2020-04-15 10:40:05  每日学英语
close but no cigar

In the old days, fairgrounds would give cigars as prizes for games. The phrase “close but no cigar” means that you were close to succeeding in the game, but you didn’t win the cigar. As a proverb it means that even though you did your best or almost had it right, you weren’t completely correct.

在过去,游乐场把雪茄作为游戏的奖品。“close but no cigar”这意味着你在游戏中几乎接近成功了,但还是差一点,没有赢得雪茄。作为一句谚语,这意味着即使你尽了最大的努力,或者几乎做对了,但可能还是没有成功,或者你并不是完全正确的。

It was close but no cigar for Johnny as he came second once again.