2020-02-11 20:08:17  每日学英语
Hit the books

Literally, hit the books means to physically hit, punch or slap your reading books. However, this is a commonly used expression among students, especially American college students who have a lot of studying to do. It simply means “to study,” and is a way of telling your friends that you’re going to study.

从字面上看,hit the books的意思是用身体部位击打或拍打你正在阅读的书籍。然而,这个短语是一个学生常用的表达,尤其是美国的大学生,他们有很多的学习任务要完成。它的意思简单来说就是“学习”,是告诉你的朋友你要学习的一种表达。

It could be for a final exam, a midterm test or even an English exam.



Sorry but I can’t watch the game with you tonight, I have to hit the books. I have a huge exam next week!