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新概念英语第二册详解第21课:Mad or not? 是不是疯了





§ Lesson 21 Mad or not? 是不是疯了

【New words and expressions】 生词和短语

★mad adj. 发疯

sb is mad.

mad 常用于 “为...而疯狂” (着迷)

① be mad about

I'm mad about English.

crazy 为……而疯狂的

② be crazy about

③ go insane (insane adj.患精神病的, 精神病患者的, 极愚蠢的)

‘right here waiting for you’ 歌词中

I slowly go insane./go crazy/go mad/go ?

go+adj. 变得...

They are going bananas. =go crazy=go mad (变疯了)与 “go” 相连

★reason n. 原因



for this reason 由于这个理由、原因

For this reason,I was late.

★sum n.量

a great many + 可数名词复数

a large ...

a great number of + 可数名词复数

plenty of 足够的

a sum of 一笔(加不可数名词) 注意连读

a large sum of 大量的 (large 指数量的大)

a large sum of money

★determined adj. 坚定的, 下决心的

determine v.下定决心

make up one's mind

decide to do sth.

decision : make a decision :

make a decision to do sth.

be determined to do sth.下定决心做某事


Lesson 21 Mad or not? 是不是疯了?

First listen and then answer the question.听录音, 然后回答以下问题.

Why do people think the writer is mad?

Aeroplanes are slowly driving me mad. I live near an airport and passing planes can beheard night and day. The airport was built years ago, but for some reason it could not be used then. Last year, however, it came into use. Over a hundred people must have been driven away from their homes by the noise. I am one of the few people left. Sometimes I think this house will be knocked down by a passing plane. I have been offered a large sum of money to go away, but I am determined to stay here. Everybody says I must be mad and they are probably right.


飞机正在逐渐把我逼疯. 我住在一个机场附近, 过往飞机日夜不绝于耳. 机场是许多年前建的, 但由于某种原因当时未能启用. 然而去年机场开始使用了. 有100多人肯定是被噪音逼得已经弃家远去, 我是少数留下来的人中的一个. 有时我觉得这房子就要被一架飞过的飞机撞倒. 他们曾向我提供一大笔钱让我搬走, 但我决定留在这儿. 大家都说我肯定是疯了, 也许他们说的是对的.


Mad or not? = mad or not mad(省略)?

or not 在疑问词的后面, 表示是还不是, 选择概念

Why do people think the writer is mad?

drive sb. mad 逼某人发疯

drive v. 驾驶, 开车

You are driving me mad.

The teacher is slowly driving me mad.

night and day 日日夜夜

passing planes 过往飞机; pass v.passing 作定语; 正在经过的(路过)

sleeping baby 正在睡觉的小孩

waiting car 正在等待的车

be built

years ago = many years ago

for some reason 由于某个理由

some + 可数名词单数 : some 表示某一个

some+不可数名词 : 一些 some water

some+可数名词复数 : 一些 some books

some+可数名词单数 : 某一 some book

however 用于句首, 句中, 用逗号隔开

come into use : into prep.; use n.投入使用; 主动概念, 没有被动式

be used 被动表示 被使用

use n. vt. 注意n 与vt 的读音不同

over a hundred ...一百多

must have done 过去发生, 推测

must have been done 被动

drive 逼

away from 从某地离开/away 离开某地

their homes 他们的家; house 房子/home 家

by the noise 被噪音

over a hundred people 主语

must have been done 谓语

away from 从某地离开; out of somewhere 从某地出来

one of ... 之一

left : leave 过去分词, 表示被留下来的

left作定语放在被修饰词的后面, 剩下的……东西

I have a bag left.

There is ten cents left in my pocket. Cent n.(货币单位)分, 分币

will be done 被动语态的将来时态

knock down 撞到

offer : given, give sb. sth./give sth.to sb.双宾语

双宾语的被动语态 : 主语有两种可能; 以sb.做主语或以sth.做主语

被动语态的标志 be done

1、give sb. sth.

被动 sb. be given sth.

2、give sth. to sb.

被动 sth. be given to sb.


原文句型结构 sb. be offered sth.


go away :leave

be determined to do sth.下定决心做某事

Everybody says...

从句 I must be mad

they are probably right.他们也许是对的

probably adv.很可能


1. 复杂句型结构 : over a hundred people must have been driven away from their homes by the noise.

2. 双宾语的被动语态 : I have been offered a large sum of money to go away.(表目的)

3. drive sb.; away from somewhere; drive sb. mad

4. passing plane; -ing作定语, 表示正在

【Special Difficulties】 难点

drive v. 开车, 驾驶 (drove, driven, driving)

drive to 开车去往某地

I drove to Tianjing yesterday

drive sb. mad 逼疯

drive sb. away from 把某人赶走

drive sb. out of 把某人赶出去

drive sb. back 撵回去

home & house

home 带有感情色彩的

house 就是房子

Exercise B

用 house(s) 或 home填空.

1 It was raining heavily and I was glad to get ______ .

2 The government plans to build thousands of ______ next year.

3 He is very rich. He owns a ______ in the country.

4 Most people like to spend their Christmas holidays at ______ .

1...get home 到家 ( home adv./house n. get to 表示到达) 2...of houses... 3...a house... 4...at home (at home 固定短语, 在家)

【Multiple choice questions】多项选择题

4 It couldn't be used then. It wasn't ______ to use it.

a.able b.allowed c.impossible d.possible

4.it 形式主语 it+be动词+形容词+to do

翻译时先译 “to” 后面的句子


be able to强调主语能够做某事, 主语必须是人

it+be动词+表语, be allowed 不能充当表语.

如将 “it” 改为 “people(人)” 就A,B都正确

5 Over a hundred people must have been driven away. ______ they were.

a.I think b.I'm sure c.Certain d.Of course

5.must have been done :


must have done : 对过去的一种推测

I'm sure 我肯定:I’m sure she is teacher. (sure adj.对....有把握, 确信某事, 稳当的, 可靠的 adv.的确, 当然)

I think 我认为

Of course 当然 / certain adj 词性不对, 句子前不应放形容词

9 I have been offered a large ______ of money.

a.amount b.number c.some d.piece

9.a large sum of money

a large number of : 不能加不可数名词


amount of

an amount of+不可数 : 一大笔

plenty of : 前面是不加 “a/an” , 切记!

10 I am determined to stay here. I ______ stay here.

a.am will to b.want to c.may d.am going to

10.be going to; 打算、计划

want to : 来自心里的一种想, 喜好

喜欢 I want to


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