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  1. As Eugene Ferguson has pointed out, "A technologist thinks about objects that can notbe reduced to unambiguous verbal descriptions: they are dealt with in his mind by a visual, nonverbal process...The designer and the inventor.., are able to assemble and manipulatein their minds devices that as yet do not exist".

  2. Robert Fulton once wrote, "The mechanic should sit down among levers, screws, wedges, wheel, etc, like a poet among the letters of the alphabet, considering them as anexhibition of his thoughts, in which a new arrangement transmits a new idea".

  3. In the last three chapters, he takes off his gloves and gives the creationists a goodbeating. He describes their programs and, tactics, and, for those unfamiliar with the ways ofcreationists, the extent of their deception and distortion may come as an unpleasantsurprise.

  4. On the dust jacket of this fine book, Stephen Jay Gould says: "This book stands forreason itself." And so it does-and all wound be well were reason the only judge in thecreationism/evolution debate.

  5. After six months of arguing and final 16 hours of hot parliamentary debates, Australia'sNorthern Territory became the first legal authority in the world to allow doctors to take thelives of incurably ill patients who wish to die.





  5.[参考译文] 经过了六个月的争论以及最后16个小时激烈的议会辩论,澳大利亚北部地区成了世界上第一个允许医生终止希望死去的绝症病人生命的立法当局。


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