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LONDON—Experts agree that while no amount of personality tests could have prevented Germanwings co-pilot Andreas L... [查看全文]


SAN DIEGO—Since the beginning of the year, unusually large numbers of California sea lion pups have been found ... [查看全文]


Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states launched airstrikes Wednesday against Shi'ite Houthi rebels in Yemen in res... [查看全文]


WASHINGTON—Moroccan authorities say they have dismantled a militant cell, linked to Islamic State, that was planni... [查看全文]


WASHINGTON—Senator Ted Cruz of Texas became the first official candidate for the 2016 U.S. presidential election ... [查看全文]


WASHINGTON— The coming week could determine whether years of negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program bear f... [查看全文]

2015-03-21VOA常速英语: 陶瓷吉他也可以玩摇滚

Musicians have been using ceramic wind and percussion instruments for a long time, but a versatile potter can ma... [查看全文]

2015-03-20VOA常速英语: 大气污染影响食品安全

Conflict, Climate Affect Food SecurityA new report says there were both advances and setbacks in food security in... [查看全文]

2015-03-17VOA常速英语: 美韩军事演习实际上就是在向朝鲜发出警告

US-South Korean Military Drills Send Message to the NorthThe annual exercises mobilize around 10,000 South Korean ... [查看全文]

2015-03-16VOA常速英语: 尼日利亚官员试图将大选出黑票的几率降到最低

Nigerian Election Officials Try to Minimize FraudEach election cycle, Nigerian officials introduce new ways to ensu... [查看全文]