2020-04-13 21:01:42  每日学英语
highway robbery

/ˌhaɪ.weɪ ˈrɒb.ər.i/ (UK daylight robbery)

Most people would agree that paying $10 for your favorite cup of coffee is highway robbery. But the original definition of highway robbery once meant literally robbing travelers on or near the highway. The first known usage of the phrase was in 1611.

多数人会认同一杯可口的咖啡要价10美元(68元人民币)是highway robbery(敲竹杠)。但是highway robbery原来的意思就是在公路上或公路附近抢劫旅客。这个短语的使用最早见于1611年。

a situation in which you have to pay far too much money for something


$20 for two drinks? That's highway robbery!