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2013-10-31BBC News:美国情报主任为国家安全局的活动辩护

BBC News with Jerry SmitThousands of civilians have been fleeing of the seasuburb of the Syrian capital Damascus... [查看全文]

2013-10-30BBC News:美国政府为其在欧洲的情报项目辩护

BBC News with Jerry SmitTwo senior members of Islamist group al-Shabab arereported to have been killed by a dron... [查看全文]

2013-10-29BBC News:美国歌手吉他手兼歌曲作家劳·瑞德去世

BBC News with Jerry Smit.The American singer, guitarist and songwriter LouReed has died at the age of 71. His a... [查看全文]

2013-10-28BBC News:活动人士聚集华盛顿要求间谍行为

BBC News with Julie CandlerThe German magazine Der Spiegel has published new allegations about American spy on Ch... [查看全文]

2013-10-27BBC News:德国情报局长将赴华盛顿解决窃听问题

BBC News with Jerry SmitGermany is sending its intelligence chief to Washington next week to address allegations ... [查看全文]

2013-10-26BBC News:斯诺登曝光文件表明美国监控35位领导人

BBC News with Jerry Smit.Classified documents leaked by the US whistleblower Edward Snowden suggested the UnitedSta... [查看全文]

2013-10-25BBC News:高科技中的女性比重正逐年上升

BBC News with Jerry SmitThe German authorities have said they suspect US intelligence agencies may have beenmonito... [查看全文]

2013-10-25BBC News:高科技中的女性比重正逐年上升

In the Balance Women and TechHello and welcome to In the Balance—the discussionprogram from the business daily t... [查看全文]

2013-10-24BBC News:澳大利亚南威尔士州发生森林火灾

BBC news with Sue Montgomery.The authorities in the Australian state of New South Wales have urged people living... [查看全文]

2013-10-23BBC News:法国指责美国监听本国公民电话

BBC News with Marion MarshallThe United States has tried to defuse France anger of allegations that the US Natio... [查看全文]