2020-03-10 14:52:58  每日学英语
Do a Devon Loch

Devon Loch was a racehorse that collapsed just short of the winning line of the 1956 Grand National race in the UK. If someone does a Devon Loch, they suddenly fail when everybody expects them to succeed or simply crumble at the very last minute when they were almost winning.

Devon Loch是一匹赛马,在1956年英国赛马大赛上,它在离终点线只剩一点距离的时候摔倒了,与冠军失之交臂。从此之后,常常被用来形容某人差一点就能做成功某事,功亏一篑。

It was shocking how Manchester United did a Devon Loch in the last minutes of the match against Arsenal.