2021-07-30 10:57:28  每日学英语

have a lot on your plate

to have something, usually a large amount of important work, to deal with


It is one of the phrases that is carried from the dining room and right into everyday use. Imagine being at dinner with a plate heaped full of too much food than you can eat. Then you are said to have a lot on your plate. This scenario was then used to describe a scenario where you have so much going on than you can handle.

这是一个从餐厅转而应用到日常使用的短语。想象一下,在晚餐时,你的盘子里堆满了你怎么吃都吃不完的食物。那你就可以说have a lot on your plate。这个场景的用法可以描述一个发生了太多超出您能力范围的事情。

The aid agencies have (more than) enough on their plate without having unnecessary visitors to take care of.