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欲望都市第五季 封面女郎 Cover Girl






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:45:53



[00:36.12](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:51.16]It is said that it takes a Iifetime to figure out who you are. 有人说要真正了解自己 要花上一辈子的时间

[00:54.08]This book cover is so you. 这本书的封面十足“凯莉”化

[00:57.28]PeopIe in pubIishing move a tad faster. 出版业的人动作比别人快

[00:60.96]lt's just a mock-up and don't be thrown. We put your head on another person's body. 这是版面编排,不要生气 我们把你的头放在别的身体上

[01:06.04]Okay, here it is: the cover of Sex and the City. “欲望城市”的封面

[01:10.84]The best-selling Sex and the City. 畅销书“欲望城市”

[01:15.00]No! 不行

[01:17.56]l'm sorry. That just came out. 抱歉,我未经思考

[01:20.48]Not at all, that's good. 这样很好,你有很强烈的反应

[01:22.76]You had a strong reaction. That's what we want. 正是我们想要的

[01:24.32]We don't want people's reaction to be ''no.'' 我们不希望答案是“不行”

[01:25.72]Right. Let me talk you through it. 让我来说服你,模糊的背景

[01:29.48]Blurred background, a fast-paced city...


[01:33.20]and you naked, with nothing but your ideas. 你一丝不挂,只剩脑中的想法

[01:36.36]No, l get it. But, see... 我懂了 不过,不管城市的步调有多快

[01:38.12]no matter how fast-paced the city...

[01:43.20]l always manage to get my clothes on before l leave the apartment. 我出门前还是会设法穿好衣服

[01:48.08]See, Courtney, here's what concerns me. 柯特妮,我在意的是 这个封面表达的全是“性”

[01:50.28]That cover is all about sex.

[01:51.16]-Well, sex sells. -Yes. -“性”就是卖点 -是没错…

[01:54.56]But my columns are about relationships... 我的专栏谈论的是爱情关系 性只是其中一项元素

[01:59.20]and when l do write about sex, it's just words.

[02:00.72]Reading about sex is a lot different... 阅读“性”不等同于…

[02:04.80]than seeing it in front of you... 一丝不挂在大马路边拦计程车

[02:06.96]naked on Sixth Avenue, hailing a cab.

[02:10.56]-l totally understand, Carrie. -Okay. -凯莉,我完全了解 -很好

[02:14.72]We're fucked. 我们搞砸了

[02:16.44]No, okay, let me see it again. 好吧,再让我看一次

[02:20.60]No, absolutely not. l would sooner die. 绝对不行,我宁愿马上死掉

[02:22.28]The next day, our taIk turned from bacheIors, baby bottIes... 第二天,我们的话题 从单身汉、奶瓶…

[02:26.76]and BaIenciaga bIouses to books. 服饰到书籍

[02:29.76]Bad, worse, loser... 烂、差劲、失败、无药可救

[02:32.72]disaster. 你知道最可怕的是什么吗? 我的心太软了

[02:34.52]And you know the scary thing? l'm being kind.

[02:40.80]Honey, relax. 放轻松,别人能怎么批评你? 你这么受欢迎

[02:39.08]What could anyone say about you? You're fabulous.

[02:43.88]That's sweet. But if l get the wrong book cover, l'm a fabulous target. 封面设计错误,一定惹来批评 读者是很恶毒的

[02:47.24]-People are mean. -People are not that mean. 没有那么恶毒 她真的是一点造型概念都没有

[02:51.40]She looks like shit. ls her stylist blind?

[02:53.60]l have just officially entered panic. -我真的开始慌张了 -别这样,跟我谈谈

[02:56.36]Stop. Talk to me. This is what l do.

[02:58.64]这就是我的工作 你希望封面上的你怎么样?

[02:59.44]How do you see yourself on the cover?

[03:03.44]You know, like a writer... 就像所有推出新书的作者一样

[03:03.72]who somehow happened to have wound up on her book cover...

[03:08.20]looking smart, sexy, and properly airbrushed. 看起来聪明又性感 封面印刷要精美

[03:10.60]l can help you with that. l'll talk to the publishers. 我帮你跟出版社谈 什么时候拍照?

[03:14.68]-When's the photo shoot? -lt's next Thursday, but l can't afford you. -下星期四,但是我请不起你 -没错,请我做公关所费不赀

[03:19.64]True, my PR services are pricey.

[03:22.80]lt'll cost you two martinis and a lunch. 需要两杯马丁尼和一顿午餐

[03:25.92]Okay, l'll talk to my people. 好,我会转告他们

[03:27.40]What kind of diet book are you looking for? 你要哪一种减肥书?

[03:29.40]l don't know. Something with a title like: 像是“如何摆脱 产后的大屁股”

[03:33.08]How To Lose That Baby Fat by Sitting On Your Ass.

[03:38.44]-How about The Zone? -How about ''no.'' -“纤体美食”怎么样? -不要

[03:41.52]-Thought you were serious about this. -l am. -我以为你是认真的 -我是认真的

[03:42.52]Just as soon as l finish this nougat-caramel pretzel-devil thing. 等我吃完这条巧克力再说

[03:47.28]Okay. l'm going to go look for this book l read about. 我去找我要的书

[03:48.88]What's it called? -什么书名? -“重新来过”

[03:50.84]Starting Over, Yet Again.

[03:57.44]See you. 再见


[04:04.36]There it was.: the SeIf HeII aisIe. 就在那边


[04:16.52]As CharIotte Iooked at the titIes.: 夏绿蒂看着这些书 “抚慰女人心”

[04:19.36]The Woman's Comfort Book, The Path to Love...

[04:20.28]“通往爱情之路” “抱歉,你的生命在等待你”

[04:23.56]Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, Please Understand Me ll...


[04:26.36]she couIdn't bear the thought that she beIonged there. 她突然无法忍受 自己是他们的一员

[04:33.32]That really helped me. 那本书对我帮助很大

[04:39.84]Travel? 旅游书?



[04:49.20]That's adorable. 这本书很棒

[04:55.80]This is psychotic. 这本书简直有病,恕我多嘴 但是千万不要照做

[04:57.56]lt's none of my business, but don't do that.

[05:01.16]l did. l lost 24, gained 46. -我减掉24磅,增加46磅 -纽约时报说…

[05:03.80]But The New York Times--

[05:03.92]Will they come to you at 2:00 a.m. and pry the cookie dough from your hands? 纽约时报能阻止你吃面包吗?

[05:09.72]l don't think so. Weight Watchers. 去减肥中心才是明智的选择

[05:10.20]lt's the only sane way to go. They even have dessert. 你还可以吃甜点

[05:16.44]Where's Starting Over, Yet Again? “重新来过”呢?

[05:17.20]Here you go. Good luck with Weight Watchers. 你的书

[05:22.40]Thank you. -祝你减肥成功 -谢谢你

[05:23.40]Did you find your book? -你要的书找到了吗? -那不适合我

[05:24.08]No, it wasn't for me.

[05:35.72]Yeah, like l need his advice. -长这样也能出书? -我死定了

[05:36.80]l'm a dead woman.

[05:39.32]Who needs the SeIf HeIp aisIe... 在网路书店这么方便的年代

[05:40.40]when you can seIf heIp yourseIf to amazon.com... 谁还需要到书店买书

[05:44.68]and get exactIy what you need, overnight express, and shame free? 想要什么就有什么 隔天送达,不必感到难堪

[05:52.12]That's quite a package. -好大一包 -你说什么?

[05:56.80]-Excuse me? -That's quite a package. 好大一包

[05:59.76]Will you sign right here, please? 请你在这里签名

[06:10.24]There. 这里…我的签名漂亮吗?

[06:12.68]-How's that? -Pretty damn good. 好看极了

[06:16.16]l just got my nails done. 我刚做完指甲

[06:19.36]Would you mind opening my package? 你愿意帮我拆包裹吗?

[06:24.84]Thank you. 谢谢你

[06:27.92]Now maybe l can help you with your package. 我可以帮你拆你的包裹吗?

[06:29.48]Fucking A. 当然可以

[06:38.64]At exactIy 12.:15... 中午12点15分 我到莎曼珊的公司接她

[06:39.76]I stopped by to pick up Samantha for our business Iunch...

[06:42.24]to decide what we thought was sexy. 一边吃午餐一边讨论封面事宜

[06:57.76]l'm sorry. 抱歉

[06:59.32]-Do you want to keep going? -No, l've had enough. -想不想继续? -不了,我享用够了

[07:07.40]Some women, Iike Samantha, know when to stop putting things in their mouths... 莎曼珊知道什么时候该 “封口”

[07:11.44]whiIe others, Iike Miranda, need a IittIe heIp. 米兰达则需要一点帮助

[07:22.40]l'm much lighter metric. 我用公斤秤会比较轻

[07:29.44]-Excuse me. Hi. -Hi. 抱歉,我的体重有错误

[07:32.44]-There's been a mistake on my weight. -No, the scales don't lie.

[07:34.72]This isn't a vanity thing. The other woman inverted the numbers. -磅秤不会骗人的 -我不是爱面子


[07:39.28]Look, if l'm gonna do this, l want to do it right. 我希望这些数据是正确无误的

[07:43.96]You've got the right attitude. Come on. 你说得很对,跟我来

[07:45.36]Hi, l'm sorry. Can l scootch in a minute? 我可以插个队吗?谢谢

[07:46.96]-Sure. -Thanks.

[07:53.08]Yeah! -伊莲 -什么事?

[07:52.52]Elaine! You wrote down this woman weighs 158.2... 你把她的体重写成158.2磅 她只有152.8磅

[07:58.28]-but she weighs 152.8. -Sorry.

[08:00.04]Could you not yell out my weight? -抱歉 -能不能不要宣扬我的体重?

[08:04.32]l weigh 240. 我240磅,目标77磅

[08:06.84]Goal weight 77.

[08:08.04]Here you go, and here's a name tag. -改好了,这是你的名牌 -名牌?

[08:09.48]A name tag? 我们都要戴

[08:12.08]Yeah, we all gotta wear these.

[08:14.36]-Tom, Big Boned. -Miranda, Baby Weight. (你好,我是大块头)

[08:15.88]-汤姆,大块头 -米兰达,产后肥胖

[08:19.16]-幸会 -幸会

[08:23.92]Later that same day, Stanford came over for a fag and some fIipping. 当天稍晚,史丹佛找我小聚

[08:28.20]Finish that and get over here and start on Vogue. 抽完烟快过来翻时尚杂志

[08:29.68]Tear out any outfit that might work for me. 帮我选出适合我的衣服

[08:32.36]Try to pick something that won't be pathetic if l wind up in the half-off bin. 不要看起来太廉价

[08:42.48]You look very.... Something. 你看起来…很帅

[08:46.48]l am very something. -我是很帅 -发生什么事了?

[08:46.76]What's going on over there, Ms. Blatch?

[08:52.64]l met someone. -我有新对象了 -天啊,真的吗?

[08:54.64]Oh, my God. Really?

[08:57.72]That's fantastic. 太好了

[08:59.48]-His name is Marcus. -And is he a Roman? 他叫做马可斯

[09:03.56]No, he is not. -他是罗马人吗? -不是

[09:05.88]Too bad. l always adore a metal breastplate on a man. 太可惜了,我喜欢男人穿盔甲 他是做什么的?

[09:06.28]So, what does this Marcus do?

[09:10.16]Okay, before l tell you, you have to promise not to judge. 先答应我不准妄下定论

[09:14.04]-Do l judge? -We all judge. That's our hobby. -我会妄下定论吗? -我们都会

[09:17.88]Some people do arts and crafts. We judge. 那已经变成习惯了 我们会因职业对人下定论

[09:19.28]l'll be kind. -我会有口德的 -他是舞者

[09:21.56]He's a dancer. Radio City Music Hall.


[09:25.16]l feel as though my hands are tied. 我好想说点什么

[09:27.56]He's a Broadway-caliber dancer working in the male chorus. 他的舞技绝对有百老汇水准 担任男合声

[09:31.04]Last Christmas, he danced the part of Arabian Coffee in The Nutcracker. 去年圣诞,他在胡桃钳歌剧中 演出阿拉伯咖啡舞曲

[09:36.28]-And where did you meet your Rockette? -Standing in line at Starbucks. -你们怎么认识的? -排队买咖啡时

[09:38.68]You met a man who played Coffee waiting to get coffee? 你买咖啡时认识一个 表演咖啡舞曲的男人?

[09:45.24]We're both Grande House Blends. -我们都喝经典综合咖啡 -那是新的星座吗?

[09:46.64]What is that, a new zodiac sign?

[09:53.20]Hello? -哪位? -刚才的事真好笑

[09:55.28]How funny was that thing in my office today?

[09:58.32]lt was hilarious. l'm sending you the X-ray bill for my elbow. 可笑极了 我要索赔手肘医药费

[10:01.84]Could you have gotten out of there any faster? -你不能快一点撤退吗? -不行

[10:03.52]No. 放轻松

[10:06.40]Lighten up.

[10:09.20]-l am lightened up. -Good news. -我已经放轻松了 -好消息

[10:12.56]l got my favorite stylist to do us a favor and pull some looks for the cover. 我请我最爱的造型师 帮你打点封面的造型

[10:18.64]Did you tell them what we're looking for? 你有告诉他们我的需求吗?

[10:20.80]Sexy chic, just like you said. -如你所说的,性感高尚 -你什么时候跟他们会面?

[10:20.84]When are you meeting them? Maybe l should join you as well. -我应该跟你去 -不用担心,我会处理的

[10:23.72]Don't worry, l'll handle it.

[10:28.96]But l have some ideas. 但是我有一些想法

[10:29.24]You still want me to do this, right? -你还希望交给我处理吗? -当然了,为什么不?

[10:32.04]-Yeah, why wouldn't l? -Fantastic.

[10:34.56]They can pull some stuff and we can go look at it. How's Saturday? 我会请他准备一些衣服 约在星期六怎么样?

[10:38.12]lt's great, and l'll ask Stanford to come. -很好,我带史丹佛一起去 -史丹佛突然变成造型师了?

[10:41.60]ls Stanford suddenly a stylist?

[10:41.56]No, but he's gay and bitchy. My target test audience. 他是同性恋,嘴巴又毒 正是我的目标读者群

[10:46.36]-You okay? -I'm fabuIous. We'II taIk tomorrow. -你还好吗? -好得不得了

[10:51.36]Okay. -明天再聊 -好

[10:55.40]Ask Stanford to come where? -要史丹佛去哪里? -看我新书封面的造型

[10:56.48]Look at some outfits for the cover. Saturday.

[10:57.80]-星期六 -我要先问问马可斯

[10:58.08]l'll have to check with Marcus. We may have plans.


[11:02.76]Oh, God. You're not going to turn into one of those couples, are you? 你们不会变成连体婴情侣吧?

[11:08.16]Judgey-wudgey was a bear. 有人又在妄下定论了

[11:10.84]I think it's pretty much agreed that it goes.: 我想大多数人都同意…

[11:12.92]Open minded.: good. JudgmentaI.: bad. 心胸宽大是好事 主观判断是坏事

[11:17.60]But are we being too quick to judge judgment? 但是我们 真的太快下定论了吗?

[11:24.92]Perhaps judgment is not so much a snap decision... 或许下定论不是仓促的判断

[11:27.32]as an earIy warning and detection device. 而是一种提前警告和侦测器

[11:31.60]If it is instantIy cIear that a person, a pIace, or even a profession is not for you... 如果你直觉反应 某样东西不合你意

[11:36.48]is it better to ignore your better judgment and read between the Iines... 应该不顾你的判断 而去寻求弦外之音

[11:40.12]or shouId you judge a book by its cover? 还是应该以貌取人?

[11:45.64]You've got maiI. (新邮件)

[11:51.76]''Based on your recent book purchase here's a list you might be interested in.'' 根据你最近购买的书籍


[11:56.48]The seIected Iist incIuded.: 书单包括…

[11:59.36]Lonely Women No Men... “没有男人的寂寞女人”

[11:60.40]Love Hurts. You Don't Have to... “你可以不必为爱所伤”

[12:02.20]l'm Fine Now... “我现在过得很好”

[12:06.92]and Reservations for One. “等待对的人”

[12:09.08]CharIotte refused to see herseIf as one of those type women. 夏绿蒂不想变成这样的女人

[12:16.64]It feII eight fIights and Ianded at the feet of a woman waIking by... 一个考虑离婚的女人 捡到这本书

[12:21.52]who was contempIating a divorce.

[12:22.80]She considered it a sign from God. 她认为这是上帝的旨意

[12:26.48]After three Weight Watchers meetings... 在减肥中心除了谈论美食

[12:28.92]where they did nothing but taIk about eating... 似乎没有多大助益

[12:32.64]Miranda Baby Weight and Tom Big Boned decided to go somepIace and actuaIIy eat. 米兰达和汤姆干脆到 餐厅吃东西

[12:36.88]So then l did the one where you can only have the water, eggs, and grapefruit. 我只能喝水 吃水煮蛋和葡萄柚

[12:41.40]-'Cause they're so good together. -Yes. -这些东西一起吃很美味 -没错

[12:43.84]Actually worked out well for me until l fainted... 直到我坐地铁时 晕倒在一个印度妇女身上

[12:46.44]on an lndian woman in the subway.

[12:47.76]What about the one with all the prepackaged chemicalized food? 那种小包装的化学食物呢?

[12:49.12]l don't know how they get all of those delicious artificial ingredients... 他们怎么把那么多人工成分

[12:55.08]-into such little tiny packages. -l know. 塞进那么小的包装里?

[12:55.80]Although, they did have this itty-bitty thing of tuna that l loved. 不过我很喜欢里面 那一小小片的鲔鱼

[13:00.16]l cut my tongue licking it out of the can, and knew it was time to stop. 我每次都情不自禁地舔罐头 直到舌头割伤为止

[13:05.72]-Did you ever try the cabbage soup diet? -No. -想不想试试蔬菜汤? -不了,听说会一直…

[13:08.92]-l heard it gives you really bad-- -Gas? Yeah, it's true.

[13:09.88]放屁?这是真的 我因为这样被未婚妻抛弃

[13:10.80]That was the end of my fiancée.

[13:13.56]-She sounds mean. -l think there was more to it than cabbage. 她好残忍

[13:14.88]我们本来就相处得不好 她很爱吹毛求疵

[13:16.36]We weren't very good together. She was very critical.

[13:20.36]The more she put me down, the more l ate. 她让我越沮丧,我吃越多

[13:22.92]And to this day, whenever somebody criticizes me...


[13:25.40]l go right for those.

[13:29.88]-Glazed. They're my favorite. -Tell me about it. -上糖汁的甜甜圈,我的最爱 -最棒的减肥中心在23街

[13:32.04]The best Weight Watchers meeting is down on 23rd Street. 但是隔壁有最棒的 甜甜圈专卖店

[13:37.64]Can't go anywhere near it 'cause there's a Krispy Kreme next door.

[13:38.20]How many Weight Watchers points do you think is in one of those? 你觉得一个甜甜圈 有多少热量?

[13:42.12]Two... 2…200…200000

[13:43.52]hundred thousand?

[13:47.08]Would it be terrible if we split one? 我们叫一个分着吃 会不会很糟?

[13:52.24]We're consenting adults. 我们是大人了

[13:54.80]Sir, can l get a Krispy Kreme... 先生?我要一个和一把刀

[13:57.00]and a knife?

[14:06.60]Here you go. 请用

[14:09.08]Whoever invented glaze is a genius. 发明糖汁的人实在太天才了

[14:23.44]See, that is worth being fat for. 就算肥胖也在所不惜了

[14:25.88]l'm sorry, it's just worth it.

[14:29.24]-l know how we can burn this off. -Really? -我知道要怎么样抵销热量 -真的吗?

[14:33.28]Activity points. 运动

[14:50.80]Weight Watchers turned out to be a Iot more enjoyabIe than Miranda had expected. 减肥变成一种享受


[15:10.76]-No! -Yes. l was all over his face. -不会吧 -真的

[15:11.04]-没错,他脸上沾满我的… -不会吧

[15:13.68]-No! -Yes! -还说你爱自己 -我宁可当自己的好朋友

[15:15.36]-Talk about loving yourself. -l'd rather just be good friends with myself.

[15:20.64]-You know, when l was a lesbian... -l saw that coming. -当我是同性恋的时候… -我就知道你要说什么

[15:21.92]...l could get in and out with nothing more than a fine lip gloss. 我的嘴唇总是弄得湿湿亮亮的

[15:25.60]You're awfully quiet. -你好安静 -有什么好说的?

[15:25.08]What is there to say? The man simply has bad manners. 男人习惯不好 你应该在床头摆面纸

[15:29.68]Keep a box of tissues on the nightstand.

[15:33.96]While he's stroking you with one hand, he grabs a tissue and subtly dabs his face. 当他一手抚摸你时 另一手能拿面纸擦嘴

[15:39.04]Emily Post's polite pussy. 这变成国际礼仪了吗? 你为什么不坦白说?

[15:39.40]So why didn't you just say something?

[15:42.76]lt's a little hard to criticize if you're with someone who overeats when he's criticized. 他受到批评就猛吃


[15:47.88]Miranda went out with an overeater, and he overate her. 米兰达似乎摆脱不了 “吃过量”的阴影

[15:53.72]Then, when he popped his head up he had such a proud look on his face. 当他探出头来时 脸上闪耀着骄傲的光芒

[15:60.28]They always look so proud, like they just came back from war. 男人都是这样 好像刚从战场凯旋归来

[16:06.68]And they all want that you're-my-hero kiss. -他们想要像英雄般接受献吻 -不先把嘴擦干净免谈

[16:08.12]Not without a tissue and an Altoid.

[16:10.80]lt's a weird double standard, l guess. 我想这是双重标准

[16:11.12]l'd be insulted if l'd just gone down on a guy and he wouldn't kiss me. 要是我替男人口交 他不吻我就是侮辱我

[16:16.00]Samantha, do you kiss after a blowjob? 莎曼珊,你口交完会接吻吗?

[16:18.60]No, she just signs the delivery slip and sends him on his way. 不,她签完快递收据后 喜欢以口报答人家

[16:24.72]What's going on? 怎么了?

[16:28.00]Apparently, Carrie has a problem... 凯莉撞见我替快递员口交 对这件事耿耿于怀

[16:29.60]with the fact that she saw me blowing the Worldwide Express guy.

[16:33.96]l would like to point out that was her, not me... -不会吧 -是她,不是我

[16:35.36]and when did l say l had a problem? -我才没有耿耿于怀 -你走进来撞见我们就跑了

[16:39.96]Please. You walked in, caught us, turned and ran.

[16:40.96]What was l supposed to do? Sit and flip through Marie CIaire? 不然我应该怎么办? 坐下来看杂志?

[16:44.00]Where did you see her blowing the Worldwide Express guy? On the street? 你在哪里撞见的? 不是大街上吧…

[16:48.72]Of course not! 当然不是 是在我私人办公室里

[16:50.36]lt was in the privacy of my office.

[16:52.56]And it wasn't a Worldwide Express guy. 那才不是随便的快递员 那是我的快递员

[16:54.64]lt was my Worldwide Express guy.

[16:58.76]-Your Worldwide Express guy? -Yes. -你的快递员? -没错

[16:59.04]-Really? What's his name? -Joe, Tuesdays and Thursdays. -他叫什么名字? -乔伊,星期二、四值班

[17:07.40]Samantha, what's the big deal? We laugh about this kind of stuff all the time. 有什么大不了的? 我们一天到晚谈这种事

[17:11.28]Fine. -没关系 -莎曼珊…

[17:13.12]lt's fine. 没关系,凯莉,我们该走了 不然要迟到了

[17:16.84]We better go, Carrie. We'll be late for the stylist.

[17:19.48]Naughty, fabulous, camp. Harlow. -撒野、吓人、古怪、荡妇 -不要


[17:24.40]l think it's a fantastic approach, and the publishers love the idea. 我觉得这是好方法 出版社一定很喜欢

[17:29.84]They wanted me buck-naked, waiting for the M1 1 bus. 他们要我光着屁股等公车

[17:33.60]l thought we said ''sexy chic.'' Who is this stylist? Frederick's of Hollywood? 我们说好要性感高尚 难不成他是恐怖片造型师?

[17:37.08]-Just go behind and at least try one on. -l can't wear this. 至少去试穿一件

[17:39.48]我不要穿这个 好像是红磨坊的临时演员

[17:42.40]-l'll look like an extra from MouIin Rouge. -You will not.

[17:45.68]The shoes are lined up in there. Scoot. 才不会,鞋子都在里面了,去

[17:48.52]Don't say ''scoot.'' 不要说“去”

[17:51.84]Knock, knock. 大美女们在家吗?

[17:53.20]Nothing in here l haven't seen and ruled out in junior high.

[17:54.52]-Hi. -Hello, doll. Carrie's changing. -帅哥,凯莉在换衣服 -莎曼珊…

[17:57.96]Samantha, this is my boyfriend, Marcus. 这是我男朋友马可斯

[18:02.44]Papa's got himself a brand-new bag. 有人受到爱神眷顾了

[18:08.80]Carrie, come on out. l wanna introduce you. 快出来,我替你们介绍

[18:22.76]Marcus Adante, Lady Marmalade. 这是马可斯亚登 这是果酱女郎

[18:26.72]Hi, it's nice to meet you. l don't usually dress like a high-class hooker. 你好,我不常穿得像高级妓女

[18:29.00]That is not a hooker look. -这才不像妓女 -拜托,十足妓女装扮

[18:30.76]Please! This screams hooker.

[18:33.76]What respectable New York woman would be caught dead wearing this? 哪一个正派的纽约女士 会穿这样?

[18:37.24]l have one in red. 我有一件红色的

[18:41.80]-Am l a hooker? -Could you guys wait outside for a second? 我是妓女吗?

[18:42.08]麻烦你们到外面等 我们需要讨论一下服装

[18:45.32]We're having some trouble deciding on my outfit.

[18:48.40]No, let's get a second, and l might add, gay opinion. 等一下 我们来问问同志的意见

[18:50.96]-Doesn't she look adorable in that? -Yes. -她穿这样是不是很可爱? -是

[18:56.44]Stanford, isn't this the worst possible outfit for my cover? 穿这个拍封面照是不是找死?

[18:59.60]Yes. 是

[19:00.68]What about you? What do you think of this? 你呢?你觉得怎么样?

[19:05.20]lt's not very modern. -不是很现代 -他棒不棒?

[19:07.88]lsn't he great? 棒呆了,到外面等我

[19:08.16]He's great. Can you wait outside for a second?

[19:15.32]-What do you think? -Yeah, great. -你觉得他怎么样? -超棒

[19:23.24]Samantha, l really appreciate the help... 莎曼珊,我很感激你的帮忙

[19:26.24]but you and l have very different ideas about what's sexy. 我们两个对性感的定义不同

[19:32.60]-This is about the blowjob, isn't it? -What? -都是因为口交,对不对? -什么?

[19:34.28]One little blowjob, and l'm a hooker with no taste. 一次口交让我变成 毫无品味的妓女

[19:36.56]This isn't about the blowjob. lt's about the book cover. 这跟口交没有关系 我们的重点是书的封面

[19:41.76]l don't feel comfortable being on a shelf next to a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt... 我不希望在一片书香中…

[19:46.12]with my breasts hanging out. -还要酥胸半露 -有什么不好?

[19:47.20]What is the problem? l've seen you at cocktail parties wearing not much else. 你穿过更暴露的

[19:53.12]Not lately, you haven't. And you know why? 最近没有,你知道为什么吗?

[19:55.68]'Cause it's time for ladies my age to cover it up. 这把年纪该遮起来了

[19:57.84]We can't get away with the same stuff we used to. 我们不能再和从前一样

[19:59.92]Meaning blowjobs. -你是说口交这件事 -老天,你又扯到这个

[20:02.44]Jesus, again with the blowjobs!

[20:05.72]What is your problem? -你有什么问题? -我没有问题,你才有

[20:07.08]l don't have a problem. You have a problem.

[20:09.96]l have marabou-covered breasts. That is my only problem. 我唯一的问题是这对 毛茸茸的胸部

[20:14.84]l'm not blind. l saw that look in your eye in my office. 我有眼睛 我看得见你当时的眼神

[20:16.96]-What look? -That judgmental look. -什么眼神? -批判的眼神

[20:20.44]That wasn't judgment. lt was shock. l thought we were having lunch. 那是惊吓 我以为要一起吃午餐

[20:24.40]Are you telling me you have no judgment about me and the Worldwide Express guy? 你对我和快递员 没有任何意见?

[20:28.60]No judgment. But l do have a question. 没有意见,只有疑问

[20:31.36]Will this relationship be priority-overnight or next-day delivery? 这样的关系有什么意义吗?

[20:37.72]Come on, Samantha. Lighten up, remember? 拜托,放轻松,记得吗?

[20:39.00]lf l walked in on you giving a blowjob to a Worldwide Express guy-- 要是我撞见你替快递员口交…

[20:44.40]You would never walk in on me, because that is something l would never do. 你不会撞见的 因为我才不会那么做

[20:47.04]There! 你终于说出来了

[20:51.56]And l cannot believe that you would judge me... 这么多年交情 我不敢相信你会这样评断我

[20:53.12]after everything that we've been through.

[20:58.52]Samantha, where are you going? 你要去哪里?

[20:60.68]l'm gonna splash some water on my face, and then l'm going home. 洗把脸就回家

[21:04.36]And l will not be judged by you or society. 我不管你和这个社会怎么想 在我还有呼吸时

[21:08.32]l will wear whatever, and blow whomever l want...

[21:08.84]想穿什么就穿什么 想帮谁口交就帮谁口交

[21:10.60]as long as l can breathe and kneel.

[21:38.92]That night, Miranda had gone from facing her weight at Weight Watchers... 那晚,从减肥中心历劫归来后

[21:43.44]to waiting for her Weight Watcher's face. 米兰达还要面对另一项苦难

[21:55.28]-把漂亮的嘴唇给我 -不行,我办不到

[21:57.84]-Give me those gorgeous lips. -Stop! No, l can't do that.

[21:59.60]-Why? What did l do? -lt's not you. lt's me. -我做错什么事了? -是我自己的问题

[22:03.28]Literally me. l'm all over your face. l'm all over. 你的脸上都是我的东西…

[22:07.68]-满脸 -其他男人不会吗?

[22:07.08]Doesn't that happen to other guys?

[22:11.84]Yes, but not so much. 会,但不会这么多

[22:13.52]So what are you saying? 你的意思是我吃相难看?

[22:16.72]-l'm a big, fat, sloppy eater? -No! 不是,我怕你热量过高

[22:19.32]l'm just worried that l might be too many food points.

[22:20.28]-You're making jokes? -That's what we do. 你说笑话?

[22:24.00]Miranda Baby Weight. 我们不都是这样的吗?

[22:26.88]Yeah, but not when l'm vulnerable and naked. 我现在赤裸裸地受了伤 我这么胖很自卑

[22:28.72]-l'm not comfortable at this weight. -Never mind.


[22:34.40]You look great.

[22:35.92]-Take a tissue. -l don't want a tissue. -面纸给你 -我不想要,我要吃馅派

[22:39.40]-l want a potpie. -You don't want a potpie. -你不是真的想吃派 -我想吃一堆派

[22:41.76]You're right. l want seven.

[22:46.12]l don't think we should see each other anymore. 我们不要再见面了

[22:52.40]l gotta concentrate on my diet. 我得专注在减肥上


[22:59.00]l was just being silly.

[23:01.84]Come back to bed. 回到床上来

[23:05.72]Do what you were doing. You're good at it! 继续刚才的事,你做得很好 祝你有好食欲

[23:07.12]Bon appétit!

[23:09.88]The bad news was that from then on... 坏消息是 米兰达得换一家减肥中心

[23:12.36]Miranda had to go downtown to the notorious Weight Watchers meeting...


[23:16.76]next to the Krispy Kreme, where she wouIdn't bump into Tom.


[23:20.92]The good news was that she never wanted a gIazed doughnut again. 好消息是 她再也不想吃糖汁甜甜圈了

[23:31.88]Samantha Jones. Please hold. Hey, Carrie. 莎曼珊琼斯,请稍等,凯莉

[23:32.28]-Hi, is she in? Okay. -Hello? -她在吗? -你好

[23:37.24]ls she alone? 她一个人吗?


[23:43.72]Knock, knock. 有人在吗?

[23:50.16]See? Live it, learn it. 你看,我学乖了

[23:56.36]That's all l get for a tailor-made knock-knock joke? 我的玩笑只值这样?

[24:02.72]That's better. 好多了


[24:05.20]Two days, four calls, no answer. 这两天我打了四通电话 都无人回应

[24:09.56]l know. Sorry. l've been busy. 抱歉,我很忙

[24:15.04]Do we have to do this? Can't we just pretend the whole thing didn't happen? 我们一定得这样吗? 不能假装一切从没发生?

[24:18.48]Sure, if we don't want to talk on the phone again. 你不想再跟我讲电话了吗?

[24:22.36]ln a few days, the whole thing will blow over. -过几天,就会烟消云散 -很天真的想法

[24:24.96]That's an interesting choice of words.

[24:27.12]Look... 我很抱歉

[24:32.20]-l'm sorry-- -Carrie, stop. 凯莉,我不要你跟我道歉

[24:34.12]l don't wanna do the ''l'm sorry'' stuff with you.

[24:35.00]Anyone else, but not you. 你跟我之间不需要道歉 我们很契合

[24:37.80]You and l are perfect.

[24:42.08]Sweetie, as lovely as that idea sounds... 这样听起来 我们一点都不契合

[24:46.24]-we're not perfect. -We're pretty damn close. 我们很亲密

[24:49.12]Make no mistake about it, it's not my personal style... 不要误会了,那不是我的风格

[24:50.100]but l really admire your ability to put your sex life out there. 我佩服你对性事落落大方

[24:58.68]Thank you. 谢谢你


[24:60.24]l brought some looks for my cover.

[25:03.80]l want your opinion. -我需要你的意见 -真的吗?

[25:04.84]-You do? -Yeah. 之前那件事…

[25:07.40]Just in there.

[25:11.08]l did judge you. 我确实对你下了定论

[25:14.16]Just a little. 一下下而已,我感觉很糟糕

[25:16.44]l feel bad, especially considering that you were so good to me... 我和大人物外遇时 你一直很支持我

[25:20.52]during the whole Big-married-man affair.

[25:22.72]Honey, it's not just you. l judge me. 不只是你,我也会断定自己

[25:23.100]Ever since that fucking Richard, l don't even know who l am anymore. 和理查分手后 我都不认识自己了

[25:29.96]And just Iike that... 当时,我才明白

[25:31.16]I reaIized what was under Samantha's fabuIous cover.

[25:31.44]莎曼珊美丽的外表下 隐藏了什么

[25:35.56]And l'm sorry about the delivery guy. 快递员的事我很抱歉

[25:37.60]l had no idea what that must have been like for you... 我一直无法想像你的感受

[25:40.12]until l walked in on Stanford getting a blowjob from Marcus. 直到我撞见马可斯 帮史丹佛口交

[25:43.00]Yeah, he told me. 他告诉我了

[25:44.68]This is good! Just the jacket and legs. 这样不错,只穿风衣露美腿

[25:48.48]With a sexy pair of shoes.... Wait! 再配一双性感的鞋…

[25:51.24]Stanford was getting a blowjob? l thought he would be.... 史丹佛接受口交? 我以为是他帮…

[25:55.84]-You know, never mind. No judgmental. -Honey, we all thought that. -算了,太武断了 -我们都这么认为

[25:60.40]-Look here at the camera. -Move that up a couple of stops. 看镜头

[26:02.88]Okay, smile. 我爱死这个微笑了,你好漂亮

[26:06.84]-Go. -That looks great. Keep smiling. -这是什么? -封面的话…

[26:09.80]You look gorgeous. -很好,看起来很漂亮 -这个地方…

[26:12.84]-Wait! -Move that key light. -等一下 -怎么了?

[26:16.32]Sometimes it takes a friend to make a picture perfect. 有时候想拍出完美的照片 要靠朋友帮忙

[26:19.08]But a picture-perfect friendship, weII, that's just in books. 但是完美的友谊? 只有书上才有

[26:23.08]-Yeah, that's right. -Do you like it? -喜欢吗? -喜欢


[26:29.52]lsn't she fabulous? 她真是太迷人了

[26:33.96]Give a smile. Here at me, cover girl. 对着镜头笑,封面女郎

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