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  1. It is to the novelist's credit that all of the episodes in her novel are presented realistically, without any ______ or playful supernatural tricks.

  A elucidation

  B discrimination

  C artlessness

  D authenticity

  E whimsy

  2. Until the current warming trend exceeds the range of normal climatic fluctuations, there will be, among scientists, considerable ______ the possibility that increasing levels of atmospheric CO2 can cause long-term warming effects.

  A interest in

  B uncertainty about

  C enthusiasm for

  D worry about

  E experimentation on

  3. Without seeming unworldly, William James appeared wholly removed from the ______ of society, the conventionality of academe.

  A ethos

  B idealism

  C romance

  D paradoxes

  E commonplaces

  4. The English novelist William Thackeray considered the cult of the criminal so dangerous that he criticized Dickens' Oliver Twist for making the characters in the thieves' kitchen so ______.

  A threatening

  B riveting

  C conniving

  D fearsome

  E irritating

  5. Copyright and patent laws attempt to encourage innovation by ensuring that inventors are paid for creative work, so it would be ______ if expanded protection under these laws discouraged entrepreneurial innovation by increasing fears of lawsuits.

  A desirable

  B coincidental

  C ironic

  D natural

  E sensible


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