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  (1) intend动词形式的固定搭配:


  intend somebody/something to do sth.

  I didn't intend her to see the painting until it was finished.

  I never intended things to turn out the way they did.

  intend to do/doing sth. (后面跟to do和ing都可以)

  intend that

  be intended to do sth.:被用来做某事

  be intended for somebody/something:表示书、电影、药品等专为…而设计或制造。

  (2) intent名词和形容词形式的固定搭配:

  noun. with intent (to do sth)  注意intent前没有the

  He is charged with possession of a gun with intent to commit a robbery.

  intent of doing

  The proliferation of so-called cybersquatters, people who register the Internet domain names of high-profile companies in hopes of reselling the rights to those names for a profit, led to the passage in 1999 of the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, which allows companies to seek up to $100,000 in damages against those who register domain names with the sole intent of selling them later.

  adj. be intent on/upon (doing) sth: to be determined to do something or achieve something

  She was intent on pursuing a career in business.

  intent on/upon 专注于

  Intent upon her work, she didn't notice the cold.

  (3) intention

  intention of doing sth. / intention to do sth.  GMAT中通常不用intention to do sth.而只用intention of doing sth.

  额外注意点(from longman):

  !! Do not say 'have no intention to do something' or 'not have the slightest intention to do something'. Say have no intention of doing something or not have the slightest intention of doing something : He had no intention of paying me the money.

  !! Do not say 'with the intention to do something'. Say with the intention of doing something : He left Manchester with the intention of finding a job in London.


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