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[00:00.00]******* 3年前
[00:18.72]Lost Season05 Episode02 迷失 第五季 第2集
[00:22.54]Dude,they'll find out. 哥们儿 他们会发现的
[00:24.11]Not if we stick to the story. 只要我们口风一致就不会
[00:26.68]I don't know,jack. It could be a risk. 我也不知道 Jack 这事挺冒险的
[00:28.78]It's the only way. We have to do this. 也没别的方法了 我们只能这样了
[00:33.01]They're still at it,huh? 他们还在忙活着呢 是吧?
[00:33.95]Look, we're running out of time. We gotta make a decision now. 听着 我们时间不多了 必须快点做决定
[00:38.15]So are we all okay with this? 那大家都没有异议了?
[00:40.73]This is a decision that will affect the rest of our lives. 这是个会影响我们一辈子的决定
[00:44.26]I'm not taking it lightly. 我不会轻率作出决定的
[00:47.64]- Kate? - Yeah. - Kate? - 我同意
[00:51.37]Sun? Sun?
[00:56.50]- Frank? - What? - Frank? - 怎么了?
[00:58.28]Sorry you got dragged into this, but we need to know that you're with us. 抱歉把你也搅进来 但我们想知道你的意见
[01:01.55]Whatever you guys decide, i'll just roll with. 不管你们决定如何 我都服从
[01:05.34]Hurley,whatbostut Hurley 那你呢?
[01:08.50]i don't think we should lie,dude. 我觉得不应该撒谎的
[01:11.58]We need to protect the people that we left behind,hurley. 我们必须保护还留在原地的那些人 Hurley
[01:14.74]How does lying protect them? 撒谎就能保护得了他们了?
[01:16.67]It protects them from charles widmore. 撒谎能让Charles Widmore伤害不到他们
[01:18.59]The guy hired a boatload of people to kill all of us. 那家伙雇了一船的人想除掉我们
[01:20.80]He faked a plane crash. 他连坠机都编造出来了
[01:21.83]I mean, you think telling him the truth, he's just gonna-- 你觉得告诉他实话以后
[01:24.28]He's gonna leave them alone? 他能放过他们?
[01:27.35]Look,he's your dad,right? Can't you,like... Call him off? 他不是你爸么? 你就不能 比如说... 给求个情?
[01:31.65]There's no calling my father off. 我父亲不吃那一套
[01:33.61]But he'll never find them. 但他绝不会找到其他人的啊
[01:35.38]I mean,the island disappeared. We all saw it. It's gone. 小岛消失了 大家都看到了 消失了呀
[01:38.80]Bloop! 彭的就没了!
[01:41.87]You think anyone's gonna believethat... Believeanyof it? 你觉得有人会相信你说的... 哪怕是一丁点?
[01:45.61]They're gonna think you're crazy. 他们肯定觉得你是疯了
[01:48.29]Not if someone backs me up. 如果有人支持我就不会
[01:54.35]Sayid,come on. Sayid 来吧
[01:56.31]They'll think i'm nuts if i tell the truth. But what if we all do? 如果我说实话 他们肯定觉得我脑残 那要是咱们一起说实话呢?
[01:59.36]And if we can stick together, we can make 'em believe us. 如果咱们都站在统一战线 就能说服他们
[02:03.68]I don't want to spend the rest of my life lying. Do you? 我不想一辈子一直撒谎下去 难道你想?
[02:06.46]No. But... 我不想 但...
[02:09.19]I don't believe we have a better choice. 我觉得我们没有别的选择了
[02:15.75]I'm sorry,hurley, but we have to lie. 抱歉 Hurley 但我们不得不撒谎
[02:20.86]You know what,dude? I'm gonna remember this. 知道么 哥们儿? 这事情我不会忘记的
[02:26.65]And someday, you're gonna need my help, and i'm telling you right now... 总有一天有你求我的时候 而且我现在就可以告诉你...
[02:32.25]You're not gettin' it. 没门儿
[02:45.67]Wake up,sayid! Sayid! 快醒醒 Sayid! Sayid!
[02:49.64]Sayid,wake up! Sayid! Sayid 快醒醒! Sayid!
[03:14.05]No,no,no,no,no! What do i do? 不 不 不 不 不! 我该怎么办?
[03:17.69]What am i supposed to do? 我到底该怎么办?
[03:31.81]Okay,okay,okay. Just stay calm. 好 好 好 先冷静
[03:40.64]What the hell were you thinking? 你到底是怎么想的?
[03:45.35]Ana lucia? Ana Lucia?
[03:46.41]You were driving like a maniac. And why'd you pull over? 你开个车怎么跟个疯子似的 为什么又停车了?
[03:50.66]I just...I-i thought-- 我只是.... 我想
[03:53.02]youdidn'tthink. 少来了
[03:54.58]What if i were real? 要是我是真的怎么办?
[03:56.66]What if a real cop stopped you? 要是真有警察让你停车怎么办?
[03:58.78]They already have pictures of you covered in blood with a gun in your hand. 他们已经有了你满身是血的 持枪照片
[04:02.97]Actually,it's ketchup. We went to a-a drive-thru, and,uh... 实际上那是番茄酱 我们当时去了得来速吃饭...
[04:07.55]Well,you need to pull it together. 你必须得全神贯注呀
[04:10.29]You've got a lot of work to do. 你要做的事情还有好多
[04:12.74]I do? 真的?
[04:13.71]Let's start with the basics. 我们先从头说起
[04:15.33]First off,you need new clothes. 首先 你得换身新衣服
[04:17.86]Then you need to go to a safe place. 然后你得找个安全的地方
[04:19.55]And take sayid to somebody you trust. 带Sayid去你能相信的人那里去
[04:22.11]You getting all this? 我说的你都明白么?
[04:24.02]Yeah. 明白
[04:25.36]Then get to it. 那就去做吧
[04:27.48]And stay away from the cops. 离条子远点
[04:30.97]Donotget arrested. 被让人给抓了
[04:35.64]Thanks,ana lucia. 谢了 Ana Lucia
[04:40.53]Oh,yeah. Libby says hi. 对了 Libby让我给你带个好
[05:01.35]Well... You heard her. 恩... 你也听到她说的了
[05:13.76]You really think that thing's gonna work? 你真觉得那样能管用?
[05:15.60]Rose,i told you a hundred times. St of course it's gonna work. Rose 我都跟你说了一百遍了 当然管用
[05:17.61]Yes. I worked hard on it. 是的 我可是下了大工夫的
[05:18.92]It's better than rubbing two sticks together. 总比拿两个枝子搓好吧
[05:20.34]- Well,i heard that's what you're supposed to do with it. - Yeah? Well,i think this is gonna work better,all right? - 恩 你就应该那么弄的 - 真的? 我觉得这种方法更好些 行么?
[05:23.30]Well,i think you got too much wood here in the inside. 我觉得你在里面放的木屑太多了
[05:25.97]That's gonna smother the leaves. 这样叶子是点不着的
[05:27.44]Rose,if you don't have enough wood,the leaves just burn out. Rose 如果木屑不够的话 叶子烧完就没火了
[05:29.69]Fire? 生火?
[05:31.58]Who cares about fire any minute the sky could light up, 现在谁会关心有没有火 天随时会再一次亮起来
[05:34.40]And who the hell knows what could happen this time? 天晓得这次又会发生什么事?
[05:36.09]Neil,we are trying to focus on what we can control. Neil 我们在努力控制可控制的事情
[05:39.19]You are either gonna help or be quiet! 你不帮忙就少说两句!
[05:43.22]Whose shirt is this? 这是谁的衬衫?
[05:44.68]It's mine. 是我的
[05:46.04]Can i have it? 我能穿么?
[05:47.19]What does it matter? We're all gonna be dead by sundown. 无所谓 日落之前我们都得死
[05:49.52]I'll take that as a "yes," frogurt. 我就当你默许了 青蛙人
[05:51.78]- It'sneil. - Yeah,yeah. - 我叫 Neil - 对 对
[05:59.15]Still in one piece? 还是拆不下来?
[06:00.39]As far as i can tell. 暂时是的
[06:01.99]I figured it would've disappeared with the rest of our stuff. 我当时还以为这个会 跟其他的东西一起消失呢
[06:04.59]I guess whatever we had with us when we moved is along for the ride. 我们所有的东西应该都跟着转移过来了
[06:10.57]What? 怎么了?
[06:12.37]Look who's back. 快看是谁回来了
[06:23.97]Welcome back,dr. Wizard. 欢迎回来啊 魔术师教授
[06:25.72]- I think it'smr.wizard. - Shut up. - 我想是魔术师先生吧 - 闭嘴
[06:28.28]You've been gone for two hours. What the hell were you doing? 你离开了两个小时 你干啥去了?
[06:30.11]Yeah,you're absolutely right. I'm sorry. I... 对 你说得对 对不起 我...
[06:32.89]Left my pack in the jungle and i was coming back and i-i just-- 把背囊忘在森林里 我回来的时候...
[06:35.83]It was a while before i realized that i was just... Uh,i was really lost. 过了很久才发现 我只是... 我迷路了
[06:39.49]Well, the sky's gonna light up again? 那么 你在琢磨什么时候 天空会再次闪亮起来吗?
[06:43.43]- I don't know. - Well,you at least got a plan? - 我不知道 - 那你至少有个计划吧?
[06:45.24]I think we should take the zodiac, head to a shipping lane. 我们应该带上十二宫图 向着航道进发
[06:47.64]No. No,no,no. We can't just sail out on any course. 不不不不 我们不可以 随意选择方向航行
[06:50.56]For us to leave,i need to calculate a new bearing, and,uh,to do that... 我们要走 得先用罗盘定个新方向 然后 要测定方向...
[06:58.29]I need to determine where we are now... 我必须知道 我们现在身处...
[07:03.15]Time. 在什么时间里
[07:05.65]And what are the rest of us supposed to do? 剩下的我们该做些什么?
[07:07.48]I'm gonna go find us something to eat. 我会去找些东西吃
[07:09.98]And how are you planning on doing that? 你打算怎么找?
[07:12.23]Don't worry about it. 不用担心
[07:16.40]I guess we'll get the water. 那我们去弄水
[07:19.82]Dude,wake up! Come on. I can't do this on my own! 伙计 醒醒! 拜托 我一个人不行啊
[07:26.99]I promise i'll pay you back. 我保证会还你的
[07:37.12]Wait right here. 在原地等我
[08:00.38]shih tzus? 西施?
[08:01.56]I like shih tzus. 我喜欢西施犬
[08:03.12]It looks like you "heart" them. 爱的出血啊
[08:06.04]Rough night? 糟糕的一晚?
[08:08.25]yeah. 是呀
[08:10.31]Your friend's pretty wasted. 你的朋友醉得够呛
[08:12.64]Yeah. 嗯
[08:14.06]I know you from somewhere, don't i? 我在哪儿见过你 是不是?
[08:19.91]- No. - I think i do. - 没有 - 我想是有
[08:22.25]Yeah,you definitely look familiar. 对 你绝对很眼熟
[08:24.09]I just have one of those faces. 我只是长了个大众脸
[08:25.98]You're lying. 你在说谎
[08:30.58]I don't believe in lying. 我不相信谎言
[08:33.30]I remember! 我记起了!
[08:36.49]You're the guy who won e lottery... 你是那中了彩票的伙计
[08:39.37]And you crashed in that plane. 后来你的飞机坠机了
[08:41.56]- No. I must look like him. - You're him. - 不是 我肯定只是长得像 - 你就是他
[08:44.92]Buy a ticket here. If you win,we get a commission. You're good luck. 在这买张彩票 如果你中了 我能得到佣金 你那么有运气...
[08:48.58]Sorry. Wrong dude. Keep the change. 对不起 认错人了 不用找
[08:57.55]Okay. 好了
[09:01.69]Okay,we're outta here. 好 我们要走了
[09:31.01]Mommy,i wanna go home. 妈咪 我想回家
[09:35.94]Look at your book,baby. 看你的书 宝贝
[10:12.02]Hello? 你好?
[10:17.44]I - i can't believe it's you. 我不敢相信是你
[10:20.23]No. How are you? 不是 嗨 你好吗?
[10:26.65]Wait,you're in l.a.? 等等 你在洛杉矶?
[10:30.69]Of course i can meet,yeah. What... 我们当然可以见面 什么...
[10:33.30]I know exactly where that is. I'll be there in half an hour. 我知道在哪里 半小时后见
[10:36.52]Mommy,we are we going? 妈咪 我们要去哪里?
[10:39.45]To see a friend. 见个朋友
[11:20.03]You looking for your pills, jack? 你再找药吗 Jack?
[11:26.13]I flushed them down the toilet. 我把药都冲进厕所了
[11:34.07]Thank y. 谢谢
[11:35.98]I was just gonna do that myself. 我自己也准备要这样做
[11:37.93]Yeah,i figured you were. 是的 我知道
[11:41.43]Going so 准备离开?
[11:42.77]i'm checking out. 我要退房了
[11:44.33]Where are we going? 你要去哪里?
[11:46.17]You'regoing home. 你要回家
[11:48.06]And find yourself a suitcase. 自己找个行李箱
[11:50.55]If there's anything in this life you want, ck it in there... 将你对这里的留恋 都打包起来...
[11:55.12]Because you're never coming back. 因为你不会再回来了
[12:03.93]Good. 好
[12:07.14]Od. I'll pick you up in six hours. 好 我6小时后来接你
[12:10.61]And where will you be going? 那你要去哪里?
[12:12.58]John's casket is outside in a carpet van. John的灵柩在外面 那辆运地毯的小货车上
[12:15.63]I need to somewhere safe. 我要将他移到安全的地方
[12:20.17]Safe? 安全?
[12:23.23]He's dead,isn't he? 他已经死了 不是吗?
[12:27.33]I'll see you in six hours, jack. 6小时后见 Jack
[13:00.92]Previously on "expos脡"... "Expose" 前言再续
[13:03.83]It looks like the scorpion is taking over all the cobra's business you want me to work with tsunami,
[13:09.02]The dragon lady of van nuys?
[13:10.96]I'm here to capture the scorpion, so if you've got a problem with that,you can go work stage 3.
[13:17.28]She's hit!
[13:36.34]Hey,dad. 嘿 爸爸
[13:40.25]How's it going? 日子过得怎么样?
[13:44.08]- you seen the news? - No. I just got up. - 你看新闻了吗? - 没有 我刚起床
[13:46.19]- Why,are you wanted again? - Uh,yeah. Kinda. - 为什么 你又被通缉了? - 是的 差不多
[13:49.43]Is mom here? 妈妈在吗?
[13:50.50]No,she's out shopping. 不在 她出去买东西了
[13:52.01]Hey,set him over there. 把他放在这儿
[13:55.88]- Oh,man,he's out. - Is he... Breathing? - 噢 好家伙 他晕倒了 - 他还... 有呼吸吗?
[13:58.70]Barely. What happened? 几乎没了 发生什么事?
[14:00.53]He got shot by a dart. 他被麻醉枪插中了
[14:01.82]A dart? What,were you in the zoo or something? 麻醉枪? 你们跑到动物园了吗?
[14:04.02]no,we were at the safe house. 不是 我们在安全屋
[14:05.67]The safe house? 安全屋?
[14:06.93]Sayid took me there to protect me. Sayid带我到那的 为了保护我
[14:08.68]Then these two guys jumped down, they shot him with darts, and now he's-- 有两个人跳出来 用麻醉枪射了他 然后现在他...
[14:11.28]He's in a coma or something. 它就昏迷了
[14:12.66]Hugo,this doesn't make sense. Hugo 这说不通啊
[14:14.35]And what are you doing out of the mental institution? 你干嘛从精神病院跑出来?
[14:16.19]Sayid pulled me out. I'm in danger. We both are. Sayid接我出来的 我处境很危险 我们俩都是
[14:18.78]***** 谁在追杀你们?
[14:22.53]I'm not sure exactly. 我也不太清楚
[14:29.76]Hello? 你好?
[14:31.24]Mr. And mrs. Reyes?L.a.p.d.can you open the gate,pleas Reyes先生和女士? 洛杉矶警察 能请你开开门吗?
[14:35.78]just what kind of trouble are you in? 你到底陷入了怎样的麻烦中?
[14:37.12]Dad,please! Just don't tell 'em here! 爸爸 拜托 不要告诉他们我在这
[14:40.97]All right,but then you're gonna tell me the truth. 好 但你要告诉我到底发生了什么
[14:50.20]Well,give us a call if you hear anything. 好吧 有消息请立即通知我们
[15:03.17]You killed three people? 你杀了三个人
[15:05.13]No. Sayid did. 不 是Sayid干的
[15:07.29]Well,that's better. Come on. Let's get him to the couch. 那还好 来 我们把他抬到沙发那
[15:10.00]- Heaved me. - I think we should call a lawyer right now. - 他救了我 - 我们应该要叫个律师来
[15:12.89]No,no,no. We can't go public. They're after us. 不 我们不能露面 他们冲着我们来的
[15:16.53]Who? Who is after you? 谁 谁在追你们
[15:18.72]I don't know. Sayid knows. He can explain. 我不知道 Sayid知道 他能解释
[15:21.71]Sayid ain't explaining nothing. Sayid什么都没解释
[15:23.63]Lost we need to get him to a hospital. 我们要把他送医院去
[15:26.04]Did you not hear me? 你没听我说的么
[15:27.18]People are trying to kill us. 有人想杀我们
[15:28.64]We go to a hospital, they'll find us! 要是我们去了医院 他们就会找到我们
[15:30.21]Like-- like "the godfather." It's the last place you go. Everyone knows it. 就像"教父"里面的那样 谁都知道不能去医院
[15:33.50]They-- they smother you with pillows and make it look like an accident. 他们用枕头蒙住你 让一切看起来都像一场意外
[15:36.53]Sayid,please wake up! Sayid 拜托快醒醒
[15:37.91]That's not gonna work. We need a doctor. 没用的 我们得找医生
[15:42.40]I think i know what to do. 我想我知道该怎么办了
[15:51.20]Mommy,mommy, can i push the button? 妈妈 妈妈 我能来按扭吗
[15:54.33]Sure you can,sweetie. 你当然可以 亲爱的
[15:55.94]But we're all the way to the top,okay? 但是我们是到顶楼的 好吗
[15:57.33]So i want you to press number 3-1. You see it? You see it? 所以 我要按3-1 明白了吗
[16:00.77]Okay. You get it. 3-1. 好的 你知道了吧 3-1
[16:03.56]Yeah! That's the one! 好 就是这个
[16:05.37]You pressed it! You pressed it! 你按对了 你按对了
[16:32.18]Hello,kate. 你好 Kate
[16:48.77]Have a nice day. 祝你愉快
[16:49.78]I'll be right with you. 下次还来
[16:58.09]Hello,ben. 好啊 Ben
[17:03.83]If it's the porterhouse you're looking for,we're out. 如果你要红屋牛排 那我们卖光了
[17:07.70]No,no porterhouse. 不 不是牛排
[17:09.83]I do,however,have something very important in my van,jill, 我车里有些很重要的东西 Jill
[17:12.72]And i need you to watch it for me. 我要你帮我看管
[17:14.72]- Is it what i think it is? - It is. - 那是我所想的那个东西么 - 是的
[17:18.51]He'll be safe with me. 他跟我在一起会很安全的
[17:20.58]- Have gabriel and jeffrey checked in yet? - Yeah. - 让Gabriel和Jeffrey检查过了吗 - 是的
[17:22.42]Everything's moving right on schedule. 一切都在计划之中
[17:24.15]How's it going with shephard? Shephard那怎么样了
[17:25.57]- He's with us. - Really? - 他跟我们一路了 - 真的吗
[17:27.45]What'd you do, bribe him with some pills? 你干了什么 给他下药吗
[17:28.93]Cut the man some slack. 我只是让他清醒过来
[17:30.96]He's been through a lot. We all have. 他经历了很多 我们都经历了很多
[17:33.56]Right. Of course. Sorry. 是 当然 对不起
[17:37.82]So keep him safe,jill. 所以保证他的安全 Jill
[17:40.23]Because if you don't... 因为如果你不...
[17:43.17]Everything we're about to do... Won't matter at all. 我们要做的任何事...都没有意义了
[18:02.21]Oh,you got it! You got it! You got it! You got it. You got it. 你成功了 你成功了 你成功了
[18:05.82]All right! Finally we got... 好的 终于我们有了...
[18:08.59]Why did you do that? 你为什么那么做
[18:09.76]Because you're supposed to fan the flame,rose. 因为你本应该把火煽旺的 Rose
[18:11.48]I thought you said you knew w to start a fire. 你不是说你知道怎么生火吗
[18:13.09]And i thought you said you didn't care. 你不是说你不在乎的
[18:14.95]I care about surving. 我在乎活下去
[18:16.33]I think you need to take a time-out,neil. 我觉得你该去休息一会 Neil
[18:21.58]- You'll get it,bernard. You will. - Yeah. All right. - 你会成功的 Bernard 你会的 - 是的 好吧
[18:23.76]Just-- just try again. 就再试试
[18:29.59]Give me one second. 等等
[18:32.79]I got you something. 给你拿了点东西
[18:35.87]- I found these in the jungle. - Look at that. Thank you. - 我在丛林里发现的 - 不错啊 谢谢
[18:38.11]There was only two, but i thought we could both do with a bite to eat. 只有两个 我们都咬来吃
[18:41.78]Thank you very much,very much. 非常感谢 谢谢
[18:45.97]You all right? 你还好吗
[18:48.15]I just can't seem to shake this bloody headache. 我好像无法摆脱这头痛
[18:54.95]- Well... I'm sure it'll pass. - No,it's not just that. - 好吧 肯定会过去的 - 不 不止是这样
[19:00.15]It's the weirdest thing. Earlier,i was... 很奇怪 早些时候 我在...
[19:03.48]I was thinking about my mom, and all of sudden,i-i couldn't remember her maiden name. 我在想我妈妈 但是突然 我记不起她结婚前的名字了
[19:10.04]- I mean,isn't that odd? - Don't worry about it. - 那会是巧合吗 - 别担心
[19:11.79]Listen,all of us have been under a lot of stress. Okay? 听着 我们压力都很大
[19:20.93]Daniel... Daniel...
[19:23.52]Do you know what's happening to me? 你知道我怎么了吗
[19:29.08]Dinner! 晚餐
[19:35.81]That's great! Where'd you get that? 太棒了 你在哪弄来的
[19:38.42]I found it. 找到的
[19:40.94]What do you mean you "found" it? "找到"是什么意思
[19:43.59]It died in the jungle. I found it. 它死在丛林里 我找到的
[19:47.03]Don't worry. It's fine. It's only been dead three hours. 别担心 没事 它才死了三小时
[19:50.61]What? 什么
[19:51.90]Who's got a knife? 谁有刀
[19:53.43]A knife? You need a knife? 一把刀 你要一把刀
[19:55.96]Oh,it's over by the cuisinart next to the stove. 它就在烤箱旁边
[19:58.56]What's your problem? 你什么毛病
[19:59.32]My problem is, we don't have a knife. 我的毛病就是 我们没有刀
[20:01.94]W - we don't haveanything. 我们什么都没有
[20:03.85]And it wouldn't even matter if we did, 'cause bernie the dentist can't even start a fire. 而且就算我们有也白搭 因为牙医Bernie连火都生不起来
[20:07.16]- Hey,ease up there,frogurt. - It'syou inbred. - 放轻松 青蛙人 - 是Neil 野人
[20:10.84]And i'm not gonna ease up, 'cause i'm tired and i'm hungry and i'm screwed! 我怎么放松 我又累又饿 我快完蛋了
[20:14.74]- We're all screwed! - Calm down,neil. - 我们都完蛋了 - 冷静 Neil
[20:16.59]We're gonna get through this. 我们会挺过去的
[20:17.66]How areanyof us gonna get through this? 我们要怎么挺过去
[20:19.05]Didn't you hear what i just said? 你没听到我刚才说的么
[20:20.25]We can't even get fire! 我们连火都生不起来
[20:28.72]Run! 跑
[21:02.87]Come on! Split up! Everybody,get to the creek! 快 散开 大家都到河边去
[21:32.38]Come on. He's dead. Come on! You wanna be dead,too? Come on! 快 他死了 快 你也想死吗
[21:38.21]There's nothing you coulda done. We gotta go now! 你什么都做不了 我们要快离开
[21:46.93]Dude,they're on a stakeout? 他们在监视我们?
[21:49.14]You just escaped from a mental institution. 你刚从精神病院跑出来
[21:51.13]There's dead bodies everywhere! 那全是尸体!
[21:52.29]Of course they're on a stakeout! 他们不监视才怪!
[21:54.10]They think you're crazy enough to come back home. 他们认为你会疯到跑回家
[22:00.33]S- soareyou... 那么.. 你...
[22:03.43]Crazy? 疯了吗?
[22:08.74]Do youthinki am? 你认为我疯了?
[22:12.11]Well,either that or you're lying to me. 你不是疯了 就是在骗我
[22:20.30]I'm not crazy,and i have a really good reason why i'm lying to you. 我没疯 而且我有一个很好的理由来骗你
[22:25.97]W-- well,what is it? 那么... 什么理由?
[22:32.27]Why is there a dead pakistani on my couch? 为什么我沙发上躺着个死了 的巴基斯坦人?
[22:38.22]He's not dead,ma. 他没死 妈
[22:39.71]Well,he's not breathing. 他也没在呼吸
[22:41.43]He's not? 不会吧?
[22:45.63]It's okay,carmen. 没事的 Carmen
[22:46.54]We have a plan. 我们有计划
[22:47.46]A plan?What are you talking about? 计划? 你在说什么?
[22:50.49]He is breathing... 他在呼吸...
[22:51.50]Kind of. 差不多在
[22:52.16]Dad,we gotta go now. 老爸 我们得走了
[22:53.38]Hugo,what's happening? Hugo 发生了什么?
[22:54.38]Mom,please! 妈 拜托了!
[22:55.35]No "mom,please" me! 别拜托什么了!
[22:57.23]Why are you all over the news? 为什么新闻上都有你?
[22:58.94]Do you know what they are telling about you? 你知道他们说你干了什么吗?
[23:00.71]Yeah,mom.I know. 嗯 妈 我知道
[23:02.02]Look,everything's gonna make sense.I promise. 听着 任何事情都可以解释 我保证
[23:04.05]It better! 那最好!
[23:19.53]Officers. 长官们
[23:26.60]So how long are you in l.a.? 来洛杉矶多久了?
[23:29.05]Just a few days. 几天而已
[23:30.65]I have some business to attend to. 有些生意要做
[23:33.27]But i wanted to see you. 可我想见见你
[23:36.62]Here it is. 看看这个
[23:37.88]Her name's ji yeon. 她的名字叫智英
[23:40.12]Here's a baby picture. 这是她的婴儿照
[23:42.68]******** 她美极了
[23:44.02]Thank you. 谢谢
[23:45.53]She's with her grandmother in seoul. 她和她婆婆在首尔
[23:47.75]I hope someday you get to meet her. 希望以后有机会你能见见她
[23:50.12]It would be nice to see her and aaron play together. 让她和Aaron一起玩就更好了
[23:54.31]Yeah. 是啊
[23:57.62]Kate?Are you all right? Kate? 你还好吗?
[24:00.39]Yeah.I'm fine. 我没事
[24:03.33]Areyou? 真的吗?
[24:16.01]Somebody knows we're lying 一些人知道了我们在撒谎
[24:18.57]what? 什么?
[24:19.87]Some lawyers came to see me. 几个律师来见过我
[24:21.97]Who? 谁?
[24:23.18]Two men.They came to my house and they asked for a blood sample. 两个男的 他们到我家 想要我的血液样本
[24:26.99]Some kind of lawsuit. 诉讼之类的事情
[24:28.63]They wanted to test to see if... 他们想测试..
[24:32.41]To see if aaron's my son. Aaron是不是我亲生的
[24:36.21]Who did these lawyers represent? 这些律师为谁干活?
[24:39.18]I don't know.They wouldn't tell me who their client is. 不知道 他们不告诉我他们的客户是谁
[24:43.96]Then they're not interested in exposing the lie. 那么他们对揭穿谎言不感兴趣
[24:47.66]How do you know? 你怎么知道的
[24:48.65]Because if they were,they would just do it. 因为如果他们真是 他们会直接做
[24:51.40]They wouldn't come to you in private. 他们不会私下来找你
[24:53.38]They don't care that we're lying. 他们不关心我们说没说谎
[24:54.40]They just wantaaron. 他们只要Aaron
[24:56.42]But who... 可是谁...
[24:58.30]Who would do that?We-- 谁会这么做... 我们...
[24:59.12]i don't know,but you need to take care of them. 我不知道 可你得把他们关照好
[25:03.66]What do you mean,take care of them? 这是什么意思 关照好?
[25:06.15]Wouldn't you do anything you had to in order to keep aaron? 你难道不会为了保住Aaron 而做任何事情吗
[25:13.47]What kind of a person do you think i am? 你认为我是什么样的人?
[25:24.74]Jin! Jin!
[25:26.61]The kind of person who makes hard decisions when she has to. 在必要关头做出艰难决断的人
[25:30.16]You get the baby on the chopper.I'll get jin. 你先把孩子带上飞机 我去找Jin
[25:33.80]Like you did on the freighter. 就像你在船上做的
[25:40.47]You told me to get on the helicopter,and you said you'd get jin. 你告诉我先上飞机 你会找到Jin
[25:43.89]We gotta get outta here! 我们得走了!
[25:46.89]Sun,i hope you don't think... Sun 我希望你别觉得...
[25:48.44]But you did what you had to do. 可你做了你该做的
[25:52.34]And if you hadn't... 如果你没做
[25:55.01]We probably all would've died instead of just my husband. 那死的不只是我的丈夫 而是我们所有人
[26:05.86]I'm sorry. 对不起...
[26:08.81]I'm so sorry.I... 真的对不起... 我...
[26:13.58]I don't blame you. 我不怪你
[26:23.38]So... 那么...
[26:24.99]How's jack? Jack还好吗?
[26:31.23]Hugo said i could trust you. Hugo说我可以信任你
[26:32.85]I wasn't so sure. 我可不太确定
[26:34.36]But he swore i could,so... 可他一口咬定.. 所以
[26:36.36]Can i? 我可以吗?
[26:38.17]Yes.Of course. 是的 当然
[26:39.48]All right. 好吧
[26:48.46]What happened to him? 他怎么了?
[26:49.96]Hugo said he got hit with some dart. Hugo说他被一些飞镖射中了
[26:51.94]Must've been some drugs or something. 镖上肯定有毒或者其他东西
[26:53.67]And where is hurley right now? 那Hurly现在在哪
[26:54.90]At our house,freaking out. 在我们家 怕的要死
[26:57.37]Let me get my car.Help me move h over. 我去取车 帮我抬他上车
[26:59.38]I'm gonna have to get him to the hospital. 我得送他去医院
[27:00.82]No. 不
[27:01.85]No,h-hugo said that whoever did this-- they'll come back after him. 不 Hugo说无论谁送他去 他们会找到他
[27:04.27]All due respect,mr. Reyes,butyoubrought him tome, 恕我直言 Reyes先生 你既然把他带来了
[27:06.40]So i'm gonna do what i think is best for sayid. 我会做我认为对Sayid最有利的事
[27:08.24]All right,fine.Take him to the hospital. 好 行 带他去医院吧
[27:10.38]But with all due respect to you,dr. Shephard,when this is over,you're gonna do something forme. 不过恕我直言 Shephard先生 等一切结束 你要还我份人情
[27:14.97]What? 什么?
[27:15.84]Stay away from hugo. 别再招惹Hugo
[27:17.91]Whatever it is you talked him into,something tells me you don't have his best interests at heart. 不管你跟他说了什么 我直觉你根本不在乎他的死活
[27:22.61]So stay away from my son. 所以离我儿子远点儿
[27:37.23]Hello? 哪位?
[27:38.73]Ben... Ben...
[27:39.81]You'll never guess who just showed up at my door. 猜猜看刚才谁来找我
[27:43.19]Who? 谁?
[27:45.55]Sayid. Sayid
[28:00.81]Who ****** Sayid是谁?
[28:02.55]i thought he was your friend. 我以为你们是朋友
[28:04.74]Heismy friend... 他是我朋友...
[28:06.57]But he's also got this double life where he does crazy ninja moves and spy stuff. 不过他还有日本忍者和高级间谍 的双重身份
[28:11.38]But he's a good guy. 但他是个好人
[28:12.69]A good guy doesn't kill three men. 好人不会连夺三命
[28:15.11]A good guy doesn't killanymen. 好人根本不会杀人
[28:17.14]-Mom-- -don't "mom" me. - 妈... - 别跟我撒娇
[28:20.31]You are in terrible trouble,hugo. 你惹大麻烦了 Hugo
[28:23.23]The news thinks you did this. 新闻里说是你干的
[28:25.71]And if the news does,everyone does. 舆论使然 人人都会这么觉得
[28:29.95]Why is this happening? 到底怎么回事?
[28:31.85]How cananybody want to hurt you? 为什么有人想伤害你?
[28:40.78]I don't know. 我不知道
[28:47.40]Tell your mother the truth. 跟妈说实话
[28:55.25]We lied,ma. 我们撒谎了 妈
[29:01.05]What do you mean you lied? 撒什么谎?
[29:02.44]All of us-- the oceanic six,we lied about what happened after the crash. 我们...大洋航空六人组 我们对坠机后续没说实话
[29:09.00]And whatdidhappen? 那到底怎么回事?
[29:18.42]Okay. 是这样的
[29:20.54]See,wedidcrash,but it was on this crazy island. 我们确实坠机了 不过坠在一个荒岛上
[29:25.64]And we waid for rescue,and there wasn't any rescue. 我们一直在等救援 但始终杳无音信
[29:28.32]And there was a smoke monster,and then there were other people on the island. 岛上有黑烟怪 还有另一伙人
[29:31.52]We called them the others,and they started attacking us. 我们管他们叫"其他人" 他们一直偷袭我们
[29:35.47]And we found some hatches,and there was a button you had to push every 108 minutes or... 我们找到一些地下掩体 里面有个按钮 每隔108分钟就必须...
[29:41.09]Well,i was never really clear on that. 我到现在还搞不清楚
[29:43.41]But... 但是...
[29:44.58]The others didn't have anything to do with the hatches. 他们跟掩体没什么关系
[29:46.50]That was the dharma initiative. 那些是达摩计划的产物
[29:48.23]But they were all dead.The others killed them, 但他们都死了 被另一伙人杀了
[29:50.12]and now they're trying to kill us. 所以现在他们回头来杀我们
[29:51.42]And then we teamed up with the others because someworsepeople were coming on a freighter. 但我们跟他们暂时合作 因为另外一拨坏人坐着货轮来了
[29:55.80]Desmond's girlfriend's father sent them to kill us. Desmond的老丈人派他们来杀我们
[29:58.65]So we stole their helicopter and we flew it to their freighter,but it blew up. 所以我们劫了他们的直升机 飞回货轮 但是船炸了
[30:02.41]And we couldn't go back to the island because it disappeared, 我们又回不去 因为岛消失了
[30:05.17]So then we crashed into the ocean, 所以我们重新坠海
[30:06.64]And we floated there for a while until a boat came and picked us up. 在海上漂了一阵子 直到救援船只把我们救起来
[30:09.66]And by then,there were six of us. 当时只剩6个人了
[30:11.62]Thatpart was true. 这部分是真的
[30:21.52]But the... 但是...
[30:27.85]But the rest of the people... 但是飞机上的...
[30:32.35]Who were on the plane? 其他人
[30:37.17]They're still on that island. 他们还在岛上
[30:53.61]I believe you. 我相信你
[31:01.44]I don't understand you,but i believe you. 虽然没怎么听明白 但我相信你
[31:10.81]A lot of people died,ma. 死了很多人 妈
[31:15.68]And now this bad stuff is happening because... 而现在坏事连连都是因为...
[31:19.94]Well,um... 因为...
[31:25.99]We shouldn't have lied. 我们根本不该撒谎
[31:38.70]You okay? 没事吧?
[31:39.63]Yeah,i'm fi i just stepped on something. 没事 我踩到东西了
[31:42.50]Something jammed... 被扎了...
[31:50.23]Son of a bitch. 真他娘倒霉
[31:53.40]We should keep moving.We gotta hook up with everybody at the creek. 继续走吧 我们要到溪边跟大家会合
[31:56.53]It's a long which part? 这条溪很长 在哪里会和?
[31:58.53]I don't know-- thewetpart. 我鬼知道 有水的地方
[31:59.56]Sorry if my plan's not up to others' stan-- 抱歉 我的计划和你们不一致...
[32:37.27]who were those people? 他们是谁的人?
[32:38.94]Are they yours?Did they shoot the arrows? 是你的不? 用弓箭不?
[32:40.90]You want me to crawl out there and ask 'em? 要我喊两嗓子问问清楚吗?
[32:43.33]You don't have to be a wiseass.I'm just trying-- 你不必装聪明 我也就是...
[32:56.58]what are you doing on ourisland? 你们在我们岛上干什么?
[33:50.38]Son of a bitch. 妈的
[33:52.28]Come on,say come on. 快 Sayid 醒醒
[33:58.06]Say-- sayid. Say... Sayid
[34:00.38]It-- it's... 是我...
[34:02.30]It's jack. 我是Jack
[34:06.61]It's okay. 没事的
[34:07.78]It's all right. 没事了
[34:08.65]U're oy. 你很好
[34:09.81]You're all right. 没事了
[34:21.80]What happened? 怎么回事?
[34:24.32]You're fine. 你没事
[34:26.43]You're in the hospital. 我们在医院
[34:28.89]Hurley's father brought you to me. Hurley爸爸带你来见我
[34:31.50]Hurley's father? Hurley的爸爸?
[34:35.93]Sayid,you've been attacked. Sayid 你被袭击了
[34:38.98]Where's hurley? Hurley在哪儿?
[34:41.05]He's at his parents' house. 在他父母家
[34:42.50]Who's with him? 还有谁?
[34:43.61]I don't know. 我不知道
[34:44.86]His mother,maybe? 可能他妈妈吧
[34:47.41]Does anyone else know he's there? 还有谁知道他在那儿?
[35:01.96]Hello,hugo. 好啊 Hugo
[35:06.60]Get away from me. 离我远点
[35:08.20]-Get away! -Hugo,i know you're in trouble, - 走开! - Hugo 我知道你有麻烦
[35:12.06]and i can assure you i've taken care of everything. 我保证我能处理好
[35:15.61]I havear waiting for us out back. 我带了车来 在外面等着我们
[35:18.05]The police didn't see me come in. 进来时绕开了警察
[35:19.37]I can get you out of here. 我能带你离开这里
[35:23.05]No way,dude. 没门
[35:24.71]Sayid warned me about you. Sayid警告过我说你很难搞
[35:26.03]I'm taking youtosayid. 我还是让Sayid跟你说好了
[35:28.26]He's with jack.That's why i'm here,hugo. 他和Jack在一起 所以我才在这里的 Hugo
[35:30.05]Jack called me. Jack给我电话了
[35:33.84]How else would i know that they're together? 要不我怎么知道他们俩在一起?
[35:39.18]No. 没了
[35:40.53]You're-- you're playing one of your mind games. 你... 你又在玩你的大脑游戏了
[35:42.58]They wouldnevertrust you. 他们永远都不可能信你的
[35:44.75]In their defense,i'm not an easy person to trust. 用他们的话说 我不是那么容易让人相信
[35:48.66]But they came around when they realized that we all want the same thing. 可是他们会有一天发觉 我们都想做一样的事
[35:55.94]And what's that? 一样的什么?
[35:58.77]To go back to the island. 回到岛上去
[36:05.34]Come with us,hugo... 跟我们走吧 Hugo
[36:07.88]And this'll be over.You can stop hiding. 一切都会结束的 你可以不再到处躲
[36:10.02]You can stop worrying about the stories and the deceptions. 你可以不用担心那些故事跟骗局
[36:15.31]If you come with me,you won't ever have to lie again. 跟我走 你就不用再撒谎了
[36:29.30]Please. 拜托
[36:34.07]Let me help you. 让我帮帮你
[36:47.96]Never,dude. 没门 兄弟
[36:52.24]Hey,you got me! 嘿 我在这儿
[36:55.03]That's right,you got me! 没错 我在这儿
[36:56.33]That's right!I'm the killer! 没错 我就是那个杀手!
[36:57.57]Stop!Police!Face your back towards me! 站住! 警察! 转过身去背对我!
[36:58.91]Slowly drop down to your knees! 慢慢蹲下!
[37:00.17]I'm the killer.I'm crazy.I'm a murder.I killed four people...Three people. 我的是那杀手 我是疯了 我是谋杀犯 我杀了四个... 三个人
[37:02.90]However many are dead,i killed them. 管他死了多少个人 都是我杀了
[37:04.31]I killed them. 是我杀了他们
[37:05.12]I killed them all. 我把他们都杀了
[37:06.61]J-just-- just get me away from here. 就... 就带我离开这里吧
[37:09.98]You have the right to remain silent. 你有权保持缄默
[37:11.50]Anything can and will be used against you in a court of law. 你现在所说的每一句话都将作为呈堂证供
[37:14.74]You have the right to speak to an attorney and to have one present during any questioning... 你有权请你的律师 如果没有政府将免费给你委派一名
[37:16.25]Just get me out of here. 你就带我走吧
[37:28.42]I'm gonna make this quite simple for you. 我来帮你弄简单点
[37:30.35]You're gonna tell me what you're doing,how many of you there are and how you got here. 给我说清楚 你在这干什么 你有多少个同伙 你们是怎么来的
[37:34.12]-Let her go. -Unlessyou're answering my questions,don't speak. - 放她走吧 - 除非你是在回答我问题 别说话!
[37:38.46]I want you to tell me everything or i'll cut off her other hand. 我要你告诉我所有事 不然我就砍了她剩下那只手
[37:41.24]-What? -Other? - 什么? - 剩下那只?
[37:42.49]The first one isn't negotiable. 第一只是没价讲的
[37:43.88]It's just to illustrate how serious i am. 我只是在跟你讲明我会动真格的
[37:46.27]No! 不要!
[37:47.29]Hold on!Hold on!Chill out! 等下! 等下! 冷静一下!
[37:49.01]We're not supposed to be here. 我们不应该在这里的
[37:50.15]Something's happening to the island. 是岛上发生了一些事
[37:51.39]-There are these flashes-- -do it! - 还有天空的闪光 - 砍了!
[37:53.29]Wait a second!I'll tell you whatever you want to know! 等下! 你要什么我都告诉你!
[37:55.66]Do it! 砍了!
[38:28.06]James. James
[38:29.29]Juliet. Juliet
[38:35.31]Nice to see ya. 很高兴见到你啊
[39:58.50]Any luck? 有收获?
[39:59.60]Yes. 对
[40:02.10]Really? 真的?
[40:03.29]Really. 真的
[40:05.73]What about you? 你呢?
[40:07.02]I'm having some...Difficulties. 我是有点... 不顺意
[40:08.60]Well,you better get busy... 那你最好还是赶快开工了
[40:10.44]Because you only have 70 hours. 你还只剩下70个小时了
[40:12.47]No,no,that's not enough time. 不行的 不行的 那时间远远不夠
[40:14.03]-I need at least-- -what you need is irrelevant. - 我至少要... - 你要什么都是无关紧要的
[40:19.03]70 hours is what you'vegot. 你有的只是70个小时了
[40:22.66]Look,i lost reyes tonight. 看 我今晚没能说服Reyes
[40:28.37]What hap get them all to come back? 把他们都弄回来之后会怎样?
[40:34.10]Then god help us all. 那就等上帝来帮忙了
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8783-255944-1.html

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