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[00:00.10]Previously on "Grey's anatomy"... 在上一集的“Grey的解剖学”中.....

[00:02.16]The 7 years you spend here as a surgical resident will be the best and worst of your life. 作为一个外科医生你们在这度过的7年 将会是你们一生中最好或最差的7年

[00:06.65]You will be pushed to the breaking point. 你们都将会被推向一个转折点,

[00:08.26]Eight of you will switch to an easier specialty. 你们中的八个会被转去 做一些更加轻松的业务,

[00:10.86]Five of you will crack under the pressure. 而另外五个会在压力中脱颖而出,

[00:12.79]Two of you will be asked to leave. 还有两个会被要求离开。

[00:14.35]Dr. Shepherd, we should pretend it never happened. Shepherd医生,我们应该假装什么都没发生。

[00:16.45]What never happened -- you sleeping with me last night, 没发生什么? 你昨晚没和我睡在一起?

[00:18.67]or you throwing me out this morning? 还是你今天早上没把我扔出来?

[00:20.06]You're an attending, and I'm your intern. 你是主治医师,而我是你的实习生。

[00:22.55]Stop looking at me like that. 别那样看着我。

[00:24.46]Like what? 什么样?

[00:25.22]Like you've seen me naked. 就像我没穿衣服那样。

[00:26.51]Your first shift starts now and lasts 48 hours. 你们这一班从现在开始一直到四十八小时后结束

[00:30.15]You're interns, grunts, nobodies, bottom of the surgical food chain. 你们都是实习生,新来的,外科食物链的最底层

[00:35.36]What are you doing here? 你在这干什么?

[00:36.48]You and I are gonna have so much fun together. 你和我一起,得到许多的快乐将是无穷的。

[00:40.16]You know Meredith is inbred? 你知道Meredith是近亲结婚生的?

[00:41.67]Like it's uncommon around here to be a doctor's parents. 在这儿要做一个医生的父母是不寻常的。

[00:44.13]No, royally inbred. Her mother is Ellis Grey. 不, 皇家近亲,她妈妈是Ellis Grey。

[00:46.20]Shut up. The Ellis Grey? 住嘴。是那个Ellis Grey吗?

[00:47.46]She's a living legend. 她是一个活着的传奇。

[00:50.05]What's your name? 你叫什么名字?

[00:51.29]It's me, mom -- Meredith. 是我,妈妈 -- Meredith.

[00:56.47]All right. 好的。

[00:58.75]We're gonna survive this, right? 我们能活过这段时间的,对吗?


[01:06.52]翻译: happyman 校对: crazy扇子

[01:14.10]It's all about lines. 所有这一切都是关于“线”的,

[01:17.37]The finish line at the end of residency. 线的终点是实习期的结束,

[01:21.53]Waiting in line for a chance at the operating table. 接着排成直线来等待机会上手术台

[01:27.11]And then there's the most important line -- 然后是最重要的那条“线”——

[01:30.84]the line separating you from the people you work with. 将你和你的同事们隔开

[01:38.69]It doesn't help to get too familiar. 界限并没有帮助我熟悉周围

[01:44.55]To make friends. 或是结交朋友。

[01:47.83]You need boundaries between you and the rest of the world. 你需要一个分界线,在你和这个世界之间

[01:55.40]Other people are far too messy. 其他人都忙的一团糟

[01:58.97]It's all about lines. 一切都是关于“线”的

[02:02.03]Drawing lines in the sand 在沙子上画线

[02:04.34]and praying like hell no one crosses them. 然后拼命祈祷没有人去踩坏它们

[02:08.02]Look, I'm sure you're very nice, 我知道你很好

[02:09.69]but I'm very particular about who lives in my house, and you're just not right. 但是我对于谁住在我的房子 是十分挑剔的,而你不是合适的人选

[02:13.16]Why? Look, I'm quiet. No loud music, no parties. 为什么? 你看,我很安静的 没有吵闹的音乐,没有聚会

[02:17.50]Where were you when the challenger exploded? 挑战者号爆炸的时候你在哪?

[02:19.80]The what? 什么?

[02:20.77]The space shuttle challenger. 那艘航天飞机,挑战者号

[02:22.87]Uh... I think I was in kindergarten. 呃...我想我是在幼儿园吧

[02:25.27]Exactly. No. 很准确。可还是不行

[02:28.37]Why do you put up posters for roommates if you don't want roommates? 如果你不想找室友为什么还要贴海报呢?

[02:30.81]I do want roommates. We're together 100 hours a week. 我真的想要找个室友 我们一周得有一百个小时在一起

[02:33.23]You want to live together, too? 你也想住进来,是吗?

[02:34.91]I see you bring bribes now, huh? 我看到你带来了贿赂, 恩?

[02:36.89]My mom irons my scrubs. I have to get out of there. 我妈妈嘲笑我擦擦洗洗的工作, 我必须搬出去。

[02:40.33]It's not a bribe. I don't think it's a good idea. 那不算是贿赂。我想那不是个好主意。

[02:42.48]- I can put down last, first, and deposit. - It's totally a bribe. - 我可以先付两个月的房租还有押金。 - 这彻头彻尾是个贿赂。

[02:45.29]I can cook, and I'm an obsessive cleaner. 我会做饭,我还很爱干家务。

[02:47.48]No. I just want two total strangers who I don't have to talk to 不行。 我只想要两个不用交谈不用讲礼貌的陌生人

[02:50.78]or be nice to, and it's not a bribe. It's a mocha latte. 那不是贿赂,那是上等咖啡

[02:54.70]George, you're running the code team. Meredith, take the trauma pager. George,你去code小组。 Meredith,你到外伤抢救小组那去。

[02:58.07]Christina, deliver the weekend labs to the patients. Christina,把这个周末labs给病人送过去。

[03:00.33]Izzie, you're on sutures. Izzie,你到缝合处那边去。

[03:02.94]Dr. Bailey, I was hoping to assist you in the O.R. Today. Bailey医生,我希望今天能在 O.R 做你的助手

[03:06.94]Maybe, do a minor procedure, I think I'm ready. 可能的话,帮点小忙 我想我已经准备好了

[03:10.13]Mocha latte? 穆哈咖啡(上等咖啡)?

[03:11.84]- If she gets to cut, I want to cut, too. - Yeah, me too. -如果她可以动手术,我也想去。 -我也一样。

[03:13.70]I wouldn't mind another shot. I mean, if everybody else is... 反正多加我一个也不算多 我的意思是,如果其他每一个人都要....

[03:15.55]Stop talking. 不要说了

[03:17.53]Every intern wants to perform their first surgery. 每一个实习医生都想做他们的第一个外科手术

[03:20.25]That's not your job. 可那不是你们的工作

[03:21.82]Do you know what your job is? To make your resident happy. 你们知道自己的工作是什么吗?是让你们的顶头上司高兴

[03:24.69]Do I look happy? No. Why? Because my interns are whiny. 我看上去高兴吗?不。为什么? 因为我的实习医生们都在发牢骚

[03:28.52]You know what will make me look happy? 知道什么会让我高兴些吗?

[03:30.69]Having a code team staffed, having the trauma pages answered, 在code小组里好好干,认真回复每个外伤报告,

[03:33.88]having the weekend labs delivered, and having someone down in the pit, doing the sutures. 及时把每个消息都送到位 找到人来缝合伤口

[03:40.11]No one holds a scalpel till I'm so happy, I'm mary freakin' poppins. 没有人能拿起解剖刀,直到我满意

[03:44.43]Mocha latte, my ass. 上等咖啡

[03:46.26]Why are y'all standing there? Move! 为什么你们都站在哪?快去工作!

[03:57.94]Seattle has ferryboats. 西雅图有渡轮

[04:01.15]Yes. 是的

[04:02.03]I didn't know that. 我不太清楚。

[04:03.05]I've been living here six weeks. 我曾经在那住了六周

[04:04.33]I didn't know there were ferryboats. 我不知道那有渡轮

[04:05.94]Seattle is surrounded by water on three sides. 西雅图三面环水

[04:08.67]Hence the ferryboats. 因此就有了渡轮

[04:10.82]Now I have to like it here. 现在我不得不喜欢它了

[04:12.71]I wasn't planning on liking it here. 我从没有打算去喜欢它

[04:14.91]I'm from New York. 我来自纽约

[04:16.05]I'm genetically engineered to dislike everywhere except Manhattan. 我天生就不喜欢所有地方,除了曼哈顿

[04:19.93]I have a thing for ferryboats. 我对渡轮很感兴趣

[04:27.34]I'm not going out with you. 我不会和你出去的

[04:28.90]Did I ask you to go out with me? 我请你和我一起出去了吗?

[04:32.43]Do you want to go out with me? 想和我一起出去吗?

[04:34.70]I'm not dating you, and I'm definitely not sleeping with you again. 我不是在和你约会 而且我绝对不会再和你上床了

[04:37.73]You're my boss. 你是我的老板

[04:38.64]I'm your boss's boss. 我是你老板的老板

[04:40.01]You're my teacher and my teacher's teacher. 你是我的老师 你是我老师的老师

[04:42.64]And you're my teacher. 你是我的老师

[04:43.76]"I'm your sister, I'm your daughter." “我是你的妹妹,我是你的女儿”

[04:45.34]- You're sexually harassing me. - I'm riding an elevator. -你在对我性骚扰 -我只是在坐电梯

[04:49.17]Look, I'm drawing a line. 我正在画一条线

[04:51.49]The line is drawn. 线已经画好了

[04:53.02]There's a big line. 一条很重要的线

[04:58.75]So, this line, is it imaginary or do I need to get you a marker? 所以,这条线,是想象出来的? 需不需要我给你做个标记?

[05:26.21]We'll talk later? 我们可以过会儿再谈一下吗?

[05:33.12]- Are you the surgeon? - Yeah. -你是外科医生吗? -是的

[05:34.54]- We've got a rape victim. - Better get in there. -我们这有一个受害者 -最好进去看看

[05:38.75]25-year-old female found down at the park. Status -- post trauma. 25岁,女性,在公园中被发现 状态:严重外伤

[05:42.55]She came in with a gcs of six. B.P. -- 80 over 60. 送来时血压80/60

[05:46.73]Exam is significant for blunt head trauma. 检查对于她被钝器击伤的头部来说非常重要

[05:49.55]Unequal breath sounds, right pupil is dilated, and she's ready for x-ray. 呼吸不平稳,右瞳孔放大 已经准备好接受X光检查

[05:53.80]Ready to roll? 准备好开始了吗?

[05:57.68]H ey! 嘿!

[05:58.91]Yeah. 是的

[06:03.26]Call ahead to clear a C.T. Let them know I'm coming. 快去通知CT部门 让他们知道我要过去了

[06:05.73]Load up the portable monitor. 启动便携式监视器

[06:07.44]Call respiratory for a ventilator. 通知呼吸科要一台通风机

[06:09.33]I'll get x-rays while I'm down there. 当我去那时将要做X光检查

[06:16.68]She's gonna spend a hell of a long time in recovery and rehab. 她将度过一段长的让人 无法忍受的时间来康复

[06:19.94]If she survives. 如果她能活下来的话

[06:21.66]What is she, like 5'2", 100 pounds? 她怎么样?5英尺2英寸,100磅?

[06:23.73]She's still breathing after what this guy did to her? 在那个男的对她做了这些之后 她仍然能呼吸?

[06:25.86]If they catch the guy, they should castrate him. 如果他们抓住那个人 他们应该阉了他

[06:28.69]See how shredded her hands are? 看她的手都被撕成什么样子了?

[06:30.35]She tried to fight back. 她曾尝试抵抗

[06:31.70]Tried to? Rape kit came back negative. 尝试?强奸反应呈阴性

[06:33.82]She kicked his ass. 她狠狠的教训了他

[06:35.94]So, we have a warrior among us, huh? 那么说,在我们身边有个勇士了?

[06:40.08]Allison. Allison

[06:43.04]Her -- her name is Allison. 她——她的名字是Allison

[06:47.34]Allison. Allison

[06:49.47]I think I may have found the cause of our rupture. 我想我已经找到了我们血管崩裂的原因了

[06:52.10]More suction. 加大吸力

[07:00.70]What is this? 这是什么?

[07:02.63]Does anyone know what this is? 有人知道这是什么吗?

[07:05.19]Oh, my god. 噢,我的上帝

[07:06.97]What? Spit it out, Grey. 什么?大声说出来,Grey

[07:08.46]- She bit it off. - Bit off what? -她把它咬了下来 -咬下了什么?

[07:10.76]That's his... penis. 那是他的...那个

[07:16.44]She bit off his -- his penis. 她咬下了他的--他的那个

[07:49.00]If she can fight the infection, she'll be fine. 如果她能战胜感染,她就会好的

[07:51.22]It's all gonna depend on whether or not she wakes up in the next 72 hours. 那全都取决于她是否能在 接下来的72小时中苏醒过来

[07:55.27]Yo, we should get a drink later. 噢,我们待会应该去喝一杯

[07:56.76]You can tell me the long story of what makes a hotshot doc leave the big apple for Seattle. 你能够告诉我这个长长的故事 一个炙手可热的医生怎么离开纽约来西雅图去发展的

[08:00.35]Short story, actually. 事实上没什么好说的

[08:02.05]Your chief of surgery made me an offer I couldn't refuse. 你们的外科主任给了我一份我无法拒绝的出价

[08:05.45]Richard asked you to come? 是Richard叫你来的?

[08:07.20]Yeah. Why? 是的 怎么了?

[08:10.03]Oh, nothing. 哦,没什么

[08:12.10]See you later. 再见

[08:20.57]Do you know what the code team does? 你知道code小组是干什么的吗?

[08:22.93]Saves lives. 拯救生命

[08:24.93]I shock a heart, and someone lives to see another day. 我电击了一个人的心脏 所以他才能看到另一天的到来

[08:28.33]That's upbeat. 那是心跳

[08:29.54]It's a glass half full -- 半衰型--

[08:31.73]Bambi, don't say another word till after the hunter shoots your mother. Bambi,在猎人打死你妈以前 什么都别说了

[08:36.96]I don't like you. 我不喜欢你

[08:38.81]I have a B.A. from Smith, a PHD from Berkeley, 我有从Smith获得的硕士学位 从Berkeley获得的博士学位

[08:41.56]and an M.D. from Stanford, and I'm delivering lab results. 还有一个从斯坦福获得的医学博士学位 而我现在正要去向病人传达检查的结果

[08:44.80]It's gonna take me all day to get through these. 这些将会花去我一整天的时间

[08:46.55]Then get started. 那就让我们开始吧

[08:48.62]Oh, I wasn't complaining. 噢,我没有在抱怨

[08:50.28]Intern was reassigned, so he's mine now. 实习医生被重新分配 所以他现在是我的了

[08:53.17]Have him shadow you for the day. 这几天让他来带你

[08:54.97]You show him how I do things. 你告诉他我怎么做事情

[08:58.97]Alex Karev. Nice to meet you. Alex Karev 见到你很高兴

[09:00.88]You're the pig who called Meredith a nurse. Yeah. 你就是那头把Meredith叫做护士的猪吧?

[09:03.24]I hate you on principle. 我从根上就讨厌你

[09:04.75]And you're the pushy, overbearing kiss-ass. I hate you, too. 而你是一个有只想往上爬的 专横的马屁精,我也不喜欢你

[09:08.75]Oh, it should be fun, then. 哦,那应该很有趣啊

[09:22.34]I'm Dr. O'malley. I'll be running this code. What do we got? 我是O'malley医生,我将负责这个部门 发生了什么?

[09:25.31]We have a 57-year-old gentleman with asystole. 我们这有一个57岁的肌肉收缩的病人

[09:30.00]- Three and four. - Charging to 200, please. - 三到四 -加到200

[09:32.10]- Charging. - Cleared. -正在增加 -完毕

[09:34.00]All right, Mrs. Lu, I'm Dr. Stevens. 好的,Lu太太,我是 Stevens医生

[09:36.40]I'm gonna sew up your wound. 我将会缝合你的伤口

[09:38.02]You're gonna need -- yeah -- about six stitches. 你可能需要-嗯-大概六针

[09:40.31]Are you allergic to any medication? 你有没有药物过敏?

[09:45.21]Oh, I'm sorry. I don't -- Do you speak english? 噢,对不起 我不会--你会讲英语吗?

[09:56.25]I'll find, um -- 我会找个,嗯--

[09:58.66]Does anybody here speak chinese? 这里有人会说汉语吗?

[10:09.70]- Hi. - Is the chief in? -嗨 -主任在吗?

[10:11.27]He's on his way. 他出去了

[10:12.72]Is that it? 那就是那个?

[10:13.94]Yeah. 是的

[10:15.16]Can I see it? 我能看看吗?

[10:17.58]No. Forget I asked. 不,忘了我说的吧

[10:19.60]Meredith, it's good to see you. Meredith,能见到你真好

[10:21.46]Hey, I heard your mother was leaving Mayo. 嘿,我听说你妈妈已经离开了Mayo

[10:23.36]She going back with the U.N.? 她要回联合国吗?

[10:25.52]She's, uh, taking time off. 她正在,呃,抽出一点时间...

[10:27.30]To write another book, I suppose. 我猜是去写一部书

[10:30.07]Listen, so, they said to bring this to you, so -- 听着,他们说要把这个带给你,所以--

[10:32.68]Yes, uh, for the police. 对,给警察吧

[10:34.82]Right. 对

[10:35.51]When did the police say they were coming? 警察来的时候说什么?

[10:36.69]You know how slow they are, so she better take it with her. 你知道他们有多慢 所以她还是带着它比较好

[10:39.71]What? 什么?

[10:40.93]You have to take it with you. 按照有关规定

[10:43.36]Chain-of-custody rules. 你只好带着它了

[10:44.90]All medical matter in a rape must stay with the person 所有强奸案中的医疗问题必须由

[10:47.33]who collected it until it's placed into police custody. 收集人处理,直到把它转交给警察

[10:50.08]You collected the specimen, so you have custody. 你收集了这个样本,所以你就要保管它

[10:53.72]Custody of a penis. 保管一个阴茎

[10:55.19]Yes, until the cops come for it. 对,直到那些警察来要它为止

[10:57.49]Okay. 好的

[10:58.46]Well, what am I supposed to do with the penis? 我应该怎么处理这个阴茎?

[11:03.90]You have a disorder called multinucleate cell angiohistiocytoma. 你得了一种失调症

[11:07.97]It's not a cancer sarcoma. 而不是恶性的癌症肿瘤

[11:09.95]It's very rare but minor. 只是一种非常罕见但并不严重的病症

[11:12.88]You'll be discharged today, okay? 你今天就能出院了,可以吗?

[11:15.10]I don't need a surgery? 我不用动手术了?

[11:16.37]No. 不用了

[11:17.13]I'm not gonna die? I'm fine? 那我就不会死了?我好了?

[11:19.30]Fit as a fiddle... or whatever. 非常健康...

[11:35.26]What's that? 那是什么?

[11:36.48]Don't ask. You don't want to know. 不要问 你也不会想知道的

[11:38.25]I do want to know. 我就是想知道

[11:39.69]Really. 真的

[11:40.52]You really want to know? 你真的想知道?

[11:42.79]It's a severed penis. 它是一个变形了的阴茎

[11:45.24]Okay. 好了

[11:46.76]I didn't really want to know. 我并不是真的想知道

[11:48.28]Why do I have to be the one who gets hugged? 为什么我必须成为那个被拥抱的人?

[11:50.00]Because -- I don't do that. 因为--我做不来那个

[11:51.59]Besides, you're the ovarian sister here. 另外,你是这里的卵巢姐姐

[11:53.30]Did you call me an ovarian s-- an ovarian s-- 你叫我卵巢的?

[11:56.46]Since when does the possession of ovaries become an insult? 从什么时候起拥有卵巢变成了一种侮辱了?

[11:58.95]Meredith's carrying a penis around in a jar. 就从Meredit拿回了一个装在罐子里的阴茎以后

[12:01.60]Oh, from the rape surgery? 噢,从那个强奸受害者的手术中?

[12:03.02]Yeah, and it's not a jar. 对,还有那不是一个罐子

[12:05.05]It's a cooler. 那是一个冷却箱

[12:08.42]Talk about taking a bite out of crime. 聊一些犯罪之外的话题吧

[12:17.84]You okay? 你还好吗?

[12:19.41]Yeah. 还好

[12:20.97]- Allison's shoes are... - What? -Allison的鞋是... -什么?

[12:25.72]The rape victim, Allison, her shoes. 这个强奸受害者,Allison,她的鞋

[12:28.05]I have the same ones in my locker, 在我的抽屉里有一双一模一样的

[12:30.54]and I normally never wear them because they're not comfortable. 我从来没有穿过因为不是太舒服

[12:33.18]But today I did. 但今天我穿了

[12:34.84]And she was wearing the same shoes, and it's just... 她也穿了同样的鞋子,真的有点...

[12:39.54]stupid, and I'm tired, and forget it. 真愚蠢,我累了,忘掉它吧

[12:44.45]You know what you need? 你知道你需要什么吗?

[12:50.07]No. 不

[12:53.17]It's sick and twisted. 这很恶心而且不正常

[12:54.61]We said last time was the last time. 我们说了上次是最后一次了

[12:58.99]You've been doing it without me? 你一直在没有我的情况下做吗?

[13:00.81]Nancy Reagan lied. Nancy Reagan撒谎了

[13:02.99]You can't just say no. Come on. 你不能仅仅说不吧,来吧

[13:05.10]Do you know what would happen if anyone knew? 你知道如果让其他人知道会发生什么吗?

[13:07.37]I'm doing it. 我正在做

[13:09.66]You can come with me, 你可以和我一块来

[13:11.37]or you can stay here and be miserable. 或者你可以痛苦的呆在那

[13:26.17]You are such a woman. 你真像个女人

[13:32.28]That's a code. 有人拷我

[13:35.48]I got to go. 我得马上过去

[13:46.03]You are really cute. 你们真的很可爱

[14:19.95]What are you doing in here? 你在这做什么?

[14:21.47]The -- there were no tests ordered, and the baby has a murmur. 现在没有检查安排 这个孩子在不停的咕哝

[14:24.96]I know. 我知道

[14:26.94]He turned blue. 他脸色有点发青

[14:28.60]You're surgery. You're not authorized to be in here. 你是外科医生 在这里不管用

[14:30.94]Do you know how much trouble you can get into for this? 你知道你介入这里会带来多大的麻烦吗?

[14:32.88]Are you going to do any tests? 你想要做些检查吗?

[14:34.61]It's a benign systolic ejection murmur. 那是良性的心脏收缩带来的咕哝声

[14:37.02]- It goes away with age. - So you're not gonna do tests. -它会随年龄增长而消失的 -这么说你不会做检查了

[14:39.01]He's not your patient. He's not even on your service. 他不是你的病人 甚至他都不在你的服务范围里

[14:41.32]Are you sure it's benign? 你确信那是良性的?

[14:43.30]I'm a doctor, too, you know. 我也是医生 你知道的

[14:45.04]You should get out of here. 你必须离开这儿

[14:56.53]- You get a good case? - No -- her. -你这儿有情况吗? -不——是她

[14:58.99]She won't let me sew her up. 她不让我为她缝合

[15:05.02]I wouldn't have called you, but I can't get ahold of the translator. 我本不应该叫你的 可我实在找不到翻译了

[15:07.70]Can you just ask her what's wrong? 你能问问她问题出在哪吗?

[15:13.18]No. 不

[15:14.55]Why not? 为什么?

[15:17.86]Because I grew up in Beverly Hills. 因为我在贝弗利山长大

[15:19.51]The only chinese I know is from a Mr. Chow's menu. 我所有认识的中国字都是从菜单上看来的

[15:21.99]Besides, I'm korean. 另外,我是韩国人

[15:34.20]Chief. 主任

[15:35.94]So, you asked Shepherd to come to Grace, huh? 是你让Shepherd来Grace医院的吗?

[15:38.32]He was an old student of mine. 他是我的一个老学生

[15:40.20]He left a Manhattan private practice because you asked. 他离开了一家曼哈顿的私人诊所 就是因为你的要求

[15:43.49]Yes. 是的

[15:44.75]No other reason? 没有其他原因?

[15:46.22]Just a favor for an old professor? 仅仅是为了获得一个老教授的好感?

[15:48.04]- It'll be years before I retire. - Chief of surgery is mine. -离我退休还有好几年的 -外科主任应该是我的

[15:51.90]Chief of surgery is mine. 外科主任应该是我的

[15:53.39]It was yours. Now I'm not so sure. 它曾经是你的 可现在我不确定了

[15:55.21]I am the best surgeon at Grace with the lowest mortality rate. 我是Grace医院里最好的医生 我的死亡率是最低的

[15:58.45]- You can't just bring -- - Now ask me why I'm not so sure about you. -你不能带来- -现在可以问我为什么我对你不再那么肯定了

[16:04.66]Ask me why. 问我为什么

[16:15.70]Don't people get sick anymore? 难道人们就不能不生病吗?

[16:18.40]I mean, how are we supposed to get any O.R. time if everyone's gonna just live? 我的意思是说,如果每个人都活得很好 那么我们在手术室里的时间会是多少?

[16:25.08]Look. 来

[16:26.76]I'll take 10, you take 10. 我十个,你十个

[16:28.91]Get in, get out. 进去后马上出来

[16:29.92]No smiling, no hugging, no letting them cry. 没有微笑,没有拥抱,没有哭泣

[16:32.08]Just be quick about it. 快一点吧

[16:33.90]You're the one that's slow. 你比我慢

[16:35.33]I am not slow. You are slow. 你比我慢

[16:37.03]You want to bet? 想打赌吗?

[16:38.17]Yeah, you're on. 来吧

[16:40.82]- A comprehensive workup... - ...did not reveal any... -一个普遍的工作症... -...并不能说明什么...

[16:42.87]- ...abnormalities. - Your doppler was negative. -...有一点异常 -你的doppler是负的

[16:45.10]...for venous thrombosis so there's no need for chronic... ...是静脉血栓,所以没有必要长期治疗...

[16:47.70]...anticoagulation or an oral... ...反凝结物或者是口头的...

[16:49.27]- The biopsy was, however, positive... - ...for a mixed anaerobic... -可是这个活组织检查的结果是良好的 -...由于一个混合性的厌氧症...

[16:52.25]...non-group-"a" streptococci infection. ...非组织的a型感染

[16:54.08]Your B.U.N. and creatinine elevations had us worried... 你的B.U.N和肌氨酸酐升高曾经让我们很担心...

[16:56.31]...about rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis... ...关于你迅速改善的血管球性肾炎...

[16:58.24]...which could have signaled an autoimmune disease. ...可能会表现为一种自身免疫性疾病

[17:00.25]What does that mean? 那说明什么?

[17:01.39]We're not gonna amputate your leg. 我们不用切除你的腿了

[17:03.51]- You get to keep your kidneys. - Congratulations. -你可以保留你的肾了 -祝贺你

[17:06.13]You can go home today. 你今天就可以回家了

[17:07.61]Yeah, yeah. Congratulations. Whatever. 不管怎样,祝贺你

[17:13.97]Congratulations. 祝贺你

[17:15.08]There's nothing wrong with you. You're gonna be fine. 你没什么问题了 你马上就会好了

[17:17.14]Congratulations. 祝贺你

[17:22.36]What's your favorite '80s group? ‘80年代’中你最喜欢谁?

[17:23.78]Queen. Queen

[17:24.83]No. 不会吧

[17:25.79]- Twisted Sister. - Oh! -Twist姐妹 -噢!

[17:28.00]It's not like there's a right or wrong answer to that question. 这个问题的答案好像是没有对错的

[17:30.35]The Go-Gos, Duran Duran, The Eurythmics. 探戈舞,巨型蜥蜴,艺术体操

[17:38.76]Have a nice day. 一天顺利

[17:39.92]You can go home today. 今天你可以回家了

[17:50.76]Time of death -- 15:45. 死亡时间--15:45

[18:09.30]Man, I've called every hospital in the county. 我已经通知了这里的每一家医院

[18:14.09]I don't know. Sooner or later, the guy that did this is gonna seek medical attention. 我不知道,那个家伙迟早会去看医生的

[18:17.60]When he does, that penis you're carrying around is gonna nail him. 不论他怎样,你带着的那个阴茎都可以把他抓住

[18:21.20]Where is her family? 她的家人呢?

[18:22.49]Doesn't have any. 她没有家

[18:23.66]No siblings? 她没有兄弟姐妹吗?

[18:25.52]No. 没有

[18:26.48]Both parents are dead. 她父母都死了

[18:28.26]She just moved to Seattle three weeks ago. 她搬到西雅图才三周

[18:30.39]Welcome to the city. 欢迎来到这个城市

[18:39.80]Meredith, are you okay? Meredith,你还好吗?

[18:41.85]Yeah, I'm fine. 噢,我还好

[18:43.80]I just have to do something. 我必须要做些什么

[18:46.84]I have to go. 我得走了

[18:48.86]All right. I'm gonna sit with her. 好的 我再陪她坐会儿

[18:49.98]Dr. Burke? Burke医生?

[18:50.81]There's a baby up in peds. I saw him have a tet spell, and I think I hear a murmur. 婴儿室有一个小孩子 我还听到了嘟哝声

[18:55.16]Hmm. Did peds call us for a consult? 嗯,他们找我们去咨询了吗?

[18:57.17]- Actually, no, they're not -- - So you want me to what? -事实上,没有,他们并没有-- -那你想让我做什么?

[18:59.71]- If you could just go up and look at him. - Not without a peds consult. -如果你可以去看看他的话 -没有他们的要求我是不会去的

[19:02.39]I'm a busy man, Grey, and there are rules. 我很忙,Grey,医院是有规定的

[19:04.67]Look, it's not like I'm the chief or something. 你看,我是不是不象一个主任之类的

[19:18.50]You're hot. 你很漂亮

[19:20.20]You're drunk. Hold still. 你喝醉了,呆着别动

[19:24.47]Wait, you're that -- 等等,你是那个--

[19:26.05]that girl from the magazine. 那个杂志上的女孩

[19:29.02]The red bikini. 穿着红色的比基尼

[19:30.82]Yeah, it was pink. 对,粉红色的

[19:31.97]I'm done. You can see the nurse outside now. 完了,你可以去外面找护士了

[19:36.69]- Is she crazy or something? - I don't think so. -她是疯了还是? -我不这么认为

[19:41.47]Please. Please sit down. I really need to look at your arm. 请坐下 我需要看一下你的胳膊

[19:46.14]Okay. 好的

[20:08.50]What are you doing down here? 你坐在这干什么?

[20:09.97]Just sitting here with my penis. 就是坐在这儿 还有这个阴茎

[20:11.79]What about you? 你呢?

[20:12.79]Hiding from Alex. 躲开Alex

[20:17.14]I kissed Derek. 我亲了Derek

[20:19.30]You kissed Derek? 你亲了Derek?

[20:20.34]In the elevator. 在电梯里

[20:21.65]Oh, you kissed him in the elevator? 噢,你在电梯里亲了他?

[20:23.22]I was having a bad day. 我过了糟糕的一天

[20:25.97]I am having a bad day. 我正在过着糟糕的一天

[20:29.05]This is what do you do on your bad days -- make out with Dr. Mcdreamy. 这就是你怎么度过糟糕的一天 -- 对付Mcdreamy医生

[20:34.80]Well... you know, that and carrying around a penis 嗯...你知道的,带着那个阴茎到处走

[20:38.38]just makes everything seem so shiny and happy. 尽量使所有事情都让人快乐吧

[20:41.05]George said Allison was wearing your shoes. George说Allison穿了你的鞋子

[20:43.23]Yeah. 对

[20:44.90]It's weird, right? 有点古怪,不是吗?

[20:47.39]It's weird that you care. 如果你在意的话就有真的有点古怪了

[20:50.03]I think it's weird. 我想那很神秘

[21:16.86]Can I have security, please? 给我接安全部门好吗?

[21:23.57]What do we got? 发生了什么?

[21:25.19]- Take a look. - What? -你看 -什么?

[21:30.19]Uh, let's get him to O.R. 1. 哦,把他送到第一急救室去

[21:31.59]Meredith, you call the chief and let him know we got the rapist. Meredith,你去告诉主任 我们已经找到了那个强奸犯

[21:38.45]I saw Allison. 我看见了Allison

[21:39.88]You can't believe the beating that she took. 你无法相信她被打成什么样了

[21:42.05]And then to see this. 然后看到了这些

[21:43.35]That old saying, "you should see the other guy." 有一条谚语,“你应该看另外的那个家伙。”

[21:45.40]Why are we not attempting to re-attach the severed penis? 为什么我们不试着去把它接上?

[21:47.94]Teeth don't slice. They tear. 牙齿不是薄片。它们被撕裂了

[21:49.55]You can only re-attach with a clean cut. 你只能把这个明显的伤口接上

[21:51.24]If she wanted to slice him off with a knife... 如果她想用刀子把他切碎

[21:53.07]Besides, the digestive juices didn't leave much of the flesh to work with. 另外,消化液离开了人体是无法起作用的。

[21:56.51]Right. So, what do we do? 好吧。那么我们能做什么?

[21:57.83]Sew him up minus a large part of the family jewels. 为他缝合会花去一大笔家财

[21:59.96]And his outlook? 那他的将来呢?

[22:01.35]He'll be urinating out of a bag for a very, very long time. 他将会在很长的时间内用一个袋子小便

[22:04.22]Not to mention he'll never be able to have sex again. 更不用说他再也无法做爱了

[22:05.85]- Oh, too bad. - Shame. -噢,太糟了 -可耻

[22:07.29]Let's all take a moment to grieve. 让我们都花些时间去伤心吧

[22:09.37]Clamp. 夹钳

[22:15.16]Richard. Richard

[22:16.74]We got the rapist. 我们找到了那个强奸犯

[22:18.62]He stumbled right into the hospital. 他无意中也进了这家医院

[22:20.92]Yeah, I heard. 我听说了

[22:24.78]- Listen, Burke -- - Why? -听着,Burke -- -为什么?

[22:26.88]You really want to know? 你真的想知道?

[22:28.20]I want to know when you stopped thinking of me as your number one. 我想知道你什么时候就不把我当成是最好的了

[22:32.92]- Richard, I do more in this hospital than -- - You do only exactly as much as is necessary. -Richard,我为这家医院做了很多-- -你只是做了你应该做的而已

[22:38.95]You never take an extra step. 你从没有多做过什么

[22:40.48]You never give an extra minute. 你从没有多花一分钟时间

[22:42.33]You're comfortable and arrogant, and it doesn't impress me. 你很会享受,很傲慢 而那都没给我留下什么印象

[22:46.12]You want to be chief? 你想当主任吗?

[22:47.35]Earn it. 努力争取吧

[23:20.84]I'm sorry. I have patients lined up. 对不起,可我下面还有病人在排队

[23:22.93]I don't have time. I don't understand you. 我没有时间了,我也听不懂你在说什么

[23:25.10]I'm sorry. 对不起

[23:46.24]My head hurts. 我头疼

[23:47.72]Maybe it's a tumor. 可能是肿瘤啊

[23:48.90]You wish I had a tumor. 你希望我得的是瘤

[23:50.43]Look, I'd rip your face off if it meant I got to scrub in. 看着,如果要我帮你清洗伤口 我会直接把你的脸给抓下来

[23:53.32]I've been suturing all day. 我一整天都在缝合伤口

[23:55.61]My hands are numb. 我的手都麻了

[23:57.48]At least you're helping people. 至少你在帮助他人

[23:58.93]At least you get to practice freakin' medicine. 至少你在练习用希罕的药

[24:02.26]I had to send my chinese lady away. 我把那位中国女人送走了

[24:04.59]She was, like, camped out down there. 她有点神不守舍的样子

[24:06.75]Oh, poor Izzie, turning away patients. Boohoo. 噢,可怜的Izzie,你送走了你的病人

[24:10.05]So the police say they can't send a crime-scene guy down for hours, 警察说几个小时内他们不能把那个家伙带走

[24:14.42]so I have to spend the night with the penis. 所以我今晚就得和这个阴茎呆在一起了

[24:18.34]Alex, don't say it. Alex, 什么也不要说

[24:20.08]It was too easy anyway. 那太简单了

[24:24.22]Who here feels like they have no idea what they're doing? 这儿有谁认为他们自己都不知道自己在做什么的?

[24:28.95]I mean, are we supposed to be learning something? 我的意思是说,我们本来是应该来这儿学点什么的

[24:30.98]Because I don't feel like I'm learning anything. 可是我没有感觉到在学什么东西

[24:32.62]Except how not to sleep. 除了怎样不睡觉

[24:33.96]It's like there's this wall. The attendings and the residents are over there, 就像一堵墙在那里。医生和病人们都在那里

[24:37.83]being surgeons, and we're over here, being... 成为外科医生,而我们在这儿,成为...

[24:40.74]Suturing, code-running, lab-delivering penis minders. 缝合,呼救,递送试验报告,保护阴茎

[24:44.21]I hate being an intern. 我讨厌做实习医生

[25:21.00]- Hi. - Hi. -嗨 -嗨

[25:24.78]Is he yours? 是你们的小孩吗?

[25:26.26]Yeah. 对啊

[25:27.19]He's adorable. 他真可爱

[25:28.75]Thanks. 谢谢。

[25:37.06]Oh, please. 噢,不

[25:40.17]You are so out of line. 你总是在越权行事

[25:42.98]She says the murmur might not be benign. 她说那种咕哝可能不是良性的

[25:45.42]I think we should do an echo to check. 我想我们应该对孩子进行复查

[25:48.02]This is your career. 那是你的工作

[25:50.30]There really is no reason to get alarmed. 没有什么可紧张的

[25:53.93]What's the problem? 怎么了?

[25:55.52]If our baby is sick, we want him treated... now. 如果我们的孩子病了 我们想让他接受治疗..现在

[25:59.26]Who said your baby was sick? 谁说他病了?

[26:00.46]The surgical intern, who has no business on our service. 一个外科的实习生 她跟我们的工作根本就没关系

[26:03.53]Who authorized you being here? 谁让你到这来的?

[26:05.66]- I was just -- - I did. -我仅仅是-- -是我让的

[26:08.07]Can you excuse us for a second? 能给我们解释一下吗?

[26:10.07]Dr. Burke. Burke医生

[26:11.32]Are you messing with my intern, Dr. Kay? 你在和我的实习生鬼混吗?Kay医生

[26:13.97]No, sir. 不,先生

[26:15.31]Give me the chart. 把表给我

[26:16.26]There's nothing wrong with him. I checked. 他没有什么问题,我已经检查过了

[26:17.49]- Are you sure? - Yes. -你确定吗? -是的

[26:19.90]You can guarantee he's fine? You're 100% sure? 你敢担保他很好吗?百分之百的确信?

[26:24.52]How sure are you? 你有多确定?

[26:25.81]I don't know, 75%? 我不知道,大概75%

[26:28.07]Not good enough. He's my patient now. 那还不够 他现在是我的病人了

[26:29.98]That okay with you, Dr. Kay? 那没问题吧,Kay医生?

[26:31.45]Absolutely. 当然

[26:32.79]He can take our patient? 他能带走我们的病人?

[26:34.07]He's an attending. 他是主治医师

[26:35.28]Which means I can do whatever I want. 那就是说我能做我想做的事情

[26:39.55]Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, I'm Dr. Burke, head of cardio. Johnson先生太太,我是Burke医生,心脏部门的头

[26:42.51]We're gonna run some tests and give you an answer within the hour. 我们会去做一些检查,一个小时之后给你们答案

[26:46.28]Grey. Excuse me. Grey. 对不起

[26:49.04]I want an ekg, chest x-ray, and an echo. 我想要一个胸部的X光扫描仪和一个回音机

[26:52.82]I don't have all day. 我现在什么都没有

[26:54.18]- You're a busy man. - I'm a busy man. -你是一个大忙人 -我是个大忙人

[26:59.59]Anybody else? 还有其他人吗?

[27:00.86]- No. No more. - I need a bed. -不,没有了 -我需要一张床

[27:05.04]Ms. Lu? Lu小姐?

[27:22.30]Ms. Lu! Lu小姐!

[27:23.56]Ms. Lu, wait! Ms. Lu! Lu小姐,等一下!Lu小姐!

[27:26.33]What is it? 怎么了?

[27:39.90]Hello? 嘿?

[27:51.56]Oh, my god. 噢,我的上帝啊

[27:55.46]It's okay. 没事的

[27:57.16]It's okay. 没事的

[27:58.70]I'll help. 我会帮助你的

[28:11.14]It's deep. 伤口很深啊

[28:12.39]It's deep -- I need to clean it out. 很深--我得把它清理一下

[28:14.73]Machine broke in the factory. 工厂的机器坏了

[28:17.30]Fall. 掉了下来

[28:18.32]You speak english. 你能说英语

[28:20.33]Just -- if you could come inside. 那么--如果你能进医院的话

[28:22.13]No, no, no inside. No... jail. 不不不,不能进去 不...会进监狱的

[28:25.71]Jail? 监狱?

[28:26.58]She came inside. 她可以进去

[28:28.16]She green card. 她有绿卡

[28:29.71]Me, no. 我,没有

[28:31.88]You're illegal. 你是非法移民。

[28:33.56]That's okay. We don't have to tell them that. 没关系的 我们不会告诉他们的

[28:35.59]I just need to get you inside. I have to sew that up. 我仅仅需要你进去,我得为你缝合

[28:38.20]No inside. 我不进去

[28:39.65]Please, I promise. I promise you won't go to jail. 我保证,我保证你不会被送进监狱的

[28:42.20]Just -- it's raining. Please come inside. 只是--天在下雨啊 请进医院去吧

[28:46.16]Okay, okay, okay. 好吧,好吧

[28:49.51]Not inside. 不进医院

[28:54.52]Uh... wait here, okay? 嗯...等在这儿,好吗?

[28:57.01]Wait. I'll come back. I'll be back. 等一下我会回来的,我会回来的

[29:05.08]- Well? - It's a birth defect. -那个孩子怎么样? -那个孩子有出生缺陷

[29:07.34]Tetralogy of fallot with pulmonary atresia. 肺部闭塞

[29:09.54]You were right. I'm booking the O.R. For tomorrow. 你是对的,我要去定一个明天的手术室

[29:12.29]Thank you for backing me up on this. 感谢你对我的支持

[29:14.30]Wait. Whoa. 不不不,等一下

[29:15.65]You were right. 你是对的

[29:16.97]But if you ever pull a stunt like that again -- 但是如果你再做出那样让人吃惊的表现的话--

[29:19.22]going to the parents behind a doctor's back, 背着医生去看病人

[29:21.14]trying to steal a patient from another service -- 试着从另一个服务部门偷来一个病人的话--

[29:23.16]I will make your residency here hell on earth. 我会让你在实习期里过得非常惨

[29:42.91]Three, four, five. Breathe. 三,四,五。呼吸

[29:45.60]Charging to 200, please. 请加到200

[29:48.55]Four, five. Breathe. 四,五 呼吸

[30:35.81]Damn it. 该死

[30:46.25]Okay. You're all sewn up. 好啦 都缝合好了

[30:51.89]That's pretty good. 真是太好了

[30:54.06]I could've done a better job if I'd had more light. 如果有足够的光线我会做的更好

[30:57.81]You might have a scar. 你可能会留下一个疤

[30:59.50]It is good. 已经很好了

[31:05.00]You're gonna need to come back in five days. 你需要在五天内回来一次

[31:08.46]Okay? I'm gonna need to check the wound and remove the stitches, okay? 明白吗?我要再检查检查伤口并把线拆了,明白吗?

[31:15.54]So, uh... here's my pager number on this card. 那么,嗯...这个卡上有我的拷机号码

[31:18.20]Right here, okay? 就还在这儿,好吗?

[31:20.04]We'll meet right back here, okay? 我们再在这见面,好吗?

[31:22.86]You have to come back. 你必须要回来

[31:24.72]But you can't tell anybody that I helped you outside of the hospital, or I might lose my job. 但是你不能告诉别人我在医院外边帮了你 否则我会丢了工作的

[31:29.56]Understand? 明白吗?

[31:30.67]Yes. Come back and don't tell. 是的 按时回来 不告诉别人

[31:33.50]Yes. 对

[31:34.89]Okay, that's it. I'm done. You can go. 好啦,就是这些 我的事完了,你们可以走了。

[31:37.92]I'll see you in five days. 我会在五天后复查你

[31:39.74]See you. 到时见

[32:03.20]Thank you. 谢谢你

[32:36.20]Do you think I'm too confident? 你认为我是不是太自信了?

[32:37.96]No. 不

[32:40.43]Don't lie. 不要撒谎

[32:42.46]You are my boss. 你是我的上司

[32:47.14]All right, then. Anything you say in the next 30 seconds is free, starting now. 那么,好吧 接下来30秒你说的一切都是没关系的,现在开始

[32:54.57]I think you're cocky, arrogant, bossy, and pushy. 我认为你傲慢,自大,专横和阿谀奉承

[32:58.29]You also have a god complex. 你还有点自以为是

[32:59.98]You never think about anybody but your damn self. 你能想到的只有你自己

[33:02.08]- But I -- - But what? I still have 22 more seconds. -可是我-- -可是什么?我还有22秒

[33:04.37]I'm not done. 我还没说完呢

[33:07.53]I need a drink, a man, or a massage. 我需要一杯酒,一个男人,或者是一次按摩

[33:11.13]Or a drunken massage by a man. 或者是一个男人做的大力按摩

[33:16.11]What's wrong with you? 你怎么了?

[33:19.70]I lost five patients on the code team today. 今天我们组死了五个病人

[33:22.54]I feel like the angel of death. 我觉得我就像是死亡天使

[33:25.01]George, 95% of all code patients can't be revived. George,你们组95%的病人都无法苏醒

[33:28.46]Most of them are seriously dead before you even get there. 他们中大多数甚至在你到达之前 情况就很严重了

[33:32.60]What? 什么?

[33:35.91]Why didn't you tell me that when I was going on and on about how great it was gonna be? 那当我想那里有多美好时 你为什么不告诉我?

[33:39.70]Because... 因为...

[33:41.75]you're George and I'm Cristina. 你是George而我是Cristina

[33:52.26]His heart surgery is scheduled for the morning. 他的心脏手术安排在明天早上。

[34:00.14]I really did think I was right, you know? 我真的认为我是对的,你知道吗?

[34:03.02]I know. 我知道

[34:06.78]We almost never are. 我们几乎都那样。

[34:09.17]We're interns. 我们是实习医生嘛

[34:10.57]We're not supposed to be right. 我们总被认为是错的

[34:12.63]And when we are, it's completely shocking. 而当我们真的错了时,那对我们是一种极大的震惊

[34:16.87]Are you -- 你也--

[34:19.08]I mean, being an intern, do you feel -- 我是说,作为一个实习医生,你是不是也感到--

[34:21.45]Terrified. 害怕

[34:22.97]100% of the time. 每时每刻

[34:26.76]Good. It's not just me. 太好了。并不仅仅是我啊

[34:29.93]No. 不是的

[34:49.37]How is she? 她怎么样了?

[34:51.80]No change. 没有变化

[34:53.47]Have you been here all night? 你整晚一直在这儿?

[34:58.39]Yep. 对

[35:00.08]You know, I have four sisters. 你知道的,我有四个姐妹

[35:01.80]Very girly. Tons of kids. 很多女人,很多的小孩子

[35:03.58]If I was in a coma, they'd all be here. 如果我在昏迷,她们肯定都会来的

[35:05.63]I'd want them here. 我想让她们来这儿

[35:07.62]Not having no one? 一个亲人都没有?

[35:09.50]Can't imagine that. 难以想象

[35:11.70]I can. 我能想象

[35:13.24]What are you talking about? What about your mother? 你在说什么?要是你妈妈在这儿会怎么样?

[35:15.54]She'd be here ordering all the surgeons around. 她会把所有的外科医生都叫到身边

[35:17.90]She'd fly these cowboys in from prague to do these amazing medical procedures. 她会把牛仔从布拉格接过来做这个吓人的手术

[35:23.31]That's true. 那倒是

[35:24.94]I do have my mother. 我有妈妈

[35:30.63]So we're kissing, but we're not dating? 我们接过吻了,可我们却不约会?

[35:34.60]I knew that was gonna come up. 我就知道你下面会说这个

[35:35.95]Don't get me wrong. I like the kissing. 别让我说错嘛,我喜欢那样接吻

[35:38.25]I'm all for the kissing. 我也想要

[35:40.14]More kissing, I say. 更多的吻,我说

[35:42.06]I have no idea what that was about. 我不知道那是什么样的?

[35:43.92]Is it gonna happen again? 'Cause if it is, I need to bring breath mints. 那会再一次发生吗?要是再发生 我就带上薄荷口香糖了

[35:46.81]Put a condom in my wallet. 放一个避孕套在我的钱包里

[35:48.21]Shut up now. 现在住嘴

[35:50.91]There's this baby up in the nursery. 婴儿们在看护所里长起来

[35:54.87]He's brand-new. 他是全新的

[35:56.77]No one's neglected him or damaged him yet. 还没有人忽视或者是伤害他

[36:01.53]How do we get from there to here? 我们是怎么从那时一直走到现在的?

[36:05.17]She's wearing my shoes, and someone's beat the crap out of her. 她穿了我的鞋,被人伤害了

[36:09.11]And she's got nobody. 还没有人帮助她

[36:17.21]Her icp's doubled. Get O.R.! 她的ICP加倍了,快送抢救室!

[36:19.41]Prep for craniotomy. 准备进行颅骨切开

[36:21.25]Let's hang a mannitol, uh... take a blood gas. 挂上甘露醇,嗯...用血液气体

[36:34.74]Hey. 嘿

[36:40.13]I, uh, had to leave her skull flap off until the pressure in her brain goes down. 我,嗯,必须让她的头骨一直开着 直到她大脑中的压力能够降下来

[36:46.37]She's not gonna make it, is she? 她会死,是不是?

[36:48.72]She's gonna be fine. 她会好的

[36:52.34]If she ever wakes up. 只要她醒过来

[36:55.90]If she ever wakes up. 只要她醒过来

[37:02.87]Dr. Burke? Burke医生?

[37:04.05]I'm off at 6:00. You want to get that drink we talked about? 我六点下班 想跟我去喝一杯吗?

[37:06.14]I don't think so. 我不想去

[37:07.36]Well, what about tomorrow night? 那明天晚上怎么样?

[37:10.90]Shepherd, you should know that Richard promised chief to both of us. Shepherd, 你应该知道Richard对咱俩 都许诺了主任的位子

[37:19.15]But you knew that already. 可你已经知道了

[37:22.20]Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. 对你的朋友要接近,对你的敌人也要接近

[37:25.92]You're not the enemy. 你不是敌人

[37:27.64]You're just the competition. 你只是个竞争者

[37:35.31]So, here is where you have the signature, and down here, the initials. 那么,在这儿签上你的名字,第一个字母大写

[37:39.32]Okay. 好的

[37:39.94]It just says that the, um... the... 那就是那个...嗯...

[37:44.64]penis. 阴茎

[37:46.35]Look, I'm a doctor. 你看,我是个医生

[37:47.76]I mean, it shouldn't be weird to say this. 我的意思是说,我不应该感到难说出口的

[37:49.94]It's just that I used to change her diapers. 就像我曾经给她换尿布一样

[37:52.61]I get it. 我知道的

[37:53.61]It just says that it was never out of your sight. 就是说它总也逃不出你的视线

[37:55.40]Here we go. One penis. 走了。一个阴茎

[37:59.75]Officer. 警官

[38:05.13]We'll be using a median approach for a transventricular repair with a right ventriculotomy. 我们将用一种中度的方法来修复心室

[38:10.85]Let's open him up. 现在我们开始

[38:11.92]Open. The 10 blade, please. 切开。请用10号刀

[38:16.54]Grey? Grey?

[38:17.93]Yes, sir? 什么,先生?

[38:19.30]Go scrub in. When we're finished cracking the baby's chest, I'll let you hold the clamp. 去洗一下。等我们打开了这个孩子的胸腔 我会让你拿夹钳子

[38:24.10]Seriously? 真的吗?

[38:26.66]Don't make me change my mind. 不要让我改变注意

[38:28.63]I'm going. 我去了

[38:37.39]I have good news and bad news. 我有一个好消息和一个坏消息

[38:38.86]The good news is Dr. Bailey stopped the bleeding. 好消息是Bailey医生止住了你的出血

[38:41.12]The bad news is we've given your penis to the cops. 坏消息是我们已经把你的阴茎交给了警察

[38:44.18]Have a nice life. 过得开心点吧

[38:49.41]The results of your labs are clean. 你的化验报告没有问题

[38:51.47]The tumor is benign. You can go home today. 那个肿瘤是良性的,你今天就可以回家了

[38:57.41]Oh, you... 噢,你们...

[39:20.10]At some point, you have to make a decision. 在某些问题上,你必须作出决定

[39:25.27]Boundaries don't keep other people out. 边界并不能把你和其他人隔开

[39:30.40]They fence you in. 他们依然会进来

[39:33.85]Life is messy. 生活是杂乱无章的

[39:37.62]That's how we're made. 但所有的一切都是我们自己造成的

[39:40.10]Okay, fine, George and Izzie, you can move into the house. 好,好,George and Izzie,你们可以搬进来了

[39:45.28]- Yes! - I can't believe you caved! -太棒了! -我无法相信你会妥协!

[39:47.88]Thank you. 谢谢你

[39:49.68]Yes! 太棒了!

[39:52.11]I can't believe I caved. 我也不敢相信我竟然妥协了

[39:54.26]I blame the babies. 我认为应该归咎于这些小孩子

[39:56.04]They make you toxic. 是他们让你神志不清

[39:58.73]So you can waste your life drawing lines... 所以你可以用尽一生去画无数的线...

[40:10.36]...or you can live your life crossing them. ...你也可以跨越这些线去好好生活

[40:19.46]Welcome back. 欢迎回来

[40:39.20]...But there are some lines... ...可那总有一些线...

[40:42.10]So, it's intense. 这么说那是很强烈的了

[40:46.95]This thing I have for ferryboats, I mean. 就是我说的我对于渡轮的那件事

[40:50.86]...way too dangerous to cross. ...非常危险无法越过的路

[40:54.06]I'm so taking the stairs this time. 这次我要走楼梯

[40:57.67]No self-control. 没有自制力

[40:59.54]It's sad. 太让人悲伤了

[41:01.27]Really. 真的

[41:12.50]Here's what I know. 这就是我所知道的

[41:16.75]If you're willing to take the chance... 如果你愿意去尝试...

[41:22.43]the view from the other side... 另一面的风景...

[41:26.41]is spectacular. 将令你着迷。

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