乔治.

[14:29.92]Today. Pull your balalls out of your back pocket. Let's go. 今天. 把你的恐惧放在身后. 快点.

[14:33.60]What are you waiting for? Suction. 他在等什么? 吸污器.

[14:37.02]Getting too low, folks. 血压太低了, 同志们.

[14:39.99]Dr. Burke. 伯克医生.

[14:41.27]Get out of the way. 闪开这.

[14:43.02]Pansy-ass idiot. 笨蛋.

[14:44.42]Get him out of here. 让他离开这.

[14:45.74]Suction. Clamp. 吸污器. 夹子.

[14:50.33]- He's 007. - 007, yep. - 他是 007. - 007, 是的.

[14:52.80]- A total 007. - What's "007" mean? - 真正的 007. - "007" 是什么意思?

[14:55.35]License to kill. 杀人执照.

[15:06.67]007. They're calling me "007," aren't they? 007. 他们叫我"007," 真的?

[15:09.91]- No one's calling you 007. - No one's calling you 007. - 没人叫你007. - 没人叫你 007.

[15:11.84]On the elevator, murphy whispered, "007." 在电梯上, 默菲低声地说, "007."

[15:14.18]How many times do we have to go through this, George? 5, 10? 我们已经通过这个多少次了, 乔治? 5, 10?

[15:16.75]Give me a number, or else I'm gonna hit you. 告诉我, 或者我揍你顿.

[15:18.20]Murphy whispered, "007," and everyone laughed. 默菲低声地说, "007."并且每个人都在笑.

[15:20.41]He wasn't talking about you. 他不是在说你.

[15:21.91]Are you sure? 你确认?

[15:22.80]Would we lie to you? 我们要骗你吗?

[15:24.22]Yes. 是的.

[15:25.17]007 is a state of mind. 007 是一种思想状态.

[15:26.94]Says the girl who finished first in her class at stanford. 说这个的女孩是刚在斯坦福大学的课堂上第一次完成的.

[15:33.62]Oh, man. It's 911 for Katie Bryce. 哦, 哥们.凯蒂 布莱斯的紧急呼叫.

[15:38.27]I got to go. 我要走了.

[15:45.97]Maybe I should have gone into geriatrics. 也许我应该去老人病科.

[15:48.36]No one minds when you kill an old person. 当你杀了一个老人时没人会在乎.

[15:50.67]Surgery is hot. It's the marines. It's macho. It's hostile. It's hard-core. 外科很热门. 它具有领航性. 有男子气概. 有竞争力. 很强大.

[15:56.14]Geriatrics is for freaks who live with their mothers and never have sex. 老人病科是为那些和父母生活在一起,没有过性生活的怪人准备的.

[16:02.59]I've got to get my own place. 我已经找到自己的位置了.

[16:11.61]Excuse me! Excuse me! 让一下! 让一下!

[16:15.96]Took you long enough. 来的这么慢啊.

[16:17.60]You're okay? The nurse paged me "911." 你没事吧? 护士发给我紧急信号

[16:19.46]I had to go all "exorcist" to get her to even pick up the phone. 我不得不让所有"招魂者" 去找她,甚至去打电话.

[16:24.73]W ait. 等等.

[16:25.89]There's nothing wrong with you? 你没什么不适吧?

[16:27.24]I'm bored. 我很无聊.

[16:30.18]You little... 你。你这个小...

[16:32.17]- I'm not a cruise director. - You don't have to wig out. - 我不是看护主任. - 你不要太激动.

[16:35.15]The pageant's supposed to be on cable, but this crappy hospital doesn't get the channel. 这个庆典可能会直播, 但这个讨厌的医院没有这个频道.

[16:39.07]If that cow kylie wood is gonna walk off with my crown, I have to see it. 如果那个肥壮的母牛偷走了我的皇冠, 我只能看着了.

[16:43.18]Can you call someone? 你能找个人吗?

[16:45.29]Okay, this is an actual hospital. 好的, 这时一所医院.

[16:49.66]There are sick people here. 在这的都是病人.

[16:51.55]Go to sleep, and stop wasting my time. 睡觉吧, 别浪费我的时间.

[16:54.28]But I can't sleep. My head's all full. 我睡不着. 我头很胀.

[16:56.93]That's called "thinking." 那叫 "思考."

[16:58.36]Go with it. 请继续.

[17:12.03]What do you need? 你需要什么?

[17:15.12]Mr. Jones has junky veins, and he really needs antibiotics. 琼斯先生有吸毒的迹象, 但他真的需要些抗生素.

[17:17.90]I should start a central line. 我想给他开一些.

[17:19.67]So start one. 那就做吧.

[17:21.73]You don't know how. 你不知道怎么办.

[17:23.43]I've never done one. 我从没做过这个.

[17:25.97]Well, you know what that means. 很好, 你知道那意味着什么.

[17:29.71]Can't we just page someone else? 我们不能让某人确认一下?

[17:31.50]She's the on-call resident. 她是负责医生.

[17:34.24]Okay. 好的.

[17:36.04]Okay, I'll just -- I'll wake her. 好的, 我只是 -- 只是叫醒她.

[17:44.73]- Dr. Bailey, I don't mean to bother you. - Then don't. -贝利医生, 我本不想打扰你. - 现在不行.

[17:47.39]- It's mr. Jones. - Is he dying? - 是关于琼斯先生. - 他要死了吗?

[17:49.78]No. 不是.

[17:50.59]Then stop talking to me. 那就别跟我说.

[18:03.49]What is it?! 他怎么了?!

[18:08.39]Next time you wake me, he better be so close to dead, there's a tag on his toe. 下次你再叫醒我, 他最好已经快死了, 最好他腿上还有个标签.

[18:22.41]Here. Take these to the lab. 这些.拿到实验室去.

[18:29.90]4-b's got post-op pneumonia. “4-b's”使他的肺炎加剧.

[18:32.14]Let's start antibiotics. 让我们给他注射抗生素.

[18:33.23]Are you sure that's the right diagnosis? 你确认那是正确的诊断吗?

[18:35.72]Well, I don't know. I'm only an intern. 嗯, 我不知道.我只是个实习医生.

[18:37.54]Why don't you go spend 4 years in med school and then let me know if it's the right diagnosis? 如果这是一个正确的诊断,为什么你要在医学院学习4年同时让我明白呢?

[18:42.70]She's short of breath. She's got fever. She's post-op. 她呼吸短促. 有些发烧. 不太稳定.

[18:45.79]Start the antibiotics. 注射些抗生素.

[18:48.63]God, I hate nurses. 天啊,我讨厌护士.

[18:52.13]I'm Alex. 我叫亚历克斯.

[18:54.65]I'm with Jeremy. You're with the nazi, right? 我是杰里米那组的. 你是“纳粹”那组的,对吗?

[18:57.17]She may not have pneumonia, you know? She could be splinting, or have a P.E. 他可能患的不是肺炎,你知道吗? She could be splinting, or have a P.E.

[19:00.91]Like I said, I hate nurses. 就像我说的, 我讨厌护士.

[19:03.94]What did you just say? 你刚才说什么?

[19:06.55]Did you just call me a nurse? 你刚才是叫我护士吗?

[19:08.39]Well, if the white cap fits. 嗯, 如果只有穿白色的是医生.

[19:13.34]Damn it, Katie. 妈的, 凯蒂.

[19:16.10]Is she seeing anybody? 什么人惹她了吗?

[19:17.66]I don't know. 我不知道.

[19:18.90]She's hot. 她很不错.

[19:20.01]I'm friends with her. 我是他的朋友.

[19:21.41]I mean kind of friends -- not actually friends, exactly, 我是说我们是普通朋友 --不是那种朋友, 真的,

[19:25.12]but we're tight, and we hang out -- really, only just today. 但我们很紧密, 我们很放松 -- 真的, 只是今天.

[19:29.08]- Dude. - Dude, stop talking. - 花花公子. - 花花公子, 别说了.

[19:45.58]What took you so long? 怎么这么慢?

[19:47.79]She's having multiple grand mal seizures. 她的癫痫发作的很严重.

[19:50.95]Now, how do you want to proceed? 现在, 你想怎么办?

[19:52.92]Dr. Grey, are you listening to me?! 葛瑞医生, 听见我说话了吗?!

[19:56.04]She's got diazepam -- 2 milligrams lorazepam -- I just gave the second dose. 她刚吃了安定片 -- 2毫克 罗责帕姆 -- 我给了她两倍的剂量.

[20:00.35]Dr. Grey, you need to tell us what you want to do. 葛瑞医生, 你需要告诉我们你想怎么办.

[20:03.91]Dr. Grey! 葛瑞医生!

[20:07.71]- Okay, she's full on lorazepam? - She's had 4 milligrams. - 好的, 他注射了足够的罗责帕姆吗? - 已经注射了4毫克.

[20:10.62]You paged Dr. Bailey and Dr. Shepherd? 你叫贝利医生和谢弗德医生了吗?

[20:12.54]Lorazepam's not working. 罗责帕姆现在不起作用 .

[20:13.92]Phenobarbital -- load her with phenobarbital. 镇定安眠剂 -- 给他注射镇定安眠剂.

[20:18.33]Pheno's in. 注射了.

[20:19.41]No change. 没变化.

[20:20.55]- You paged Dr. Shepherd? - I just told you. - 你通知谢弗德医生了吗? - 我刚刚告诉过你.

[20:23.62]Well, page him again, stat. 嗯, 再去叫他, 开始.

[20:25.52]What do you want to do? 你想怎么办?

[20:26.88]Dr. Grey, you need to tell us what you want to do. 葛瑞医生, 你需要告诉我们你想怎么做.

[20:30.85]- Heart stopped. - Code blue! Code blue! - 心跳停止. - 蓝色警报! 蓝色警报!

[20:34.13]Code blue! Code blue! 蓝色警报! 蓝色警报!

[20:41.42]Wait. 等等.

[20:43.56]Charge the pads to 200. 电压调到 200.

[20:45.12]Charge. 明白.

[20:46.07]Clear. 可以了.

[20:49.53]Still v-fib. Nothing. 停留在 v-fib. 没有反应.

[20:51.00]Charging. 充电.

[20:51.81]19 seconds. 19 秒.

[20:52.78]Charge them to 300. 电压加到 300.

[20:54.32]300. Anything? 300. 怎么样?

[20:56.10]27 seconds. 27 秒.

[20:57.40]Charge to 360. 电压加到 360.

[21:00.09]Come on, Katie. 醒来阿, 凯蒂.

[21:01.18]49 seconds. 49 秒.

[21:02.33]At 60 seconds, you're supposed to admin her another drug. 到60秒了, 你看是否可以换另一种药物试试.

[21:04.50]Charge again! 再电击一次!

[21:06.82]Charge again. 明白.

[21:13.26]Anything? 有反映吗?

[21:14.08]I see sinus rhythm. 有起色了.

[21:16.00]Blood pressure's coming up. 血压恢复了

[21:17.34]All right. 好了.

[21:19.25]Pressure's returning. 气压恢复了.

[21:20.38]Rate's coming back. 心律恢复.

[21:22.03]What the hell happened? 到底发生了什么?

[21:23.38]She had a seizure, and her heart stopped. 她开始抽搐, 她心脏停止了跳动.

[21:25.39]You were supposed to be monitoring her. 你是确认她一直被监护.

[21:27.02]- I checked on her -- - I got her. Just -- just go. - 我已经检查了她 -- - 我接手她了. 行了-- 你离开吧.

[21:33.15]Somebody give me her -- 谁能给我她的 --

[21:35.00]give me her chart, please. 给我她的记录表, 谢谢.

[21:36.60]You get a 911, you page me immediately, 你得到紧急呼叫, 就要马上通知我,

[21:39.17]not in the 5 minutes it takes you to get to the emergency, immediately. 不是在5分钟之内让你把它搞成紧急事件, 马上.

[21:42.09]You're on my team, and if somebody dies, it's my ass. 你在我的小组中, 如果有人死了, 那是我的失误.

[21:47.71]Meredith? 梅瑞狄斯?

[22:11.36]You tell anyone, ever... 别告诉任何人

[22:24.12]You said it was a seizure disorder. 你说了那不是很严重.

[22:26.75]Now you're saying it isn't? 现在你说不是那样?

[22:27.87]I'm saying that I don't know. 我不知道我是那样说的.

[22:29.44]What do you think it could be? 你认为那会怎样?

[22:30.79]I don't know. 我不知道.

[22:31.63]When will you know? 我们什么时候能知道?

[22:32.63]I don't have an answer for you. 我现在不能回答你.

[22:34.02]- For now, Katie is stable, and -- - Wait one damn minute. - 现在, 凯蒂已经稳定了, 并且 -- - 等着受谴责吧.

[22:38.31]We came here because this hospital is supposed to be the best in washington. 我们来这里因为它可能是华盛顿最好的医院.

[22:43.39]That's my kid in there -- my kid -- 在那的是我的孩子 -- 我的孩子 --

[22:46.48]and you have the audacity to stand here and tell me, "I don't know." 你确能厚颜无耻的站在这里跟我说, "我不知道."

[22:49.18]Mr. Bryce -- 布莱斯先生 --

[22:49.84]No, I want someone else, a doctor who knows what they're doing. 不, 我想找个人, 一个知道他们在做什么的医生.

[22:53.41]You get me someone else, someone better than you. 你给我找个人, 找个比你强的.

[22:55.96]Mr. Bryce, I assure you that I am working hard on Katie's case. 布莱斯先生, 我向你保证对于凯蒂的病我们已经十分努力的工作了.

[22:58.09]No, you're not. If you were, you'd be able to give me some answers. 不, 你们没有. 入彀你们有,你们就可以给我一个回答.

[23:02.05]I put you on the bypass machine, which pumps blood for your heart. 为了给心脏供血,我在那里放了旁路机器.

[23:05.28]Fix your ticker, take you off the machine -- I'm done -- simple procedure. 固定你的断续器, 为你拿掉这个机器 -- 我做完了 -- 简单的程序.

[23:09.82]So I shouldn't worry? 那我不用担心了?

[23:12.12]I'm very good at what I do. 我很高兴我所做的这些.

[23:14.12]But still it's surgery. 但这仍是外科.

[23:15.46]There are some risks. 有些风险.

[23:16.78]I'll see you in the O.R. this afternoon, Mr. Savitch. 渐天下午手术室见, 塞维奇先生.

[23:22.02]You're not gonna leave me alone with that guy, are you? 你不能扔下我一个人让我那个医生在一起,对吗?

[23:26.19]Oh, I'll be outside the O.R. the whole time. 哦,手术时我会在手术室外面.

[23:28.76]No, Dr. Burke is very good. 不, 伯克医生很好.

[23:31.55]Don't worry. 别担心.

[23:33.11]I'll see you after. 我一会来看你.

[23:34.36]He'll be fine, right? 他会好,对吗?

[23:36.02]Tony's gonna sail through it. 托尼会没事的.

[23:40.23]You have nothing to worry about -- I promise. 你没什么可担心的 -- 我保证.

[23:44.59]I gotta go. 我要离开一会.

[23:46.67]What are you doing? 你在干什么?

[23:47.81]I'm suturing a banana with the vain hope that it wakes up my brain. 为了保持我头脑的清醒我正空虚的缝合一个香蕉.

[23:52.74]What are you smiling at, 007? 你在笑什么, 007?

[23:55.72]I'm sorry. I get mean when I'm tired. 我很抱歉. 我是说我很疲劳.

[23:57.79]You know what? 你知道什么?

[23:58.95]I don't care. 我不在乎.

[24:00.94]I comforted a family, and I got to hang out in the O.R. today. All is well. 我安慰了一个家庭, 并且我今天还进入了手术室. 这些都很好.

[24:05.15]Does anybody know why we're here? 谁知道我们为什么在这?

[24:07.25]Well, good morning. 很好, 早上好.

[24:10.26]I'm gonna do something pretty rare for a surgeon. 我要为一位外科医生做些可爱而又珍贵的事.

[24:12.46]I'm gonna ask interns for help. 我需要实习医生的帮助.

[24:14.83]I've got this kid, Katie Bryce. 我已经负责这个孩子, 凯蒂 布莱斯.

[24:16.62]Right now, she's a mystery. 现在, 她是个谜.

[24:19.60]She doesn't respond to our meds. 他对我们的治疗没有任何反映.

[24:21.27]The labs are clean, the scans are pure, 化验没有反应结果, 扫描很正常,

[24:23.58]but she's having seizures -- grand mal seizures with no visible cause. 但是仍仍在颤抖 -- 不知原因的重度颤抖.

[24:27.71]She's a ticking clock. 她的时间很有限.

[24:29.28]She's gonna die if I don't make a diagnosis, which is where you come in. 如果我们不作出一个诊断她会死亡的, 你们谁愿加入.

[24:33.34]I can't do it alone. 我一个人做不了这个.

[24:35.10]I need your extra minds, extra eyes. 我需要你们额外的意见,额外的关注.

[24:37.63]I need you to play detective. I need you to find out why katie is having seizures. 我需要你们去巡查. 我需要你们去发现凯蒂为什么会癫痫.

[24:41.68]I know you're tired. You're busy. You got more work than you can possibly handle. 我知道你们很疲劳. 你们很忙. 你们得了比你们能够处理的更多的工作.

[24:45.45]I understand, so I'm gonna give you an incentive. 我明白, 所以我会给你们一些激励.

[24:48.82]Whoever finds the answer rides with me. 无论谁在我之上找到了答案.

[24:51.70]Katie needs surgery. 凯蒂需要手术.

[24:53.48]You get to do what no interns get to do -- scrub in to assist on an advanced procedure. 你可以做一个实习医生还不能做的 -- 在一个高端手术中负责清理协助.

[24:58.49]Dr. Bailey's gonna hand you Katie's chart. 贝利医生会教给你们凯蒂的资料.

[25:00.46]The clock is ticking fast, people. 时间紧迫, 同仁们.

[25:02.34]If we're gonna save katie's life, we have to do it soon. 如果我们想救凯蒂的生命, 我们不得不马上开始工作.

[25:12.25]Look, give the antibiotics time to work. 看, 让抗生素去解决问题.

[25:13.96]The antibiotics should have worked by now. 到现在抗生素已经发挥完效果了.

[25:15.90]She's old. She's freaking ancient. 她老了. 她有过疯的病历.

[25:17.83]She's lucky she's still breathing. 她很幸运她还在呼吸.

[25:20.09]I got a shot to scrub in downstairs on a patient that wasn't alive during the civil war. 我曾得到一个机会在楼下参加一个手术, 那个病人在内战时就应该死了.

[25:24.38]Don't page me again. 别再找我了.

[25:30.00]Hey, I want in on shepherd's surgery. 嗨, 我想去谢弗德的外科手术.

[25:32.78]You've been the intern on Katie since the start. 自从凯蒂入院以来,你已经是她的实习医生.

[25:34.46]You want to work together? 想和我一起工作吗?

[25:35.80]If we find the answer, we have a 50-50 chance of scrubbing in. 如果我们找到答案, 我们有一半的机会参加那个外科手术.

[25:38.32]I'll work with you, but I don't want in on the surgery. You can have it. 我会为你工作, 但我不想参加那个外科手术.你可以去.

[25:41.57]You're kidding? It's the biggest opportunity any intern will ever get. 你在开玩笑吧?这是任何实习生都想得到的最大的机会.

[25:43.87]I don't want to spend any more time with Shepherd than I have to. 我不想在谢弗德那花费任何时间比我可你做的事情.

[25:46.06]What do you have against shepherd? 逆反感谢弗德什么?

[25:47.25]If we find the answer, the surgery's yours. Do you want to work together or not? 如果我们找到答案, 外科手术是你的. 你想在一起工作,还是不?

[25:51.48]Deal. 成交.

[25:52.24]So she doesn't have anoxia, chronic renal failure, or acidosis. 那么她没有缺氧症, 慢性肾衰竭, 或者酸毒症.

[25:55.38]It's not a tumor, because her C.T.'s clean. 也没有瘤子, 因为他的 C.T.显示没有.

[25:58.49]Are you seriously not gonna tell me why you won't work with Shepherd? 你真的不想告诉我为什么你不愿意和谢弗德一起工作吗?

[26:00.84]No. 不想.

[26:01.57]What about infection? 有什么传染病吗?

[26:02.74]No, there's no white count, and she has no C.T. lesions, no fevers, 没有, 这里没有蛋白记录, 而且CT显示没有损伤, 没有发烧,

[26:06.66]nothing in her spinal tap. Just tell me. 她的脊髓也没问题. 就像告诉我们的.

[26:10.88]You can't comment, make a face, or react in any way. 你不要评论, 面对事实, 或者另外的方法会有作用.

[26:16.06]We had sex. 我们发生了关系.

[26:21.02]What about an aneurysm? 关于动脉瘤有什么?

[26:22.91]No blood on the C.T. and no headaches. 在C.T上没有淤血.也没有头痛.

[26:25.05]Okay, there's no drug use, no pregnancy, no trauma. 好吧, 这里没有吸毒记录,没有怀孕, 没有外伤.

[26:31.80]Was he good? 他那方面好吗?

[26:33.20]I mean, he looks like he'd be good. Was it any good? 我的意思, 看起来它很善于那个.有什么不好的地方吗?

[26:38.30]We're out of answers. 我们跃题了.

[26:41.52]What if no one comes up with anything? 入果没有人能提出什么会怎样?

[26:43.20]You mean what if she dies? 你是说她会怎么死亡?

[26:44.48]Yeah. 是的.

[26:46.88]This is gonna sound really bad, but I really wanted that surgery. 这听起来很不好, 但我真的想得到那个手术.

[26:52.07]She's just never gonna get the chance to turn into a person. 她只是还没有得到一个改变的机会.

[26:54.94]The sum total of her existence will be almost winning miss teen whatever. 无论怎样三总的来说她几乎就要赢得那个桂冠了.

[27:01.85]You know what her pageant talent is? 你知道他的庆典表演是?

[27:03.82]They have talent? 她们有表演?

[27:05.30]Rhythmic gymnastics. 韵律操.

[27:07.28]Oh, come on. 哦, 少来.

[27:09.71]What is rhythmic gymnastics? I can't even say it. I don't know what it is. 什么是韵律操? 我无法形容. 我不知道那是什么.

[27:17.06]I think it's something with a ball and a -- 我想那是关于一个球和一个 --

[27:21.55]What? 什么?

[27:23.25]Meredith, what? 梅瑞狄斯, 什么?

[27:25.13]Get up. Come on. 起来. 快点.

[27:27.83]The only thing that she wouldpossibly need is an angiogram. 她唯一错过的是需要一个血管造影.

[27:30.71]Oh. Oh, Dr. Shepherd, just one moment. 噢. 哦, 谢弗德医生, 只是一会.

[27:33.36]Katie competes in beauty pageants. 凯蒂的比赛是庆典表演.

[27:35.55]I know that, but we have to save her life, anyway. 我知道这个, 但我们不能救她的命, 无论如何.

[27:37.51]She has no headaches, no neck pain, her C.T. is clean. 他没有头痛, 没有颈痛,她C.T.很正常.

[27:40.49]- There's no medical proof of an aneurysm. - Right. - 这里没有一个血管瘤的医学化验. - 是的.

[27:43.49]- But what if she has an aneurysm, anyway? - There are no indicators. - 但是如果她有血管瘤, 怎么办? - 这里没有指示剂.

[27:46.28]She twisted her ankle practicing for the pageant. 他在庆典上可以弯曲她的脚裸.

[27:49.36]- I appreciate you trying to help, but -- - She fell when she twisted her ankle, she fell. - 我很欣赏你试图帮助, 但 -- - 当她弯曲脚裸她摔倒了, 她摔倒了.

[27:53.46]It was no big deal, not even a bump on the head. She got up, iced her ankle, and everything was fine. 这不是什么大问题, 在头上没有一个肿块. 她起床, 冰冻她的脚裸, 一切就没事了.

[27:58.34]It was a fall so minor, her doctor didn't even think to mention it when I was taking her history, 这是一个很小的摔倒,当我看她的病历记录时她的医生甚至没想提及此事,

[28:01.91]but she did fall. 但是她摔倒了.

[28:04.25]You know what the chance is that a minor fall could burst an aneurysm? 你知道一个很小的摔倒会使血管瘤爆裂吗?

[28:06.53]One in a million -- literally. 把万分之一 -- 理论上.

[28:15.84]Let's go. 让我们去看看.

[28:17.26]Where? 哪里?

[28:17.83]To find out if Katie's one in a million. 看看凯蒂是不是那百万分之一.

[28:37.61]I'll be damned. 我将被咒骂的.

[28:39.62]There it is. 就是这个.

[28:43.00]It's minute, but it's there. 很微小, 但就在这.

[28:46.07]It's a subarachnoid hemorrhage. 这是一个蛛网膜下出血.

[28:49.02]She's bleeding into her brain. 出去进入了她的头部.

[28:56.28]She could have gone through her entire life without it ever being a problem. 要不是这个成为一个难题,她就可以活下去.

[28:59.38]- One tap in the right spot... - And it exploded. - 右边的污点是一个爆裂口... - 这个破了.

[29:00.99]Exactly. Now I can fix it. 正确. 现在我能处理它.

[29:03.14]You two did great work. 你们两个做得很好.

[29:05.12]Love to stay and kiss your asses, but I got to tell Katie's parents she's having surgery. 真想好好感谢你们俩,但我必须告诉凯蒂父母她要做一个手术.

[29:08.29]- Katie Bryce's chart, please. - Here you go. -凯蒂布莱斯的病历, 谢谢. - 给你.

[29:11.68]Dr. Shepherd, you'd said that you'd pick someone to scrub in if we helped? 谢弗德医生, 是你说过如果我们提供帮助你就会选一个协助那个手术吗?

[29:16.01]Oh, yes, right. I'm sorry I can't take you both. 哦,是的, 正确. 很抱歉我不能你们两个都带.

[29:19.00]It's gonna be a full house. 那样屋子里会很挤.

[29:20.40]Meredith, I'll see you in O.R. 梅瑞狄斯, 手术室里见.

[29:30.05]Good. Thank you. 好. 谢谢.

[29:39.91]Cristina... 克里斯蒂娜...

[30:43.02]Wow, that was quick. Wow, 真够快的.

[30:44.73]His heart had too much damage to give him a bypass. 他的心脏损害的太严重以至于无法给他放一个“旁路”.

[30:48.38]I had to let him go. 我不得不放弃他了.

[30:50.65]It happens -- rarely, but it does happen -- 发生这个 -- 很少见, 但它已经发生了 --

[30:53.59]the worst part of the game. 游戏中最坏的部分.

[30:57.22]But I told his wife -- I told gloria that he would be fine. 但我已经告诉他妻子 -- 我荣耀的告诉她他会好的.

[31:03.63]- I promised her that -- - You what? - 我向她许诺 -- - 你干什么?

[31:05.81]- They have four little girls. - This is my case. - 她们有四个小女儿. - 这是我的病人.

[31:09.18]Did you hear me promise? 你听见我许诺了吗?

[31:11.71]The only one that can keep a promise like that is god, and I haven't seen him holding a scalpel lately. T唯一可以去进行许诺的是上帝, 但我拿着手术刀时没看见他。

[31:15.45]You never promise a patient's family a good outcome! 你绝对不要对一个病人的家庭许诺一个好的结果!

[31:20.11]I thought... 我只是想...

[31:21.58]You're important enough to make promises to Mrs. Savitch? 你怎能对塞维奇太太许诺呢?

[31:24.13]You get to be the one to tell her that she's a widow. 那你就是那个去告诉她已经是寡妇的人.

[31:38.69]Izzie. Izzie.

[31:42.96]- Maybe Meredith couldn't -- - Izzie. - 也许梅瑞狄斯不想 -- - Izzie.

[31:49.50]- I'll tell him I changed my mind. - Don't do me any favors. It's fine. - 我会告诉他我改变主意了. - 不要帮我忙. 我很好.

[31:54.56]- Cristina -- - You did a cutthroat thing. Deal with it. - 克里斯蒂娜 -- - 你做了一件很残酷的事情. 拿这个做交易.

[31:57.41]Don't come to me for absolution. You want to be a shark, be a shark. 别让我原谅你. 你会是一个骗子, 会是一个骗子.

[32:00.76]- I'm not -- - Oh, yes, you are. - 我不是 -- - 哦, 是, 你是.

[32:02.96]Only it makes you feel all bad in your warm, gooey places. 只有这个让你觉得在你的热情里很差, 感伤之地.

[32:06.34]No, screw you. 不, 你很沉醉.

[32:07.46]I don't get picked for surgeries 'cause I slept with my boss, 我没有被挑选去做手术因为我和我老伴上床,

[32:09.61]and I didn't get into med school 'cause I have a famous mother. 我没进入医学院是因为我有一个有名的妈妈.

[32:11.81]Some of us have to earn what we get. 我们中的一些人不得不去获得我们所得到的.

[32:26.54]Gloria, there were complications in the surgery. 格洛里亚, 手术很复杂.

[32:31.43]Tony's heart had a lot of damage. 托尼的心脏有很多损伤.

[32:34.97]We tried to take him off bypass, but... 我们试图岔开他的旁路, 但...

[32:41.26]there wasn't anything we could have done. 我们无能为力.

[32:45.84]What are you talking about? 你在说些什么?

[32:48.79]He... 嗯...

[32:51.98]Tony died. 托尼死了.

[32:53.59]He's dead. 他死了.

[32:56.47]Gloria... 格洛里亚...

[32:58.29]I am so sorry. 我很抱歉.

[33:05.13]Please... 请...

[33:08.43]go away. 离开

[33:36.96]I promised I'd make her look cool. 我保证我会让他看起来很酷.

[33:38.76]Apparently, being a bald beauty queen is the worst thing that happened in the history of the world. 很显然, 发生在世界历史上,成为一个光头女皇是一件最差的事.

[33:44.95]Did you choose me for the surgery because I slept with you? 你选择我协助手术是因为我和你睡觉吗?

[33:48.50]Yes. 是的.

[33:52.39]I'm kidding. 我在开玩笑.

[33:54.46]I'm not gonna scrub in for surgery. 我不会在手术中协助清理的.

[33:56.38]You should ask Cristina. She really wants it. 你可以叫克里斯蒂娜. 她真的很想参加.

[33:58.32]You're Katie's doctor. 你是凯蒂的医生.

[33:59.77]And on your first day, with very little training, you helped save her life. 在你的第一天, 有一个很小的练习, 你帮助我救了她的命.

[34:03.54]You earned the right to follow her case through to the finish. 你获得了跟进你病人到治疗完成的权利 .

[34:07.22]You shouldn't let the fact that we had sex get in the way of you taking your shot. 你不能让我们发生过关系的事实防碍你的工作 .

[34:26.09]I wish I wanted to be a chef 我希望成为一位厨师

[34:28.52]or a ski instructor or a kindergarten teacher. 或者是一名滑雪老师,或是一名幼儿教师.

[34:32.89]You know, I would have been a really good postal worker. 你知道, 我可以成为一名称职的邮政工人.

[34:36.47]I'm dependable. 我很可靠.

[34:39.49]You know, my parents tell everyone they meet that their son's a surgeon, 你知道,我父母告诉每一个她们遇到的人她们的儿子是一名外科医生

[34:43.86]as if it's a big accomplishment -- 好像这是一个很大的成就 --

[34:46.55]superhero or something. 超级英雄或什么的--

[34:51.06]If they could see me now. 如果他们现在看到我.

[34:55.93]When I told my mother I wanted to go to medical school, 当我告诉我妈妈我想去上医学院,

[34:59.38]she tried to talk me out of it -- s他试图劝我放弃这个想法 --

[35:02.56]said I didn't have what it takes to be a surgeon, 说我不可能成为一名外科医生,

[35:05.78]that I'd never make it. 那是我永远做不到的.

[35:08.38]So the way I see it, superhero sounds pretty damn good. 所以我觉得, 超级英雄听起来不是什么好事情 .

[35:17.62]We're gonna survive this, right? 我们现在做的还行, 对吗?

[35:26.81]She's still short of breath. Did you get an abg or a chest film? 她一直呼吸短促. 你给她做了abg或胸透了吗?

[35:29.76]Oh, yes, sir, I did. 是的,先生,我做了.

[35:30.95]And what did you see? 看起来怎么样?

[35:32.75]Oh, well, I had a lot of patients last night. 嗯, 嗯, 我做也有很多病人.

[35:35.37]Name the common causes of post-op fever. 加速发热的基本原因名称.

[35:37.62]- Uh, yes. - From your head, not from a book. - 嗯, 是的. - 从你脑袋里, 不是书上.

[35:40.97]Don't look it up. Learn it. It should be in your head. Name the common causes of post-op fever. 别向上看. 学着点. 它应该在你脑子里. 加速发热的基本原因名称.

[35:45.38]Uh... the common causes of post-- 嗯... 加速发热的基本原因名称--

[35:49.25]Can anybody name the common causes of post-op fever? 谁能说出加速发热的基本原因名称?

[35:54.51]Wind, Water, Wound, Walking, Wonder drugs -- the five W's -- 呼吸, 水, 伤口,步行, 麻醉药物反映 -- 5个“W” --

[35:59.98]most of the time, it's Wind -- 很多时间, 是呼吸 --

[36:01.85]splinting or pneumonia. 膈膜炎或是 肺炎.

[36:04.54]Pneumonia's easy to assume, especially if you're too busy to do the tests. 肺炎很容易被假定, 特别是如果你很忙以至于不能去检验.

[36:13.98]What do you think's wrong with 4-b? 你们对于错误的‘4-b’怎么想?

[36:16.07]The fourth "W," "Walking." 第四个 "W," "步行."

[36:17.79]I think she's a prime candidate for a pulmonary embolus. 我认为她初步的原因是肺部的拴塞物.

[36:20.49]How would you diagnose? 你怎么诊断的?

[36:23.92]Spiral C.T., V/Q scan, provide O2, C.T.上的螺旋状, V/Q扫描,氧气供给,

[36:28.09]dose with heparin, and consult for an IVC filter. 肝磷脂的表现, 和IVC过滤器的参考.

[36:33.22]Do exactly as she says, then tell your resident that I want you off this case. 他说的很正确, 高度你的小组领导我想让你离开这个病人的治疗.

[36:39.20]I'd know you anywhere. You're the spitting image of your mother. 无论在哪里我都认得你. 你简直和你妈妈长得一模一样.

[36:43.10]Welcome to the game. 欢迎开始进入外科实习工作.

[37:02.34]All right, everybody. It's a beautiful night to save lives. 好了, 各位. 这是一个拯救生命的美好夜晚.

[37:06.00]Let's have some fun. 让我们好好干吧.

[37:16.75]I can't think of any one reason why I want to be a surgeon... 我找不到为什么我想成为一名外科医生的任何理由...

[37:22.26]but I can think of a thousand reasons why I should quit. 但我可以找到一千个为什么我要辞职的理由.

[37:40.10]They make it hard on purpose. 他们试图去努力.

[37:46.75]There are lives in our hands. 这些人的生命在我们手里.

[37:57.85]There comes a moment when it's more than just a game... 那一刻到来时,这只是又多了些游戏...

[38:12.82]And you either take that step forward 你也要早一点赶上那个脚步

[38:16.13]or turn around and walk away. 或者 回过身来并且解决它.

[38:37.80]I could quit, 我不会放弃,

[38:39.47]but here's the thing... 这里的事情...

[38:44.16]I love the playing field. 我喜欢这片让我展身手天地.

[38:54.41]- It was good surgery. - Yeah. - 手术很棒. - 是的.

[39:05.58]We don't have to do that thing where I say something, and then you say something, 我们不必做那些事,我说了一些话,你说了一些话,

[39:09.37]and then somebody cries, and there's a moment. 有些人哭了, 这是一个时刻.

[39:12.74]Yuck. Yuck.

[39:14.26]Good. 很好.

[39:18.96]You should get some sleep. 你应该休息一会.

[39:20.41]You look like crap. 你看起来象个废物.

[39:22.47]I look better than you. 我看起来比你好些.

[39:24.40]That's not possible. 那是不可能的.

[39:43.52]That was amazing. 那真是令人吃惊.

[39:49.79]You practice on cadavers... 你在尸体上练习...

[39:53.43]you observe... 你观察...

[39:55.59]and you think you know what you're gonna feel like, standing over that table, but... 你想你去明白那种感觉, 站在那个台子旁, 但...

[40:00.62]that was such a high. 台子那么高.

[40:06.93]I don't know why anybody does drugs. 我不明白为什么任何人要麻醉.

[40:11.93]Yeah. 是的.

[40:18.21]Yeah. 是的.

[40:22.68]I should, uh, go do this. 我将, 嗯, 去做这些.

[40:27.15]You should. 你会的.

[40:32.37]I'll see you around. 我会关注你.

[40:34.95]See you around. 关注你.

[40:37.14]See you. 再见.

[40:43.24]So... 那么...

[40:44.74]I made it through my first shift. 我通过了我的第一次轮班.

[40:47.70]We all did. 我们都做到了.

[40:50.64]The other interns are all good people. You'd like them... 其他的实习医生都是不错的人. 你也会喜欢它们...

[40:54.89]I think. 我想.

[40:57.56]I don't know -- maybe. 我不知道-- 或许.

[41:00.97]I like them. 我喜欢他们.

[41:07.94]Oh, and I changed my mind. 哦, 我改变主意了.

[41:09.98]I'm not gonna sell the house. 我不去把房子卖掉了.

[41:12.28]I'm gonna keep it. 我要留着它.

[41:15.24]I'll have to get a couple of roommates, but... 我要去找两个室友, 但...

[41:18.17]it's home, you know? 那是家, 你明白吗?

[41:23.57]Are you the doctor? 你是我的医生?

[41:25.80]No. 不是.

[41:27.93]I'm not your doctor, 我不是你的医生,

[41:29.99]but I am a doctor. 但我是一个医生.

[41:38.17]What's your name? 你叫什么名字?

[41:42.27]It's me, mom -- Meredith. 是我, 妈妈-- 梅瑞狄思.

[41:47.89]All right. 好吧.

[41:55.69]I used to be a doctor, I think. 我曾经是一个医生, 我想.

[42:08.75]You were a doctor, mom. 你是一个医生, 妈妈.

[42:11.00]You were a surgeon. 你是一个外科医生.

[42:16.94]Transcript: RaceMan - Synchro: Amariss - Transcript: RaceMan - Synchro: Amariss

[42:18.94]Greys Anatomy 第一季第一集 -=结束=-

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