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  Greater emphasis on higher cognitive skills and less dependence on vocabulary

  More text-based materials, such as reading passages

  A broader selection of reading passages

  Emphasis on skills related to graduate work, such as complex reasoning

  Expansion of computer-enabled tasks (e.g., clicking on a sentence in a passage to highlight it)

  Two 30-minute sections rather than one 30-minute section





  Questions 6 through 8 are based on the following reading passage.

  Music critics have consistently defined James P. Johnson as a great early jazz pianist, originator of the 1920's Harlem "stride" style, and an important blues and jazz composer. In addition, however, Johnson was an innovator in classical music, composing symphonic music that incorporated American, and especially African-American, traditions.

  Such a blend of musical elements was not entirely new: by 1924 both Milhaud and Gershwin had composed classical works that incorporated elements of jazz. Johnson, a serious musician more experienced than most classical composers with jazz, blues, spirituals, and popular music, was particularly suited to expand Milhaud's and Gershwin's experiments. In 1927 he completed his first large-scale work, the blues- and jazz-inspired Yamekraw, which included borrowings from spirituals and Johnson's own popular songs. Yamekraw, premiered successfully in Carnegie Hall, was a major achievement for Johnson, becoming his most frequently performed extended work. It demonstrated vividly the possibility of assimilating contemporary popular music into the symphonic tradition.


  1. The passage states that Johnson composed all of the following EXCEPT.

  A. jazz works

  B. popular songs

  C. symphonic music

  D. spirituals

  E. blues pieces

  此题正确答案为D。文中开始谈到Johnson作为伟大爵士音乐家,因为其创始了新的风格,其中包括了blues and jazz。而在文章末句提到了他吸收了同时代的popular music以及symphonic。注意该题的spirituals文中确实也出现过,但是措辞用的是borrow from,题干问的是compose.

  2. Consider each of the choices separately and select all that apply.

  The author suggests which of the following about most classical composers of the early 1920's?

  A. They were strongly influenced by the musical experiments of Milhaud and Gershwin.

  B. They had little working familiarity with such forms of American music as jazz, blues, and popular songs

  C. They made few attempts to introduce innovations into the classical symphonic tradition

  本题即为新GRE阅读中新酝酿推出的所谓恐怖的“多选题”。其实这种题型即为原来GRE阅读中罗马数字题的变体,只是难度进一步加大。正确答案B。--They had little working familiarity


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