2022-03-16 08:53:30  每日学英语
speak for yourself

If you tell someone, “Speak for yourself,” that means you disagree with their preference or their opinion. You’re saying, “that’s your opinion, but my opinion is different.”

如果你对某人说speak for yourself,那意思就是你不同意他们的喜好或意见。你在表达:“这是你的想法,但我的想法不同。”


You might say, “I love pineapple on my pizza” – and if I respond, “Speak for yourself,” that means YOU like pineapple on your pizza, but I don’t. I’m disagreeing, I’m saying that that your opinion or preference is not true for me.

你可能会说,我喜欢披萨上放菠萝,如果我回答:“Speak for yourself”,这意味着你说你喜欢披萨上放菠萝,但我并不认同,我并不喜欢。我不同意你的观点或喜好,那话只针对你自己适用,对我来说并不适用。

A: We had a really boring trip.


B: Speak for yourself! I had a wonderful time!