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Innovo会occasionally(不定期地)请专业的HR Expert(人力资源管理专家)或professional manager(职业经理人)来给department managers(部门经理)和directors(总监们)做关于管理方面的training(培训)。Training一般是以seminar的形式进行,内容会根据公司的需要和要求来确定。这个周一的下午,公司就请来全球知名的consulting company(咨询公司)的优秀培训师Mary给大家做关于leadership方面的training。

Mary对于Innovo的组织结构已经有了比较全面的了解,她按照公司的结构特点和管理人员的特点准备了一套training program(培训方案)。

Nancy被提拔为Marketing Department的director只有三个多月的时间,虽然她在工作的组织和员工的管理上已经积累了一些经验,也有自己的approach,但专业经理人的管理知识及理念应该会更有效,即使自己不能直接apply(应用)到工作中,至少也能给她点inspiration(启示)吧。所以她早早地来到了meeting room,Mary正在那里调试projector(投影仪),Nancy见状,赶紧跑过去帮忙。两人刚聊了没几句,其他人也陆续进来了。Mary见人都到齐了之后,就以非常优雅的仪态和职业的语气开始了training:

At Innovo, we continually face challenges — the way how we view them defines us! Do we choose to see the challenges as stepping-stones or as obstacles?

If we choose to see them as obstacles, then the challenges we face will be viewed as problems — problems that need to be overcome along with all the negative connotations associated with problems. A great deal of wasted energy can be spent focusing on a negative mindset — mindsets like "I can't", "I won't", "I don't want to" and "I shouldn't have to".

We at Innovo, however, choose to see challenges as stepping-stones — opportunities that we have encountered along the way for us to use, to "step on" so that we can achieve more, develop further and ultimately actualize more of our goals!

Among the challenges that we face — let's focus on one or two main areas. How do we define Innovo's vision, staff diversity and staff development as stepping-stones not obstacles?

There is so much information out there in terms of developing a vision for Innovo — too much in fact. We need to guard against the temptation to create a vision that is too broad, too encompassing and ultimately a vision that is too generic, that it eventually says nothing. We need to be mindful of the temptation that focuses on quantity instead of quality. A plethora of information— can we use it all? The answer is "No". A new idea comes along — do we suddenly throw out the old? The answer is also "No".

So, what do we do? All the dedicated personnel at Innovo need to be committed to defining our vision. We need to draw on tried-and-tested experience and hold onto what works. We need to introduce new thinking and approaches where feasible and we need to stop what isn't working.

We need to create a vision whereby our name becomes synonymous with excellence, innovation, honor, integrity and outstanding quality and service. That's it — we need to promise less and deliver more... every time. If we keep our vision simple yet goal focused, then we will have turned defining our vision into a stepping-stone, which we will use to reach even greater heights.

The Innovo staff is fantastic... fantastic yet diverse. We have a kaleidoscope of professionals different in so many ways. Some may choose to see diversity as an obstacle — dividing rather than unifying. We see diversity as a stepping-stone. We focus on the individuals' strengths and use their strengths in a very goal-directed niche within our organization. We are so fortunate to have personnel that enhance our vision with their special talents, talents given willingly and passionately.

The stepping-stones at Innovo are here. Our results attest to this, our work ethic confirms this and our vision underpins this.

Innovo is a magical place, of which there is no doubt. But we do still face obstacles. I suppose it's a lot like a day at the beach — magical and amazing! But then there is also the sunburn, the scratchy sand in your costume, cold water, hot sand and perhaps even a stomach that may be looking decidedly less "sixpackage". We can look for the obstacles and it will spoil our day at the beach. Or we can look for the stepping-stones, and it will be magical!

Now I would like to listen to your opinions.

Nancy很是欣赏这位培训师,她的仪表和讲话的语气都自然地流露着资深经理人的气质。Nancy希望自己有一天也能像她一样,优雅而干练。在怀着崇拜的心情接受training时,其效果也出奇地好。Nancy把Mary所讲的每个要点都记了下来,回到办公室后又重新整理了一遍。Nancy一边整理Mary的training program,一边在心里琢磨,如果有一天她也去给别人做类似的培训讲座,该怎样准备和操作呢?


Get familiar with the organization and the people that you are going to train.

Make sure that your training program is tailor-made.

Inspiring your audience instead of coaching them.

Behave professionally — you yourself is the best example.

occasionally 不定期地

consulting company 咨询公司

inspiration 灵感

projector 投影仪

stepping-stone 阶梯

obstacle 障碍

negative mindset 消极的思维模式

staff diversity 员工差异性

in terms of... 就……而言

guard against 防止

temptation 倾向,诱惑

be mindful of 当心

a plethora of 大量的

dedicated personnel 尽职的员工

be committed to 致力于

tried-and-tested 尝试过

become synonymous with 等同于

goal-directed niche 目标导向定位

be fortunate to 幸运地

attest to 证明

work ethic 职业道德

underpin 支持,巩固







5.最好的教育方法是encouraging and inspiring(鼓励和引导),而不是coaching(说教)。



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