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American Mosaic教程汇总和更新


Play Looks Into Workers' Lives When Car Industry FailedDetroit, Michigan has been the center of America’s... [查看全文]


Learning a new language is not easy, but an Egyptian in Washington, D.C., says he knows how to make it less d... [查看全文]

2016-05-12VOA慢速英语:华盛顿圣经诵读马拉松 美国信教人数减少

Bible Event Held at Capitol As Fewer Americans Identify as ReligiousHundreds of Christians gathered recently in fr... [查看全文]


Gaga's Piano, Cobain's Letter And More For SaleGaga的钢琴,柯本的信等物品拍卖Hundreds of thing... [查看全文]

2016-04-22VOA慢速英语:流行歌手王子逝世 享年57岁

Pop Musician Prince Dead at 57流行歌手王子逝世 享年57岁American pop music superstar Prince has died... [查看全文]


What Are the Colors of Choice for Cars?汽车有些什么颜色?Many cars in advertisements, exhibits and ... [查看全文]


American Ballet Dancer at BolshoiMany young Americans dream of becoming a dancer for a prestigious ballet school.... [查看全文]


Actress Brings African Experiences to AmericaActress Danai Gurira calls herself a Zimerican.Her parents came from Z... [查看全文]


Man Admits Stealing Nude Celebrity PhotosA Pennsylvania man has admitted to stealing online nude photos and videos... [查看全文]

2016-03-17VOA慢速英语:美国庆祝圣帕特里克节 人人都是爱尔兰人

InAmerica,‘Everyone’IsIrishonSt.Patrick’sDaySt.Patrick’sDayisThursday,butsomeAmericansstartedcelebratingtw... [查看全文]