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  6. The form and physiology of leaves vary according to the ______ in which they develop: for example, leaves display a wide range of adaptations to different degrees of light and moisture.

  A relationship

  B species

  C sequence

  D patterns

  E environment

  7. Because no comprehensive ______ exist regarding personal reading practices, we do not know, for example, the greatest number of books read in an individual lifetime.

  A records

  B instincts

  C remedies

  D proposals

  E commercials

  8. Many artists believe that successful imitation, far from being symptomatic of a lack of ______, is the first step in learning to be creative.

  A elegance

  B resolution

  C goodness

  D originality

  E sympathy

  9. We first became aware that her support for the new program was less than ______ when she declined to make a speech in its favor.

  A qualified

  B haphazard

  C fleeting

  D unwarranted

  E wholehearted

  10. Both television commercials and programs present ______ view of the material world, one which promotes a standard of living that most of us can probably not attain.

  A symptomatic

  B delineated

  C integrated

  D conspicuous

  E distinctive


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