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  34. In conclusion the arguer fails to validate/(establish) the claim----


  35. To solidify the argument, the arguer should provide more concrete information to demonstrate that-----------

  36. The arguer should rule out all the above mentioned possibilities that otherwise might undermine

  37. To sum up the conclusion lacks credibility because the evidence cited in the analysis does not lend strong support to the assumptions

  38. To make the argument more persuasive the arguer would have to provide more information concerning-------

  39. As it stands, the argument is not well reasoned and therefore----

  40. To make it logically acceptable, the arguer should demonstrate addiontionly the arguer must supply more specific evidence to validate the conclusion----

  41. In summary, the conclusion reached in this argument is invalid and misleading

  42. Before we can accept the conclusion the arguer must persent more substantial facts to prove that ---------

  43. Moreover I would suspend my judgement about the credibility of the conclusion until the arguer can present more factual evidence to rule out the possibility that I/is listed in my above analysis

  44. One reason why I agree/disagree with the title statement, is that--------

  45. Another reason that prompts me to support/oppose the title statement is that---

  46. The most important reason in favor of my position is that---------

  47. There is no denying that--------

  48.Although I agree that---------,I insist that-

  49. Many people sincerely believe that---------


  50. However, one does not have to go very fear to see that-------

  51. Another assumption in favor of---------is that-----------,but what they fail to understand is that-----------

  52. Some people may also assume that--------

  53. However careful examination would reveal that----


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