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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.09.01 10:56:11
[00:01.66]previously on "grey's anatomy"... "医人当自强"前情提要...
[00:03.51]pick me. Choose me. Love me. 挑我 选我 爱我
[00:06.16]I need to not die emotionally crippled and alone. 我不能感情破裂 孤独终老
[00:08.77]Callie... what I did to you I-is unforgivable. Callie...我的所作所为是不可原谅的
[00:12.01]so you two are together? - 你们俩在一起了? - 是啊
[00:13.97]You know what? You're inappropriate and unprofessional. 你知道么 你很外行 很不专业
[00:16.38]Dr.Hahn has agreed to bome our new head of cardiothoracic surgery. Hahn医生已经同意 做我们胸科的带头人
[00:19.52]Lookin' forward to it,dr.Yang. 我很期待啊 Yang医生
[00:21.28]My wife has filed for divorce. 我老婆已经申请离婚
[00:23.35]I don't know if I can handle one more night in that hotel. 我不能再住旅馆了
[00:25.74]You can say anything to me. 想说什么就说
[00:27.20]I want to marry you,and you're not ready. 我想娶你 但你没准备好
[00:34.22]there's this thing about being a surgeon-- 做外科医生 会有这样的想法
[00:37.10]maybe it's pride or maybe it's just about being tough-- 也许是自尊心 也许是想要坚强
[00:40.78]but a true surgeon never admits they need help unless absolutely necessary. 真正的外科医生 不得已时 才承认自己需要帮助
[00:45.26]What are your other symptoms? 还有什么其他症状?
[00:46.69]Okay,there's the father thing... 好吧 有父亲的问题...
[00:49.96]The mother thing,the sister thing... 母亲的问题 妹妹的问题...
[00:54.37]-mm,the dying-and-coming-back- to-life thing. -You have too many things. - 还有死而复生的问题 - 你问题真多啊
[00:58.06]I can't sleep. 我睡不着
[00:59.57]I can't sleep without the dreaming. 每次睡觉都做梦
[01:01.56]And the panic attacks. 还有惊恐发作
[01:02.25]-One. One panic attack. -Okay,still. - 一次 只有一次惊恐发作 - 好吧 一次也是有
[01:04.03]What's wrong with me? 我怎么了?
[01:05.42]As far as I can tell,severe abandonment issues. 我认为你有严重的厌世情绪
[01:11.60]that's crap. Psych is crap. 没用 心理治疗最没用
[01:15.02]Issues? 厌世情绪?
[01:15.80]I mean,it's-- it's in the book. The book said it,not me. 书上这么写的 不是我瞎编的
[01:19.31]have you considered maybe you and derek should... 你想过么 也许你和Derek应该...
[01:22.49]stop having breakup sex? 停止最后的激情?
[01:28.86]Okay. 好吧
[01:33.75]The more available he gets... 他越是触手可及...
[01:37.27]the more I pull away. 我就越想转身离开
[01:40.16]What do you mean? 你什么意思?
[01:42.28]Nothing. It's a derek thing. 没什么 这是关于Derek的问题
[01:44.77]Surgeons don't need to ask for help 'cause they're tougher than that. 外科医生不需要帮助 因为他们更坚强
[01:48.88]Surgeons are cowboys-- rough around the edges,hard-core. 外科医生就是牛仔 不修边幅 顽固强硬
[01:55.18]Least,that's what they want you to think. 至少他们想给你如此印象
[01:59.54]ah,good morning. 早上好
[02:02.19]Oh,perfect timing. 时间刚好
[02:04.39]Trout for breakfast. 早饭吃鲑鱼
[02:06.66]Again. 又吃鲑鱼
[02:11.04]Yeah,don't start. I let you live on my land,so don't--don't start. 什么都别说 我让你住这 所以别说
[02:13.74]I'm older than you. I've just seen life from both sides now. 我年纪比你大 对生活的观察更全面
[02:17.73]You gonna start singing? 你想唱歌?
[02:18.88]I'm just saying that a man who is up fishing at 3:00 every morning is a man in pain over a woman. 每天凌晨3点起来钓鱼的男人 就是为女人苦恼的男人
[02:24.87]Oh,good. A country-western song. 不错 西部乡村歌曲
[02:26.63]I'm pointing out it's a thing we have in common,derek. Derek 我想说这是我们的共同点
[02:32.39]You know,what we need is something to take our mind off of everything. 我们要做点什么 放松下大脑
[02:36.56]What we need... 我们需要的是...
[02:39.38]is a gentlemen's evening. 男士之夜
[02:42.39]-A what? -A good, old--fashioned gentlemen's evening... - 什么? - 传统的男士之夜
[02:46.27]tonight. 就在今晚
[02:55.57]this is absurd. 太荒谬了
[03:04.62]You shouldn't be sleeping in the on call room. 你不该在待命室里睡觉
[03:07.97]It's not always an on call room. Sometimes it's a gurney in the tunnels and the... 不是一直在待命室里 有时我睡在走廊的轮床上...
[03:13.86]it's absurd... 太荒谬了...
[03:15.72]when I have a perfectly good bed. 我躺在舒服的床上时
[03:17.85]And I know that we said we would wait and be respectful,and we have been very respectful. 我知道 我们说过要等待 要认真对待
[03:23.91]but now I want sex. 但现在我想性福一下
[03:26.36]-Right now? -no. - 现在? - 不
[03:28.64]Tonight. 今晚
[03:30.71]Tonight we will have... 今晚我们要...
[03:33.10]hot,perfect sex. 火辣完美的性爱
[03:36.46]-You in? -Yeah,I'm obviously in. - 你要么? - 当然要
[03:41.05]I gotta go. 我要走了
[03:42.33]I got patients to check on,erica hahn to impress. 我要去检查病人 给Erica Hahn留个好印象
[03:45.25]I'm gonna go kick some cardio ass. Oh,god. I gotta shave my legs. 我得认真对待这个 哦 天啊 我还得刮腿毛
[03:48.92]It's okay if you don't,you know,have ahance to shave your legs. 如果没时间 不刮也没事
[03:52.28]No,it's not. 不 不是的
[03:54.01]It is not okay,george. I have to shave my legs. 怎么会没事 George 我必须刮腿毛
[03:55.92]I will be shaving my legs. Hot,perfect sex requires shaved legs. 我要刮 火辣完美的性爱需要光滑的大腿
[03:59.53]Okay. 好吧
[04:03.59]Erica hahn-- first day. Erica Hahn 上班第一天
[04:06.13]Oh,first day indeed,and a mountain of paperwork to prove it. 的确是 堆成山的文案工作就是证明
[04:09.27]Derek shepherd,you know erica hahn. 这是Derek Shepherd 你认识Erica Hahn
[04:11.34]You're the new burke. 你是新来的Burke
[04:12.62]And this is dr.Mark sloan,head of plastics. Erica hahn. 这是Mark Sloan 整容科带头人 这是Erica Hahn
[04:16.39]Ah,the new burke. 你是新来的Burke
[04:18.08]Welcome. Excuse us. 欢迎 失陪了
[04:21.50]Interesting guys,and by "interesting" I mean "ridiculously attractive. 有趣的男人 这里的 "有趣"是"可笑地吸引"之意
[04:27.22]do you hire on looks alone,or is actual skill a factor? 你是因为孤独才雇用我 还是因为我的真实水平?
[04:31.24]-Good to have you here,erica. -Good to be here,richard. - 很高兴你加入 Erica - 很乐意加入 Richard
[04:34.30]What exactly is a gentlemen's evening? 男士之夜到底是什么?
[04:36.26]I don't know. It's an evening with gentlemen. 不知道 只有男士的夜晚
[04:38.93]And strippers? 有脱衣舞女吗?
[04:39.69]No,I don't--I don't think the chief meant strippers. 没有 我想主任的意思是没有脱衣舞女
[04:41.87]Sure sounds like strippers. Dr.Bailey? 肯定有脱衣舞女 Bailey医生?
[04:44.40]What's the first thing that comes to mind when I say the words "gentlemen's evening"? 我说"男士之夜"时 你会马上想到什么?
[04:48.92]Tassels. Shiny,sequined tassels and $1 bills. 流苏 发亮的金片流苏 和很多1美元小费
[04:53.73]See? Strippers. 明白了吧? 是脱衣舞女
[04:54.82]There will be no strippers. I'm almost positive. 绝对没有 我非常肯定
[04:56.73]So you don't know what this thing is either? 看来你也不知道有没有?
[04:57.71]No,but you're in? 我不知道 不过你会来么?
[04:58.93]Why not? I like to be surprised. 为什么不去? 我喜欢惊喜
[05:02.71]Okay. Oh,heads-up. Mr.Incredible,12:00. 抬头看 美梦先生来了 12点钟方向
[05:05.43]Hi. 嗨
[05:08.00]Hi. 嗨
[05:09.82]What the hell was that about? 什么意思?
[05:11.55]That was about a date we have later in the on call room. It's nothing. 没什么 就是我们要在待命室约会
[05:15.74]Well,you sure seem to be losing sleep over a whole lot of "nothing. 你就是因为这些"没什么"失眠的
[05:18.94]" This is it-- hahn is in the hospital,freakin' izzie is on her service again. Hahn来了 疯狂Izzie整天跟着她
[05:22.83]I'm gonna ride this trauma train straight back into cardio. 我不想做外伤救护 我想回心脏科
[05:24.73]Okay,what do we got? 好了 什么情况?
[05:26.19]Uh,two ambulances,multiple traumas. 两辆救护车 多种外伤
[05:27.97]Any chance you need a resident's help,dr.Torres? Torres医生 你需要住院医生帮忙么?
[05:30.12]As long as you want to smash bones into dust while people cry. 只要你想把骨头碾碎 让人痛苦流涕
[05:36.48]Sweet. What do you got? 太好了 什么情况?
[05:38.09]Chest pain,tamponade,ruptured aorta? 胸痛 填塞 大动脉破裂?
[05:39.78]Uh,more like a clown car. 更像是车祸
[05:41.56]Jackie escott,25 years old-- dislocated shoulder lac to her thigh,vital signs are stable. Jackie Escott 25岁 肩膀脱臼 大腿受伤 生命体征平稳
[05:46.63]And helena boyd,26 years old-- Helena Boyd 26岁
[05:48.58]also stable with obvious nasal fracture facial lacs and a chunk of missing scalp. 生命体征平稳 鼻骨骨折 面部受伤 头皮脱落
[05:53.19]-She ripped out my hair. -She ripped out my shoulder! - 她拔掉了我的头发 - 她把我肩膀弄脱臼了!
[05:55.42]You pped out your own shoulder when you were trying to push me off of the platform! 你想把我推下去 才弄伤自己的肩膀的!
[05:58.05]Who let go of the dress? Did anybody let go of the dress? 谁要放开礼服? 你们谁放开礼服?
[06:00.93]Hang in there,honey. Don't let her psych you out,all right? 坚持住 宝贝 别让她唬住你 好么?
[06:02.63]Okay,what the hell's all this? 好了 到底怎么回事?
[06:03.53]It's a store contest. I'm the judge. 商店竞赛 我是裁判
[06:06.09]Last one to let go of the dress- 最后到的人要放弃礼服
[06:07.04]-- wins the wedding of my dreams. -Of my dreams. - 我要赢得我梦想的婚礼 - 我的梦想
[06:09.53]All right,enough. You two are injured,okay? 好了 够了 你们俩都受伤了?
[06:11.84]You need to get your priorities straight and let go of the-- 你们别管先来后到 先放开...
[06:14.27]let go--let go of the dress so we can treat you. 放开...放开礼服 我们才能治疗
[06:18.73]All right,let go now. Now. 好了 快放手
[06:23.06]That's not gonna happen. 我们不会放手的
[06:25.04]All right. Fine. Let's move. 好吧 随便 推进去
[06:31.57]oh,please let this be something good,something cardio good. Please. 老天保佑 来个心脏病人吧
[06:36.88]33-year-old male discovered unconscious but stable having survived a 12,000-foot free fall. 33岁男性 从12000英尺摔落(约36万米) 失去知觉但状况平稳
[06:41.69]A what? 什么?
[06:42.60]His parachute didn't open. 他的降落伞没打开
[06:43.97]Wait,he fell 12,000 feet without a parachute? 等等 他没降落伞从12000英尺跳下来?
[06:48.01]thank you. 感谢老天
[06:52.13]Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Episode 6 医人当自强 第四季 第6集
[06:53.37]What's his name? 他叫什么名字?
[06:54.35]Rick. I'm rick jacobs. Rick 我叫Rick Jacobs
[06:57.05]He's talking? 他能说话?
[06:58.71]you'd think after 12,000 feet,he'd have at least a punctured lung. 从12000英尺摔落 肺部早该裂了
[07:00.88]where is he? Where are you? 他在哪? 你在哪?
[07:02.39]Oh,my god. There you arE. 哦 老天啊 你在这
[07:03.87]How is he? How is he? Is he okay? Is he dying? 他怎么样? 还好么? 会死么?
[07:06.45]No,I'm not dying,sally. 不会 我死不了 Sally
[07:07.93]Okay,ma'am,you need to calm down. 女士 你要冷静下来
[07:09.73]Is this yourife? 她是你老婆?
[07:10.68]My skydiving instructor. 我的跳伞教师
[07:12.51]-Well,ma'am- -I watched the whole thing. - 哦 女士... - 我目睹了全过程
[07:15.49]I-I couldn't do anything. I was just--I was just in the clouds floating, 我无能为力 当时我在空中飘浮
[07:18.49]watching while he--while he-- while he--you-- you fell to your death. 看着他...看着他 看着你一直摔下去
[07:22.77]His chute didn't open. 他的降落伞没打开
[07:24.26]Ma'am,okay,we need to do our jobs,and you're making that difficult by hovering over the patient. 女士 我们要救人 你在病人旁打转阻碍我们工作了
[07:28.19]P-please have a seat and breathe. 坐下来喘口气
[07:31.69]I heard we have a skydiver who fell 12,000 feet. 听说有个病人 从12000英尺跳下来
[07:35.54]That'd be me. 正是在下
[07:40.06]-hello. -Hi. - 你好 - 嗨
[07:42.67]He's talking? 他还能说话?
[07:44.46]Clearly he's in shock,can't feel the extent of his injuries. 显然他受惊了 感觉不到疼痛
[07:48.71]Let's get him down for a C.T. 带他去做个CT
[07:51.47]Cristina,where are you going? Cristina 你去哪?
[07:53.09]Multiple injuries means multiple surgeries. I'm going to get me some cardio. 多种创伤意味着多种手术 我去找个心脏方面的
[07:57.65]Okay,do you see that you're bleeding all over the dress? 你们发现已经血染礼服了么?
[07:59.77]It's not about the dress. 跟礼服没关系
[08:01.35]I can't,uh,I can't-- there's too much blood down here. 我不能...不能...下面流血太多了
[08:04.88]Which one of your legs is bleeding? 你们俩哪条腿流血了?
[08:06.33]I don't know. I can't really feel anything anymore. 我不知道 没心思去感觉
[08:08.76]I hear you have a broken nose down here. What's with the dress? 听说有人鼻骨骨折 礼服怎么了?
[08:11.03]It's n about the dress. 跟礼服没关系
[08:12.58]Can't they--can't they just split the prize? 她们不能共担费用么?
[08:14.15]I offered. I offered that 14 hours ago. 我说了 14个小时以前就说了
[08:17.01]It is a $100,000 wedding package,and I am not splitting it with anyone. 这是10万块钱的婚礼套装 我不和别人分享
[08:22.27]oh,you're bleeding on your dress. 血流到礼服上面了
[08:23.50]it's not about the dress! 跟礼服没关系!
[08:25.30]Uh,uh,I'm gonna have to stabilize that shoulder somehow. 我先固定肩膀
[08:27.62]I'll go grab a sling. 我去拿吊腕带
[08:29.72]-Well,this is cozy. -This is hell. - 太惬意了 - 太混乱了
[08:31.38]I assigned o'malley to you to keep him away from me,and now our patients are connected to each other. 我给O'Malley安排工作好让他远离我 可现在病人又让我们一起工作
[08:35.07]You're not looking at this like the opportunity it is. 你没看出来 这是个机会
[08:37.54]-Meaning? -Meaning he's an intern. - 什么意思? - 他是个实习生
[08:39.22]It's,like,half my job,torturing interns. 折磨实习生 是我工作的一部分
[08:42.62]thanks. That's-- that's almost sweet. 多谢了 这主意真不错
[08:43.94]But torturing george is not gonna make any of this any better. 不过折磨George 不会让情况改善
[08:50.93]Torture him how,exactly? 你打算怎么折磨?
[08:55.66]My hands always get so sweaty in hospitals. 我一进医院就双手冒汗
[08:59.20]It's the weirdest thing. 太奇怪了
[09:00.46]It's pretty common,actually. 实际上 这种事很平常
[09:03.56]If it makes you feel any better,dr.Hahn has done this procedure hundreds of times. Hahn医生做过上百次这种手术了 希望你能就此放心
[09:07.10]And she's really gonna thread a catheter up my leg,all the way to my heart? 她要从我腿部插导管进去 直通心脏?
[09:12.39]Trust me,you are in excellent hands. 相信我 你的医生十分优秀
[09:15.49]But,um,I--I'll be out,right? 但我是没有知觉的 对吧?
[09:17.81]Oh,yeah,you'll be asleep. You won't remember a thing. 是啊 你会被麻醉 不记得任何事情
[09:21.91]Ivory-billed woodpecker. 象牙嘴啄木鸟
[09:24.33]I'm sorry? 什么?
[09:25.32]Ivory-billed woodpecker-- that's what's getting me through this. 象牙嘴啄木鸟 它会帮我熬过去
[09:31.00]I'm a,uh,lifelong birdwatcher. 我一生都在观察鸟类
[09:34.74]And when I get through this,I am finally going to scout the ivory-billed woodpecker. 熬过去之后 我会去观察象牙嘴啄木鸟
[09:41.79]It is so rare. 它是珍稀动物
[09:43.57]You know,we--we thought it was extinct. 我们以为它已经灭绝了
[09:46.97]But it's not. 但还没有
[09:49.15]It lives in arkansas... 在阿肯色州还有...
[09:52.71]in this one little patch of swamp. 在一小块沼泽处
[09:58.47]Do you have any idea how incredible it is to see a bird like that in person? 能亲眼看到一只那样的鸟 是多么不可思议啊
[10:07.76]I'm sorry. 对不起
[10:09.13]Uh,I'll be just one second. 去去就来
[10:12.81]Why are you hovering? 你干嘛乱转
[10:13.53]Guess what just came into the pit. 让我猜猜急诊室来了什么病人
[10:15.02]No,no,don't guess. I'll tell you. 不不 不用猜 我来告诉你
[10:16.64]Skydiver. 跳伞员
[10:17.99]Skydiver whose chute didn't open,who fell 12,000 feet and landed in some shrubbery. 一个没打开降落伞 就从12000英尺高空 掉进灌木丛的跳伞员
[10:24.20]Poor guy. He probably broke every bone in his body. 可怜的家伙 他身上的骨头都断尽了吧
[10:26.36]No,the point is not "poor guy. " The point is amazing surgery. 不 重点不在于"可怜的家伙" 重点在于惊人的手术
[10:30.09]And it could be yours for the low,low price of a humdrum,everyday cardio cath. 只要你让出这个单调寻常的心脏病人 惊人的手术就归你了
[10:37.87]Yeah,forget it. I'm not giving up hahn's service. 算了吧 我不会放弃跟着Hahn混的
[10:39.63]Hey,hey,izzie,you know what? Cardio is my thing. 嘿 Izzie 知道么 心脏的得归我
[10:42.33]No. 才不
[10:43.42]I like this patient,I like hahn,and I like cardio. 我喜欢这个病人 我喜欢Hahn 我也喜欢心脏
[10:48.05]No,you are-- you are flirting with cardio. 不 你是在...在和心脏调情
[10:50.67]I am married to cardio. 我和心脏结了婚
[10:52.78]You will marry general surgery or,you know,okay,perhaps neuro. 你和其他手术结婚吧 也许神经科
[10:58.37]but you,you are nowhere near hard-core enough to commit to cardio. 但你还不够格做心脏手术
[11:03.55]So you are telling me to stop flirting with your husband. 你是要我别和你丈夫调情吧
[11:08.86]I get it. That's cute. 明白了 真可爱
[11:10.66]But if you're gonna ask me for a favor,insulting my personal life is probably not a great tactic. 你要是想让我帮忙 诬蔑我的私生活可不是条妙计
[11:14.48]No,no,no,wait. I am not talking about your sex life. 不不不 等等 我没有在讨论你的性生活
[11:16.57]I could not care less about your sex life. 我不想关心你的性生活
[11:18.23]It's a skydiver,izzie. Skydiver. 一个跳伞员 Izzie 跳伞员
[11:20.20]Sounds real cool. Enjoy it. 听上去很不错 好好享受吧
[11:25.13]if his intestines look like I think they will,that's gonna take first priority. 如果他的肠和我想的一样糟 那就得优先处理
[11:29.06]He could have delayed paralysis. 他的麻痹感可能有些延缓
[11:30.10]This is not a contest,gentlemen. 这不是在打赌 先生们
[11:31.92]But since a perfed bowel could kill the guy whether or not his spine's in working order, my money's on the chief going first. 不管脊柱是否正常 穿孔的肠子 都会要了他的命 我押主任的桩
[11:38.85]Hey,what'd I miss? 嘿 我错过什么了?
[11:40.18]Any cardiothoracic concerns? I'd be happy to page dr.Hahn. 心胸部分有问题吗? 我很乐意通知Hahn医生
[11:43.12]Sc's coming up. 半月瓣造影
[11:44.16]here it is. Wait for it. 来了 等下
[11:46.76]w-wait. Wait. 等等
[11:50.31]oh,that can't be right,can it? 这不对劲 是吗
[11:52.67]I'm not seeing any free fluid,any intraperitoneal gases. 我没看到流体和腹膜腔的气体
[11:57.44]Does anybody see anything? 有人看到了吗?
[11:58.32]There! Right there. A hematoma. 那儿 就在那儿 一个血肿
[12:00.66]in the right lower quadrant. 低四分区的右边
[12:01.75]It's the appendix. 是阑尾
[12:04.06]W-we're saying this guy fell 12,000 feet,and basically all he needs is an appendectomy? 一个从12000英尺高空掉下来的人 仅需要阑尾切除术?
[12:22.93]you're charting... in a closet. 你在写病历...在储藏室里?
[12:24.82]I get a lot of work done in here. It's quiet and nice. 我有很多事要做 这里很安静很舒服
[12:27.55]And a closet. 储藏室里
[12:30.10]Look... 听着...
[12:31.73]when I'm out there roaming the floors,okay, I am the other grey that dr.Yang likes to humiliate and kick around. 只要我在走廊里游荡 Yang医生就会羞辱虐待这"另一个Grey"
[12:38.44]And--and in here,I'm--I'm not. You know,in--in here,I'm-- it's just-- 而在这儿 我就不会被... 你知道 在这儿 我只是...
[12:42.81]it's--it's my place,okay? It's--it's a closet. 这是我的地盘...这是间储藏室
[12:48.40]You know,every intern classhas its runt of the litter. 每届实习生中总会有个最逊的
[12:51.70]You keep this up,this year it's gonna be you. 如果你一直都这样 今年就是你了
[12:55.12]Get up. 站起来
[12:56.41]Oh,sorry. You probably need to get in here. 不好意思 你要进来
[12:58.93]No,grab--grab a sling from the box and come with me. 不 从盒子里拿个吊腕带 跟着我
[13:01.79]With you? 跟着你?
[13:02.84]Well,if you'd rather sit like a loser in a closet doing charts,you can. 如果你宁可像个失败者那样 呆在储藏室里 我也无所谓
[13:05.85]Or you can come help me on ortho today. Your choice. 或者帮我处理那个肩膀归位病人 你自己选
[13:10.77]No way. No frickin' way. 没门儿 想都别想
[13:12.91]it's the only solution if neither of you will let go of the dress. 如果你们谁都不肯放开礼服 这就是唯一的办法
[13:15.47]it's very simple. Dr.Torres needs to treat jackie's shoulder and leg,so,jackie,you need a proxy. 很简单 Torres医生要治疗Jackie的肩膀和腿 那么Jackie 你得找个"代理"
[13:21.40]What? 什么
[13:22.69]Think about it,babe. This gives you an advantage. 考虑下 宝贝 这对你有好处
[13:24.57]You get to rest your hand and come back refreshed. 让手休息下 过会又会生龙活虎了
[13:27.26]Give me the dress. I'll be the proxy. 把礼服给我 我来当代理
[13:28.46]No way. 没门
[13:29.65]This isn't fair. You think this is fair? 这不公平 你觉得这公平?
[13:32.76]Dr.O'malley's the proxy. O'Malley医生来当代理
[13:36.28]What? 什么
[13:37.27]He'll hold on to the dress. 他会拿住礼服
[13:40.30]Hold the dress? You just want me to... 拿住礼服? 你要我...
[13:43.76]stand here and hold a dress? 站那 拿住礼服?
[13:45.82]No one every said internship was easy. 没人说过实习生的日子会好过
[13:58.96]Dude,you're job kinda sucks,huh? 老兄 你的工作真是逊毙了
[14:02.28]Hello? Watch the shoulder. 嘿 注意肩膀
[14:05.63]Oh,check it out. Bambi's a bridesmaid. 看啊 斑比的伴娘
[14:09.72]you're right. This did cheer me up. 你是对的 这真让我振奋
[14:13.73]you've got no lung injuries,no spinal injuries,no broken bones. 你肺部和脊髓没有受伤 骨头也没断
[14:18.45]-You're just a lucky man. -Holy crap. -你太幸运了 -天哪
[14:20.64]The only thing we found was a little bleeding in your lower abdomen. 你不过是下腹部小出血
[14:24.02]Which means we have to remove your appendix. 也就是说我们要切掉你的阑尾
[14:25.99]How's that even possible? 这怎么可能
[14:27.18]Uh,the body's an amazing thing. You know,sometimes these things,they just happen. 身体是很奇妙的 有时候就是这样
[14:36.09]If you had died... god. 如果你死了...上帝啊
[14:38.71]I didn't though. I lived. 我没死 我活下来了
[14:43.03]it's just the most amazing feeling. 这才是最奇妙的感觉
[14:44.74]I feel like I could do anything right now. 我觉得我现在无所不能
[14:46.88]I mean,anything in the world because I faced death and I... 我指任何事情 我都直面了死亡 而我...
[14:51.30]I survived. 活下来了
[14:52.92]-It changes a person. -It does. - 这可以改变一个人 - 是的
[14:56.39]It so does. 就是这样
[15:00.23]Sally...sal,I have to-- I want to,um-- Sally...我要...我想...
[15:04.08]don't worry. 别担心
[15:05.19]The minute-- the minute we get out of here,I am so destroying that video. 只要...我们一离开 我会毁了那个录像
[15:09.33]You will never have to-- to relive that horrible-- in fact,where's your helmet? 你就再也不用...遭这种罪了 你的头盔在哪里
[15:14.04]I'm gonna destroy that video right now. 我现在就去毁了那录像
[15:16.77]Sally. Sal... Sally Sal...
[15:19.20]wait. 等等
[15:20.19]Did she say "video"? 她是说"录像"?
[15:22.32]the trick is to envision the artery like a spaghetti noodle-- pliable,but not too fragile. 秘诀是把动脉想象成意大利面 很柔软 但也不是那么脆弱
[15:28.54]Good morning. 早上好
[15:30.23]Oh,this is an unexpected surprise,chief. You need something? 真是个惊喜 主任 你需要什么吗?
[15:33.75]Oh,first day. Just wanted to see how you were settling in. 第一天 只是想看看你怎么做
[15:37.39]you see that? 看到了吗?
[15:39.22]It's a blockage,left main coronary artery. It's totally closed off. 这是个阻块 左边主冠状动脉 完全阻塞
[15:43.47]There's no way I'm getting a stent in there. We're gonna have to open him up. 移植片固定模放不进去 我得开腔
[15:47.82]B.P.'S dropping to 58 over 20. 血压降到58/20了
[15:49.39]His heart's racing. 心跳加速
[15:50.44]And his temp's rising. Muscles are rigid. 体温上升 肌肉发硬
[15:53.38]All right,let's bring him off anesthesia and start him on 100% o-2. 好了 停止麻醉 恢复供氧
[15:57.65]He's got malignant hypothermia. 体温极降
[15:59.64]So he's allergic to the anestsia? 他对麻药过敏?
[16:01.00]He'll never be able to endure the cabg. 他不能做冠状动脉旁路移植术
[16:02.87]So what are our options? 我们怎么办?
[16:10.42]that's just,uh... 那就 呃...
[16:12.65]I mean,it sounds like you're telling me... 貌似你们要告诉我...
[16:20.12]you're not actually telling me I'M... I'm gonna die? 你们不是要告诉我...我会死吧?
[16:24.12]The blockage we found in your heart needs surgery,extensive surgery. angioplasty won't work. 心脏的阻块需要动手术 深度手术 做血管成形术是不够的
[16:30.59]And since you're allergic to the anesthesia... 因为你对麻药过敏
[16:34.68]so I'll just,uh... 那么我就是...
[16:39.19]I'll be like this. 只能这样
[16:42.68]I'll be sick... 一直带病...
[16:45.15]and exhausted... 慢慢拖垮...
[16:48.23]and like this... 然后...
[16:50.62]until one day when I'll... 直到某一天就...
[16:53.49]just,uh... 就...
[16:55.69]die. 死了
[17:02.91]It would've been wonderful... 这本来该有多好啊...
[17:06.23]to see that bird. 如果能看到那种鸟
[17:10.53]It would've been wonderful. 死而无憾了...
[17:17.30]Com ark) you're crowding me,o'malley. 你挤到我了 O'Malley
[17:22.73]Hey,hey,I think he just let go. You just let go of the dress,didn't you? 嘿嘿 我想他松手了 你松开了裙子 不是吗
[17:26.36]No. 不
[17:27.11]I wish to god he had. 肯定松手了
[17:28.68]I swear,if you let go and lose this contest after my jackie almost died to win it 如果你松手了 在Jackie搏命 要赢得礼服竞赛的情况下
[17:34.58]- - dude,a busted shoulder does not mean she almost died. Okay? 老兄 肩膀脱臼可没要死那么严重
[17:38.75]Whatever. 随便
[17:40.33]I'm watching you. 我盯着你呢
[17:43.59]I know you all think this is stupid. 我知道你们觉得这很蠢
[17:46.01]If I were you,I would think this is really stupid. 如果我是你 我也会觉得真的很蠢
[17:49.24]Ll,I've never been married myself,so I'm not one to judge,but george here knows all about what it takes. 我从没结过婚 我无法妄下定论 但George对这些很在行
[17:55.28]Don't you,o'malley? 是不是 O'Malley?
[17:56.47]You're married? For how long? 你结婚了? 多久了?
[17:58.84]Not very long. 不久
[18:00.17]Newlywedongratulatations. 新婚燕尔 恭喜你啊
[18:05.79]Thanks. 谢谢
[18:07.05]Now,jackie,dr.Karev and i are gonna do this on the count of three,okay? Jackie 现在数到三 Karev医生和我就给你归位 准备好了?
[18:12.38]I should totally win over that helena girl. I'm am way more injured than she is. 我完全可以赢Helena 我可比她伤得重
[18:16.80]I should just win by default. 我不用花力气就能赢她
[18:17.93]One... 1...
[18:19.67]two... 2...
[18:24.86]Is it in? 归位了吗
[18:30.15]It popped back out. 又突出来了
[18:31.06]She's gonna need surgery. 她要动手术了
[18:32.75]Hey,no.I gotta get back to my dress. Just wrap some bandages around it or something. 不 我要拿回我的礼服 捆些绑带什么的就好了
[18:37.68]You would rather hold on to a dress with a dislocated shoulder than let me repair it in surgery for you right now? 你宁愿拖着脱臼的肩膀去抢礼服 也不要我马上给你动手术?
[18:42.33]I can have surgery anytime. I can only win this wedding once. 手术随时都可以做 而婚礼只有一次机会
[18:58.82]So what,heust stands there and holds a dress? 什么? 他一直站那儿拿着件礼服?
[19:02.54]I know. I thought it was gonna be more exciting,too. 我知道 我也以为会更刺激些的
[19:05.49]A monkey could hold a dress. 就算是猴子也能拿着礼服
[19:06.69]Actually,this is a lot harder than it looks. 事实上 这比看上去难多了
[19:09.79]don't let them get to you. Tune them out,all of them. 别让他们影响到你 别理会他们
[19:13.72]It's the only way to get through it. 只有这样你才能熬过去
[19:14.73]Sweetie,he's your competition. Don't help him. 宝贝 他是你的竞争对手 别帮他
[19:17.62]You ever give morphine to people who aren't patients? 你给过病人之外的人吗啡吗?
[19:20.03]This kinda blows. 这有些无聊了
[19:21.19]It's more fun when you heckle. 你要是反驳的话会更有意思的
[19:22.77]Don't heckle,george. Geroge 别反驳
[19:23.80]Yeah,whatever. I got something way better than this. 好了 反正我有更有意思的事
[19:25.92]Something that tops o'malley playing bride? 比O'Malley扮新娘更有意思?
[19:30.80]Skydiver video. 跳伞录像
[19:39.08]What are we doing? 干什么呢?
[19:39.86]Video from the helmet of a skydiver without a chute. 不用降落伞的跳伞员 用头盔内置摄像机拍下的录像带
[19:42.53]You guys are sick. 你们真变态
[19:43.37]Oh,it's not a snuff film. The guy survives. 不是特级电影 那家伙活下来了
[19:46.76]holy... 天啊...
[19:49.34]Oh,is he... 哦 他...
[19:50.75]oh,no,he's going for it. He's going for the chute. 他是试着要 他是想打开降落伞的
[19:53.33]Oh,and it doesn't open. 但打不开
[19:54.32]Now he's flailing. 他掉下去了
[19:55.36]He's going for his second chute. 他正要打开备用的
[19:56.57]-oh,jeez. -Oh,also doesn't open. -啊哟 天啊 -也没能打开
[19:58.13]You'd think there'd be more screaming. 尖叫声应该来得更猛烈些
[19:59.64]Oh,ok how close the ground is getting. 哦 离地面有多近啊
[20:01.42]-Wh-what's he doing now? -Peeing his pants. -现在他在干啥 -尿裤子
[20:03.01]Is he saying something? Turn it up. 他在说话吗 开响点
[20:05.97]God,I wish would've told you. I am so in love with you. 天啊 我该告诉你 我多爱你啊
[20:09.38]I-I love you. I love you. I love you,sally. I--ohh! 我 我爱你 我爱你 我爱你 Sally 我--哦
[20:16.24]who's sally? 谁是Sally
[20:19.07]-His skydiving instructor. -Sad. - 他的跳伞教练 - 惨啊
[20:21.94]Hey,what are you even doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in surgery? 你在这里干什么? 你不是该在做手术吗?
[20:24.26]The guy is allergic to anesthesia. The surgery was canceled. 那人对麻药过敏 手术取消了
[20:31.49]I drowned. 我溺水了
[20:33.09]I was sinking... 我往下沉
[20:35.32]I died. 我死了
[20:38.76]And you know what I realized? 知道我意识到什么了?
[20:41.03]I realized how stupid all of my issues are. 我意识到我所有的事情都很可笑
[20:45.09]I'm waiting for how this applies to me. 我在等你说这也适用于我呢
[20:47.87]-It doesn'T. -Of course not. -没这意思 -当然
[20:50.38]Well,that man fell,and all he wanted was one last chance to tell sall how he felt about her. 那人掉下去 而他想的只是有一次 告诉Sally他爱她的机会
[20:56.95]And I got one last chance. I got my chance. 我也有这最后的机会 我有过
[21:01.03]And what have I done with it? 但我做了什么
[21:03.24]You know,being aware of your crap and actually overcoming your crap are two very different things. 意识到糟糕和要克服糟糕 完全是两码子事
[21:11.24]-I know. -Okay,found it. -我知道 -好了 找到了
[21:18.03]dr.Hahn,I know how you can do the surgery on the patient who is allergic to anesthesia. Hahn医生 我知道怎么给 那个麻药过敏的病人动手术了
[21:22.39]Well,no anesthesia means no ventilator. 不能用麻药就不能用呼吸机
[21:24.94]No ventilator means no cabg. Not a whole lot of wiggle room there. 不能用呼吸机就不能做 冠状动脉旁路移植术 没得商量
[21:27.77]You can operate on him while he's awake. 你可以在他清醒的时候做手术
[21:29.23]Yang-- you can use a high thoracic epidural to numb him from the chest down. -- Yang -- 你可以给他做上胸部硬膜外麻醉
[21:33.33]Let him breathe on his own the entire time. 整个手术 让他完全自主呼吸
[21:35.12]I mean,they pulled it off in india last month,and then again in-- 我是说 上个月印度有过先例 也能再次--
[21:37.40]dr.Hahn,you wanted to sign the discharge papers for mr.Arnold? Hahn医生 你要给Arnold先生签出院证明吗?
[21:43.86]Not quite yet. 现在还不是时候
[21:46.92]Wide awake? 完全清醒状态?
[21:49.27]You want me to let you slice open my chest while I'm wide awake? 你要我同意在完全清醒的状况下 给我胸膛开腔?
[21:55.58]It is your best option. 这是你最好的选择
[21:58.95]Uh,how... 怎么做...
[22:01.75]how long would i have to be lying there,uh,on the table with my chest open,uh,like that? 我得在胸口被切开的状态下 在手术台上躺多久?
[22:09.09]the surgery can take up to five or six hours. Maybe more. 手术要5或6小时左右 可能会更久
[22:14.73]uh,six hours... 6小时...
[22:16.72]awake... 清醒着...
[22:18.09]w-with you operating on my heart. I... 看着你给我的心脏动刀子 我...
[22:20.64]the ivory-billed woodpecker. 象牙啄木鸟
[22:22.99]-What? -What? -什么 -什么
[22:24.44]The ivory-billed woodpecker. Mr.Arnold 象牙啄木鸟 Arnold先生
[22:27.57]you want to live to see it,don't you? This is your only chance. 你想要活着去见它 不是吗? 这是你唯一的机会
[22:34.74]Ivory-billed woodpecker. 象牙啄木鸟
[22:37.51]Excellent. 太棒了
[22:38.66]Stevens,we will scrub in as soon as an O.R. Is free. Stevens 手术室一空下我们就进去
[22:42.84]Uh,but the surgery was cristina's idea. 但手术方案是Cristina想出来的
[22:45.36]Either you want in or you don'T. 要么进 要么不进
[22:46.67]-Which is it? -I do. -选哪个 -我进
[22:48.43]Uh,but-- I'm sure there'll be standing room in the gallery,yang. -- 可是 -- Yang 我肯定会有地方让你旁观的
[22:51.82]Stevens,book the O.R. Stevens 预定手术室
[23:02.42]uh,chief. 主任
[23:03.63]Awake open-hrt surgery? 清醒状态下的开心手术?
[23:05.87]I want to talk to you about tonight. 我想和你谈谈今晚的事
[23:07.22]Have you heard about this awake open-heart surgery? 你听说这个开心手术了吗?
[23:09.36]I've invited sloan and, 我邀请了Sloan
[23:11.34]um,well,I'm wondering what I should tell him to expect. 我想知道该告诉他要期待什么
[23:14.48]Mm,tell him to expect a good time. 叫他准备好快乐时光
[23:16.51]Okay,so what is that,poker,cigars,whiskey? 好的 要准备什么 扑克 雪茄 威士忌?
[23:20.15]I mean,what kind of things? 要准备什么具体的东西?
[23:23.47]A good time,shep. Shep 快乐时光
[23:26.19]You know? 知道了吧?
[23:29.87]You have no idea the kind of stamina it takes to stand in a display window for two days. 你想象不到整整两天站在橱窗外 得要多少毅力
[23:36.25]It's the hardest thing I've ever done,like,ever. 这是我一生中经历过最困难的事情
[23:40.18]You're risking permanent damage to your shoulder over a contest. 你是拿肩膀永久性损伤在冒险
[23:45.98]What does your dress look like? 你的礼服什么款式?
[23:48.12]Strapless,sweetheart neckline,crystal beading- 无背带 漂亮的领口 水晶珠子
[23:52.96]- so pretty. 太美了
[23:54.43]But you're gonna wear your hair down,though,right? 但你还是要散开头发 是吗?
[23:56.31]You know,to cover the hunchback? 掩盖驼背?
[23:58.00]The what? 什么?
[23:59.93]Oh,it's just,since you're ignoring dr.Torres' advice about getting the surgery, 因为你不听Torres医生的手术建议
[24:03.45]you know,your shoulder is probably gonna be pretty swollen and purple 你的肩膀就会又黑又肿
[24:06.98]--you know,kind of like a hunchback? 有点像驼背
[24:08.32]But your hair should totally cover it. 但你的头发能完全遮盖住
[24:10.40]I mean,probably,with the right veil. 可能还有头纱
[24:12.85]You didn't tell me that. 你没告诉我这件事
[24:15.32]How soon can we have the surgery? 最快什么时候能做手术?
[24:21.68]dr.Hahn. Hahn医生
[24:23.40]I heard a crazy rumor about you. 我听到个有关你的疯狂谣言
[24:25.64]That I'm performing open-heart surgery on a man who's wide awake? 是病人清醒时 我进行开心手术吗?
[24:29.25]That's the rumor that's the truth. - 是谣言? - 是事实
[24:30.98]Well,I perform awake brain surgery all the time. 我做脑部手术时 病人都是清醒的
[24:33.13]Not the same thing. 两回事
[24:35.77]You ever heard of a gentlemen's evening? 你听说了男士之夜了吗?
[24:37.65]I'm sorry? 什么?
[24:38.89]The chief is hosting a gentlemen's evening. 主任正要举办男士之夜
[24:41.24]We're pretty sure it doesn't involve porn, 我们肯定不会有色情的东西出现
[24:43.00]but,you know,we want to be sure. 不过 我们想确定一下
[24:45.92]Right. 好
[24:47.56]Are you two a couple? 你俩是一对吗?
[24:51.97]that's--no. 当然不是
[24:53.21]Just checking. 只想确定一下
[24:58.81]Why would she ask that? 她为什么要那么问?
[25:00.01]I don't know. 不知道
[25:00.90]I'm--I'm worried about this gentlemen's thing. 我有点担心今晚的事
[25:03.53]George... George
[25:05.25]you got a second? 有空吗?
[25:08.24]Seriously? 说真的?
[25:10.90]one se.hi. 1秒钟 嘿
[25:18.77]We're gonna have to push bac our perfect evening tonight. 我们要推迟今晚的计划
[25:21.53]Not by much-- a few hours,I think. 不会太久 就几个小时
[25:23.53]Sure. 当然
[25:24.78]Okay. 好吧
[25:27.33]I'm about to scrub in on an awake open-heart surgery. 我要参加一个病人在 清醒状态下的开心手术
[25:31.03]-A what? -Awake. - 什么? - 清醒状态下
[25:32.48]The patient's gonna be wide awake while we operate on his heart. 病人手术期间保持清醒状态
[25:34.97]That is intense. -It is. - 太紧张了 - 确实是
[25:36.37]It is intense.It'S... 非常紧张
[25:40.65]you know,cristina would be all over this. Cristina本来要参与的
[25:43.05]She would be studying and quizzing herself,and all I can think about is--is the poor guy. 她肯定会胡思乱想 但我在为那个可怜的病人着想
[25:47.95]You know,he's really nervous already,and... 他已经很紧张了
[25:51.44]I'm not hard-core. 我不是很坚强
[25:53.55]I'm nohard-core enough for this. 我还在犹豫这个手术
[25:55.20]Yes,you are. 不 你很坚强
[25:57.22]What,you're just-- you're just not like cristina. 你和Cristina不一样
[26:00.20]You're hard-core. 你很坚强
[26:02.49]You're hard-core like izzie. 你像Izzie一样坚强 (hard-core也有裸露之意)
[26:07.16]did that just sound dirty?'Cause that's not how I meant it. 听上去有点色情? 但我没那意思
[26:10.24]Mean it,man. 就是那意思
[26:12.29]Shut-- 闭
[26:14.58]go kick ass in the surgery,and then we'll have our night,and it will be perfect. 全力参与手术吧 然后共度良宵 一定很美好
[26:18.40]Oh,I have not shaved my legs yet. 我还没刮腿毛
[26:20.05]Go be hard-core izzie. 做一个坚强的Izzie
[26:21.47]Go. -Okay,got it.going - 去吧 - 知道了 我去了
[26:24.56]Thank you. -Bye. - 谢谢 - 拜
[26:28.51]She's hot,man. 她很性感
[26:31.35]-- Is she your wife? 她是你老婆?
[26:34.36]I don't know you well enough to have this conversation. 我们不是很熟 谈这个不合适
[26:38.01]Chief,you paged? 主任 你呼我?
[26:39.78]Close the door. 关门
[26:43.32]You had the nerve to tell a patient you would perform awake open-heart surgery without running it past me? 你胆子也太大了 不通知我就告诉病人 你要做清醒状态下的开心手术?
[26:49.93]Did burke run every surgery past you? Burke的每个手术都经过你同意了?
[26:52.75]Erica,I know you're new here... -no. - Erica 我知道你刚来 - 才不是
[26:53.81]But we run-- I just want to know what the rules are. - 但我们 - 我就想知道这儿的规矩
[26:56.11]Every surgery burke booked,he ran it up the flagpole first? Burke每次预定手术 都要先通知你?
[26:59.32]And what about pretty and prettier? 美男和美美男呢?
[27:00.85]They run all their surgeries past you? 他们每个手术都要经过你同意?
[27:02.85]Wait,you're talking about shepherd and sloan? 等等 你在说Shepherd和Sloan?
[27:04.92]I am talking about your male attendings. 我在说你的男性主治医生
[27:08.27]You know,the ones you invited to your gentlemen's evening? 就是你邀请他们参加男士之夜的人
[27:11.51]Guess you don't know a guy till you work for him. 直到你为他工作时 才能真正了解他
[27:13.65]I mean,who knew you were running some kind of old boys' club? 我是说知道你要开办老式男孩俱乐部的人
[27:16.50]No,that is not it. 不 不是那样的
[27:17.55]What we were-- you realize that an evening to which the male attendings are invited and the women are not - 我们是 - 你只邀请男性主治医生 而不邀请女性
[27:21.83]-- you realize that that's a lot like when law firms used to have country club weekends 这跟法律事务所过去在周末 开办的乡村俱乐部一个样
[27:25.77]and failed to invi the black sociates? 不邀请黑人
[27:30.60]Good talk. 聊得很愉快
[27:31.92]I gotta prep for my surgery. 我要为手术做准备了
[27:42.95]remember when I was dead? 还记得我死的时候吗?
[27:47.02]Before I went in that water,everything was so... 我掉进水里之前 所有事都
[27:50.22]complicated and hard. 那么复杂 那么艰辛
[27:55.76]And then you pulled me out of the water. 然后你把我救出来
[27:59.78]And I came back to life. 然后我起死回生
[28:04.19]For a moment,everything was so clear... 那一刻 所有事情都那么明朗
[28:09.10]as if the water had washed everything clean. 好像所有事都被水清洗干净了
[28:15.50]Do you remember that? 你记得吗?
[28:17.01]I do. 记得
[28:23.03]Me,too. 我也是
[29:24.97]I don't know how you guys did this for two days. 真不知道你们怎么撑了两天
[29:28.20]Believe me,I would be at city hall tomorrow if that were an option. 相信我 如果可以选择的话 我明天要去市政府
[29:32.39]It is an option.You could just...let go. 有个选择 你可以放手
[29:36.87]You let go. 你放手
[29:41.12]You let go,and it's no big deal.It's a wedding. 你放手吧 又不是什么大事 只不过是个婚礼
[29:44.41]I let go,and I haveo face the wrath of dr.Sloan. 如果我放手 就要面临Sloan医生的愤怒
[29:49.70]My mom manages a grocery store, 我妈妈开了家杂货店
[29:53.47]and ever since I got engaged,she's been putting herself into serious debt 从我订婚时起 她就忙里忙外
[29:57.60]over hand-engraved place cards and chocolate fountains. 写邀请信 做巧克力蛋糕
[30:03.39]It's her dream. 那是她的梦想
[30:05.83]My wedding is her dream. 我的婚礼是她的梦想
[30:09.75]This is so important to her. 对她非常重要
[30:11.98]This is what she's been living for since I can remember,since... 从我记事起 从我父亲去世起
[30:16.07]my dad left. 这就一直是她生活的目标
[30:19.97]My perfect night. 我完美的夜晚
[30:23.97]So... 所以
[30:25.97]I can do this. 我可以做到
[30:28.37]I can do this for her... 为了她 我能做到
[30:31.48]because she's done a lot for me. 因为她为我付出太多
[30:41.94]Get me a crash cart right now. 快推辆车来
[30:48.25]must have happened when she fell this morning,which means she was bleeding all day. 她肯定今早摔倒时就这样了 她一整天都在流血
[30:52.43]She seemed just fine. 她看上去很好
[30:54.03]She must have been feeling some major pain. 她肯定觉得很痛苦
[30:57.88]Yeah,holding on to that dress,that wasn't easy for her. 拿着礼服不放对她来说不容易
[31:00.50]It was humiliating.It was-- 很丢人
[31:02.14]but when someone's trying to break you,it gives you drive,gives you strength. 但有人想打败你时 你反倒觉得有动力和勇气
[31:06.63]Holding on to that dress for hours--I mean,days-- you know,just... 拿着礼服坚持好几个小时 好几天
[31:11.64]and in public,refusing to buckle,refusing to beg-- 在大家面前 不屈服 不乞求
[31:15.66]that hard-core.I mean,in its own way,that's seriously hard-core. 那么坚强 我是说 那就是坚强
[31:19.74]Rumor has it that sloan was busy hazing one of his interns today. 有谣言说Sloan一整天 都忙着折磨他的实习生
[31:26.43]I take it you didn't buckle. 我想你没有屈服
[31:32.67]No,sir. 没有
[31:35.93]Good man,o'malley. 好样的 O'Malley
[31:56.56]uh,I can't feel anything from the neck down. 脖子以下 没有知觉
[31:59.30]It's almost like the rest of me just... 我身体的其他部分
[32:02.03]doesn't exist. 像不存在一样
[32:07.18]Okay,the sound you're about to hear,that's the saw. 你会听到锯声
[32:10.15]that--that's not a pretty sound. 不是什么好声音
[32:12.60]I brought you some music. 我给你放些音乐
[32:14.01]Just listen to this and tune it all out. 听这个吧 别想那个了
[32:20.04]and--and--and that smell. 什么味道
[32:22.42]That--that smell is not--that's the cautery. - 这种味道 - 是灼烧剂
[32:25.50]I-I know it's hard,but you'll get used to it. 我知道很难熬 但你会适应的
[32:27.88]In a moment or two,you won't even notice it.I promise. 过一会 你就不会在意了 我保证
[32:40.11]he jumped out of that plane. 他从飞机上跳下来
[32:42.25]No one forced him to do it. 没人强迫他
[32:43.93]Fell 12,000 feet. 从12000英尺高空掉下来
[32:46.40]People chasing death down,then trying to cheat it. 人们想了解死亡 然后努力躲避它
[32:49.67]Doesn't make any kind of sense to me. 对我来说 毫无意义
[32:52.81]There's a clarity thing. 有件事情很明白
[32:54.53]When you cross over the edge, 当你跨过边界时
[32:57.42]there's a moment when everything...just melts away,and you're fearless. 这一刻 什么都消失了 你变得勇敢无畏
[33:05.44]I get it.I understand wanting to feel like that. 我明白 我了解这种想要的感觉
[33:17.33]You're awake. 你醒了
[33:18.39]Did I win? 我赢了?
[33:19.43]You should know that your surgery went very well. 你的手术很顺利
[33:24.84]But who won? 谁赢了?
[33:27.07]I-is she still holding on? 她还在坚持呢?
[33:29.11]Helena collapsed. Helena倒下了
[33:30.52]She's in surgery. 她在手术室
[33:31.80]So--so I won? 我赢了?
[33:33.99]She--she collapsed,which-- which means I won,right? 她倒下了 就意味着我赢了?
[33:38.83]Where--where's the judge? 裁判呢?
[33:41.61]You--the woman that you stood next to for two days almost died. 站在你旁边的女人 站了两天 差点没了命
[33:44.96]Okay,you've just woken up from surgery,and all that you can think about is if you won a stupid contest? 而你刚从手术中醒来 就关心是否赢了那场愚蠢的竞赛?
[33:50.13]Don't you get it? 你还不明白?
[33:51.84]You--you shouldn't have to fight this hard for a wedding. 你不该为一场婚礼争得头破血流
[33:54.00]You fight for a marriage,and sometimes even that is a lost cause. 你为一场婚姻而战 即使败局已定
[33:57.45]Sometimes you have to know when to let go. 你也得知道要放手
[33:59.47]So just let go already,all right? 放手吧 好吗?
[34:01.07]Just frickin' let go. 就赶紧放手吧
[34:06.95]Yeah,buT... 好 可是
[34:08.57]d-did I win? 我赢了没?
[34:27.91]izzie stuck a picture of a bird on an empty saline bag and put it in his eyeline. Izzie在盐水袋上画了一只鸟 让他看见
[34:31.99]That's smart.I wouldn't have thought of that. 真聪明 我都没有想到
[34:43.90]she doesn't let me take care of her. 她不让我照顾她
[34:47.50]It's not my job anymore. 不归我管了
[34:50.55]She won't let me. 她不让我做
[34:54.94]I'm taking care of her. 我来照顾她
[35:01.82]You're,uh... 你们
[35:03.70]you're,uh,you're looking at my heart? 你们在看我的心脏?
[35:08.47]you're looking at my... 你们在看我
[35:10.22]actual heart? 活生生的心脏?
[35:11.88]Better than that,mr.Arnold,we're fixing it. 不止如此 Arnold先生 我们要修好它
[35:18.26]and,uh,all-- all those people,uh,up there in the observation deck,they're 在观察室里的人 他们
[35:24.19]--they're,uh,looking at it,too? 他们也看到了?
[35:26.83]they are. 对
[35:31.92]People watching me. 大家都在看我
[35:34.69]Pe-people watching me instead of,uh... 大家都在看我 而不是
[35:38.98]it's--it's so weird,uh,to be the one ing watched. 真奇怪 让别人看来看去
[35:43.61]It--it's so weird. 太奇怪了
[35:45.38]How you doing there,mr.Arnold? 你感觉怎样 Arnold先生?
[35:46.95]You need anything? 你需要什么?
[35:48.04]Uh,uh,it's--it's cold,uh,co-cold in here. 冷 我很冷
[35:51.72]Uh,I-I need to cover up. 我需要盖些东西
[35:53.94]Uh,uh,c-cover me up. 把我盖上
[35:56.21]Uh,okay? 好吗?
[35:57.93]Um,cov-cover me up. 把我盖上
[35:59.69]C-cov-cover me up. 盖上
[36:01.30]yeah,we're gonna-- we're--we're gonna coveryour legs with more blankets right now. 我们会在你腿上盖毯子
[36:04.72]Oh,c-cov-cover me up. 把我盖上
[36:06.80]Okay? 好吗?
[36:08.05]Okay,cov-- cover me up. 盖上我
[36:09.62]His heart rate's up to 168. 心跳达到168了
[36:10.81]Damn it. 该死
[36:12.34]You know,uh,ev-everybody's watching,uh,and--and,uh,I-I need to be covered up. 别人都在看我 快把我盖上
[36:17.57]I-i need-- I-I can't stay like this. 我不能就这样躺着
[36:20.20]I can't stay like this. 我不能这样
[36:21.82]You need--need-- I-I can' I can'T. 你们...我不能
[36:24.38]No,stop right now. 快停下来
[36:25.74]Just--just stop the surgery. 停止手术
[36:28.07]Stop!Stop it! 停下来!
[36:32.57]D/6 okay,I-I mean it. 我说真的
[36:35.59]Get your hands out of me. 把你们的手拿开
[36:36.93]Please stop! 快停止!
[36:38.46]Mr.Arnold,I need you to calm down so that your heart can calm down. Arnold先生 请冷静下来 你心跳过速了
[36:43.42]Okay,hey,mr.Arnold. Arnold先生
[36:44.81]Mr.Arnold) oh. Arnold先生
[36:47.65]Look at me. 望着我
[36:49.49]Good.Okay. 好
[36:50.95]Now I want you to focus on-- on the observation deck,okay? 我要你集中注意看观察室
[36:54.64]Pretend that it's a tree line or a shoreline or something-- something with birds. 当作是丛林或者海岸线 有很多鸟
[36:58.39]Those aren't people up there watching you,those are birds-- your birds-- and you're watching them. 不是人在看你 是鸟 你在观察它们
[37:02.35]So tell me,mr.Arnold,about the birds. 告诉我 那些鸟的种类
[37:04.04]Tell me.Tell me about the birds. 那些鸟的种类
[37:05.31]I-I can'T. 不行
[37:07.10]You can. 可以的
[37:08.69]How about her? 从她开始?
[37:09.92]That woman in--in the far left? 远远的左边 那女的
[37:11.77]What kind of bird would she be? 她会是什么鸟?
[37:13.72]Okay,okay,uh,uh,I guess,um,uh,she--she has a long neck. 她脖子很长
[37:20.05]Uh,so she'd-- she'd be an ibis,s-some kind of ibis. 也许是鹮的一种
[37:24.40]Okay,good.Great.Great. 很好 非常好
[37:26.89]who's next? 下一个呢?
[37:28.28]Uh,okay. 好的
[37:30.34]th-that one,uh,doing--doing that little,uh,dance with her fingers. 那个手指在跳舞的
[37:35.95]Um,she's A... 她是...
[37:38.61]she-- she's the purple sandpiper. 紫鹬
[37:41.99]uh,yeah,th-those are tough little birds. 很顽强的鸟
[37:46.66]Those are survivors. 激烈竞争下的生存者
[37:49.40]and,um,and him,uh,with the,uh,the--the sad eyes,uh-huh,he would-- 他 那个眼神很忧伤的男人
[37:57.62]he's a,uh,a-a thrush,a-a black-headed nightingale thrush. 是鸫 黑头夜鸫
[38:05.95]and--and the tall one standing there,uh, 站着的高个儿
[38:12.03]watching over everything,over,uh,everyone-- 注视一切 关注所有人
[38:17.27]uhuh,he doesn'tiss a thing. 不会遗漏细节
[38:20.62]He's A... 他是...
[38:23.63]a great blue heron. 一只大青鹭
[38:30.19]No question. 毫无疑问
[38:43.00]hey,how's,uh,how's,uh,how's your bride? 你的病人怎样了
[38:45.88]Did she,uh,pull through okay? 状况还好吧?
[38:49.15]Please tell me that you let go first. 告诉我你先放手的
[38:51.11]I absolutely cannot handle my bride winning that way. 这么就让她赢了 我实在心有不甘
[38:59.27]What? 什么?
[39:00.44]Oh,nothing.Just,uh... 没什么 只是
[39:03.10]I just didn't know if we-- we'd ever be able to... 我只是没想到我们还能...
[39:06.35]talk again. 再交谈
[39:10.43]I'm letting go. 我放手了
[39:13.60]I have to... 我不得不...
[39:16.07]let go. 放手
[39:27.79]Why didn't you tell anybody you were hurting? 你为何没说你很痛?
[39:30.77]You would've made me let go. 你会叫我放弃的
[39:32.68]Hell yeah,I would've. 是的 我会的
[39:37.16]I guess I lost anyway. 我想我输了
[39:39.15]No,actually,I let go first. 不 事实上我先放手了
[39:42.44]You did? 真的?
[39:44.37]Someone had to catch you. 我要去扶你
[39:47.63]D. 亲爱的 10万块
[39:50.89]Have a nice life. 祝你幸福快乐
[39:55.86]we won. 我们赢了
[39:57.52]oh,my god.I can't believe I'm crying over this. 不能相信我竟然哭了
[40:02.24]we did this. 我们赢了
[40:04.25]We actually did this. 我们真的赢了
[40:05.83]No,sweetie,you did it. 亲爱的 是你赢了
[40:09.37]This was all you. 都因为你
[40:17.37]I know this sounds ridiculous,but I'm a little disappointed. 听起来有些荒谬 但我有点失望
[40:21.35]I mean,I survived a 12,000-foot freefall,and this is gonna be my only scar? 我从12000英尺的高空掉下来没死 这是唯一的伤痕?
[40:25.95]It goes away. 会消失的
[40:27.96]The scar? 伤痕?
[40:29.67]The feeling. 感觉
[40:32.45]That feeling that you have right now,today, 今天你有的感觉
[40:36.20]that feeling like you can do anything, 像你无所不能
[40:39.88]that clarity,it goes away. 那一片空明 消失了
[40:43.84]And you go right back to being the coward who can't tell the person you love how you feel. 你变回一个懦夫 不敢告诉爱的人你的感觉
[40:51.02]I saw your video. 我看了录像
[40:54.05]Y-you saw the... 你看了...
[40:59.84]But you're not gonna let sally see it,right? 你没打算让Sally看 对吗
[41:02.42]Y-you're n gonna let her know what I said? 你不会让她知道吧
[41:05.06]like I saiD... 像我说的
[41:07.19]it goes away. 会消失
[41:09.12]It's going away right now. 此时正在消失
[41:10.78]You have to tell her how you feel,right now while you still can. 你要在还有机会的时候 告诉她
[41:15.64]She is just so incredible,I mean,at everything she does. 她是那么完美 所有事情
[41:20.70]She's way out of my league.You don't understand. 她不属于我 你不明白
[41:22.64]There is no way that she could possibly feel the same way that-- 她不可能会有我一样的感觉
[41:25.65]well,if she doesn't feel the same way,then you move on. 如果她没有 那你就主动向前
[41:29.28]But if you never find out how she feels, 但如果你止步不前
[41:32.59]then that won't be your only scar. 伤痕就不止身上的这道了
[41:44.74]He doesn't have any secret fetishes,right? 他不会有什么特殊的嗜好吧?
[41:47.38]He really-- he doesn't strike me as a fetish kind of guy. 他不像恋什么癖的那种人
[41:52.13]Hey,richard,you gotta tell us what this evening is about. 你得告诉我男士之夜是怎么回事
[41:54.43]You've been obtuse,it's been fun but,you know,we're getting a little freaked out now. 你一直装傻 开始还挺有意思 但现在我们快受不了你了
[41:57.66]What's a gentlemen's evening? 男士之夜是怎么回事?
[42:00.46]It's an evening with no ladies,just gentlemen. 就是没女人的晚上 只有男人
[42:03.66]That's it? 就这样?
[42:06.06]pretty boys living in the woods. 住在树林里的帅哥
[42:09.09]This is very charming. 要么 很有魅力
[42:11.25]Or sad. 要么 很可怜
[42:12.31]I'm not sure which. 不知道算是哪种
[42:13.83]What happened to no ladies? 不是说没女人吗?
[42:16.14]Plans change. 计划有变
[42:20.69]What are you doing tonight? 你今晚有什么节目?
[42:24.16]As in,uh... 你是指...
[42:27.29]what are you doing tonight? 你今晚有什么节目?
[42:32.58]Look,uh... 听着
[42:34.28]I'm not a nice guy. 我不是好男人
[42:35.75]I don't date.I don't call the next day. 我不约会 也不会主动致电
[42:38.70]I--I'm not looking for a relationship 'cause I'm never good at 'em. 我不是要谈恋爱 因为我并不擅长
[42:41.90]And honestly,I'm kinda hung up on somebody else.So... 老实说 我对另一个人有感觉
[42:45.99]the only thing you're ever gonna get from me is sex.That's it. 你跟我只有上床 没别的
[42:48.66]And,uh,that's never enough for girls like you. 你这样的好女孩 想要的远不止这个
[42:55.74]Deep down,everyone wants to believe they c be hard-core. 内心深处 我们都希望自己够坚强
[42:59.66]But being hard-core isn't just about being tough. 但坚强跟故作冷漠是两码事
[43:02.19]Oh,this is just unfair! 这不公平
[43:03.47]In your face,banker.Park place is mine. 教训你这个庄家! 公园归我了
[43:06.01]Give it up. 放弃吧
[43:07.07]Come on. 来吧
[43:08.81]yeah,oh,with a hotel! 还有宾馆!
[43:10.36]I think you owe him money. 我想你欠他钱
[43:11.67]It's about acceptance. 坚强还需要容忍和接受
[43:14.84]George. George
[43:28.88]I'm exhausted. 我很累了
[43:31.53]Every bone... 每块骨头...
[43:33.24]and every muscle in my body... 和身体的血肉
[43:35.88]aches. 痛
[43:37.77]And I don't think I can do this. 我想我做不来
[43:39.97]I don't-- it's not that I don't want to,because I do. 我想做 不是不想
[43:43.23]I really,really do. 真的真的想
[43:45.05]It's just that I-I just spent six and a half hours on my feet in surgery, 我刚做手术站了6个半钟头
[43:49.84]and I can barely hold myself up,and I'm just so tired. 都撑不住了 我太累了
[43:53.50]this is--this is like a-- a rare bird,george. 这时刻就像最罕见的鸟一样
[43:57.79]You know,I mean,the first time that we're together since-- 我们现在这样的 第一次真正的同床共枕
[44:01.17]since we were together,and it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 一生中只有一次的经历
[44:05.32]I don't want to waste it.I don't want to waste it on a night 我不想浪费掉
[44:07.74]that I'm too exhausted to enjoy it because I want to enjoy our rare bird,george. 不想因为我太累而不能好好享受 我想好好享受这动人时刻
[44:12.32]I need to enjoy our rare bird. 我要享受我们的第一次
[44:15.57]me,too.I... 我也是...
[44:17.92]and oh,my hand is jus oh,it's just killing me from holding that dress. 我的手也很痛 抓了整天的婚纱
[44:24.85]S-so maybe to-- maybe tonight's not the perfect night. 也许今晚时机不对
[44:29.95]Maybe a perfect night is... 也许改天再来...
[44:32.37]another night. 比较好
[44:33.78]Really? 真的?
[44:44.31]Do you want to maybe,uh... 你想不想...
[44:47.75]go to sleep? 去睡觉?
[44:56.87]Oh,thanks. 谢谢
[44:58.65]Okay. 好的
[45:06.95]Did you only shave one of your legs? 你只有一条腿脱毛了?
[45:09.93]I know.I'm sorry. 我知道 很抱歉
[45:12.63]No,no,I was just wondering.It's cool. 我只是随便问问 没事
[45:13.73]It's--it's okay.Sorry. 没事 抱歉
[45:15.71]It's--it's-- oh,my god.I can't do it. 天 我不行了
[45:19.15]Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to not be hard-core for once. 有时你得让自己不坚强一回
[45:24.27]Maybe I should take a sleeping pill. 也许我该吃安眠药
[45:25.75]Oh,no.Don't do that. 别吃
[45:27.41]You'll just get strung out and turn into a bad afterschool special. 搞得半睡半醒 更加像念经了
[45:31.12]We'll just sleep,and...you'll slP. 我们会睡着 你会睡着
[45:36.81]I can't stop,cristina. 我不停地想 Christina
[45:40.54]I just can't stop seeing derek. 脑子里全是Derek
[45:45.82]And it's not about the sex.It's not... 跟性无关...
[45:49.07]about the sex. 跟性无关
[45:51.90]It's about that moment afterward... 是高潮过后
[45:56.73]when the world stops. 世界静止
[46:01.08]It just feels so safe... 感觉好安全...
[46:06.01]so safe. 好安全
[46:09.73]I'm not ready to give that up. 我不打算放弃
[46:15.38]Does that make me sad and weak and pathetic? 是不是因此我变得可怜 软弱 患得患失?
[46:18.45]A little bit. 有点
[46:24.52]What do I do? 我该怎办?
[46:29.95]I don't know. 不知道
[46:31.85]You don't have to be tough every minute of every day. 你不需要每时每刻坚强
[46:35.32]It's okay to let down your guard. 放下戒备也没什么
[46:37.70]In fact,there are moments when it's the best thing you could possibly do... 事实上 有时这样是最理想的
[46:51.66]as long as you choose your moments wisely. 只要你选择合适的时机
[47:02.97]alex,please tell me that you don't live with meredith grey. 你不是跟我姐姐一起住吧...
[47:11.01]proudly presents 医人当自强 第四季 第6集 -=结束=-
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