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As free as they make us, mobile phones still need to stay close to a power source. Soon that may change with... [查看全文]


Chameleons can move their eyes in different directions, and most scientists thought that meant that each eye work... [查看全文]


October means many things. It means Halloween, harvest season, or just the arrival of fall, and falling leaves. ... [查看全文]


Animal rights advocates in the United States say the country not only needs to take care of its veterans but a... [查看全文]


The Balkan countries are a transit route for thousands of refugees, mostly Syrians, who are fleeing violence and... [查看全文]


HOUSTON— On October 14 the U.S. Public Broadcast Service, PBS, will begin airing a six-part series called The B... [查看全文]


A new study warns that too much time spent playing computer games can affect a child's performance at school... [查看全文]


LONDON— Turkey has begun a three-day period of mourning following Saturday’s bomb attacks in the capital, A... [查看全文]


Rapidly expanding solar cell technology currently relies on expensive photovoltaic materials such as silicon or cad... [查看全文]

2015-10-09VOA常速英语:俄罗斯在叙动作升级 考验奥巴马危机应变

WHITE HOUSE— As Russia lobbed missiles into the skies over Syria, Republican leaders lobbed their own missive ag... [查看全文]