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BBC News:澳大利亚南威尔士州发生森林火灾




BBC news with Sue Montgomery.

The authorities in the Australian state of New South Wales have urged people living in the BlueMountains to leave their homes as strengthening winds and high temperatures threatened tospread major bush fire. Forecasters warned that Wednesday could be the worst day since thecrisis began more than a week ago. Emily Thomas has the latest.

Exhausted firefighters have been preparing for their most challenging day yet, they have beencarrying out controlled burning of key areas, the ideal was to deprive fires of fuel and preventthem travelling. On Monday, they joined up two large fires to make one that is easier tomanage, around 60 fires are burning in New South Wales, for there are 17 of them are stilluncontained. Almost 120,000 hectares have been raised by the fires so far and more than 2000firefighters have been trying to get them onto control. But that has not prevented the loss ofmore than 200 homes.

The Greek parliament has voted overwhelmingly to pass a law that suspends state financing tothe far-right Golden Dawn party. The law allows an indefinite funding freeze for parties whoseleaders are charged with involvement in a criminal group or terrorism. Here's MC.

The measure was adopted by 235 votes out of 300 MPs in the parliament. The Golden DawnMPs left the chamber protesting the prosecution of its member is politically motivated, theyaware they are the target of the legislation as the leader and two MPs are in custody are waitingtrial on charges of being part of a criminal organization following the murder of anti-fascistmusician by a supporter of the party.

The vice president for Syrian National Coalition has told the BBC that the opposition leader thathas a peace conference in London have agreed of the need for a transitional government inSyria, Salem al-Meslet said there would be no place in any future government for presidentAssad. Earlier, the president of the opposition coalition Ahmed Jarba said his members would beconsidered traitors if they didn't for secure key conditions ahead of joining any peaceconference.

We came to tell you frankly, we represent a people that have had enough empty promises, arevolution board with an international community that speaks too much while its deeds arealmost non-existent. Ladies and gentleman, if we believe some states and go to the Geneva toconference, our people will not believe us and they would not take one step with us, we wouldbe labeled as traitors of the revolution.

Cuba has announced plans to scrap the dual currency system which has been operating for twodecades, the change means that Cubans will eventually be able to buy all goods and services inthe same currency their wages are paid. Currently all important products are priced in theconvertible currency tied to the dollar.

You're listening to the world news from the BBC.

The Iranian Justice Minister has said there is no need for a convict to survived hanging to beexecuted again. Last week, lawyers have appealed to the head of the country's judiciary to stopa repeat hanging after the man was found alive in the morgue. The Justice Minister MostafaPourmohammadi said executing the man would have significant international repercussions forIran's image.

A report by the charity Save the Children said Niger is the country that has made the mostprogress in trying to prevent child death. Researchers say that although child mortality remainshigh, Niger has managed to make large strides because of free health care for pregnant womenand children. Among the countries at the bottom of the table are Haiti and Papua New Guineaand Equator New Guinea.

The French authorities say seven people accused of selling fake vintage wine for thousands ofdollars of bottle have been arrested in raids across Europe, it follows a-year-long investigationin six European countries. Here's David Chazan.

It was an elaborate scam to dupe connoisseur into paying up to 11,000 dollars a bottle forcheap plunk labeled as Romanee Conti, a legendary be read as one of the world's finest andmost expensive wines. French prosecutors say counterfeit labels were treated with wax to makethem look older and the result was so good. The bottles were near perfect copies of the realthing.France has requested the extradition of an Italian father and son to arrested in their homecountry. They are suspected of making nearly three million dollars by selling at least 400 fakebottles.

Scientists in Australia say tiny traces of gold they have detected in some plants indicate that thedeposits of the metal would present far low the ground. Researchers discovered gold particlesin the leaves, twigs and bark of some eucalyptus trees using X-ray images. They believedanalyzing vegetation could be a cheaper and more environmentally-friend method of findingminerals.

BBC news.

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