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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.08.17 16:33:26
[00:00.82]Gossip girl here your one and only source into 绯闻女孩
[00:03.50] the scandalous lives of manhattan's elite. 为你带来曼哈顿上流社会 第一手的八卦内幕
[00:06.08]At what point do we admit that no matter how much 为什么无论我们多想
[00:08.38]we want it or how hard we try... 或怎么努力的去尝试...
[00:11.03]It's just not working. 都是白费力气
[00:12.68]You're going back to hudson, aren't you? 你要回去哈得森 是不?
[00:16.18]Rufus, why are you calling? Rufus 为什么打给我?
[00:18.97]I miss you. 我想你了
[00:20.49]Mom, you cannot date bart bass. 妈 你不能跟Bart Bass约会
[00:23.00]You said a moment ago you didn't care who it was. 前一分钟说你还说不在乎
[00:24.91]He raised chuck. 是他养的Chuck
[00:25.96]Would you do me the honor of being my wife? 愿意做我的妻子吗?
[00:28.92]I think you like dan a little too much. 你喜欢跟Dan有些过火了
[00:31.03]Just thought i should let you know someone's watching. 我想让你知道有人看着呢
[00:33.43]Chuck, you are not answering my calls. Chuck 你都不回我的电话
[00:36.56]Please, for the love of god, do not tell anybody about us. 拜托 算是上帝之厚爱 不要跟任何人说我们之间的事情
[00:39.34]Don't worry,B.Who would I tell?(form chuck) 不要担心 B 我能跟谁说?
[00:42.94]What is B hidding? B究竟在隐瞒些什么?
[00:56.08]Gossip Girl Season01 Episode12 流言蜚女 第一季 第12集
[01:02.62]On the upper east side, it's easy to think 在上流社会 人们很容易就会觉得
[01:05.17]that the world is exactly as it appears-- refined, elegant, imposing. 世界就如表面一样-- 精致 优雅 让人难忘
[01:11.50]But sometimes, all it takes is a little key to open the door to the wild side. 不过有时 只需要一把小小的钥匙 就能打开通向外面世界的大门
[01:40.94]Nate. Nate
[01:41.59]Why have you been avoiding me? 你为什么躲着我?
[01:43.21]Avoiding you? What? 躲着你? 什么?
[01:44.31]Ever since i got back from monaco, you've been-- 自从我从摩纳哥回来 你就--
[01:46.68]you're not returning my calls or my texts. 你就不回我电话或者我的简讯
[01:48.42]- I've barely seen you. - Really? - 又很少能看见你 - 真的?
[01:50.30]I don't recall. 我不记得了
[01:52.33]Well, do you recall that night after the debutante ball 那么 你还记得社交派对之后的那天晚上吗?
[01:55.09]yes, i do. 是的 我记得
[01:58.72]Blair? Blair?
[02:03.33]What are you doing? 你要做什么?
[02:04.55]This. 这个
[02:19.12]Good catching up. 很好 追上我吧
[02:29.97]Enough with the blackmail. 受够了你的威胁
[02:31.18]Aren't you bored already? 你够了没有啊?
[02:32.37]I can't avoid nate forever. 我不可能永远躲着Nate
[02:36.10]Excuse me. 失陪一下
[02:38.31]I didn't say forever. 我没有说过永远啊
[02:40.33]Just until the sight of the two of you together doesn't turn my stomach. 直到你们在一起不会让我不舒服
[02:43.35]And when will that be? 那要什么时候?
[02:44.33]Only time will tell, i'm afraid. 那就不知道了
[02:45.67]So unless you want dear nathaniel to know 除非你想让你亲爱的Nathaniel知道
[02:48.16]how you lost your virginity to me in the back of a moving vehicle, 你怎么在一部豪华车上失贞 给我的
[02:51.50] i encourage patience and restraint. 建议你 耐心点忍耐点
[02:54.72]Isn't there someone else you can torture? 难道就人可以让你折磨了吗?
[03:01.37]Probably, but i choose you. 可能有 不过我还是选择你
[03:14.05]Why don't i turn that, uh, one-piece into a no-piece? 把这一件式的泳衣脱掉如何?
[03:17.69]Find a floatie to talk to, chuck. 换个人去勾搭 Chuck
[03:19.62]You know, if my dad and your mom come back from south africa tomorrow engaged, 你知道 如果我爸跟你妈明天从南非订婚回来
[03:24.74]we'll be brother and sister. 我们就成兄妹了
[03:26.53]And you know what they say-- the family that plays together stays together. 还有你知道么-- 一家人要一起玩
[03:29.56]Ah, incest-- the universal taboo. 啊 乱伦-- 这是全世界的禁忌里
[03:33.43]One of the, um, only ones you haven't violated. 唯一一个你还没犯的
[03:36.02]Well, i'm game if you are. 我有胆量尝试 如果是你让我去做
[03:42.73]Dan humphrey, age 17, enjoying an exotic meal of cheerios Dan Humphrey 17岁 在一个激动人心的周六晚
[03:46.61]on an exciting saturday night in. 享受着异国cheerois (cheerios:美国一种谷物类的早餐品牌)
[03:48.73]Come on. 拜托
[03:49.64]Be interesting. 有趣一点
[03:51.07]You don't want me to move back to vermont, do you? 你不想我搬回vermont 是吧? (vermont:美国佛蒙特州)
[03:52.59]No, but if your whole future depends getting this grant for your documentary, 不 要是你以后都要靠这来赢奖学金
[03:58.26] i-i really, really think you should find a new subject. 我真希望你换个新的东西拍
[04:01.18]Absolutely not. 当然不是
[04:02.93]The outsider goes inside-- a likable everyman's pursuit of his dream girl begins 局外人走入了上流社会-- 追求他梦想中的女孩开始
[04:07.41] his descent into the bowels of hell. 然后 掉入了万恶地狱
[04:10.62]This is mythic stuff. 这些是神话式的故事
[04:14.24]Okay, not big on the soundtrack. 好吧 声音不够大
[04:16.04]Whatever movie he's scoring sounds depressing. 他配音什么电影 都听着怪郁闷的
[04:18.17]Yeah, i think it's a biopic. 嗯 这应该是传记
[04:19.39]Try listening to that for three weeks straight. 试一下连续听3个星期
[04:22.04]But before christmas, my dad hadn't finished a song in years, 圣诞节之前 我爸还没有完成拖了好几年的歌
[04:26.13]so i really don't have the heart to ask him to stop. 我不忍心去阻止他
[04:27.84]Well, i do. 嗯 我会的
[04:33.24]Hey, serena. 嘿 Serena
[04:34.07]Yes! Finally some action. 太好了! 终于有所行动了
[04:36.64]What are you up to... 你在做什么...
[04:37.39]Besides missing me? 除了想我之外?
[04:38.79]Oh, uh, just wondering if you're missing me. 噢 嗯 在想你有没有在想我
[04:43.08]Well, of course i am, at this party that would be a lot more fun if you were here. 呵 当然有 如果你在 派对肯定更有意思
[04:46.93]Party? 派对?
[04:47.58]I thought it was a quiet night with blair, your last night 还以为你跟Blair在一起
[04:50.49]at her place before your mom comes home? 你昨晚一直在她家 直到你妈回来?
[04:51.75]Yeah, we were, and then kati and is showed up, 是的 但是Kati和Is出现了
[04:53.61]and we all went out, and we ran into some people and then ended up here. 然后我们出去了 碰到一些人 所以就在这了
[04:57.55]Where--where's here? 哪里?
[04:58.63]719 e. 82nd stre. 719号 82nd街
[05:00.75]Wait a second. That's, um... 等等 那是 嗯...
[05:02.50]That's school, is it not? 学校 是不是?
[05:04.30]Bring your bathing suit! 带上泳裤!
[05:05.92]You're swimming? 你在游泳?
[05:07.70]No, you hung up. 不 你挂了
[05:08.82]So what will it be, dan-- cheerios and chaucer or an illegal party 那么会怎样呢 Dan-- 吃cheerios"早餐读着诗
[05:12.19] at your prep school pool with your high society girlfriend and her nasty cohorts? 然后去学校游泳池 和上流女朋友参加非法派对
[05:16.98]Dad? 爸?
[05:18.30]Vanessa and i are--are going out. Vanessa跟我 要出去
[05:19.97]All right. 好的
[05:31.34]* i wish at w wcould talk about it * * 我希望我们能够谈一下 *
[05:35.68]* but there * * 但是那 *
[05:37.57]* that's the problem * * 那是一个问题 *
[05:40.15]* with someone new i could have started it * * 跟一个我刚认识的人 *
[05:44.26]* too late for beginnings * * 对于刚开始来说 还是太迟了 *
[05:48.50]* the little things that made me harassed * * 那些小事让我厌烦 *
[05:52.95]Well, uh, if you wanted to get the perfect shot of me feeling like an outsider, 嗯 如果你想拍到我作为一个局外人 最真实的反应
[05:56.43] then i'm ready for my close-up. 那么我准备好近距离拍摄了
[06:02.87]- Hehe vanessa. - Hey. - Vanessa - 嘿
[06:05.04]Come on, guys. 过来吧 大家
[06:40.34]Help! 帮忙!
[06:48.33]Call the ambulance! Call an ambulance. 叫救护车! 叫救护车
[06:54.50]Someone call 9-1-1. 快打9-1-1
[06:59.94]We--we need-- we need an ambulance. 我们--我们需要--我们需要救护车
[07:01.90]Yeah, a-a kid-- he--he hit his head, and--and he fell in the pool. 是的 一个年轻人--他--他撞到头-- 然后掉进游泳池里
[07:04.54]It--it's 719, uh, east 82nd street. 这--这里是 719 呃 东82nd街
[07:46.03]Thanks to the cell phone that somebody left behind, x 谢谢某人在这里丢的手机
[07:47.79]we've got plenty of evidence of who was at the party. 让我们弄清楚谁参加了派对
[07:52.91]Lucky for you, andrew collins is going to be fine. 幸运的是 Andrew Collins的情况有好转
[07:55.99]Unlucky for you, we need to hold someone responsible. 不幸的是 我们需要某人负责任
[07:59.77]Ms.Queller? Queller小姐?
[08:03.26]Hello. 你们好
[08:04.95]I'm ms.Queller, the new headmistress at constance. 我是Queller小姐 康斯坦的新校长
[08:08.52]It's unfortunate that we meet under these circumstances. 很遗憾我们在这种情况下见面
[08:12.76]But i look forward to getting to know each and every one of you. 不过我很期待认识大家
[08:17.13]I've already talked to your parents... 我跟你们的父母谈过了...
[08:18.73]At least, those i could reach, and look forward to reading your personal essays 起码 那些我能联系上的 希望我能看到你们的文章
[08:24.48]-- 10,000 words describing how you came to be on school property after hours, 10,000 个词描述一下在学校泳池里的过程
[08:30.49]using alcohol and drugs, where a fellow student almost died. 滥用酒精 毒品 差点有人失去生命
[08:38.06]In other words, what the hell is wrong with you? 换句话说 见鬼了你们都怎么了?
[08:41.58]I'll also be conducting one-on-one interviews 我还会继续我的一对一谈话
[08:44.62]until i discover who broke into the pool and initiated the party. 直到查出谁是领头溜进游泳池
[08:50.25]That person will be expelled. 那个人会被开除
[08:51.98]If that person is not identified, then you'll all face expulsion. 如果没有查出来 你们全都面临开除
[09:10.54]So we all know how this works. 那么我们都知道怎么调查
[09:11.90]Look, no one talks, no one gets into trouble. 听着 没有人说话 就没有人会有麻烦
[09:13.85]Who did break in, anyway? 谁闯进去的 究竟?
[09:16.09]I guess we don't he to worry about nate cracking under pressure. 我们应该不用担心Nate在压力下会动摇
[09:18.62]So are we all agreed? 都同意了?
[09:24.71]Agreed. 同意
[09:26.20]Look, blair, i-i know you have your sights set on yale, 听着 Blair 我知道你想进耶鲁
[09:27.99]but this-this skull and bones stuff is a bit much, don't you think? 但是 这个骷髅社的活动过了吧? (骷髅社:耶鲁一社团)
[09:31.21]Maybe, but it works... 可能 不过真的有用...
[09:35.24]Every time. 每一次
[09:42.09]You know, when someone says "every time," 你知道 当有人说 "每一次"
[09:44.12]It sounds like--like--like more than a few times. 听起来就像--像有很多次
[09:46.06]Erything's gonna be fine. 一切都会好的
[09:48.15]Were you just in the same assembly as me? 你跟我同一战线吗?
[09:50.14]Do you really think she's gonna expel two-thirds of the junior class? 你真认为她会开除三分之二的学生吗?
[09:53.44]Look, i got you into this. 听着 是我拉你去的
[09:54.68]I'm gonna get you out of it, okay? 我不会让你有事的 知道不?
[09:58.03]Trust me. 相信我
[10:01.75]There's a weak link in every chain, x 每件事都会有薄弱环节
[10:03.79] it sounds like--like--like more than a few times. 等它崩溃 只是时间问题
[10:05.37]????????? 去解决这些事
[10:10.67]I'm innocent. Well... 我是无辜的 当然...
[10:13.23]Except for a crime of passion. 除了太有激情
[10:14.94]I did something stupid with someone. 跟他们做了些蠢事
[10:16.46]And even worse than doing that stupid thing, 比起这个
[10:18.49] i did the same stupid thing with someone else 我还跟某人做了更蠢的事
[10:20.41]and pretended i had never done that stupid thing before. 然后假装这蠢事没有发生过
[10:23.11]You look confused. 你看起来很迷惑
[10:24.27]Should i walk you through it? 我能走了吗?
[10:26.62]Let's stay on point. 我们回到正题吧
[10:28.65]I reviewed your record. 我看了一下你的档案
[10:30.51]It's pristine. 很干净
[10:31.83]If constance has a shining star, it's blair waldorf. 如果康斯特有一颗闪耀之星 那绝对是Blair Waldorf
[10:35.06]I would never have expected this from you. 我从来没想过会有你的份
[10:36.89]I know. 我知道
[10:37.76]I'm the perfect one. 我是最完美的一个
[10:39.13]Ms.waldorf, who broke into the pool? Waldorf小姐 是谁闯进去的?
[10:43.60]Like you said, my unfortunate participation in said party was entirely out of character. 就如你说的 我参加这个派对简直莫名其妙
[10:48.65]I don't know anything about it. 我对这些一无所知
[10:58.12]You're taking that paper seriously. 文章写的真认真
[11:01.07]This isn't a paper. It's... 这不是文章 这是...
[11:03.06]It's a heartfelt letter to blair. 是给Blair的情书
[11:04.44]A heartfelt letter? 情书?
[11:06.59]Who spayed you, man? 是谁把你阉了 伙计?
[11:08.41]Blair doesn't even want you. Blair根本不想要你
[11:09.43]She's been crystal about that since we got back. 我们回来之后 她一直冷冷的
[11:12.22]Didn't seem that way en she kissed me at the pool. 她在泳池里亲我的时候 没有那么冷淡
[11:14.13]She kissed you? 她亲了你?
[11:15.19]Well, i kissed her, but... 不 是我亲她先 但是...
[11:17.60]Yep. 是的
[11:19.54]What was she like? 她表现的怎样?
[11:20.87]Into it?Or was she more like- 很投入? 还是她表现得更像-
[11:22.07]- of course she was into it, man. What do you think? 当然投入啊 伙计 你认为呢?
[11:23.70]Yeah, i know, but, uh... 是的 我知道 但是 呃...
[11:25.94]You know blair... 你知道Blair...
[11:27.43]Yes, i do. 是的 我知道
[11:30.34]I think she wants me to suffer a little more. You know, 她想让我多受点惩罚 你知道
[11:32.30] even the playing field? 甚至在比赛的时候?
[11:35.86]It's worth it, believe me. 值得的 相信我
[11:54.43]Hey, dad. 嘿 爸
[11:55.35]Listen, uh, i-i got your 1,001 messages. 听着 呃 这是你第1,001 条短信
[11:58.02]I just haven't had a chance to get back to ya. 我刚有机会回你
[11:59.97]Yeah, that's not gonna work. 是的 没关系
[12:01.23]I guess you heard from the new headmistress. 我猜新校长通知你了
[12:02.82]Look, i know how upset you were by everything, and apparently, 听着 我知道你有多不安 但很明显
[12:06.26]some of the kids who were at the party didn't even tell their parents. 一些参加派对的孩子根本没跟父母说过
[12:08.67]Look, you don't have to say anything else. 听着 你不需要再说些什么
[12:09.74]I-i regret even leaving the house saturday. 我-我后悔了 甚至后悔再星期六出门
[12:11.62]Yeah, but if you know something that could keep you out of trouble, 是的 但是你知道怎样脱离麻烦
[12:14.02] then you need to cooperate. 需要配合些
[12:15.24]I don't. 我不知道
[12:16.12]I--really, dad, i don't. 我--真的 爸 我不知道
[12:17.31]Dan, don't think for a second these other kids Dan 不要为那些孩子想太多
[12:18.90]aren't gonna be looking out for themselves. 他们也只会顾着自己
[12:20.53]You need to do the same. 你也要这样做
[12:21.65]All right? 好吧?
[12:25.07]I hope i'm not interrupting anything. 我希望没打扰你
[12:26.78]I just got a message that our kids are in some kind of trouble at school. 我刚收到通知说孩子在学校惹麻烦了
[12:29.54]And you came all the way to brooklyn to talk about it? 你从Brooklyn赶回来就是说这个?
[12:31.52]No, no, not about that. 不 不 不关那事
[12:33.46]Um, bart and i just landed at the airport back from our trip, 嗯 Bart和我刚下飞机
[12:37.20]and he proposed, and i'm going to say yes. 还有他求婚了 我准备答应他
[12:41.72]I wanted you to hear it from me first, not from my daughter or your son. 我想亲自告诉你 而不是我女儿或你儿子传达
[12:46.62]Right, the people who actually talk to me. 是的 他们会跟我说的
[12:48.81]Oh, if you're referring to the message you left me on christmas day, 噢 如果问起圣诞节的留言
[12:51.46]i didn't get it until we were already on the plane. 我没有收到 因为那时已经上飞机了
[12:53.92]It was very endearing, though. 这真的很感人
[12:56.95]But not enough to turn the g5 around? 但是不足以让飞机掉头?
[13:00.02]You miss me.That's great. I miss you, too. 你想我 那真是太好了 我也想你
[13:03.65]What? 什么东西?
[13:04.15]You kissed me at eleanor's party, and then you say you can't see me anymore 你在Eleanor的派对上亲我 然后又说不再见我
[13:07.53]because your wife came home, and then you call and say you should've never let me go, 因为你妻子回来了 然后又说不该让我走
[13:12.24]and then you're back with alison again. 然后你和Alison又和好了
[13:13.80]I didn't plan any of that. 我不是故意的
[13:14.98]That is just it with you, rufus. 你就是这样 Rufus
[13:16.22]You don't even plan anything. 你什么都不计划
[13:17.72]Well, i'm sure that your current plan will be full of private jets and 5-star hotels. 嗯 我想你现在的计划会有很多 私人飞机和5星级酒店
[13:23.41]Take care, rufus. 保重 Rufus
[13:36.03]Do you really have to show this to me now? 你非要现在给我看这个?
[13:37.00]Trust me when i say you're gonna wanna see this 相信我 你该看看
[13:39.16]before you enter blair waldorf's evil lair. 在被Blair Waldorf蒙蔽前
[13:41.21]It's a homework group, vanessa. 这只是作业而已 vanessa
[13:42.61]We're just gonna be writing papers, you know? 我们一起写些文章而已 知道吗?
[13:44.25]Here. 这
[13:46.49]I wasn't sure what it was till i got it home 我不知道那是什么 直到我回家
[13:47.84] and saw it on the computer, but-- 然后在电脑上看过 但是--
[13:48.97] okay, that's chuck. 好的 那是chuck
[13:51.12]What are you holding here? 拿着什么?
[13:52.55]It's a key. 一条钥匙
[14:03.06]Spotted--lonely boy learning that when the punishment fits the crime, 注意-寂寞的男孩发现 罪有应得的时候
[14:07.46] there's no reason you can't serve your sentence in style. 你没有理由不去服刑
[14:11.13]Yay! 你来了
[14:12.33]You're here. 我们是准备写文章吧
[14:12.92]I thought we were gonna work on our papers. 我们是准备啊
[14:14.10]We are. Kati和Is跟那男人一边亲热 一边讨论论理学
[14:14.88]One night at bilboquet, kati and is made out with a guy in cornell's ethics program.
[14:18.87]They're getting tips now. 他们给了我们提示
[14:20.56]I thought i told you you couldn't film me. 我想我说过不要拍我
[14:23.33]Come here. 过来
[14:25.01]You are so naive. 你太天真了
[14:26.37]Michael moore over there is obviously just using this film to get close to dan. 她拍摄像纯粹是找机会接近Dan
[14:29.64]No, she needs that grant money. 不 她需要奖学金
[14:35.24]So did you bring your legal pad? 你把你的笔记本电脑带来了?
[14:37.26]You wait here. 你在这等等
[14:37.79]I'll find us a quiet place to work. 我会找个安静的地方
[14:39.38]Okay. 好的
[14:46.53]I can't believe you brought that here. 真不敢相信你把这个带来了
[14:48.41]It's evidence. Give it to me. 这是证据 给我
[15:02.14]Chuck. Chuck
[15:04.53]You need to tell the truth. 你该把真相说出来
[15:05.97]Whatever happened to "don't speak until spoken to"? 不懂什么叫 没人跟你说就别开口吗?
[15:08.34]I just saw you with that key. 我刚看你拿着那把钥匙
[15:09.48]I know you had it at the party. 我知道是你拿的
[15:11.35]Poor little humphrey dumpty. 可怜的Humphrey笨蛋
[15:12.53]Look, let me clarify something for you. 听我说 有件事要给你说清楚
[15:16.24]Regardless of who you're currently sleeping with, 不管你最近和谁睡了
[15:18.59]you and i come from different worlds. 你我还是不同世界的人
[15:20.42]In my world, if i'm suspended or expelled, a wing is donated in the bass name. 即使我被怀疑或开除 Bass家族是学校的捐助者
[15:25.34]That sounds like quite a world. 听起来的确是很不同呀
[15:27.84]Well, it's not perfect, i'll admit. 是不完美 我承认
[15:29.03]But one thing it does offer in spades is security. 但能肯定的就是我的安全不成问题
[15:31.43]My family can take care of me. 我的家人不会不管我
[15:33.85]What do the humphreys have to offer? Humphreys家族有什么办法?
[15:37.06]Used metrocards? 用地铁卡?
[15:39.14]Your dad's cassingle? 你爸的录音带?
[15:47.42]And in case you were wondering, you narc, 为防止你好奇
[15:49.99] i only took the key from the party to hide it so we didn't all get blamed... 我只是把钥匙藏起来 这样就不会牵连到任何人...
[15:54.24]Including you. 包括你
[16:05.72]Blair. Blair
[16:07.05]Nate. Nate
[16:07.68]What are you doing here? 你来这儿干嘛?
[16:08.65]I, uh, wanted to talk to you. 我想和你谈谈
[16:10.80]I brought you this. 我拿了这个
[16:12.28]It's a love letter. 是封情书
[16:16.88]A hostess can't hide in her room. 女主人不该躲在房间里
[16:18.42]It's unladylike. 这样不好
[16:40.81]Hey, where are you going? 嘿 你要去哪儿?
[16:41.54]I made us a study area in the other room. 我准备好了学习区
[16:42.36]You know what? I'm just gonna write my paper at home. 你知道吗 我只是想在家里写论文
[16:43.71]I-i think--i think chuck is right. 我-我想--我想Chuck说得没错
[16:45.74]Wait.Chuck? No, don't listen to him. 等等 Chuck? 不 别听他的
[16:47.25]No, the guy has a point, actually. 不 他说到点上了 真的
[16:49.50]Maybe the reason none of you guys take this seriously is because for you it's not. 你们不把这当回事 因为对你们来说没什么大不了
[16:52.53]No, it is. 不 不是那样的
[16:53.45]Just trust me, okay? 请相信我 好吗?
[16:54.16]Vanessa, please, some space. I'm sorry. Vanessa 别这样 给我些空间 抱歉
[16:55.65]Sorry. 抱歉
[16:57.60]Look, i'm all for loyalty and i'm all for sticking together, 听着 我完全忠诚 完全同意在一起
[17:00.77]but we are not in the same boat here. 但我们不是同条船上的人
[17:03.36]I'm on a partial scholarship. 我要靠奖学金
[17:04.50]My parents have no way of buying my way back into this school, or any other. 我父母没办法用钱 把我弄回学校之类的
[17:08.32]And i know this isn't going to be a popular opinion with--with your band of brothers, 你那群兄弟肯定不理解
[17:11.41]but if the person who brought that key refuses to step up, 但要是那人不站出来
[17:13.70]then anybody who knows anything has the right to say something. 那么任何知情者都有权说出来
[17:19.38]Do--do you know who it is? 你知道是谁?
[17:22.56]You do, don't you, and you're not gonna say anything? 你知道 不是吗 你什么都不会说的
[17:26.18]Dan, please. Dan 别这样
[17:28.20]You don't understand. 你不明白
[17:29.00]You're right. 你说得没错
[17:29.50]I-i mean, i don't understand. 我是说 我不明白
[17:36.15]Hey, let go of me, bass. 嘿 放手 Bass
[17:37.30]Drop your archibald habit first. 先放下你那臭架子
[17:39.64]You know i already have. 没有
[17:40.66]Really?A kiss does sort of send the wrong signal. 真的? 难道是吻把信号发错了
[17:42.58]Let's not waste time denying. 别浪费时间来否认
[17:45.02]You know what? 知道吗?
[17:45.91]I'm tired of this. 我厌烦了这样
[17:47.02]Go ahead and tell him. 去吧 告诉他
[17:47.94]Really? 真的?
[17:48.53]You want me to tell him how you slept with me 你要我告诉他怎么和你上床吗
[17:50.04]and then faked your virginity for him? 然后你还假装是处女?
[17:52.10]I'll just tell him you're lying. 我会告诉他你在撒谎
[17:53.94]And who do you think he'll believe? 你认为他会信谁?
[17:55.47]You, who bangs anything in his field of vision, or me, 满口谎言的你
[17:57.87]his pure and honest girlfriend of many years? 还是他交往多年的纯洁女友?
[18:00.47]Well, now he'll believe me. 现在他会相信我的
[18:01.90]Why? 为什么?
[18:03.16]I have proof. 我有证据
[18:05.46]Good eye, docu-girl. I'll take the tape now. 好样的 摄影师 我现在就拿着带子
[18:08.09]You knew she was watching? 你知道她在监视?
[18:09.17]This is my house. 这是我家
[18:10.13]That tape belongs to me. 那带子是我的
[18:11.27]Actually, this is my footage, and thanks to both of you, 事实上 是我的胶卷 感谢两位倾情奉献
[18:13.40]i think i got a new angle on my subject. 我的电影有新素材了了
[18:15.90]Hey, vanessa, let's get out of here. 嘿 Vanessa 我们离开这儿
[18:17.11]If you think i'm gonna... 如果你以为我会...
[18:18.03]- Let go of me. - Let you walk out of here with that tape, you're crazy. - 放开我 - 让你带着那带子离开这儿 疯了吗
[18:20.98]Last time i checked, i still owe you a black eye. 上次我检查过了 我还欠你一个黑眼圈
[18:22.76]So unless this is you coming to claim it, stay away from her. 除非你现在就要讨回 离她远点
[18:28.92]Now that sex and lies have been caught on videotape, v.'S documentary 现在性和谎言都在录像带上 在v的纪录片上
[18:33.14] just became the most anticipated new release of the year. 就成了今年最令人期待的新闻
[18:43.97]Rufus. What are you doing here? Rufus 你在这儿做什么?
[18:45.21]I'm not leaving a message for you from the courtyard this time. 这次不给你留言了
[18:48.19]Well, i can see that. 我可以理解
[18:49.42]But five minutes ago, my kids would've-- 但五分钟前 我的孩子--
[18:51.10]why did you really come to see me yesterday? 昨天你为什么来看我?
[18:52.75]I told you. 我告诉过你
[18:53.59]- Out of respect for- - respect or regret? - 出于尊敬- - 尊敬还是后悔?
[18:56.88]You wanted me to give you a reason not to 你想我给你个理由
[18:58.54]spend the rest of your life with bart bass. 别答应Bart Bass
[18:59.74]Rufus... Rufus...
[19:01.35]I'm still in love with you. 我还爱着你
[19:06.92]So what exactly are you offering, rufus? 那你能给我什么 Rufus?
[19:10.81]Some retrospective of the way we were over a decade ago? 我们十年前的美好回忆?
[19:15.05]Look, we're not 20 and on the road. 我们都不是20的人了 也不是恋爱中的人了
[19:16.70]Thank god we're not, because your mother made 幸好不是 因为那时是你母亲替你做决定
[19:18.29] this decision for you back then, remember? 还记得吗?
[19:20.94]Yes. 没错
[19:24.93]Look... 听我说...
[19:27.11]I don't know exactly what it would even mean for us to be together. 我不知道 我们还能不能在一起
[19:32.26]But can you look at me and tell me you're not the least bit curious? 但你能看着我 并告诉我 你没有一点点好奇吗?
[19:36.61]You're at the same crossroads you were years ago. 你又处在了和以前一样的十字路口
[19:41.85]Claim your life this time. 这次自己作主吧
[19:45.60]Live it the way you want to live it. 过自己想要的生活
[20:02.65]I did it. 我干的
[20:03.65]I broke into the school. 我闯进学校
[20:05.17]After all your family has been through this year, 虽然你们家发生了很多事
[20:08.19]i'm surprised to learn that you're behind something like this. 但我还是很惊讶 你堕落到这个地步
[20:10.49]I know, i know. 我知道 我知道
[20:12.67]And i apologize. 我为此道歉
[20:14.66]From what i can see, you always seem to be toeing the line of mediocrity, nathaniel. 据我所知 你一直是个听话的孩子 Nathaniel
[20:19.10]Your grades are average at best, 你成绩也是最好的
[20:21.00]almost as though you're not committed to school or your future. 似乎是不应该违反校规 影响自己的未来的
[20:24.43]Can we just move on to the punishment part of this meeting, please? 直接谈谈惩罚是什么?
[20:28.41]Certainly. 当然
[20:30.64]But i'm curious. 但我很好奇
[20:32.61]Can you please describe how you broke into the school? 你能描述一下是怎么闯进学校的吗?
[20:35.78]I can do betr. I can show you. 我有更好的 给你看证据
[20:42.13]And how did you get access to this key? 你怎么拿到钥匙的?
[20:44.14]You're not on the swim team. 你不是游泳队的
[20:45.46]Not a janitor, right? 也不是看门人 对吧?
[20:47.58]No. 不是
[20:48.51]Where's the key chain? 钥匙链在哪儿?
[20:51.02]The key chain? 钥匙链?
[20:51.77]Do you remember its color? 是什么颜色吗?
[20:53.12]Size? 大小?
[20:54.94]What it's made of? 是什么做的?
[20:56.21]Anything at all? 其它的什么?
[21:05.94]Who are you trying to protect? 你想保护谁?
[21:17.23]May i have a word? 可以跟你聊聊吗?
[21:18.69]Off camera. 关掉相机
[21:20.28]Uh, sure. 呃 可以
[21:21.74]But i think i know what you're gonna say. 我知道你要说什么
[21:23.14]And i can save you the indignity of groveling by telling you right now 别求饶了 就这么给你说吧
[21:26.91]--no way are you gonna get that tape. --你不可能拿到带子的
[21:28.37]I wasn't going to grovel, and the fact that you even went there 我没要求饶
[21:31.80]makes it clear you have no idea who you're dealing with. 是想让你清楚你是在和谁作对
[21:34.39]What are you gonna do to me, blair? 你们打算对我怎样 Blair?
[21:35.53]Blackball me from eating yogurt on the met steps? 见面时不让我喝你的酸奶?
[21:38.13]You have nothing i need. 你没有我要的东西
[21:39.24]You put that footage in your film, you won't be able to show it. 你把那段加在电影里 也不会有机会放
[21:41.51]I won't sign a release. 我不会同意的
[21:42.68]I'm not looking for a distribution deal, just a local arts grant so i can pay my rent. 我没指望要播放 只要能拿到奖学金付房租就行了
[21:48.71]Now if you'll excuse me... 对不起 可以请你...
[21:51.49]You're in my shot. 你挡着我了
[22:04.57]What's that, your stripper money? 那是什么 请脱衣舞女的钱?
[22:06.27]$10,000 for the tape. $10,000买你的带子
[22:08.70]You think i'd take your money? 你认为我会要?
[22:09.86]Yes, i do. 是的
[22:11.63]I know girlsilike you. 我清楚你这样的人
[22:13.46]You act like money's not important. 表面上装作钱不重要
[22:14.92]The truth is, money's important to everyone. 事实上 钱对每个人都重要
[22:17.01]And i thought blair was manipulative. 我以为就Blair会这套
[22:19.58]Blair's an amateur. Blair很业余
[22:21.19]She thinks you're just like her. 她认为你跟她一样
[22:22.64]To blair, this money is a couple pairs of manolos and a chanel bag 对Blair来说 这些钱只不过买双 manolos鞋和一个chanel包了
[22:26.66]But i know that this much cash can make a real difference in your life 但这些钱对你来说 用处可不小
[22:42.36]You're sick 你真恶心
[22:43.75]You're welcome 不客气
[22:46.79]Who knew b and c were such patrons of the arts 谁知道B和C如此忠于艺术?
[22:49.94]Call it philanthropy or bribery 叫做慈善事业或行贿
[22:52.48]It looks like everyone has their price 好像每个人都有他们的价格
[23:00.47]Something on your mind, lily 在想什么呢 Lily?
[23:02.54]Uh... 呃...
[23:05.71]Yeah 是的?
[23:07.09]What are you saying 你说什么?
[23:10.94]I'm sorry. It's sheldon 抱歉 是Sheldon
[23:12.18]He has those numbers i was asking for 他有我找的数据
[23:13.86]Do you mind 不介意吧?
[23:15.08]No 不要紧
[23:16.24]Yeah 什么事
[23:17.11]Just make sure he gets it at the current rate 只是要确认他按现行价
[23:19.25]The dollar's been all over the place 美元满地都是
[23:54.60]Hello 喂?
[23:55.77]I was thinking about what you said 我在想你说的话
[23:59.02]Let's do it 就那么做吧
[24:00.20]Let's see what we are Let's see what we could be 看看我们是什么 看看我们会怎么样
[24:03.17]Who is this 是谁啊?
[24:05.26]Rufus... Rufus...
[24:07.90]Lily, this is great Lily 真是太好了
[24:09.68]Do you know how great this is 你知道这有多好吗?
[24:10.88]Well, yes. I mean, I-I do 是的 我 我知道
[24:12.52]I mean, i think so 我想也是这样
[24:13.81]Let's go away tonight 今晚就走吧
[24:14.68]Let's pack a bag 收拾好东西
[24:15.50]Let's get away from everyone everything 远离所有人 远离一切 只为找到答案
[24:16.78]just figure it out 我们该去哪儿?
[24:17.51]Wh-where would we go 管那么多干嘛?
[24:18.82]Who cares
[24:21.02]Okay, sounds like a plan 好吧 听起来都计划好了
[24:22.77]Um... 嗯...
[24:23.75]90th and 5th 90号和5号交口
[24:25.02]6:00 6:00?
[24:26.36]Okay 好的
[24:28.05]I'm scared, rufus... 我怕死了 Rufus...
[24:30.11]In a good way 高兴的害怕
[24:31.46]Me, too 我也是
[24:39.91]Settle down, please 请安静下来
[24:41.46]Yesterday - 昨天 我说了... - 证据
[24:42.38]I talked about the serious consequences... - Proof - Worth every penny
[24:44.49]For your dishonorable actions 这事情的严重后果
[24:45.99]and obviously, you didn't believe me. 很明显 你们都不相信我
[24:48.72]But someone came forward today 但有人今天来承认了...
[24:50.33]and claimed responsibility...
[24:54.01]Do you know who? 是谁?
[24:55.03]For a crime he did not commit. 承认一个非他所为的错误
[24:57.59]And although i appreciate his self-sacrifice 尽管我欣喜他的自我牺牲
[25:00.93]I don't abide dishonesty 我不能容忍不诚实
[25:03.66]And I think it's time you all know how serious I am 是时候让你们知道 我是认真的
[25:08.25]Nathaniel archibald is suspended from st Jude's Nathaniel Archibald停学
[25:12.23]And, yes, this will go on his transcript 这将记入他的档案
[25:14.48]Effective immediately. 立即执行
[25:17.84]Mr. Archibald Archibald先生
[25:19.85]you know where to find the exit. 知道出口在哪儿吧
[25:26.18]This just in 新消息--Nate Archibald 死囚漫步
[25:27.33]nate archibald, dead man walking
[25:29.71]We hear st Jude's has a new policy 听说st Jude学校有了新规定
[25:32.39]an eye for a lie. 对撒谎的处分
[25:34.18]Watch him go, students. 看着他走 同学们
[25:36.19]Who wants to be next? 谁想成为下一个?
[25:38.40]Until one of you comes forward we'll keep going 除非有人站出来 否则会继续这样
[25:40.89]until every last one of you has walked out that door 直到你们全部都走出那道门
[25:55.81]I don't believe this. 我不相信
[25:56.89]Dan, it's okay. Dan 没关系
[25:57.80]Serena, i-i can't-- i can't get expelled I cannot get suspended Serena 我-我不能-- 我不能被开除 我不能被停学
[26:01.29]My whole future is riding on this. 我整个未来都还要靠它
[26:03.14]If you know who broke in then why won't you give them up 如果你知道是干的 为什么不把指出来?
[26:09.44]Because it was me. 因为是我干的
[26:15.43]So why why didn't you tell me right away? 那你为什么不早点告诉我?
[26:17.34]'Cause i didn't want you to judge me 因为我不想让你说我
[26:21.68]And i didn't want you to know 我不想让你知道
[26:23.49]because i didn't want you to have to be in the position you're in now 因为我不想让你处在这个位置
[26:26.20]of having to choose between protecting me and helping yourself 不得不决定是要保护我 还是帮你自己
[26:29.91]So how'd you even get in 你是怎么被卷进去的
[26:31.29]I have a key 我有钥匙
[26:32.66]You had a key to the pool? 你有游泳池的钥匙?
[26:33.80]All right 好吧 除此之外还有什么呢?
[26:34.32]what happened to being beyond this
[26:36.71]Sorry. 抱歉
[26:38.11]The end of freshman year 大一结束之时
[26:39.15]I kind of dated the swim team captain 我和游泳队长约会
[26:42.29]and he gave me a key so that we could... 他给了我钥匙 这样我们就...
[26:44.09]You know, meet up, and... 好相见...
[26:45.59]That's--enough said. 够了
[26:46.66]And saturday night-- what happened then? 周六晚上-- 发生了什么?
[26:48.71]Well, blair and i ran out of places to go Blair和我去了不该去的地方
[26:51.25]and she knew i still had a key, and... 她知道我有钥匙...
[26:54.49]Before i knew it, it's like we were all there. 我知道之前 就好像我们都去过那儿
[26:56.48]And i thought it was just gonna be us girls. 我以为只是我们这些女孩
[26:58.23]And then everybody got on their phone 然后所有人都打电话来
[26:59.61]and more people started showing up and... 越来越多人出现了 然后...
[27:03.58]I just never thought anybody was gonna get hurt 我没想过会有人受伤
[27:05.96]Yeah. 是的
[27:07.32]Well, you can still tell queller the truth I think she'll respect your honesty 你可以告诉Queller事实 她会尊重你的诚实
[27:10.37]Yeah, like she respected nate's? 就像她对Nate那样?
[27:11.61]No, nate lied. 不 Nate撒谎了
[27:13.74]And besides, you're serena van der woodsen. 还有 你是Serena Van Der Woodsen
[27:16.08]You didn't know me before i went away. 你根本就不了解消失之前的我
[27:20.13]Barely got back into constance. 我不可能回康士坦茨湖去
[27:23.80]If i got expelled, I don't think any school in town would take me. 如果我被开除 就没有学校会要我了
[27:28.66]I'm sure that's not true. 我肯定不会那样的
[27:30.00]I can't risk going back to boarding school 我不想冒险去上寄宿学校
[27:33.20]being away from you and eric 远离你还有Eric
[27:35.83]But i don't want you to lose your future 但我也不想毁了你的未来
[27:40.73]Wow 喔
[27:42.39]Oh, wow 噢 喔
[27:43.30]You really can be damned if you do and screwed if you don't 你说不说都这样了
[27:48.52]Dan humphrey Dan humphrey
[27:49.50]headmistress queller is requesting to see y u iher office after class 校长Queller叫你 课后到她办公室
[27:58.28]Nate Nate
[28:00.48]Hey. Are you okay 嘿 还好吧
[28:03.16]Yeah, i'll be fine 是的 我会没事的
[28:04.03]It's, uh... 是 呃...
[28:04.85]My parents have so much other stuff going on right now... 我父母现在有太多的事了...
[28:07.84]They'll get over it 他们会熬过去的
[28:09.23]Either way, it was worth it 不管怎样 那样值得
[28:11.61]Worth it 什么值得?
[28:12.45]Yes. Blair 是的 Blair
[28:13.20]I know how much your future means to you 我知道未来对你来说有多重要
[28:15.00]And you've worked so hard for yale and everything 你为考耶鲁努力学习 付出了一切
[28:16.94]what are you talking about 你在说什么呀?
[28:18.04]You don't have to lie 你不用撒谎
[28:19.56]I saw the key in your bedroom 我在你卧室看见了钥匙
[28:22.18]That key isn't mine 钥匙不是我的
[28:23.99]I was st hiding it for someone else 我只是帮别人保管
[28:27.43]Wait... 等等...
[28:29.66]That's why you were suspended 你就是因为这个才被停学的?
[28:32.15]You told the headmistress it was yours 你告诉校长钥匙是你的
[28:33.59]because you thought it was mine 因为你以为是我拿了
[28:37.64]That's the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me 这是你做的最浪漫的事
[28:43.36]I love you 我爱你
[28:47.58]Please 别这样
[28:48.97]You and i just can't happen right now 我们两现在不可能
[28:50.66]Why not 为什么
[28:53.60]I don't want to be with you 我不想和你在一起
[28:59.42]Good catching up 能说实话也不错
[29:04.27]You're home early 你回来得挺早
[29:06.17]Please don't tell me you're expelled - Not yet - 别告诉我你被开除了 - 还没
[29:08.57]Your position at that school is already too precarious 你的处境已经够让人伤脑筋了
[29:11.27]One false move, and you know what 如果再犯错 你知道吗
[29:13.01]I can't do anything to help you 我就无能为力了
[29:14.51]I know. I know 我知道 我知道
[29:16.00]I just wanna hide under the covers and make it all go away 我只想躲起来 等到一切结束
[29:21.13]And apparently, you do, too 显然 你也是一样
[29:24.19]You and bart just got back Why are you packing again 你和Bart才和好 你现在干嘛收拾东西
[29:26.38]Well, i was just gonna go for a 这个 我只是出去一个周末
[29:28.52]you know a little spa trip for the weekend 温泉疗养
[29:31.25]'Cause you're so stressed out from your vacation 怎么 放假还把你放累了啊
[29:43.60]Aren't you gonna answer that? 你不接电话吗
[29:44.78]No, i don't think so 不 我不想
[29:50.65]Mom, is dan's dad the reason you haven't answered bart's proposal 妈妈 是因为Dan的爸爸 你才拒绝了Bart的求婚吗
[30:01.80]You can't 你不能这样
[30:05.01]Please, mom, not this one 求你了 妈妈 不能这样
[30:06.56]Look, i will not base my personal life on your preferences. 我的个人选择与你的好恶无关
[30:11.12]Dan is my boyfriend Dan是我男朋友
[30:14.05]And i know we're too young to talk about forever 我们知道我们还年轻 不能情定终身
[30:16.27]but right now that's what it feels like 但是我们现在真的相爱
[30:17.93]I know it does, sweetie, but - but what - 我明白 亲爱的 但是 - 但是什么
[30:20.70]Tell me that rufus is that important to you 告诉我Rufus对你也很重要
[30:24.04]Tell me that whatever the two of you have 告诉我你们之间的感情
[30:25.84]is the most important thing in your life 是你生命中最重要的东西
[30:28.43]because that's what dan is to me, mom 因为Dan对我来说就是如此 妈妈
[30:31.97]The most important 他是最重要的人
[30:36.26]I would rather be chuck's stepsister than dan's. 我情愿当Chuck的继姊也不愿做Dan的
[30:41.62]Please don't do this to me 别这样对我
[30:43.77]Dan means that much to you Dan对你来说那么重要
[30:47.58]Yeah, he does 是的
[30:50.69]In fact, i have to go 我得走了
[30:51.91]Wait. Where 等等 去哪儿
[30:52.97]School 学校
[30:54.64]There's something i have to do 有点事我一定要去办
[30:57.43]And i hope there's something you have to do, too 希望你也去把你的事处理好
[31:13.04]What are you doing here 你来这儿干嘛
[31:15.07]I brought this for you 我把这个给你拿来
[31:16.80]What's the catch 耍什么花招
[31:17.94]I know this might come as a shock 我知道你肯定不能相信
[31:19.62]but not everyone operates from an agenda 但是有的人是按计划行事
[31:22.36]In fact, some people do things 而有的人
[31:23.86]simply because it's the decent thing to do 是按良心行事
[31:26.81]Smash it, burn it, whatever 砸了 烧了 随你
[31:28.72]There are no copies 没有副本
[31:30.00]What about the one you gave to chuck 你给Chuck那盒呢
[31:31.97]It's blank 是空白带
[31:32.90]which i'm sure he'll be thrilled to discover 他肯定会大吃一惊
[31:36.15]And about what's on that tape 关于带子上的内容
[31:37.76]having observed you in your natural habitat these past few days... 通过这几天对你的观察...
[31:41.84]Nate seems like one of the good guys Nate看来人不错
[31:43.01]and you seem to really care about him 而你好像也喜欢他
[31:52.18]Mr. Humphrey Humphrey先生
[31:52.97]you have a partial scholarship at st Jude's 你在圣Jude学校享有半额奖学金
[31:55.53]You are number two in your class 在你们班你成绩排第二
[31:57.57]have a stellar recommendation for dartmouth from j. L. Hall. J. L. Hall写了一份非常醒目的推荐书给达特矛斯大学
[32:01.66]It looks as if your dreams are well within grasp 你的梦想近在咫尺
[32:04.45]Thank you, thank you 谢谢 谢谢
[32:05.61]Yeah, i guess they are 的确如此
[32:06.73]But it seems you're in with a n crowd this year 但是你今年的表现不尽如人意
[32:10.04]dating serena van der woodsen... 和Serena Van Der Woodsen约会
[32:11.86]Is that on my file 这个写在档案里吗
[32:16.63]Who had the key to the school 谁有学校的钥匙
[32:20.81]I don't know 我不知道
[32:23.46]Let me remind you one last time 让我让次提醒你
[32:25.43]that you are in a different position than the others 你和其他人情况不同
[32:27.56]You need this school 你需要留在学校
[32:36.09]Headmistress queller i have something to tell you Queller校长 我有事想和你谈
[32:42.95]I must say your file reads more like a rap sheet 你的档案就像犯案记录一样
[32:45.44]You cut more sophomore classes than you attended 你二年纪逃的课比上的课多
[32:47.76]cheated on tests 考试作弊
[32:49.02]talked back to teachers 顶撞老师
[32:50.60]Look, I understand that this is a serious matter 我知道这个事很严重
[32:53.46]That's why it's important to me that 所以这对我来说很重要
[32:54.99]you know 你也知道
[32:55.61]you being new here 你也是新来的
[32:57.18]that the person that you just described is not w i am anymore 你刚才说的那个人 不是现在的我
[33:00.43]Oh, no 是吗
[33:03.41]Who are you now 那你现在是什么人
[33:05.00]Well, my grades are up 我的成绩上来了
[33:06.56]my attendance is nearly perfect 我几乎全勤
[33:08.84]and i've stayed out of trouble 我一直也没惹什么麻烦
[33:11.35]Until now 直到现在
[33:13.05]Please understand 请你相信
[33:14.35]that i never intended for anything bad to happen 我从来想过会造成恶果
[33:18.42]And it may have taken some time 也许我犹豫了
[33:20.31]but i am here now 但我现在来找你谈了
[33:22.35]accepting responsibility for my actions 为自己的行为负责
[33:30.24]Whatever you think is fair 只要你认为合理的惩罚
[33:32.02]Yes, let's discuss the... 好 让我们来谈谈...
[33:36.23]Consequences 后果
[33:45.34]* breakfast in new york *
[33:46.88]* and i know that we're dreaming *
[33:49.67]* drunken conversations and things we were screaming *
[33:55.82]I'll be brief 我长话短说
[33:58.10]And... 我...
[33:59.96]I'll be not interested 我没兴趣
[34:01.33]Is that how you speak to the person who just paid your rent for a year 我帮你付了一年的房租 你就这样和我说话
[34:03.93]What did you just say 你说什么
[34:05.09]Congratulations, vanessa 恭喜你 Vanessa
[34:06.54]You just won 365 more days in your ikea-furnished closet 你可以和你的宜家家具再多住上365天
[34:10.48]You went to my building 你去了我家
[34:12.03]You talked to my landlord 还和我房东谈了
[34:13.55]No, i don't speak ukrainian but i do speak envelope of cash 我不会说乌克兰语 但是钱自己会开口
[34:19.17]And he understood me perfectly 他完全理解了我的意思
[34:20.46]I can't believe you 难以置信
[34:21.25]Blair waldorf is not indebted to anyone Blair Waldorf不欠任何人人情
[34:23.68]no matter how much i appreciate what you did 无论心中有多感激
[34:27.55]You're welcome, i guess 那 谢谢了
[34:29.35]Good 很好
[34:30.00]Now this transaction is finished 现在事情解决了
[34:31.56]and i'm free to return to disliking you 我可以继续讨厌你
[34:35.32]I wouldn't have it any other way 正合我意
[34:41.00]Oh, and one more thing 还有一件事
[34:42.66]If you didn't pay your rent with it 你没拿Chuck给你的钱付房租
[34:44.07]what did you do with chuck's money 那你把钱花到哪儿了
[34:46.74]I may have created a medical grant for teens with genital herpes... 捐献给少年性器官保护协会了...
[34:50.89]In his name 以他的名义
[34:56.23]I can't believe she didn't expel me 我真不相信 她居然没开除我
[34:58.35]Yeah, i know 我也是
[35:00.04]It's shocking 太吃惊了
[35:01.56]I--you--25 hours of community outreach 我和你 做25小时社区服务
[35:04.24]That's not bad at all 这惩罚不算重
[35:04.78]I mean, i probably would've done it anyway being as i'm on the committee 我现在都加入委员会了 她不罚我 我也会去做
[35:07.42]That had occurred to me 我也想到了
[35:08.90]Yeah 对
[35:10.26]Wait. What are you saying 等等 你什么意思
[35:12.46]No, no, i'm not saying anything 不 不 我什么都没说
[35:14.10]Believe me 相信我
[35:15.64]So you don't buy 意思就是她说的话你不信
[35:17.11]what she said about me being 她说我成为了
[35:18.30]the poster child for the new honor code 光荣榜上的模范学生
[35:20.76]Look, I know 听着 据我所知
[35:21.51]for a fact my mom didn't plead my case 我妈妈没为我求情
[35:23.51]or donate anything, okay 也没有捐赠
[35:24.95]I didn't say a thing 我什么都没说
[35:27.03]Are you really turning this into an "upstairs, downstairs" thing 你现在还真较真了
[35:30.31]No. No, you are 不 你在较真
[35:31.23]I'm being completely silent 我可什么都没说
[35:32.65]I'm just happy that you're not being expelled 我只是很高兴你没被开除
[35:34.03]or leaving town anytime soon Are you hungry 也不会离开这里 你饿了吗
[35:35.92]We should... 我们去...
[35:36.53]Always 老这样
[35:37.34]But you still believe that there's a double standard 你总觉得有双重标准
[35:39.54]that people like me get specl trtrtment 我这样的人总是别特别优待
[35:42.19]Ms. Van der woodsen Van Der Woodsen小姐
[35:44.03]Your mother sent me to pick you up 你母亲派我来接你
[35:46.09]Oh 哦
[35:47.01]Great 很好
[35:47.96]That was... 真是...
[35:48.67]Thoughtful 周到
[35:51.16]I think you get no special treatment at all 我觉得你从来没被优待过
[35:53.09]Your life is completely uncharmed and... 你的生活非常平淡...
[35:55.61]Average 普通
[35:57.69]It's okay. I'll walk 没关系 我走路
[35:59.76]No, come on I'm--i was kidding 别这样 我开玩笑的
[36:01.12]I was kidding 我是开玩笑的
[36:04.78]You going to brooklyn 你要去布鲁克林吗
[36:14.08]It's a rare occasion to celebr ate the merging of two families 这是两个家庭合而为一的大喜日子
[36:17.76]And i couldn't be happier 我非常高兴
[36:19.39]to be here tonight to celebrate lily's acceptance of my proposal Lily接受了我的求婚
[36:22.60]* forgive me if i'm young *
[36:26.04]* for speaking out of turn *
[36:31.70]* there's someone i've been missing *
[36:35.70]* i think that they could be *
[36:38.75]* the better half of me *
[36:41.80]So to my lovely bride and our growing family 敬我可爱的新娘 和这个大家庭
[36:45.71]* trying to make it right *
[36:49.13]You packed light 你没带什么行李啊
[36:50.32]Please try to understand 请你理解
[36:54.03]I think i do 我能理解
[36:55.08]* so i'll say you'll *
[36:57.88]I'm just sorry 我很抱歉
[36:58.95]* come home * - so am I 我也是
[37:01.40]* 'cause i've been waiting for you *
[37:04.04]* for so long, for so long *
[37:07.88]* and right now there's a war between the vanities *
[37:12.68]* but all i see is you and me *
[37:15.84]* the fight for you is all i've ever kwn *
[37:24.39]* so come home *
[37:45.12]Mom looks about as happy as grandma at last call 妈的样子就像是死了亲人一样
[37:47.65]I know 我知道
[37:48.36]It seems bart's personality 看样子Bart无趣的性情
[37:49.86]or lack thereof--is contagious 已经感染了她
[37:52.02]I don't even know how she breathes with her blouse buttoned that high 她把扣子扣那么紧 怎么透得过气
[37:55.20]How glad are you to see our families merge, sis 看见两家人在一起你高兴吗 姐姐
[37:59.13]So glad that if you ever call me that again 我高兴极了 如果你再敢那么叫我
[38:01.36]it'll be the last thing you ever say, chuck 我就让你再也说不出话来 Chuck
[38:03.73]I love it 我喜欢你那么说
[38:04.53]our first brother/sister squabble 这是我们姐弟的第一次争吵
[38:06.99]I hope you're going to 我希望你能挤点时间
[38:08.28]make yourself available for more 让我们有空填补一下
[38:10.31]missed childhood memories 童年记忆的空白
[38:12.72]bathing together, for example 比如 一起洗澡
[38:21.71](dvor醟's "romantic pieces opus 75" playing you're probably wondering why i asked you here. 你肯定不知道我为什么叫你来
[38:24.08]After our last conversation, yeah 经过上次的谈话 我的确不知道
[38:25.97]Do you think it's possible for two people 你觉得两个在一起经历了许多事的人
[38:28.59]who have been through as much as we have to 真的有可能
[38:30.18]really forgive and forget 冰释前嫌吗
[38:33.45]If we really want to, i think we can 如果你愿意 我想可以
[38:35.20]A lot of mistakes have been made 已经犯了许多错
[38:37.36]If you're ready to forgive me... 如果你能原谅我...
[38:40.44]Then nothing can tear us apart 那没什么能把我们分开
[38:44.38]I promise 我保证
[38:45.46]What you said before... 你给我说过那句话...
[38:53.23]I love you, too 我也爱你
[38:57.32]Always have, always will 一直都爱 永远会爱
[39:08.04]So... 那么...
[39:10.68]Your new stepbrother told me about your problem at school 你的继弟告诉我你在学校有麻烦
[39:13.69]Frankly, i wasn't surprised 说实话 我不吃惊
[39:15.49]given your propensity for recklessness and adventure 鉴于你喜欢刺激和冒险的性格
[39:18.34]I'm sorry 不好意思
[39:19.76]Don't tell your mother 不要告诉你妈妈
[39:21.55]but i made a call 但我给学校去过电话
[39:22.79]You did what 你干了什么
[39:23.79]It was harder than usual 比平时要难说话
[39:25.18]That new headmistress of yours is a real piece of work 你们的新校长可不是简单角色
[39:28.13]I had to go over her head 我用尽浑身解数
[39:30.50]Sorry i couldn't get the charges completely dropped 不过不能一了百了
[39:32.76]but, um... 但是...
[39:34.11]At least i got you a minimal sentence 但是至少给你减轻了惩罚
[39:37.68]One thing about being on the inside 进入一个环境以后
[39:39.91]once you get there, you don't always get to choose where you stand... 你一开始并不知道 该如何立足...
[39:43.58]Or sit 或就座
[39:45.43]I was just looking out for my family 我来找家人聊聊
[39:48.69]The new van der woodsen/bass Van Der Woodsen/Bass的新成员
[39:50.43]library should be completed for eric's graduation Eric毕业的时候图书馆应该修好了
[39:54.91]I can see that lily 我都能预见Lily
[39:56.22]and i are gonna have our hands full with 和我 肯定会为你们两
[39:57.68]- the two of you. - Will you excuse me? I need some air - 忙得不可开交 - 失陪一下 我需要点新鲜空气
[40:02.08]Sometimes you need to step outside 有时候你需要退一步
[40:04.43]clear your head and remind yourself of who you are... 整理思路 想想看你究竟是谁...
[40:13.14]And where you want to be 你想去哪儿
[40:17.00]* i left as soon as i was strong *
[40:20.98]Hey 嘿
[40:21.79]Aren't you supposed to be at your mom's engagement thing 你不是要参加你妈妈的订婚晚会吗
[40:23.67]Yeah, well, i had to get out of there. 对 但是我逃出来了
[40:25.97]It was getting a little hard to breathe you know? 气氛有点让人窒息
[40:29.40]Those parties can be that way. 那样的晚会是让人压力大
[40:32.02]So are you, um, packing up your music 你在整理唱片吗
[40:35.18]Nah. I just... 不 我只是...
[40:36.86]Need to find something new to write about 想找点新的灵感来写
[40:40.27]And i will 我会找到的
[40:45.16]* cross the river to the other side *
[40:50.72]* cross the river to the other side *
[40:57.34]Hey 嘿
[40:58.94]You're a little overdressed for the study date i didn't know we had. 我都不知道你要来一起复习 不过你也穿得太隆重了
[41:01.36]You were right about everything. 你说的话都是对的
[41:05.82]You wanna talk about it? 你想谈谈吗
[41:06.80]* home again *
[41:09.78]* or else you'll give it one more try *
[41:12.37]Can i just sit here with you for a while 我能在这儿陪你坐坐吗
[41:15.83]Yeah. 好的
[41:16.49]* or risk it all to satisfy *
[41:19.60]Chaucer? 乔叟
[41:20.80]Yeah, i got a test on friday 对 我星期五有考试
[41:22.10]Mine's thursday 我星期四考
[41:27.94]* to cross the river to the other side *
[41:32.07]* cross the river to the other side * And sometimes you have
[41:37.11]to venture outside your world in order to find yourself 走出你的世界 以发现你自己
[41:41.07]As for me 对我来说
[41:42.17]I'm happy right where I am 我很高兴现在的处境
[41:44.08]I only wanna be with you 我只想和你在一起
[41:46.05]X.o.x.o., gossip girl X.o.x.o., gossip girl
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