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Last year tourism earned the ­royals more than £70million from ticket and souvenir sales.去年,旅游业为王室成员带来了超过7000万英镑(6亿人民币)的门票和纪念品收入。

The email from the Lord Chamberlain Earl Peel, head of the Royal Household, warned staff that income is expected to fall by a third this year, nearly £18million.一封来自英国王室宫务大臣厄尔·皮尔勋爵的邮件警告员工,今年的王室收入预计将下降三分之一,接近1800万英镑。

Earl Peel spelled out the dire ­situation to employees who now face a pay freeze and job cuts.


Royal palaces will be closed to tourists this summer with refunds for tickets already sold for Buckingham Palace State Rooms.今年夏天,英国王室宫殿将对游客关闭,白金汉宫国事厅的门票已售罄,游客可退票。

Many staff have been asked to work from home. They will not be furloughed but have been told they face recruitment and pay freezes.许多员工被要求在家工作。他们不会被批准休假,但已被告知将面临裁员和薪资冻结。

He said: “The crisis has already tested our resilience, adaptability and preparedness in many ways and at all levels across the organisation. It has also had a significant impact on the activities of the whole Royal Household.厄尔·皮尔表示:“这场危机已经用多种方式、在各个层面考验了我们的韧性、适应性和准备工作。它还对整个王室的活动产生了重大影响。

“Although the UK appears to be over the peak of infections, it remains unclear when measures such as social distancing will come to an end.尽管英国的感染高峰似乎已经过去,但目前还不清楚社交距离等措施何时会结束。

“We must therefore assume it could still be many weeks, if not months, before we are able to return to business as usual.因此,我们必须假定,我们可能还需要好几个星期,如果不是几个月的话,才能恢复正常的业务。

“There are undoubtedly very difficult times ahead and we realise many of you will be concerned.”毫无疑问,未来将是非常艰难的时期,我们意识到你们中的许多人会感到担忧。”


The Queen’s diary has to be planned up to two years in advance — juggling tours by her and senior royals as well as visits to Britain from foreign heads of state.“女王的日程必须提前两年计划,包括她和王室高级成员的巡回访问,以及外国元首对英国的访问。

But because of the chaos and uncertainty caused by coronavirus all 26 investitures remaining this year have been cancelled. Medals for 120 recipients are expected to be sent by post instead.但是由于新冠病毒引起的混乱和不确定性,今年剩下的26项授勋仪式都被取消了。120块奖牌将改为邮寄,而不是由女王亲自授予。”

The annual Diplomatic Reception where the Queen mingles with 500 envoys based in London is also under review.女王与500名驻伦敦使节的年度外交招待会也在审查之中。

The royals earn millions from the Crown Estates, landlord of many expensive London addresses and major shopping centres王室成员每年从英国王室财产管理公司获得数百万英镑的收入,该公司拥有许多昂贵的伦敦地址和主要购物中心。

But that income is expected to tumble as the economy takes a steep downturn. 但随着经济急剧下滑,这一收入预计会大幅下降。

The Sovereign Grant, paid to the royals annually by the taxpayer to fund official duties, was £82.4million last year. That included £33million for Buckingham Palace repairs.去年,由纳税人支付给王室的君主拨款是8240万英镑(7.1亿人民币)。其中包括3300万英镑(2.9亿)的白金汉宫维修费用。

In his email, the Lord Chamberlain said “property spend” would be reduced — a move that could affect those planned renovations.这位宫务大臣在他的电子邮件中说,“财产支出”将会减少,这一举动可能会影响到那些计划中的翻修。

He said: “The Royal Household, like most organisations, is not immune to the impact of the pandemic on our financial position.“与大多数组织一样,王室也无法免受疫情对我们财务状况的影响。

“Many projects have been halted and all but essential expenditure has been suspended.许多项目已经停止,除了必要的支出外,其他所有项目都暂停了。

“A recruitment freeze has been implemented and no new posts will be appointed unless a very clear business case exists.招聘冻结已经实施,除非有非常明确的商业理由,否则不会任命新职位。

“This year’s annual pay review has also been paused.”今年的年度薪酬审查也暂停了。”

The Royal Household employs around 500 people but is currently operating on a skeleton staff in many areas.英国王室约有500名雇员,但目前在许多地区只雇佣少数基干人员。

A source said: “Many staff are loyal and will do what they do for a pay cut. But the email went down like a lead balloon.”一位消息人士称:“许多员工都很忠诚,即便减薪,他们还是会尽其所能。但这封电子邮件就像铅球一样沉重。”

Royal finances expert David McClure aid: “Coronavirus is now hitting the Crown were it hurts most — in its pocket.王室财政专家大卫·麦克卢尔说:“现在新冠病毒正在打击着王室,受影响最严重的地方就是它的钱袋。

“As it battens down the hatches the Royal Household is clearly expecting a major financial storm.”王室显然会面临一场重大的金融风暴。”

Buckingham Palace said: “The whole country is very likely to be impacted financially by coronavirus and the Royal Household is no exception.白金汉宫表示:“整个国家都很可能因新冠病毒受到经济方面的影响,王室也不例外。

“However, the time to address this will be when the full impact of the situation is clearer.”“然而,解决这个问题的时机将是当全球形势变得更加清晰的时候。”

英文来源:The Sun