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欲望都市第三季 因果报应 What Goes Around Comes Around






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:33:16



[00:35.80](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:47.84]Here gOes, Charles. 十五比零,查尔斯

[00:49.32]TwO mOnths intO her marriage, 结婚两个月

[00:51.72]CharlOtte's life seemed tO be a bed Of rOses. 夏绿蒂的生活似乎一切顺遂

[00:53.80]That's what it lOOKed liKe tO an OnlOOKer. 不过那是局外人的看法

[00:57.20]My bOys have been playing eaCh Other 我儿子们从私立中学时

[00:59.76]sinCe prep sChOOl. 就开始打网球

[01:00.76]They're still nOt tired Of it. 迄今仍乐此不疲

[01:03.56]Let the girls play. 让女生们打

[01:06.12]She's wearing pastels. lt's whites Only. 她穿粉色的,规定要穿白色

[01:09.72]We Can maKe an exCeptiOn this One time. 我们可以破例一次

[01:13.52]YOur father wOuld rOll Over 你们父亲要是听到这些话

[01:15.96]in his grave if he heard yOu. 一定会在坟墓里翻身

[01:19.96]CharlOtte hasn't been issued 夏绿蒂还不熟谙 麦克道格家的规矩

[01:20.32]a COpy Of the MaCDOugal hOuse rules.

[01:23.12]NO, but it's time l gOt One. 没有,不过我该拿一个了

[01:26.04]lt's next tO the Bible, 在圣经旁边,床边的桌子

[01:27.12]On yOur bed stand. 好笑

[01:28.08]Funny. 大家都低估了传统的美德

[01:30.68]TraditiOn is a very undervalued virtue.

[01:32.08]Marrying a MaCDOugal 嫁入麦克道格家 就像是嫁给历史

[01:37.16]is marrying histOry.

[01:38.08]Yes. l guess l better gO Change. 我该去换衣服了

[01:42.44]CharlOtte had nO interest in hearing any mOre abOut the family histOry. 夏绿蒂对家族历史没有兴趣

[01:44.40]Her histOry with Trey was depressing enOugh. 她跟崔的历史 已经够叫人沮丧了

[01:49.48]After a few half-baKed attempts at a sex life, Trey seemed tO give up. 在性事方面几次失败后 崔似乎已经放弃了

[01:52.04]The Only plaCe he even tried tO sCOre was On the tennis COurt. 唯一能让他越战越勇的 只有网球

[02:03.20]- GOOd mOrning. - MOrning. -早安 -早安

[02:06.40]Beautiful rOses. 好美的玫瑰

[02:08.08]ThanK yOu. 谢谢你

[02:26.08]l dOn't KnOw what it is. l'm strangely drawn tO him. 我不知道是怎么回事 我深深地被他吸引了

[02:31.24]- YOu KnOw the man Can plOugh. - He had the mOst intOxiCating sCent. -因为这男人会犁地 -他的味道令人陶醉

[02:33.84]LiKe sweat mixed with sOmething, sOmething sweet yet pungent. 好像汗水混着甜味 但又辣得刺激

[02:41.16]- Manure? - And these full, sensuOus lips. -肥料吗? -还有他性感的丰唇

[02:44.76]- DOes he water plants in Manhattan? - l Can't be lOOKing at gardeners. -他有在曼哈顿浇花吗? -我不能迷上一个园丁

[02:49.72]Why be in the suburbs, if yOu're nOt gOnna fuCK a gardener? 在郊区不能与园丁交欢 还有什么乐趣?

[02:52.32]He was sO tanned and musCular. 他的肌肉健壮呈古铜色

[02:55.36]The sweat ran dOwn frOm his Chest OntO his perfeCtly defined stOmaCh. 汗水从他的胸膛 滑落到结实的腹部

[03:02.24]YOu read Harlequin ROmanCes in sChOOl, haunts yOu fOrever. 你高中时看太多罗曼史小说 一辈子都受到影响

[03:06.84]Whatever yOu dO, dOn't lOOK up. 千万不要抬头

[03:25.00]Oh, my GOd, did yOu see the way she lOOKed at me? 我的天 你们有看到她看我的眼神吗?

[03:29.00]Did yOu see the lOOK her friend shOt us? 还有她朋友扫视我们的样子?

[03:32.48]- COntempt, liKe l was POl POt. - He's dead. -十足的轻视,好像我是波布 -他死了

[03:35.72]- She wishes l was. - WhO dOes she thinK she is? -她也希望我死 -她以为她是谁?

[03:39.04]Big's wife. 大人物的妻子

[03:41.28]That was awful. l Can't believe that there is a persOn in New YOrK 这真是糟糕 我不敢相信在纽约

[03:45.36]whO COuld hate me that muCh. 会有一个人这么憎恨我

[03:46.76]Oh, GOd. 老天

[03:51.96]l was sO devastated by Natasha's withering lOOK 娜塔莎憔悴的模样 让我良心不安

[03:55.16]that l deCided my Only reCOurse was tO gO shOpping. 唯一能让我释怀的就是购物

[03:57.84]l tOOK a wrOng turn lOOKing fOr the right shOes, 我在寻找鞋店的途中转错了弯

[03:60.48]and sOuth Of HOustOn Street l literally lOst my direCtiOn. 我在休斯顿街完全迷了路

[04:07.88]ExCuse me, l KnOw this sOunds ridiCulOus. 抱歉,我知道这样很可笑

[04:10.64]Can yOu tell me whiCh way is West BrOadway? 请告诉我哪一边是西百老汇?

[04:13.52]- Give me yOur bag. - What? -把皮包给我 -什么?

[04:16.08]YOur bag. 你的皮包

[04:17.20]- lt's a baguette. - Let me have it. -这是长方包 -拿给我

[04:21.04]l COuldn't believe it. 15 years in New YOrK, 住在纽约十五年了

[04:23.48]and when the City was getting safe, l gOt mugged. 就在治安开始改善时 我却遭抢劫

[04:28.72]- ls this fOr real? - YOur watCh and yOur ring. -这是真的吗? -手表和戒指

[04:29.60]Jesus. 老天爷

[04:31.72]- This wOn't... - COme On. -这样不行… -快一点

[04:34.00]- And yOur ManOlO BlahniKs. - What? -还有你的曼诺罗布雷尼克 -什么?

[04:41.76]- NO. - Give me yOur BlahniKs. -不要 -把鞋子给我

[04:41.84]They weren't just after mOney. They were after fashiOn. 现在的抢匪不只要钱 还追求时尚

[04:46.64]Please, sir, they're my favOrite pair. 拜托你,先生 这是我最喜欢的一双鞋

[04:48.32]l gOt them half priCe at a sample sale. 我是在展示品拍卖会上 以半价买得

[04:55.40]ThanKs. 谢谢

[04:57.96]SOmebOdy stOp him, he tOOK my strappy sandals. 把他拦下,他抢了我的凉鞋

[05:03.52]SOmebOdy... 来人…

[05:04.52]GrOss! 真讨厌

[05:09.56]l've been rObbed! 我被抢劫了

[05:16.72]l've been rObbed. 我被抢劫了

[05:22.08]He said, ''Give me yOur BlahniKs'', whiCh l thOught was a jOKe. 他说“把鞋子给我” 我还以为他在开玩笑

[05:26.88]Then l'm barefOOt On a sidewalK in the middle Of summer. 结果我真的得赤脚 走在盛夏的街头

[05:32.16]Anything Other than the watCh, the bag, the ring, and the shOes? 除了手表、皮包、戒指、鞋子 还有什么被抢吗?

[05:36.72]My dignity. 我的尊严

[05:39.68]- GOd, are yOu all right? - l'm fine. ThanKs fOr COming. -天,你还好吗? -我很好,谢谢你赶来

[05:45.68]- l Can't believe he tOOK yOur shOes. - l KnOw. -我不敢相信他抢了你的鞋子 -我也是

[05:47.08]- PrObably gOt triChinOsis. - YOu Only get that frOm pOrK. -可能已经感染旋毛虫了 -只有猪肉会传染

[05:50.76]l'm sure l stepped On a pieCe Of it sOmewhere. 我好像在哪里踩到一块

[05:57.68]DeteCtive Stevens, this is my friend, my lawyer, Miranda HObbes. 史帝文森警官 这是我朋友兼律师米兰达

[05:60.96]NiCe tO meet yOu. Any ChanCe Of CatChing this guy? 幸会,可以捉到抢匪吗?

[06:03.96]We hOpe sO. 希望如此

[06:04.24]Maybe yOu Can COme with me and read him his Miranda rights. 或许你可以跟我来 向抢匪宣读权利

[06:11.60]- SOrry, that was lame. - lt was funny. A little COp humOr. -抱歉,这不好笑 -很好笑,有警察的幽默

[06:15.32]- Are yOu lrish? - NO. Why? -你是爱尔兰人吗? -不是,为什么问?

[06:18.56]YOu have beautiful red hair. 你有一头美丽的红发

[06:20.84]AnybOdy Can be lrish with the right COlOrist. 只要找对染发师 每个人都可以变成爱尔兰人

[06:25.44]Very funny. A sense Of humOr, l liKe that in a lawyer. lt's very rare. 很好笑,很幽默 律师很少有这项特质

[06:31.28]l'll get baCK tO yOu as sOOn as l have sOmething. 我一查到线索马上通知你

[06:35.16]- Can l have yOur Card? - Sure. -可以给我一张名片吗? -好的

[06:38.16]- Just in Case. - Sure. -以防万一 -当然

[06:43.52]ThanKs. 谢谢

[06:45.12]l Can't wear these. 我不能穿这双鞋

[06:47.12]l'll Call yOu. 我再打给你

[06:54.48]l dOn't understand. l get mugged, and yOu get him? 我被抢劫,你却得到他?

[06:57.96]l guess that's my Karma. 我想这是我的因果报应

[06:60.80]He said he'll Call. lt dOesn't mean he will. 他说他会打电话 不见得一定会打

[07:01.08]What are yOu talKing abOut? The man was smitten with yOu. 你胡说什么?那家伙迷死你了

[07:06.76]He prObably wants free legal adviCe. That's generally my Karma. 他或许只想要免费的法律顾问 我的报应通常是如此

[07:11.44]Samantha disCOvered that her number had been passed arOund as well. 莎曼珊发现她的电话 被四处散播

[07:17.84]This is a message fOr Sam JOnes. lf yOu're getting this, it's Brian. 这是给山琼斯的留言 我是布莱恩

[07:19.08]l'll see yOu tOmOrrOw arOund 10:00. Can't wait. Later. 明天十点见,我等不及了

[07:24.56]Sam, are yOu there? This is ROb, MiKe's friend. 山,你在吗? 这是罗伯,麦可的朋友

[07:29.84]YOu dOn't KnOw me, but l'll be there tOmOrrOw with sOme party favOrites. 你不认识我,不过我明天会 带几个朋友一起去

[07:44.76]- HellO, Sam? - Yes, this is Sam. -“山”? -是的,我就是“珊”

[07:46.32]- Sam JOnes? - Yes. WhO is this? -“山”琼斯? -是的,你是哪位?

[07:50.24]The Sam JOnes whO's having the big party tOmOrrOw night? 明天要办派对的那个山琼斯?

[07:54.52]ExaCtly whO is this Sam JOnes? 到底谁是山琼斯?

[07:56.56]And where is this fabulOus party? 这个派对在哪里?

[07:59.84]The next evening, Miranda had a date with my deteCtive. 隔晚,米兰达跟我的警官约会

[08:14.56]l'm having an anxiety attaCK. 我好紧张

[08:17.48]The mOst gOrgeOus man l've met is in my living rOOm. 我见过最好看的男人 就在我家客厅

[08:19.24]- l Can't figure Out what tO wear. - Breathe. -我不知道要穿什么 -深呼吸

[08:22.00]Shut yOur eyes, and gO with yOur first instinCt. 闭上眼睛,凭着直觉

[08:26.68]l've been in here fOr 20 minutes. By nOw he thinKs l'm a freaK. 我在里面二十分钟了 他现在一定觉得我很畸形

[08:34.96]l'll be right there. 我马上好

[08:39.92]What are yOu sO wOrKed up abOut? 你这么激动是为什么?

[08:43.92]He's tOO gOOd-lOOKing fOr me. l dOn't have Ouftits that gO with HunK. 对我而言他太帅了 我没有跟帅哥约会的衣着

[08:46.56]Wait. Maybe this is Karma. 或许这是你的因果报应

[08:50.28]- YOu're getting what yOu deserve. - Right. -你终于得到你应得的 -是吗

[08:54.16]Maybe after years Of Odd men, the universe is thrOwing me a bOne. 或许在与怪人约会多年后 老天终于丢给我一个帅哥

[08:58.44]lf yOu're luCKy, a bOner as well. 小心他是个错误

[08:58.40]- OK, l Can dO this. - NOw gO and have fun. -好了,我办得到的 -好好去玩吧

[09:04.20]Tell DeteCtive Stevens, if he sees a wOman 告诉史帝文森警官 要是他在街上看到有人

[09:08.28]wearing pinK suede BlahniK sandals, bring her in fOr questiOning. 穿着去年粉红色的 布雷尼克凉鞋,马上盘查

[09:19.20]While l asCribed thOughts Of Karma tO fOrtune COOKie psyChOlOgy, 当我把因果报应的念头 归因于看太多幸运饼干

[09:25.88]l wOndered, dOes a string Of bad dates equal One gOOd One? 我不禁纳闷,一连串的烂男人 会换来一个好男人吗?

[09:31.20]And will treating sOmeOne badly in One relatiOnship ensure 在一段感情中亏待别人

[09:33.08]that yOu'll be treated badly in the next? 代表下一段感情会被亏待吗?

[09:35.56]DOes everything that gOes arOund COme arOund? 是不是真的有因果报应?

[09:38.04]lf sO, will it COme arOund tO bite yOu in the ass? 果真如此的话 它是不是会回来反咬你一口?

[09:42.16]ls there suCh a thing as relatiOnship Karma? 感情是不是也有因果报应?

[09:50.68]Later, l aCCOmpanied Samantha tO a party thrOwn by Sam JOnes. 我陪莎曼珊去参加 神秘山琼斯的派对

[09:54.96]l Can't believe we're gOing tO the party Of a tOtal stranger. 我不敢相信我们要去参加 陌生人的派对

[09:57.28]lt's nOt a tOtal stranger, we dO share the same name. 并不是完全的陌生 我跟他同名同姓

[09:60.44]Why are yOu walKing sO slOw?. 你为什么走这么慢?

[10:03.64]l Keep waiting fOr sOmeOne tO jump Out and steal my bra. 我在等人跳出来偷我的胸罩

[10:07.88]lf the guy's a lOser, l'll tell him tO stOp having his friends Call me, 要是这家伙很差 我会叫他的朋友不要再打来

[10:10.88]and we'll gO fOr dinner. lf nOt, whO KnOws? His friend sOunded Cute. 然后我们去吃晚餐 他的朋友听起来挺可爱的

[10:14.76]- HOw Can yOu tell Over the phOne? - l Can. -透过电话你怎么知道? -我就是知道

[10:16.56]Besides, WashingtOn Square - very mOney address. 再说,华盛顿广场是高级地段

[10:22.80]l feel liKe there's sOme COsmiC purpOse tO all this. 我觉得这一切都有因果循环

[10:26.96]lt's tOO muCh Of a COinCidenCe. 这一切不只是巧合

[10:29.80]What was the COsmiC purpOse Of my getting snubbed by Natasha? 我为什么会遭到 娜塔莎的轻视?

[10:33.36]lf l tOld yOu l had infOrmatiOn abOut Big and Natasha, 要是我告诉你一件 大人物和娜塔莎的事

[10:37.60]wOuld yOu COnsider it COsmiC Or a randOm aCt Of gOssip? 你会认为有因果关连 还是流言一则?

[10:40.80]l'd have tO hear it first. 你先告诉我

[10:44.04]Natasha left Big. lt's Over. She's baCK wOrKing fOr Ralph Lauren. 娜塔莎跟大人物离婚了 她回到劳夫罗伦工作

[10:51.16]Oh, my GOd. WhO tOld yOu that? 我的天,是谁告诉你的?

[10:54.64]- A little bird l fuCKed at Ralph Lauren. - YOu waited 15 blOCKs tO tell me that? -一个跟我搞过的员工透露的 -你走了这么久才告诉我

[10:59.28]l wanted yOu tO have fun. 我希望你尽情玩乐

[11:00.100]l Can't believe l'm respOnsible fOr breaKing up their marriage. 我居然要为他们的婚姻负责

[11:05.76]YOu're nOt. lt prObably wOuldn't have wOrKed anyway. 才不是,他们本来就合不来

[11:10.72]- l dOn't thinK l COuld feel any wOrse. - Here we are. -我真的感到很难过 -到了

[11:16.16]- lt's a dOrm. - LOOK at that, l feel wOrse. -这是宿舍 -看,我更难过了

[11:26.80]DO yOu thinK these Cute bOys are still in COllege? 这些可爱的男生 还在上大学吗?

[11:29.92]Yes. 是

[11:30.72]l'm gOing tO find Sam JOnes, and then we're Outta here. 我去找山琼斯,然后就离开

[11:38.28]ExCuse me. COuld yOu tell me where l Can find Sam JOnes? 抱歉 你知道山琼斯在哪里吗?

[11:51.16]- Sam JOnes? - Yeah. WhO are yOu? -山琼斯? -对,你是谁?

[11:55.56]- Sam JOnes. - ExCuse me? -珊琼斯 -你说什么?

[11:57.32]lt appears that we have a prOblem here. 我们这里有一点误会

[12:01.24]We have the same name, and l'm getting all yOur fuCKing Calls. 我们同名同姓 我一直接到你的电话

[12:08.80]lf yOu're getting all my ''fuCKing'' Calls, that explains why l'm still a virgin. 原来是你一直接到我的电话 难怪我到现在还是处男

[12:12.96]Samantha wOndered what message the universe was sending her, 当莎曼珊纳闷着 这一切代表的意义

[12:18.44]but Miranda had nO dOubt. 米兰达心中毫无疑问

[12:18.00]This was fun, and l wOuld invite yOu in, 我很开心,我想邀你进去

[12:21.88]but yOu've been in, and l have a huge day tOmOrrOw, 不过你已经进去过了 而且明天我很忙

[12:25.28]whiCh isn't tO say l wOuldn't liKe tO see yOu again. l wOuld, if yOu'd liKe... 我不是不想见你 要是你想见我的话

[12:37.08]l'll Call yOu. 我再打给你

[12:50.04]She felt liKe she had just hit the COsmiC jaCKpOt. 她觉得自己中了头奖

[12:56.96]Please dOn't tell anyOne we were here. 不要告诉别人我们来过这里

[12:58.16]SOme Of thOse bOys were Cute. 有些男孩子很可爱

[13:00.96]- SOme Of them were yOung enOugh... - DOn't yOu dare say it. -年轻到可以当你… -你敢说?

[13:06.12]- ExCuse me, ladies. - ExCuse me, MOm. -借过,女士 -借过,妈

[13:14.40]Cab! 计程车

[13:16.44]Natasha fell dOwn the stairs, nOw l fall dOwn the stairs. 娜塔莎从楼梯跌下来 现在换我了

[13:19.56]This is an Open and shut Case Of KarmiC retributiOn. 这很显然的是我的因果报应

[13:23.80]- lt was an aCCident. - This was nOt an aCCident. -那只是意外 -这不是意外

[13:25.28]Yesterday, l get mugged, 昨天我才被抢

[13:28.20]nOw l Can't even get a taxi - and l Can always get a taxi. My Karma is shOt. 现在连一辆计程车都拦不到 这是我的报应

[13:33.96]lf everything happens fOr a reasOn, why am l getting Calls fOr Sam JOnes? 要是事出必有因,我为什么会 接到山琼斯的电话?

[13:37.72]- What's the KarmiC COnneCtiOn? - l Only KnOw abOut my Own Karma. -这有什么因果关连吗? -我只知道自己的

[13:41.60]Maybe l shOuld fuCK that virgin 或许我该上那个处男

[13:42.48]and give him the great first-time experienCe that l never had. 给他一个我没有过的 完美初体验

[13:47.76]That's nOt Karma, that's statutOry rape. 那不叫因果报应 那是法定强奸罪

[13:51.96]Here, here. 这里…

[13:55.16]COme On. 别这样

[13:56.00]What's up? 怎么了?

[13:56.12]ACrOss tOwn, CharlOtte was getting a message Of her Own. 在此同时,城市另一头的 夏绿蒂收到自己的讯息

[14:38.28]WaKe up. 醒一醒

[14:44.12]YOu had a nightmare. 你做了噩梦

[14:54.28]YOu're all wet. 你全身湿透了

[14:59.64]Later that weeK, my Knee still hurting frOm my trip dOwn the stairs, 过几天 我的膝盖仍因跌落楼梯而疼痛

[15:02.24]l deCided tO taKe matters intO my Own hands. 我决定立刻采取行动

[15:07.60]- Ralph Lauren, Natasha's desK. - l'd liKe tO speaK tO Natasha, please. -劳夫罗伦,娜塔莎办公室 -我找娜塔莎

[15:11.68]- lt's Carrie Bradshaw Calling. - What's this regarding? -我是凯莉布雷萧 -有什么事吗?

[15:15.56]- lt's persOnal. - HOld. -是私人的事 -等一下

[15:19.12]l didn't KnOw hOw tO tell an assistant it was Of COsmiC signifiCanCe. 我不知道怎么告诉助理 事关宇宙的含意

[15:22.84]- She's in a meeting. - l'll hOld. -她在开会 -我等

[15:23.32]l dOn't mean tO be rude, but yOu'll be hOlding fOrever. 无意冒犯,不过你得等一辈子

[15:29.40]OK then, l'll hOld fOrever. 好吧,我就等一辈子

[15:32.96]This wasn't gOnna be easy. l had tOugh Karma tO OverCOme. 这一切并不容易 我得面对自己种的果

[15:37.52]The next weeK, CharlOtte flirted with her Own Karma. 隔周,夏绿蒂自己种下了果

[15:43.40]Where did yOu get suCh a green thumb? 你的园艺在哪里学来的?

[15:46.28]Runs in the family. We're gardeners fOr three generatiOns. 我们家族世代都是园丁

[15:52.72]What a wOnderful traditiOn. 好可爱的传统

[15:56.48]l'm CharlOtte, by the way. Trey's wife. 我是夏绿蒂,崔的妻子

[15:60.20]l KnOw. l'm Burt. 我知道,我叫巴特

[16:04.44]These rOses are sO beautiful. What Kind are they? 这些玫瑰好漂亮,是什么种?

[16:10.60]A speCial hybrid Of AmeriCan Beauty. 月月红的特别混种

[16:12.20]They're very fragrant. 好香

[16:17.28]CharlOtte's Karma flirted baCK in a mOst unexpeCted way. 夏绿蒂想不到她的 因果报应会是怎样

[16:37.84]Samantha was wOrKing Out sOme KarmiC issues Of her Own. 在市区,莎曼珊要解决 自己造成的因果报应

[16:42.24]l Came Over tO apOlOgize fOr all thOse Calls. 我为了那些电话向你道歉

[16:47.48]ThanK yOu. Anything else? 谢谢你,还有呢?

[16:50.80]l've been waiting fOr a wOman liKe yOu my whOle life. 我一辈子都在等 像你这样的女人

[16:54.88]YOu are the hOttest thing l've ever seen. 你是我看过最性感的尤物

[17:08.48]SlOw dOwn.

[17:25.76]Oh, LOrd. Oh, my LOrd! 老天,我的老天

[17:27.56]Here we gO. 好了

[17:48.56]That was awesOme. 真是太酷了

[17:48.80]Yes, it was. 是的

[17:55.08]Sam? 珊?

[17:55.08]- Yes, Sam? - l thinK l lOve yOu. -是的,山? -我想我爱你

[17:59.96]HOney, that wasn't lOve. 那不是爱

[18:04.92]That was sex. 那是性

[18:07.20]NO, ma'am. l... 不,女士,我…

[18:09.88]l lOve yOu. 我爱你

[18:17.16]Time tO mOve. 该走了

[18:20.12]- DO l have tO? - Oh, yes. l've gOt stuff tO dO. -一定要吗? -是的,我还有事要做

[18:28.60]GOOdbye tO the sweetest lips l've ever Kissed. 跟我吻过最甜美的双唇道别

[18:35.24]Bye-bye. 再见

[18:37.44]Later, the MaCDOugals were enjOying their COCKtail hOur, 稍晚 麦克道格家在享受鸡尾酒时光

[18:41.64]whiCh generally lasted frOm 5:00pm tO last man standing. 一般是从下午五点 持续到天荒地老

[18:46.28]- l beat yOu three sets in a rOw. - We didn't finish. -我连续赢了你三场比赛 -还没完呢

[18:50.00]- lt was getting darK as yOu reCall. - StOp biCKering. -是因为天色暗了 -不要吵嘴了

[18:51.76]- SandwiChes, ma'am? - NO. -要三明治吗? -不要

[18:54.44]NO, thanK yOu. 不了,谢谢

[18:58.44]l Certainly had an interesting day. 我今天过得真是精彩

[18:60.28]l went riding. ln the afternOOn, l tOOK a walK arOund the prOperty 我去骑马,下午在园邸四处逛

[19:05.40]and saw CharlOtte Kissing the gardener. 然后看见夏绿蒂亲吻园丁

[19:10.84]CharlOtte, yOu're a MaCDOugal nOw. 夏绿蒂 你现在是麦克道格家的人了

[19:22.76]Samantha fOund that the universe had sent her many messages. 莎曼珊发现老天给她好多留言

[19:26.24]YOu have 35 new messages. 你有三十五通新留言

[19:29.92]lt's Sam JOnes. Call me. l Can't stOp thinKing abOut yOu. 我是山琼斯,回我电话 我无法停止想你

[19:38.60]l have tO see yOu tOnight. lt's really impOrtant. 我今晚一定得见你,很重要

[19:43.24]Sam, it's Sam. l dOn't thinK l Can live withOut yOu, OK? 珊,我是山 没有你我活不下去

[19:49.08]Are yOu there, babe? l have tO see yOu tOnight. lt's really impOrtant. 宝贝,你在吗? 我得见你,很重要

[19:57.88]OK, Sam. lt's Sam. 珊,我是山

[20:02.56]ACrOss tOwn, Miranda met her KarmiC treasure fOr dinner. 城市的另一端 米兰达和她的善果共进晚餐

[20:05.32]After ten years, l made partner twO mOnths agO. 奋斗了十年 我终于在两个月前成为合伙人

[20:07.28]Or was it three? l'm lOsing traCK. 还是三个月前?我忘记了

[20:12.88]- COngratulatiOns. - ThanK yOu. -恭喜你 -谢谢

[20:14.64]- Can l get yOu anOther drinK? - DOuble vOdKa martini, please. -还要喝点什么吗? -再一杯伏特加马丁尼

[20:17.52]- And yOu, sir? - l'm fine. -先生,你呢? -我不用

[20:24.00]- WOuld yOu Care tO Order? - COuld we have a minute? -要点菜了吗? -可以再一会儿吗?

[20:27.60]TaKe yOur time. 慢慢来

[20:28.48]l thOught abOut law sChOOl. l lOved COlumbO sO muCh as a Kid... 我有想过读法律 我爱死神探可伦坡了

[20:35.84]Miranda realized that every wOman was staring at her date. 米兰达发现所有的女人 都盯着她的男伴看

[20:39.92]YOur friend is the typiCal Case that l see On the jOb. 你朋友的案子很典型

[20:41.80]lt's nOt as exCiting as yOu might thinK. lt's nOt hOmiCide... 没有你想像中刺激 因为不是凶杀案

[20:47.88]She Knew what they were thinKing - why is that attraCtive man with her? 她知道她们在想“这个帅哥 怎么会跟她在一起?”

[20:53.60]lf yOur friend hadn't lOst her shOes, l wOuldn't be here. 要是你的朋友不丢鞋 我也不会在这里了

[20:57.52]There yOu gO. 请用

[20:58.100]ThanK yOu. 谢谢

[21:02.04]She dranK tO feel better abOut herself. 她只好喝酒麻醉自己

[21:14.32]Six vOdKa martinis later, she was feeling pretty damn gOOd. 在六杯伏特加马丁尼下肚后 她感觉好极了

[21:17.68]- YOu're hOt. - And yOu're a little drunK. -你好帅 -你有点醉了

[21:21.36]l'm fine. l'm great. 我很好,感觉很棒

[21:26.60]HOt, hOt, hOt. 帅…

[21:27.32]YOu may be the mOst beautiful man that l've ever been with. 你是跟我约会过最帅的男人

[21:33.00]YOu're nOt bad yOurself. 你长得也不错

[21:35.80]l'm nO Mena Suvari, but l'm great in bed. 我不是大美女 但是床上功夫很棒

[21:43.24]When Trey didn't COme tO bed, CharlOtte went lOOKing fOr him. 当晚崔没有回到床上来 夏绿蒂于是去找他

[21:59.64]- What are yOu dOing Out here? - lmprOving my serve. -你在外面做什么? -练习发球

[22:03.80]StOp. YOu're upset, and what l did was sO wrOng. 停止,你很沮丧,我做错了

[22:07.36]- l'm sOrry. - What Can l say? -我很抱歉 -我能说什么?

[22:11.64]l'm unable tO meet yOur needs, sO frOm time tO time, 我无法满足你的需求

[22:14.92]as muCh as l detest it, l'll have tO lOOK the Other way. 我已经厌倦了 只好睁只眼闭只眼

[22:18.12]l dOn't want a husband whO lOOKs the Other way. 我不要一个 睁只眼闭只眼的丈夫

[22:22.68]l want a husband whO maKes me nOt want tO Kiss the gardener. 我要一个让我 不想亲吻园丁的丈夫

[22:37.28]NO marriage is perfeCt. 没有一个婚姻是完美的

[22:42.96]SO muCh Of what we have is wOnderful. 我们拥有的大部分都是美好的

[22:43.64]We Can have separate lives and still be tOgether. 我们可以分开生活 却仍然在一起

[22:49.92]lt's tOtally aCCeptable. 可以接受

[22:52.52]As CharlOtte lOOKed at her perfeCt husband 当夏绿蒂在完美的房子 看着她完美的丈夫

[22:55.92]at their family's perfeCt COuntry hOuse,

[22:57.40]she realized the One thing that was missing 她了解到她缺少了什么

[23:01.16]was that perfeCt COnneCtiOn with an imperfeCt persOn. 不完美的人之间完美的结合

[23:08.60]When we get baCK tO the City, l thinK we shOuld separate fOr a while. 等我们回到城里 就先分居一阵子

[23:16.48]All righty. 好的

[23:24.04]Seven unreturned phOne Calls, and still nO respOnse frOm Natasha. 打了七次无人接听的电话 也不见娜塔莎回电

[23:27.52]Buddhists believe yOu pay fOr what yOu dO wrOng in this life in the next. 佛教徒相信前生债,今生还

[23:31.68]l Knew what l'd dOne. l just didn't thinK l COuld wait a lifetime tO be fOrgiven. 我知道我做错了什么 我不想等到下辈子才被原谅

[23:45.12]The next mOrning, Miranda wOKe up with the wOrst hangOver Of her life. 次晨,米兰达经历了 有生以来最痛苦的宿醉

[23:53.52]DeteCtive Stevens? 史帝文森警官?

[24:02.08]On her hall table, she disCOvered that DeteCtive Stevens had left a number... 在走廊桌上 史帝文森警官留了一支电话

[24:08.08]...fOr her lOCal AA Chapter. 是当地瘾君子互戒协会的热线

[24:12.36]Samantha gOt her KarmiC retributiOn. 莎曼珊得到她的因果报应

[24:14.32]l lOve yOu, Sam JOnes. 我爱你,珊琼斯

[24:17.60]ln sCrewing Sam JOnes, she wOund up sCrewing herself. 在搞过山琼斯之后 她自己的生活也搞砸了

[24:21.08]l lOve yOu, Sam JOnes. 我爱你,珊琼斯

[24:27.92]A few days later, CharlOtte Came hOme tO her Old apartment. 几天后 夏绿蒂回到她的旧公寓

[24:33.92]lt was gOOd fOrtune that she had Only sublet it, nOt tO mentiOn gOOd sense. 还好她只是将它分租出去 原封不动

[24:40.44]NOt wanting tO COme baCK in my next life as a dung beetle, 为了来世不想当一只臭虫

[24:45.84]l asKed Samantha's assistant tO pump Natasha's assistant 我请莎曼珊的助理帮忙

[24:49.64]tO find Out where she was having lunCh. 查出娜塔莎在哪里用餐

[25:03.96]l need tO talK tO yOu. 我需要跟你谈谈

[25:04.60]- l'm gOnna sCream. - l'm Only gOnna stay a minute. -我要尖叫了 -我只待一下下

[25:08.40]l tried tO Call yOu at wOrK, but... 我打电话到你公司,不过…

[25:10.16]Anyway, it's nOt impOrtant. 那不重要

[25:16.76]Can l have a sip Of this? 我可以喝一口吗?

[25:27.68]ThanKs. 谢谢

[25:35.52]l heard abOut yOur marriage. 我听说了你的婚姻状况

[25:39.92]lt's just sO terrible. 真的很糟糕

[25:44.20]l never meant fOr any Of this tO happen. 我不是故意让这一切发生

[25:48.88]lf there was sOmething l COuld dO tO taKe it away, l wOuld. 如果有办法 我一定尽力挽回这一切

[25:52.04]But l Can't. 但是我没有办法

[25:53.84]l Came here tOday beCause l needed tO say hOw sOrry l am. 我今天来这里是想对你说 我有多抱歉

[25:59.88]l am deeply sOrry fOr what l did tO yOu. 我为我所做的一切感到后悔

[26:04.28]lt was wrOng. 我错了

[26:07.16]l'm sOrry. 我很后悔

[26:13.08]Are yOu thrOugh? 你说完了吗?

[26:15.96]Yes. ThanK yOu fOr listening. 是的,谢谢你听我说

[26:25.64]Wait. 等一下

[26:26.60]l'm sOrry, tOO. 我也很后悔

[26:32.00]YOu are? 是吗?

[26:32.40]Yes. l'm sOrry abOut it all. 我后悔所有的一切

[26:39.48]l'm sOrry he mOved tO Paris and fell in lOve with me. 我后悔他搬到巴黎然后爱上我

[26:44.84]l'm sOrry that we ever gOt married. 我后悔我跟他结婚

[26:49.88]l'm sOrry he Cheated On me with yOu, 我后悔他跟你一起欺骗我

[26:50.20]and l'm sOrry that l pretended tO ignOre it fOr as lOng as l did. 我后悔我假装不知情

[26:56.24]l'm sOrry l fOund yOu in my apartment, 我后悔在我家撞见你

[26:58.04]fell dOwn the stairs and brOKe my tOOth. 然后跌下楼梯,摔断牙齿

[27:04.48]l'm very sOrry that after muCh painful dental surgery 我后悔经过这么多痛苦的手术

[27:06.08]this tOOth is still a different COlOr than this tOOth. 这颗牙齿的颜色 跟旁边的还是不一样

[27:12.08]Finally, l'm sOrry that yOu felt the need tO COme dOwn here. 最后,我后悔你必须到这里来

[27:16.80]NOt Only have yOu ruined my marriage, 你不仅毁了我的婚姻

[27:22.52]yOu've ruined my lunCh. 还毁了我的用餐情绪

[27:29.76]That's just what l had tO say. 这就是我要说的

[27:33.12]l was just leaving. 我正要走

[27:38.28]My aCtiOns had set intO mOtiOn a KarmiC Chain Of events 我领悟到我的所作所为

[27:45.48]that put Natasha baCK On the singles marKet. 让娜塔莎重新恢复单身

[27:48.76]As if single wOmen didn't have it hard enOugh. 好像单身妇女受的罪不够多

[28:03.36]SOmewhere Out there, Big was alOne again. 在城市某处,大人物又落单了

[28:07.24]The universe may nOt always play fair, 天地万物间不见得永远会公平

[28:08.80]but at least it's gOt a hell Of a sense Of humOr. 不过至少还挺幽默的

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