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LECTURE 30 基本动词 GET 9






LECTURE 30 基本动词 GET 9


1. get carried away **狂热,兴奋

解 习语;词义溯源:变成[失去理智的(carried away)]状态

例 Some do get carried away and cause a commotion, but for the most part, the university students who come into this café are well-behaved. I don't mind serving them at all.

2. get close to sb. or sth. / get close **与…成为好朋友,熟知…;快赶上…的(实力等)

解 习语;词义溯源:变成与某人或某物[亲密的、接近的(close)]状态;本词组的第一个释义同get next to

例 There'll be a lot of people who will try to get close to you now that you've inherited your uncle's wealth. Be careful about who you make friends with.

3. get 〔have〕 cold feet **害怕,临阵退缩

解 习语;词义溯源:得到[害怕、恐惧的姿势(cold feet)]

例 Don't worry about it. Lots of people get cold feet. Jumping out of an airplane is a scary experience, even for me. Go home and relax. If you feel like you want to try again to parachute, come back tomorrow morning.

4. get credit for sth. / get credit **(因…而)得到认可或赞扬

解 习语;词义溯源:获得有关某事的[称赞、威望、名声(credit)];常与a lot of、much等词一起使用

例 Does anybody actually read all those notes at the end of movies? You know, like who the assistant camera crewmembers were and such. If they really wanted those people to get credit for their work, they'd put the notes at the beginning of the movie.

5. get down to brass tacks **讨论实质问题;转入正题

解 习语;词义溯源:[下降(down)]到达[黄铜平头钉、要点、基本事实(brass tacks)]

例 Mr. Trovski is the kind of guy who likes to get down to brass tacks without delay. He's impatient with people who like to make small talk.


(A) get carried away

(B) get close to

(C) gets cold feet

(D) get credit for

(E) get down to brass tacks

1. A: At the last moment two members of the gang got nervous and afraid to do what they had planned. So they turned and ran back to the car. B: Did their leader kill them? I've heard that if a gang member ______, the leader kills him as an example to the others.

2. A: I came up with the idea of using the old building as background for the concert. If I don't ______ that, I'm going to quit! B: I'm sure he'll praise and recognize you and all the others for their role in the concert's tremendous success. Why do you doubt him?

3. A: Alright gentlemen, enough of this preliminary consulting, let's ______ and finalize this negotiation. B: Great idea, but before we start the serious, detailed discussions, do you think we could get some coffee in here?

4. A: We can't blame the children, dear. They were all excited about cleaning the garage and making you happy for Father's Day. Their enthusiasm caused them to make some bad decisions and they did too much. B: But my golf clubs!They threw my $4,000 golf clubs in the garbage!What's next? The next time they ______ are they going to throw away the car? Okay, I admire their enthusiasm, but...

5. A: That's old Mr. Crowley. He's wealthy beyond belief, but he never got married and he has no friends. They say he doesn't let anyone ______ him. B: Has anyone tried to become his friend and get to know him lately? He might have changed in his old age.


1. (C)

2. (D)

3. (E)

4. (A)

5. (B)


I. 1. 来咖啡馆的大学生中有些确实会失去理智,造成骚乱,但是在大多数情况下,他们表现良好。我不介意为他们提供服务。

2. 你继承了你叔叔的财产,所以肯定会有很多人想要接近你。交友要谨慎。

3. 别担心了。很多人都会害怕。从飞机上跳出去是会让人恐惧,即便对于我来说也是如此。回家好好放松一下。如果你觉得你想再试一次跳伞,那就明天早上再来。

4. 有没有人看过电影的片尾字幕?你知道,就是那些助理摄影组员之类的。如果真的希望他们的工作得到好评,就应该把这些职员表放到电影开头。

5. 特洛夫斯基先生是那种喜欢开门见山的人。他对那些喜欢闲聊的人很不耐烦。

II. 1. A:最后,有两个帮派成员紧张起来,对他们策划的事情感到害怕。所以,他们转身跑回了车里。B:他们的头领没杀了他们吗?我听说如果帮派成员临阵退缩,头领会杀了他们以儆效尤。

2. A:我想到要把那栋旧大楼作为演唱会的背景。如果得不到好评,我就不干了! B:我想他肯定会表扬并认可你和其他人在演唱会取得的巨大成功中的作用。你为什么要怀疑他呢?

3. A:好了,先生们,初步磋商到此结束,咱们开门见山,确定最终结果吧。B:好主意,但是在进行严肃而详细的讨论之前,你觉得我们可以喝点咖啡吗?

4. A:我们不能责备孩子们,亲爱的。他们非常兴奋,想要打扫车库,让你过个快乐的父亲节。他们太热情了,有些事做错了,做得有些过头。B:但是,我的高尔夫球杆啊!他们把我价值4000美元的高尔夫球杆扔进了垃圾桶!接下来呢?下一次他们兴奋过头了,是不是要把车子扔掉?好了,我欣赏他们的热情,但是……

5. A:那是克劳利老先生。他富得让人难以置信,但是他从未结过婚,也没有朋友。人们说他不让任何人接近他。B:那最近有没有人想要跟他交朋友,并试图了解他呢?或许他到了晚年会有所改变。


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