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2013-05-01VOA常速英语:Osama bin Laden Gone But Not Forgotten in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD — Two years ago, President Barack Obama announced the death of Osama bin Laden by a U.S. special for... [查看全文]

2013-04-30VOA常速英语:Syrian Rebels Eye EU Oil Trade

The European Union recently lifted the embargo on oil coming from opposition-controlled areas in Syria. But there... [查看全文]

2013-04-29VOA常速英语:Somalia Hospitals See Fewer War Victims

MOGADISHU — As security improves in Mogadishu and much of south central Somalia, hospitals are seeing fewer vict... [查看全文]

2013-04-28VOA常速英语:Floods Challenge Midwest Farmers

PEORIA, ILLINOIS — Farmers in the U.S. midwest are anxious to plant crops. But heavy rains and record flooding... [查看全文]

2013-04-27VOA常速英语:FBI Interviews Boston Area Chechens About Bombing Suspects

BOSTON — As part of its investigation into the Boston Marathon bombings, the FBI has interviewed a number of C... [查看全文]

2013-04-25VOA常速英语:Crops of the Past Make a Comeback

Farmers are among the first to feel the effects of climate change. For many in developing countries, the crops ... [查看全文]

2013-04-24VOA常速英语:US Looks to Ease Japan-S Korea Tensions

Hello, again, and welcome. I’m Jim Tedder in Washington.Today we talk about your health.We will advise about... [查看全文]

2013-04-22VOA常速英语:London Marathon Runners in Solidarity With Boston

LONDON — Less than one week after a marathon in Boston was hit by fatal bombings, London hosted its internatio... [查看全文]

2013-04-19VOA常速英语:World-Famous Hospitals Helped Boston Cope With Bombing

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS — The Boston Marathon bombings killed three and injured more than 170. But many analysts a... [查看全文]

2013-04-18VOA常速英语:Egyptians Look to Military as Bulwark to Chaos

CAIRO — As Egyptians face a crumbling economy, a rise in crime and decline in basic services, many count on o... [查看全文]